Virapo Vol. I - The First

By samokish

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Virapo Vol. I is a collection of 20 poems that touch upon themes of love, loss, rage, and depression

You may not like what I have to say,

In my story so bitter sweet,

In a story filled with truth,

In a book with words of rage,

And a message of no regret.


You think it garbage?

You think it boring?

You see the idiot before you,

Prostrated for your pleasure,

To prick, point and disregard.

His words are nothing,

His talent nil.

Our values attacked?

Our beliefs questioned?

Our society ridiculed?

Spoiled is this monstrosity,

No human can they be,

No faith have they!

In what must I believe?

In an insincere smile?

In a culture of hypocrisy?

A society fueled by bigotry and hate?

A people driven by conformity and violence?


This is not my people!

This is not my society!

This is not my world!

I live,

I adapt,

I observe,

But never will accept.


An outsider here,

An outsider there,





I stand alone,

Alone I make my stand.

Hate me if you must,

Attack me if you must,

Insult me if you must.

  Poke the beast,

I dare you kindly,

I await you dearly.

No story is there here,

No goodness in this heart,

No plainness in this speech,

Not like the others we have read,

So different I like it not.


And good and evil?

Where are they?

Insulted you may be,

By what I have to say?

Read not past this page.

Intrigued you might be,

By what I have to say?

Read not expecting much.


I have waited so long,

For a kind word,

That never came.

I have waited too long,

For a world,

That will never be.

Forgiveness I offer none,

Too often has it come undone.

Together we shall perish,

Together we shall rot,

Together we shall be,

For eternity.