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Standing here wondering if I will miss the final warning at the end for living this lie that I have lived? I know I am not worthy of a lot of things, and has me wondering if I am standing here alone and knowing that there is nothing left to lose as the darkness begins to fall and voices can be heard haunting me with their questions. Which has me wondering if it is from someone I have let down or left behind in some way? There might not be anything left at all which makes one the most dangerous thing, in not having anything to lose or fear. If I find myself standing in the flames I know there is no Hell deeper than my own ego or pride, and I was brave enough to die.

This might be the end as the Earth can be felt moving beneath my feet, and moments now arriving that have been dreamt of and have been overdue in arriving. As all crumbles around us we will continue to stand tall facing it all, and this is where we start where worlds collide and the days are dark eclipsing the dark light of the sun and the pale light from the moon. What I see you also see through my eyes, and hand in hand we will continue to face all. Feeling as if we had been born in a thunderstorm and having survived, and having been in those places where the demons go as well as into those complicated shadows. Finding solace in the furthest reaches of our minds and still we are still breathing and alive, and may look untouched on the outside but changed on the inside.

Having felt at times like a hero, and I have been to the edge and back again and knowing the reason why and taking things to task and getting them done. Though I have been asked once or twice by you what I plan to do to keep the dreams alive when the flames come down? Now it seems like it is all or nothing but then again those are the moments when we lift each other up and the feelings come forth, and we show we are still alive and kicking. Just know that you will never be forgotten with me by your side, and there might be too much confusion and little chance for relief, still there is no reason to get excited with many thinking and feeling life is nothing but a joke or their pantomime. You and I have been through it all and though no one will meet upon the level, this is not our place or time.

Out in the cold distance as the wind began to howl two riders could be seen approaching and time seems to have stopped. As we climb up the nearby rise and see the city lights winking from below, and trusting imagination as we silently resigned to keep all inside and decided in many cases we ain’t talking. Many times, you and I have felt like we were part of the scenery, and the time is coming to step out from the machinery and show them a new version of us having been reinvented. Somehow the world has changed with no place to hide and I am still on your side, and still I carry on with you though we might only find answers to nothing and to be deceived and lied to for the last time by them as we make our way down the line.

Both of us knowing the secret of it being like a razor’s edge between friend and foe, and has me wondering at times if you are with me through it all? Still at this point in my life I have done so many things wrong, it’s a wonder if I can do anything right. As I still try to make sense of all those things I have done, and I still wonder if I should believe those lines on my hands and watch as those finest silver threads slowly unwind. Wondering if I should open my fist and take those things which I missed? To be there with all my reasons for it all and weaving around the dangers placed in my way, and having been struck with sound across my face loud enough to try to knock the choices from my head.

Opening my heart to take the hardest part and to be there when you call come the day when the hammer starts to fall. Still there is so much more to say, and just know that I will be there with no cares of where you’ve been. So, come to me with secrets bared, and we both have sins so when we reach the end we can just start again and just don’t be scared and don’t worry about history.

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