Wooden Spoon

By Welshdreamer42

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Tags: tantrum, stroppy cow, humour

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Not again...

So I entered a competition
To prove to the world I could write,
I crafted a wonderful story,
Grafting all day and all night.

I posted my effort and sat back,
I’d reap my rewards, and soon
But I didn’t get close to an E.P.
No, I got the wooden spoon!

Last. Again! For goodness’ sake,
What am I going to do?
My stories are really not up to scratch
And my poetry’s rubbish too!

I can’t hide my disappointment
Or dry the tears on my face
As I rip-up my work in a childish strop
Then hang my head in disgrace.

And so, yet another wooden spoon
Will hang on the wall by my bed.
I’d better give up on this writing lark,
Think I’ll take up cooking instead.