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His Valentine


“Look up!

Look up!

For God’s sake, look up!

Can’t you see the wisps?

I’m surrounded by them.

Please look up.


Please don’t cry.

I love you.

I love you so very, very much.

I can’t reach you.

Forgive me, I can’t reach.

The wisps are holding me.

It’s difficult to breathe.

I just want to dry your eyes.

Kiss them dry.

I’m sorry.

I’m so sorry.

Hold him.

Someone hold him.

Please, don’t let him fall.

Honey, please!

I’m so sorry darling.

Bloody wisps, let go of me!

I just want to hold him.

I love him.


He’s my man, my beautiful man.

Remember, please remember.

We had good times too!

This is a celebration,

It wasn’t all bad.

Hold him.

Please, someone hold him.

Remember when we first met?

We met in the library.

It was Valentine’s Day.


Everyone had someone.

You and I were the only ones there.

We were the only ones who didn’t have a Valentine.

I wanted one.

Listen to me.

I thought you looked so good.

I saw what you were reading.

Please listen.

I knew then, I had to have you.

I was determined.

I put a book on the table, opposite you.

Then I went and adjusted my clothes.

I would have done anything for you,

I don’t know why,

But I had a feeling about you.

I don’t just have a feeling now,

I know-

I love you.

When I returned, I sat next to you.

I think you were irritated, Hon.

An empty library,

With so many chairs

And I had to choose the one next to you.

I love you, Hon.

I love you so much.

I was worried, Hon.

I was worried you would ignore me.

And you did.

You went on with reading your book.

You didn’t respond to the perfume I’d put on,

I guess I was lucky, you didn’t sneeze.

We were both pretending to be reading.

I can’t remember what book I had.

I’m sure you weren’t so interested in your book.

Bloody wisps.

After a while I knew I had to do something.

I excused myself and went to freshen up.

My books were still there on the table

And I left my cell phone too.

I knew that if you were a gentleman

You would look after them for me.

Hon, please listen to me.

I love you so much.

I wish I could be with you.

I wish you weren’t here.

I wish for so many things.

I undid a button

To show more cleavage,

And hitched up my skirt to …

I don’t have to tell you that,

But it’s as you always said,

There’s no point to assets unused.

I went to select another book,

Similar to yours,

Before I sat down.

As I was looking,

You spoke and I jumped,

I had no idea you were so close.

“Excuse me, I believe this is yours.”

You were holding my cell phone,

And I took it.

I was so surprised,

It was what I was hoping for,

But, when it happened I was tongue tied.

I guess I looked like an idiot for the moment,

But you were so sweet.

As you turned away to go back to your table,

I managed to say, “Thank you.”

Our first words, Hon, not at all auspicious,

But your voice was magic.

I loved it then as I love it now.

Say something, Hon, I want to hear it.

I wish these wisps would let me go.

I returned to the table and pulled the chair out.

As I sat, you looked at me.

“Thank you,” I said again,

I used my syrupy, sexy voice.

“It’s okay,”

“A lot of people would have taken it.” I said.

“No, not me.”

At last, Hon, we were talking,

You remember,

Don’t you, Hon?

I remember your surreptitious looks at my cleavage.

What man wouldn’t have succumbed?

And you’re all man, Hon,

My beautiful man,

My wonderful Valentine.

Hon, you’re falling,

Please, don’t fall,

Don’t cry.

Please, someone,

Please hold him,

Hold him, don’t let him fall!

You were so polite.

You didn’t say a word about it.

You tried not to look.

We talked,

Once we started, we talked for ages.

It was a good place, Hon,

The library,

I wanted you closer,

So I could smell you.

So I whispered and you had trouble hearing,

I’m a terrible flirt, but it worked.

I pushed my cleavage out,

And slowly, you came closer and closer,

Your nose was almost in it, Hon.

I was wishing it was!

I wish I could hold you now.

Suddenly, I was laughing-

More a giggle really.

You were saying silly things,

You do that sometimes, you know,

And, you kissed me.

You kissed my nose.

