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Dirk's Deal - Dirty Dozen Demystified

Dirk's Deal - Dirty Dozen Demystified

Dr. Ingram Briefs Dirk on The Dirty Dozen's Mission.

A continuation of the fictional stories of Dirk, any resemblance to real persons or incidents is purely coincidental.

Dirk was waiting in Laboratory #1. Dr. Ingram had invited him for a special briefing, promising to provide him more background and understanding of not only their next mission, but their overall mission. She also promised to brief what he needed to know about the enemy's tactics, and the Dirty Dozen's vulnerabilities.

Dirk was absolutely ready, he had waited a long time to be trusted with additional details on the enemy. He had tried to get the boss to share more with him, but the boss had that way about him that kept Dirk from pushing things.  

As Dirk waited, he continued to think what he would be told, he also wondered why he was getting this briefing in a laboratory and not Dr. Ingram's office or another part of the facility. It was only a few weeks since he had been in this same room with Jenn, during her debrief. He did not really want to think more about that, as he still felt ashamed of what had happened. How he had a nervous breakdown, at least that was the best way he could describe it.

Jenn was doing much better now, Dirk was not included in any more of her recovery sessions. He did get regular visits with Jenn, and each time he saw her, she looked more and more like the Jenn he knew and loved. In fact, the last time he was with her, she wrist locked his hand and spun it around behind him until he said 'uncle' and was standing on his tiptoes. She definitely had her quickness and strength back.

Dirk reflected how he had been selected for this special task force. Dirk had already been trained as a special forces operator and had been on numerous missions. More than he could count. On his last mission, he was injured in the leg and had to go through a rehabilitation and recovery cycle. It was in his second week after his surgery, that he was informed that his previous team had all been killed, no survivors. About two years before that, he had lost his family, his wife, and his son. He was away when they had been killed in a vehicle accident. Dirk was more alone than any time in his life. After his physical recovery, instead of joining another special forces group, he was invited to go to a selection course to be considered for a high-risk clandestine task force.

And here he was. He made it through selection, and through a few special missions and there was nowhere he would rather be. No other team he would rather be with. He had agreed that he was in a strictly 'need to know' capacity, and would be briefed on each mission with limited explanation of the overall mission. The reason he had been so suspicious of Dr. Ingram at the beginning of his selection, was because he felt like he was a lab rat in her eyes. Someone to be evaluated and dismissed if he did not make the criteria. Each meeting he had with her back then was uncomfortable, that is until he worked with her in the field. Now, he rather enjoyed his sessions with her.

Dirk was interrupted in his thoughts, as Dr. Ingram came into the laboratory, as if on cue.  It was a little uncanny, but Dirk let it go and focused on what she would brief him on. She had his complete attention.

"Thank you for waiting for me, Dirk. Sorry, I was a little delayed getting to our appointment," Dr. Ingram stoically said, as if she were apologizing for the formality of it, but did not really mean it as an apology, but more as an explanation.

"No problem Dr. Ingram, I was just swimming laps in my thoughts," Dirk responded with a smile, "It was good exercise."

Dr. Ingram's face changed, or rather transformed right there in front of Dirk. She smiled, a genuine smile with the change coming from her eyes.

"Well Dirk, that was almost a visual for me, I am sure you swim nicely. Glad I gave you the opportunity for some healthy exercise with my being tardy." She said with that same smile.

"I had to get clearances up the chain of command, but I have been approved to share with you a tremendous amount of information today. I may even answer some of the questions you have probably wanted to ask, but never given the opportunity or permission to ask. I have not been given the same approvals for the rest of the Dirty Dozen yet, unfortunately. I think this will all make more sense after I explain what I can. I think the easiest way to do this, is for me to kind of give you a lecture style brief first, and when I am finished we can do Q and A," she paused slightly and then continued, "Ray really went to bat for you, to get these approvals, and he and some other observers are actually behind the glass observing us."

Dirk looked over to the one-way glass and waved, although he could only see his own and Dr. Ingram's reflection in it.

