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Midnight Ride Re-Visited

Midnight Ride Re-Visited

The original was the second one written, and written on my knee in about 10min. in 2002

Looking back is a bad habit and though we try not to look back most do, and the hour is getting late and it looks like the time has come once again for me to ride hard and fast across the range, as I ask if you in a kind and clear voice shall we dance? Or will you come and join me as I make another midnight ride? Even if there seems to stand a form of unforgiving opposition that usually hides some form of destruction in passing? So will you take my hand to either dance or saddle up to head out across those dark skies and ride hard and fast? And there might be a sense of discovery as reflections are seen there in the smoking fires of the mind. Riding through a mixture of time and memories of the disagreeable past of that Vale of Tears we call life.

Knowing that we can make it and there is only one who can give each of us that singular touch of grace we both seek, as I see those nearly forgotten times and faces flare brightly for a moment and then see them fade and dim once again. Which are seen in either the smoking mirrors of the mind or in the smoking fires of memory there in those abandoned graveyards, and knowing that some who stand there in those fields of both blessings and consequences see two riders approaching. Moving fast at the speed of life with the only tears being shed now are those of fear.

The fear of losing you yet I know that we can make it and do what others say can’t be done, and able to answer those questions that are found that have been lit by those silver sparks like flames here in the dark.Rising above pettiness as we ask what else that can be seen as our eyes seem to collide with love not being a crime, and things might be uncertain about the feelings that exist and the emotions felt are real and true as we ride to those distant shore(s). Breaking down time and distance as we ride hard and fast in this midnight hour heading down the line to what is sought.

As we reach out as if from life to life as mystery and beauty collide with the power to haunt all they touch, and feeling both space and time beginning to collide as both questions and reflections arise. Now heading across the water of those rivers of blindness after those waterfalls of pity have been passed, with both energy and synergy colliding as the Tao and the rhythm of the Earth combine to be one force directing all. And still I am counting as I pray when we turn South over the ridge and into the valley below where concepts have collided. And colours stream from me to you in the form of blue tears that will never dry that have been shed in fear.

To these tired green eyes that at times can be colder than the moon that are able to stare for a thousand years, and drawing closer towards those things that move in sync as the force the Tao has become directs us to the moment, and feeling realization awakening knowing all that is sought is a true destiny or rather destination or is it to seek absolution? From all of the sins of the past or to basically rid ourselves from that part of the past that attempted to crush all? With the season being right for knowing all things now though some things might move in mysterious ways.

Though beauty might surround us it cannot save us and in order to reach the skies one needs to learn to kneel, to know that to touch is to heal and to hurt is to steal as we spur all to go faster chasing down these feelings. To become all that which we seek, we are riding hard and fast toward as the deepest hole of the night arrives. As we continue onward on what seems to be a maddening ride through space, time, and distance to that which is sought. And finding ourselves not to be out of tears nor being made of unfeeling flesh as we dance as kindred spirits.

As I find myself remembering when the flames of passion burned bright and flickered like candles in the night, as I watched your eyes taking the measure there as you became a meteor as our senses spun and soared. And then we both watched as the moonlight slowly crossed the floor after having felt your power to raise the dead, as I seemed to have felt it course through me like St. Elmo’s fire and feeling change wash over as the truth was found. And now we are attempting to cast aside all the losses as well as all the regrets knowing that lightning had been captured. And we both have seen the face of both God and love as I felt your touch.

As we top another ridge seeing the valley crossed in the dark light of the false dawn, with us being able to see for miles and miles as the wind seems to pass through us as we look to what lies ahead. And sitting here with our backs to the past, and telling the ghosts there to rest in peace for you are my life and reason for living. As I again offer you my thanks as you sit in the saddle of the bay to live and love again and for your healing touch. Leaving the darkness, you found me in as you flood my darkness with your light.

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