It was so quick and delightful,

So Valentine’s Day.

Don’t cry, Hon,

Please don’t cry.

I had time to prepare for your next kiss,

With my head tilted better

And you kissed my lips, Hon,

You kissed my lips and I was in Heaven.

I’m not so sure about now, Hon.

If I go to where you took me that night,

I’ll be happy, very happy.

Heaven! Hon, I’ve seen it already because of you.

I hope God doesn’t mind.


Listen to me!

This was a happy moment.

For me it was, I’m sure it was for you too.

Bloody wisps.

Stop it!

Let me breathe.


Don’t cry.


I wish I could hold you now.

It was special, Hon.

It was fun.

Most men would have done something more,

I wanted you to,

But you were so shy.

Remember, Honey?

It was so much fun.

The best Valentine’s Day I ever had!

I couldn’t stop there.

I pushed out my cleavage more,

I wanted to show you,

My chest and back were beginning to hurt.

We laughed more,

Your silly little jokes,

You were delightful

And you kissed me again

Listen to me.

Please listen.

I didn’t care if I was caught.

I wanted you to be my Valentine.

I was so lucky no one came into that part of the library then.

At least, I don’t think they did.

Please, don’t fall, Hon.


Please help!

Hon, listen to me, it’s ok.

It was a good time.

We were entitled to have good times.

I waited, wondering what you would do.

I was hoping.

God, I was hoping;

Forgive me God, but I really was hoping.

My heart was in my mouth when you stood and pushed your chair back.

The noise; were you aware of how noisy that chair was as it scraped along the floor?

You pulled me up out of my chair and embraced me,

Took me in your arms and kissed me,

It was a big, smoochie kiss that lasted for ages.

I was surprised, Hon, very surprised,

I ran out of air.

I feel so breathless, Honey.

The wisps are squeezing me.

The table I was against moved, Hon,

The noise was terrible,

Like a fingernail down a blackboard.

My sweet Valentine.

I wish I could give you roses,

More than I could count-

Dark red roses.

You deserve them, Hon.

Instead, they’re all for me.

You didn’t stop,

And the library staff came running.

Not knowing what to do they stood and watched.

My whole body shook and I grabbed you for support.

I kissed you Hon, and held you so tight.

God, I’m breathless, Hon.

Valentine tingles!

Your kisses do that to me.

When we finished they threw us out Hon;

I bet you remember.

They had manners, waiting for us to finish.

I was secretly pleased because we were leaving together.

I wanted more from you!

More Valentine tingles for me.

I got them too!

I wish I could kiss you Hon.

Please don’t cry.

The wisps seem to be getting tighter and they’re slowly pulling me away.

I’m frightened, Hon.

I need you.

I’m so sorry, so very sorry.

You were right.

I didn’t really need that bracelet.

It was so pretty and I wanted it.

But I didn’t need it.

You were right.

We couldn’t afford it.

I’m so sorry.

I should have just said that next year,

If it was still there, I’d buy it.

But as usual, I wanted it immediately.

I was so angry Hon;

At you, at the world.

I shouldn’t have been.

You’d never refused me before.

I wanted to teach you a lesson.

It was me who should have taken lessons, Hon.

I didn’t know those tablets were so toxic.

The whole bottle, Hon,

I took the whole bottle!

I’m so sorry, so very sorry.

It was my fault, all of it.

Forgive me, please?

Hon, don’t cry.

I’m crying, I’m allowed to.

I don’t deserve the preacher, Hon.

It might be a celebration of my life.

But, I’d much prefer to be celebrating Valentine’s Day.

Don’t cry.


I hear him.

He’s a good preacher, Hon.

Thank you.

My beautiful man, don’t cry.

Please, someone, hold him.

The wisps are getting stronger Hon; they’re taking me away.

I love you Hon!

Hold him;

Please, someone hold him!

My darling, I love you so much.

My beautiful Valentine.

I can’t fight the wisps anymore Hon;

My darling,

Oh my God,

They’re taking …”

“Dust to dust,

Ashes to ashes…”

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