Dr Ingram then explained, "Much of the science I am going to tell you about is 'need to know' and you are required not to tell anyone else about these details. You have already observed some of it in action. Ray is able to wield elements of heat, most frequently observed in action as fire, to combust or react within certain organisms. I am not going to explain it scientifically, only that he can do it and what the results are. The results are as you have seen, the organisms are turned to ash after an intense combustion."

She continued, "Now, what is unique about this, is it only occurs inside the enemy organism but is magnified within human tissue. Human bodies that have been infiltrated by the enemy, result in those bodies being a host to the enemy organism. It is basically enslaved and controlled from the time of successful infiltration. If the enemy organism is ever removed from the human host, the human host will immediately die, as its organic chemistry is irreversibly adapted and changed."

Dr Ingram continued, "The enemy organisms can communicate with each other telepathically, and do not need to use the human forms of speech with each other. That said, when in an infiltrated human body, they can speak as humans, although with reduced function and ability. I am going to pause there, so you can ask me questions back to ensure you are following my explanation."

Dirk paused as he collected his thoughts and then said, "I think I have understood all you have explained. I will repeat my summary of understanding: The real enemy we are fighting is an alien race to humans, that has taken over certain human bodies, with the potential to continue to take over human bodies. Ray knows how to kill them by burning them up and reducing them to ash. That about it?"

Dr Ingram looked at the one-way glass and then back at Dirk, and said, "Yes Dirk, that's about it. We have not let the rest of the world know about the enemy as it could cause more damage than good. As the infiltrated humans, look like the rest of us humans. The enemy is not a population as large as us humans, although we do not know their exact number. We estimate them only in the hundreds. Once they have infiltrated into a human, they cannot infiltrate into another, it is a one time joining. If the human body dies, they die too. That is how we have been fighting them, killing them when they are in their hosts. Once we have identified them within their human hosts, we send your team to capture or kill them. They defend themselves, because as I said, when the human body dies, they die."

Dirk thought more and then asked, "Do other nations know about this enemy?"

"That is a good question Dirk," Dr. Ingram responded, "No, we have wanted to share with our allies, but have not found a way to do so yet. I think a good way to explain the logic of this is, we don't know how to unify against it, as we are still fighting limited wars with other nations as it is."

Dirk responded, "Yes, very complicated. Very complicated and really fucked up."

Yes, fucked up, Dirk, and complicated," responded Dr. Ingram.

"So, why do I get to know this national complicated fucked up secret now?" asked Dirk, still trying to fathom what he was being told as it was still sinking in.

"It was decided to bring you in on these details, as you saw Ray in action, and now I want to tell you more about Ray," Dr. Ingram paused and then continued, "Ray is not one of the enemies. That is the good news. He is a real human, like you and I. He joined with our best scientists after the enemy was discovered and better understood. Ray agreed to undergo some experiments, first with the intent to be able to intercept the enemies' telepathy, to be able to know what they were communicating together. That experiment was not successful, but it was successful in Ray being able to wield heat as he does, to destroy the enemy during individual encounters. Ray calls the enemy demons, as that is how he sees them. Our scientists see them as alien organisms."

She continued, "I'm with Ray on calling them demons. Its semantics. I too have been a volunteer subject to some experiments, although it did not result in my being able to intercept their telepathy either. The result in me is I can identify the enemy when they are in a living human host. I have to interact with them to discover them, I cannot immediately recognize them at first encounter, it takes a little time. I also have the ability to help normal humans cope with an enemy encounter, mostly because I have had so many encounters with the enemy."

Ray looked back at the one-way glass and then back to Dr. Ingram before asking, "Are you asking me to volunteer for experiments like that myself?"

Dr. Ingram looked at the one-way glass herself and then answered, "Yes, we are asking if you would be willing to volunteer to have the same ability that Ray has."

Dirk answered Dr. Ingram, "Yes, I volunteer." He then turned to the one-way glass and said, "It's a deal. I'm all in for sending these demons back to hell!"


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