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Forever Autumn: Haunted by Sunset River Shadows

Forever Autumn: Haunted by Sunset River Shadows

I guess you could call this the end of the La Union saga, which all took place in a nameless bar.

Moving forward, as I cross the river heading down this winding road to that place beyond the pecan groves. Passing bare trees and barren fields, which has me think of Fall and the events that took place there one winter’s night, and knowing that the Fall is sometimes known as the season of dying and yet there is something truly sincere about it, with the dying leaves knowing no manner of lying and are just alive and then dead to be reborn and renewed in the Spring. Being stronger in some ways, as they show their true colours and in someway love part of the tree or bush that shed them,
If it were possible to ask those autumn leaves, would they say that love has the power to transcend all things and distance? Which has me think of the season and the events that took place one winter’s night,-
Just like that trip I once took to North Point and saw those silent truths mixed in the writing on the walls, as I notice that the sun’s dark light is beginning to fade and the day is finally giving up on itself, as the shadows grow long. Moving quickly, as if they were something alive and spreading quickly, as I enter that mile or two of pecan groves, and I am attempting to make sense of things and why I am thinking of that winter’s night, as I head to the place where they happened. It was an hour or two before closing as I sat at my corner table with the bottles standing on file and been killed one by one, and hearing the singer sing and play his songs and seeing the Madman at the bar sharing his views and wisdom to those near. Now finding myself able to almost be there again as the events began to unfold they way they did that night.

Picking up speed as if to race those shadows that are moving fast and noticing the turning of twilight, and now feeling a sense of sudden unexplained urgency to finally arrive once again at that place as if all will happen once again. As I find myself remembering how I watched as the singer played a song that would run long and seeing her in that white cotton dress, and she stood framed in the light swaying and smiling in time to the song that was being played as she mouthed the words. While I sat there in the corner and the bottles stood on file as mute witnesses to all that was unfolding and took place. Now smiling as I notice the tag on the mirror and the recollections I am having about objects being closer than they are. And hearing November by Mythos coming from the speakers like soundtrack music to my recollections of that night,-
It was a rite it seems that passed as I see her slowly swaying to the music framed in the light. Hearing a voice in my head that seems to drive me to that place where all took place at various times of the years that passed. And being like something from the song Radar Love as I pass those ghostly outlines of the trees that are seen in the lights. With all seeming long ago and far away yet all is remembered from that place and all that took place and is able to be seen.

Now I am heading West like a runaway train passing those tumbled down farms and shacks that I know are out here in the darkness, as I see the instruments glow in the dark and feeling my heart beating faster, as I finally draw to where the Tao is pointing me, and knowing she and I have been waiting for a chance to shine and it just being a matter of time and not a question of when. To shine like waves of sweet fire or like the dark light of the sun at the dawning of a new morning.

Pulling in and seeing no lights nor hearing the jukebox that usually plays the blues into the night, as I find myself slowly getting out and smiling from the bite of the wind and seeing one other vehicle here and the ruins of that place. Which is having me wonder if I had been seeing things through a broken mirror and wondering what had happened here. As I see the charred and burnt remains of the building where all took place as I turn at a sound and see her walking to me. Seeing her clearly in the light of the moon watching her stare at me as she calls my name and this is when all changes, we have both lived through a lifetime and now in the aftermath we see each other clearly realizing the need for each other. She knows that till the day I will spill my heart for her and somehow we were directed to stand here now near these ruins,-
Knowing that a million eyes are watching us in the form of those constellations wheeling overhead. With the answers standing right there in front of me though I sometimes can’t see them and I see her stepping closer, as if she is walking down a haunted passageway that leads to the core of my soul instead of lot made of packed earth. As I find myself rapidly crossing that distance to her and holding her as we start to dance here in the moonlight while the angels watch. And she reminds me that there is room to grow and that we are undergoing a form of evolution in action in new territory,

Which has me feel like when we danced in the snow at Gull Harbour one starry winter night or before the mighty Tannhauser Gate, where the wind swirled and tried to sweep us off our feet.

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