What Was That Noise

By mysteria27

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Tags: child, scared, monsters, emotions

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A child is frightened before she goes to bed

It was time for bed I got in
My imagination had started
My toys started to spin
This was not for the fainthearted

I held my blanket to my chin
The wind started to howl
Goose pimples all over my skin
The horror would start now

Banging on my closet door
The monsters were now here
Under the bed or on the floor
I wish they'd disappear

How many were in here
What do they want
I brushed away my tears
Now looking very gaunt

I heard whispering sounds
Lots of scurrying all about
I didn't want to look around
The monsters began to shout

I finally fell asleep that night
All just a horrible nightmare
When I awoke, I turned on the light
I grabbed and kissed my teddy bear