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When I asked if I could kiss you, you said Yes with surprise

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Of a certain age...

I kissed you and I don’t know why; it was certainly forbid,

You said Yes when I asked you, and then we definitely did.

I don’t know you but your eyes are soft brown,

Your face is of an angel. Eggshell blue, your formal gown.

We’d never met before but when I saw your face,

I knew you were the One of all the human race.

You knew I was your One, I could see it in your eyes.

When I asked if I could kiss you, you said Yes with surprise.


You saw my wedding ring and you knew I had a wife,

But you came into my arms and we kissed true-to-life.

My arms held you confidently and, like a prince of fable,

I looked into your eyes as I laid you on the table.


You looked for truth in my eyes, as our lips gently tasted,

There was honesty between us at what we had created.

I can’t believe I did it, I kissed you among that crowd.

Witnesses all around us, a cacophony of sound.


We don’t know why we kissed, but we knew we had to do it,

Two souls found each other, there’s really nothing to it.


There was no one else for us; we were destined to transgress.

I can’t believe I kissed you! I can’t believe you said Yes!

Our former lives are over; our love we must profess.

We've found each other now; to live our happiest.


I was so shocked! I woke from this incredible dream!

I can’t believe I kissed her! Whatever does it mean?

Who was the blonde I kissed with nary a second thought?

Oh, My God, what deeds occurred? What have I wrought?


I was completely un-effin-faithful when I was a-sleep.

I abandoned vows I’d made and promises I should keep.

It’s not my fault, I reasoned. Don’t overthink this effin' thing.

It really wasn't treason, I was true to my wedding ring.


My God! My heart is pounding! She will surely wake!

And ask if all these years were nothing but a fake!

My God! I wanted that woman! The one within my dreams!

And now I’m really wondering if my life is what it seems.


Now I craft this poem and wonder 'bout the truth,

Am I reliving an earlier age, perhaps times in my youth?

Oh, God! I’m so tormented now! Is it my future I see?

Have I just been granted a glimpse of Destiny?


I'm vulnerable. I know it’s simply true.

Forty-six years. Will I carelessly undo?


I know I’ll not look for her, the woman in my dream,

But  no one knows the flow of life, the current of our stream.


If we find each other by some happenstance,

I know I'll be smitten by her soft brown-eyed glance.

I'll introduce myself. I'll say, How do you do?

And then I will ask her, Do you want to kiss me, too?

Call me what you will. I accept your opprobrium.

The woman in my dream is certainly my opium.


I'll destroy my life with actions, of which I never intended.

I know there’ll be consequences; my life will be up-ended.


So now I'm torn 'tween twixt and twain,

My life may ne'er recover; ne'er be the same.

Twixt  desire for a woman,

Who kissed me when I asked;

Twain the woman who bore my children

And made this marriage last.


Take this cup from me, Oh Dear and Loving Lord,

This soulmate's kiss is expensive; a price I can't afford.


Please send to me a nightmare

Tonight as I fall a-sleep,

And let me return to vows

I know that I will keep.

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