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Will Anyone Care

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As she walks to the mirror 

She looks down 

Not gazing at herself 

Hiding from the truth within 


Afraid to face what is there 

Not needing a reminder 

Of the touches 

Nor the feeling of his breath


The smell of his cologne lingers 

From the night of regret 

Feelings of confusion 

Was it her fault after all 


Did she give the wrong impression 

Was she dressed too revealing 

Did her smile look inviting 

What did she do 


As she brushes her hair 

The tears begin to fall again 

Not looking at anything 

Yet her mind sees it all


The sickening feeling of fear 

As his presence stands behind 

Heavy breathing on her neck

Hands on her arms 


An offer of retreat 

Given in jest 

Knowing she no longer had a voice 

Surrendering in despair 


His touches, smell, even his breathing remains 

When will this hell end 

Why must she suffer every day

When will it go away 


She no longer can shower without feeling dirty

She no longer goes out 

Work is a place of fear

No one can ever know 


As she walks back to bed

She closes her window 

No strength to move on 

Will anyone care anyways 


Reaching for her escape 

To shut it all out 

Darkness clouding in 

Will anyone notice if I’m gone



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