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Adventures Across the Starways - Chapter 22

Contributing Authors: rbo 

Sive stuck her head out the open panel with stun gun in hand and shot Darla.

Smithe fell to the floor, suddenly going limp. Darla's breathing started to slow. Blinking in puzzelment, she stared at his still form. "After all that time wanting me, is that all there is?" She thought to herself as she bent over the unconscious man. She frowned feeling cheated. “Hey we aren't finished,” she cried out as she shook him.

Sive stuck her head out of the open panel, with a stun gun in hand and shot Darla before she could realize what was going on. The woman fell on top of Smithe, unconscious, her bare ass in the air. Sive grinned blowing on the end of her gun muttering, “That will teach you to shag someone in public!”

For good measure, Sive shot Smithe even though he looked like he was totally unconscious. She smiled as she slid out of the opening and jumped to the floor. Seconds later she was followed by Murdock who had a little more trouble squeezing through the small opening. Once on the floor, he straightened himself up surprised to see the pair on the floor. He frowned shaking his head as he recognized Darla, his now former go-to girl for fun. 

As Sive stood looking at the stunned couple, she couldn't help saying, "I love these stun guns! Never leave home without one!" She laughed at her own wit. Murdock rolled his eyes.

Getting back to business, Sive glanced at Darla estimating that she was a good three inches taller than she was and slightly thinner. Suddenly an intriguing idea started to form. She looked over at Murdock, 

“Listen, why don't I change into this woman? I could get to the bridge, and once inside I can engage with Fido, you know...convince him I want him and then lead him into a trap. Where, of course, you'll be waiting. Then we shoot the traitorous little bastard!” She waved her stun gun as she spoke!

A smirk flashed across Murdock’s face because of her enthusiasm as well as the fact she was waving the gun around like some kind of bad ass. He slowly nodded in agreement, 

“Maybe, just maybe, you have something there. Let's hope it's as easy as you say. Now I better tell you about this woman.” He proceeded to tell Sive some history about the woman known as Darla. He reluctantly also informed her that they had been an item for a short time and that it was nothing serious. He didn’t go into to any details. Sive looked a little bemused at this little fact, but Murdock was concentrating on the facts about her duties and the info that Fido liked her and was often sniffing around her. 

Sive nodded her head, taking in all the details, thinking, "it obviously wasn’t serious between them. Otherwise, this Darla is either an opportunist or a real slut. I'm leaning towards slut." 

Murdock said, "Let's get them out of sight before we are all spotted." They both grabbed the ankles of the pair hauling them to the nearest storage room. Murdock tied and gagged Smithe, while Sive stripped Darla's clothes off leaving her only in her undies. Murdock then secured her thinking, "The last time I tied you up was way more fun. How could you move on so quickly, I thought you liked me. The first sign of trouble and your fucking Smithe!" He felt a little betrayed but knew she had been using him just as he had been using her. He now planned on being more careful in the future.

Sive kept glancing over. She could see he still had feelings for Darla, not that he was going to admit it. He glanced back feeling her eyes on him. “Turn around, I don’t want you watching me change clothes,” Sive retorted, really not wanting him to be gawking at her when she shifted. Murdock looked away.

Sive also turned not trusting Murdock. She stepped out of her foul smelling clothes and concentrated. Murdock stole a peek, before turning back pretending he hadn’t looked. Sive’s body started to change growing a little taller and thinner. Her breasts grew and firmed, and her muscles toned up. Lastly Sive's face altered until her features were identical to Darla's. She breathed slowly. Changing always put a strain on her but right now she had an extra complication. 

That complication was Murdock. Her body was reacting to Murdock, and she didn't like it one bit. She glanced back at him, wondering if he had looked and feeling her skin warming to the idea of him touching her. "He’s a bloody pirate!" she thought, appalled that she was feeling aroused by the likes of his kind.

