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Felicidad 2: A Short History of Nearly Nothing

Felicidad 2: A Short History of Nearly Nothing

Some say that there are things that can’t be resisted but, are they real or just things in dreams? As I feel the warm winds blowing and the heat under these blue skies as situations run through my head, and being like a wandering ghost that seems to come out of the shadows like when the dark side calls to cross the line. And never noticing those I who pass me like that slow parade of fears I saw pass me by like the evil and the good, and with each moment that unfurls I wonder if all has passed me by or if all has gotten to be later than it really seems? As I stand here in the open where I allowed some to cut me to the bone as I try to forget their laughter.

Knowing that in all probability the next and possibly last voice I will hear one day will be my own, and seeing with perfect clarity as I make my way what a fool I have been and all the mistakes I have made that all have seen, which at times felt as though I was one who was in a constant state of sorrow as strange days seemed to have found me. Things aren’t the way they used to be and knowing all this as I walk on and making my way down the line step by step, and having felt those subtleties attempt to strangle me and I just can’t seem to explain who or what I am anymore. But, there’s no need to fight out here in the fields as I keep moving down the line and try not to look past my shoulder.

And knowing I need to get to you before we become much older and offer you all I have in my hands. Needing to hear you recognize the sounds of me in pain and knowing that only you can make me free and change, and though things might be bittersweet and in this moment there is only you and what we can be that I know is real.

The beauty of life is the truth in it and free will and while we cannot undo what is done, we can see it, understand it,so learning from it each day and though it might be like climbing up a Jacob’s ladder and only we can change it’s course. So that every new moment is spent not in regret, guilt, fear or anger, but in wisdom, understanding and love that’s found. And every day we can find what we are looking for as I offer you my hand and see those mirrored visions in your eyes.

Wishing it could be possible to recapture time that is or was lost and not look back at things that lie in ruins, out beyond the signs that are seen lies that jitterbug ride that has allowed us to avoid obstacles that were placed in our way, as we head out with no place to hide and we will get to where we can walk in the dark light of the sun together as one. With there having been times when I looked at those lines on my hands and wondered if I should believe what they tell me, and opening my heart as you have done as well to accept those hardest parts as we travel through collision and confusion. Heading through the fields with you at my side and hoping tomorrow is better than today and dodging glances from them. Who have sat in silent judgment over all and delivered their version of Stalin’s solution to all as their verdict.

Seeing the moon starting to rise looking almost hidden as the stars go blue as we continue down the road , with our power being in our own hands as we continue on through the night and here we belong to make a stand together. As our critics try to bring the walls down to isolate us and carry out their verdict trying to end our elaborate plans. Thinking you know all of what is real as we cross the line making all the dreams real and avoid the trauma and drama. And never giving up or in on those dreams and plans having no regrets for my decision to be here with you.

Keeping the hope and faith we have found alive as we travel each day turning our backs to the wind, and not allowing those blues to affect us even when they descend and attempt to walk through for you’re in my blood, and I’ll be there for you when the darkness turns to light as the distance between you and I finally breaks down. Reaching over to you as if from life to life knowing that there are times too when time, life, and space can meet. As you feel overwhelmed at times as if blinded by the light and maybe times when closeness is like a shotgun blast, with all the suffering must be let go in order to live as we have and been able too even when the darkness is felt.

Standing here in what seems to be a magic-hour landscape that always stands as unforgiving opposition, to those follies of those who those who inhabit it and are the natives here unlike us who are only passing through. And destruction might seem to always be right around the corner so tell me what you want and never bend or break, though there might be a savage beauty surrounding us out here in the field but as the past has shown it cannot save us. And not going to allow those self proclaimed saints quick to judge and act as if they reek of purity like the Conquistadors did. And to have us tried in their star chambers and have us bow to their verdict as we take the chance to make our own days, while they gargle along with the rat-race choir as their disillusioned words bark like shots in the dark.

As we give those things that only we can give to each other and keep communication open, for this is the time that we both need to forgive and forget the past and allow our world to begin again. And to allow the little pieces of nothingness fall away as you take my hand and feel all that you truly are and be complete, while life goes on around us and knowing that there is truly nothing to fear though at times our eyes have collided. Asking that you tell me the names of the stars that slowly turn and wheel in the skies above us and let all the pain go, as you stand there letting it go to that place we both have no idea of where it ends up as we go where the blues won’t distract us anymore. We are in each others blood as distance and misunderstanding between you and I begins to fall and crumble in the dust. With us both making our way through the night as if we were moving in those complicated shadows as we join together.

Knowing that there are many that feel that life is a joke and their pantomime but, that isn’t our fate, as you pull me out of freefall and put on the brakes and love isn’t the crime that some have come to believe it is, for there ain’t no stopping us now as we join forces and that’s all right as I feel those silver sparks light my heartbeat. As we take each day at a time knowing it’s just life and life only as we look at that nearby ridge in the false dawn’s light, and we both know that our time is arriving with the new day as the sun’s dark light takes hold.

Stalin’s solution: Josef Stalin former Premier of the Soviet Union said basically a simple solution was, “No man then there is no problem”. One of the ways he handled political apparatchiks and rivals.

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