What You Don't Know

By Gypsygyrl

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Tags: unrequited love, longing, yearning

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When all that we have is my love...

You may not know 


for I won’t tell 

just how much 

you've cast your spell 


Stolen moments 

borrowed time 

shared jokes 

happy lines 


Thoughts of you 

makes my heart race 

awake and alone 

I imagine your face 


With just your presence 

makes me feel anew 

for all I want is 

a moment with you 


Each word you sketch 

a perfect reflection 

who can blame those 

that steal your affection 


So this game we play 

you lead and I follow 

while with your absence 

makes me feel hollow 


Don’t go so soon 

stay for a while 

the stirrings I hide 

are less like my style 


Not used to having 

to fight for attention 

I’m much too afraid 

to ask your intention 


You may never know 

for I won’t tell 

that it's you alone 

that I have fell


**a very special thanks to my mentor, Ping. I appreciate you so greatly for your continued guidance, patience, editing, humor, inspiration, friendship and support. **