Will I Ever

By StormieDragon

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Tags: love, and loss

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Him again

Will I ever feel your arms around me again?

Feel your lips on mine.

Stare into your beautiful blue eyes

and laugh at your silly jokes.

I miss the way you held me.

So close I couldn't breath.

The way your eyes smile when you are happy.

Will I ever feel you touch my skin in such a way that you make me melt again?:

Just to sit next to you and cuddle close would be a dream come true.

I never met a real manĀ until I met you.

A man that wanted to make all my dreams come true.

Will I ever feel you hold my hand

when I am sad and scared or just because?

My heart breaks daily because I have lost you,

wondering, will I ever be, again, with you.?

Will I ever be allowed to make right, what was done wrong?

7/17/2014 For Jerry Bender my one true love