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Found (Chapter Two.)

What Happens When You Can't Have The One Person You Want Most?

"No turning back," I whisper as the front of the bus comes into view. I wrap my arms around my waist cautiously as I approach, a frown forming on my lips as I see red and blue lights glisten on the side of the bus.

"They didn't," I say in disbelief. But sure enough, two police cars are positioned behind the bus with three different officers surrounding the bus.

"There she is!" I hear from inside the bus and I hang my head in guilt.

I let out a sigh as I walk closer to the bus, my feet dragging across the ground until I'm standing in front of the bus's entrance. I glance over to my left to see all of the officers walking over to me with grim and annoyed expressions plastered over their faces.

"Grace Beottcher? Brother of Daniel Beottcher?" One of the officers says and I nod slowly.

"Yes, that's me. I'm sorry for all this trouble. One of the guys on the bus said something that offended me and I ran off to cool down," I explain, my eyes darting behind two of the male officers when I see movement.

"Well, this little incident has been reported. We have to get your statement then we will be on our way. Officer Grayson will get it from you."

I nod and the man from behind the two officers step out and I feel my knees buckle under me until I make contact with the harsh ground.

"Whoa, I got you," He says loudly for the other officers to hear before I feel his breath on my ear, "Oh, does someone recognize me? Chandler told you he has connections everywhere. One just happens to be a cop that is $100,000 richer."

I feel my anger seethe inside of my body and my fingers curl up into fists.

"You don't want to do that Grace. Think how mad Chandler would be if you punched me and got away. What would your punishment be? Besides I still have more to collect from him. He owes me a piece of your hot little ass," Ben murmurs in my ear, making me scream in fear.

I wiggle out of his arms and I scramble to my feet, running to the bus until my back is pressed against it, "You have my statement Officer. I got mad and I ran away, I'm back now. You can leave. I'm sorry for screaming, I twisted my ankle," I ramble off, my lips moving a mile a minute.

"Don't worry about it Ms. Beottcher. Have a nice night," He calls out with a wink. He fucking has the balls to wink at me.

I take a deep breath and I hold my hand over my chest, my eyes closing to prevent the tears from falling.

What have you gotten yourself into Gracie? How will you get out? Those two questions run in my head over and over until darkness overwhelms my body.


"Damn you Luke! Don't you dare go and wake her up. If you as so much speak a word to her that she doesn't like I will beat the shit out of you. I almost lost her! You just should be relieved she came back!" I hear Daniel shout from the front of the bus.

I feel goosebumps break out across my skin, he never gets this angry, I think to myself, wracking my brain for any memories of Danny being angry, but nothing comes up. Even when our parents were killed in the car crash and he had to take full responsibility over me since he's four years older than me. His brown eyes were always soft and caring, never showing any emotion but love and willingness to change his life to incorporate me in it. 

But Danny being angry is the least of my problems. A searing pain from my ankle and wrist were what jolted me awake. I frown when I attempt to lift my wrist out from under the blanket.

I can't help but gasp when I see three black and purple fingerprints documented in plain view on my skin.

"Damn you," I groan, swinging my legs over the edge of the bed, my teeth biting into my bottom lip to prevent me from howling in pain.

I use my good hand to balance myself on one foot as I hop silently to the bathroom, not wanting the guys to know I'm awake. Once I'm in the bathroom I kick press my back against the door to support myself, making it shut with a loud bang.

"Grace? Are you awake?" Eli's voice comes to a surprise and a small smile spreads across my lips.

"Yes. I just need to use the bathroom. Could you be the greatest person in the world and make me some pancakes?" I giggle, knowing I'm going to try and milk my ankle injury for all it's got.

"Of course!"

I nod and I hop back over to the sink. I sit down on the toilet cover and I pull out my make up bag. I pull out various tubes and containers holding foundations and cover ups. I use my shaking hand to dab the make up on my wrist, whimpering in pain each time until my wrist looks normal. I hold it up to the light and I inspect it thoroughly, nodding at the outcome.


I throw my make up bag back under the sink and I stand up on one foot again. I lunge to get the door open and I bang my head on the wall earning a harsh curse. I twist the doorknob and the door swings open. I bite the inside of my cheek as I throw both of my arms out to grip the walls, pain spiriting up my arm.

"Can I have an ice pack please?" I ask, hopping down the hall to the kitchen where each band member is.

My eyes roam from Eli who is behind the stove, Jeremy beating his fingers on his thigh. Danny who is hunched over the table, his hand moving furiously across the pieces of paper scattered around the table top. Then lastly is Luke who is staring at me with hurt flickering in his eyes. I offer a small smile but in return I see his head turn to the side.

"Thank you so much Eli," I say, my voice cracking and I hop over to him. I wrap one arm around him as the other is on the refrigerator to hold my balance.

"Don't worry about it. You cook for us all the time. It's my turn."

I smile and I kiss his cheek before I strain to open the freezer.

"It's on the table."

"What?" I ask, turning around to look at Danny who has finally decided to speak.

He points to the edge of the table where a blue rectangle of cloth sits.

"Your ice pack."

"Oh," I nod and I grab it, sitting down across from him I pull my leg up, wrapping the cloth around my ankle, sighing at the relief, "Thank you."

"No problem. Now will you tell me why the fuck it's okay for you to run off and not come back for hours?! Jesus Gracie! I was about to kill Luke!"

I lower my eyes to the ground, not wanting to look at anyone. But I can still feel their stares being burned into my body.

"It's not okay. I got mad. It's okay for you all to get mad and go off to God knows where doing God knows what! But when I do you call the cops and make a big deal about it," I spit out.

I look up at Eli when he taps my shoulder, holding out a plate full of pancakes. I smile and I take it from him, my hand shaking at the weight.

"Hey!" I yell when Danny yanks the plate from my hand and sets it in front of me.

"Where else are you hurt? Your ankle and wrist? Is that it?"

I nod and I take a small bite of my pancakes, the bitter taste erupting on my tongue. Not even pancakes taste good right now.

"I need to talk to Grace..," Luke says, his voice sharp.

"Oh no you don't! The last time you called her a wh-"

"Stop!" I yell, cutting Danny off in mid sentence, "I want to talk to Luke."

"You do?" Luke says, not attempting to hide the surprise from his face.

I nod and I push the plate of pancakes away, "Yes. Alone."

That's when Jeremy pipes in from his quiet place on the couch, "That's a great idea. Why don't we all go get some breakfast from that diner about 30 minutes away and being something back that little Gracie won't gag at the taste of."

I actually laugh and I give Eli an apologetic look and he kisses my forehead, "I know they are awful. I took a bite, yuck!"

"I don't want to leave you alone with him," Danny says, not to secretly.

"I don't care what you want. Please just go so I can have a conversation without my brother breathing down my neck every two seconds!"

I watch as his jaw clenches and locks into place before he springs up and bolts out of the bus, taking Eli and Jeremy with him.



I look up to him and I see a small smile lurking on the corners of his lips as we both speak at the same time.

"You go first.."

"You go first."

I laugh and I point at him and he nods, "Gracie you don't understand how sorry I am for what I said. You aren't a whore and never will be. You are a beautiful girl with a perfect heart. I didn't mean for you to run off, or for me to get arrested that night. But the way that guy was all over you...I-I snapped and I couldn't let you waste your time with him when you belong to me."

"What?" I ask, in shock.

"Gracie you know you belong to me. You always have and you always will."

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