To Sive's dismay, her body continued to react as she put on Darla’s clothes. The air between them felt electrified, teasing her, her body yearning for his. "It’s the damn nanites. Ignore them!" She grimly ordered herself, but it was easier said than done. She hadn’t noticed her fingers, stroking across her own neck.

Continuing, she pulled on Darla’s pants and slipped the woman's top over her head. She didn’t bother with her bra, to be honest, she didn’t want to touch the slut's underwear. 

She looked down at her boobs. They had grown bigger than needed with the sexual tension she was feeling. She was about to reduce them, but on second thought knew they could come in handy in her quest to seduce Fido. She glanced over at Murdock, trying to get control of herself. She closed her eyes breathing heavily, wishing the damn man would take her now. 

“Are you done yet?” Murdock suddenly asked, bringing Sive's mind back to the problem at hand.

Shaking her head, she took a deep breath and ignored her feelings. She unbuttoned the top to reveal lots of cleavage, thinking that very few men would be able to resist her now. “I'm ready,” she replied, Murdock turned to see Darla looking at him. She was stunning. He had to check that the real Darla was still tied up, before looking back.

“Wow you look amazing now,” he said in a low sensual voice.

The smile vanished from Sive's face, 

“Really? Mr. Murdock, and pray what did I look like before?”

“That’s not what I meant,” Murdock shot back, trying to backpedal. Sive stormed out of the room. Murdock couldn’t help but stare at her sexy ass, which was even tighter and more rounded than Darla's while muttering, “Women!” Murdock tried to compose himself before following Sive out of the room. Carefully sealing it behind him making sure Smithe and the real Darla wouldn’t escape.

Sive forced a smile, knowing her nanites were affecting the both of them. Her emotions were all over the place, and she assumed Murdock was having similar problems. 

“I'm going to the bridge now, and with a little luck, I'll be able to tempt Fido into coming with me. All I need to know now is where you'll be waiting." Murdock couldn't seem to stop himself from staring, 

“You aren't going to need luck. Fido isn't going to be able to resist. He has always wanted Darla, but she was never interested.”

Murdock licked his lips as his eyes traveled up and down Sive's body. He had been with Darla many times, but this was something different. He noticed his heart and breathing had increased. Images of him and Darla making love passed through his mind. With a deep breath, he brought his attention back to where it needed to be. "Keep calm, you can have her later," he thought to himself. Sive’s smile faded again since she knew exactly what he was thinking. "What the hell? My nanites are making both of us mad! What a mess!"

After a few moments, Murdock cleared his throat before continuing, “OK... There is a board room located at the back of the bridge, get Fido alone in that room. On the back wall to the left of the restroom is a maintenance tunnel. My men and I will be in that tunnel waiting for you. Take this.” He passed Sive a small round device. “It's paired with this one.” He showed Sive another. “I'll signal you when we are in place. It vibrates.” Murdock set it off to show what he meant. “If you get into any trouble signal me. But leave it on for only a few seconds, or else it will alert the ship's sensors.”

Sive nodded her head in understanding. Biting her lip and realizing her plan might be a little riskier than she had first thought. With bravado, she replied, "I will be fine, I got this. Do your part, and we'll all come out of this alive!"

She pocketed the small device Murdock handed her and quickly proceeded along the corridor heading towards the lift.

As she made her way, she passed one of the crew. He looked at her with interest, eyeing up her body before laughingly asking, "Hey Darla, you look nervous, are going to pay your respects to the new captain?"

In the husky voice, she had heard Darla use earlier Sive snarled, "Shut up you only wish it was you!" in reply.

She consciously straightened up to make herself as tall as she could manage and walked with a bravado, she entered the lift. There was another short corridor that led to the bridge. Sive stopped just outside of the door and took a deep breath. Adjusting her features, she prepared to act like a pirate. She pushed the button. The door slid open revealing more than a few men on the bridge. She released a double quantity of pheromones as she glanced around.

Two were trying to break Murdock's security codes; another was sitting in her navigation chair, manning the helm, while others were standing around more or less guarding the premises. They all stopped what they were doing to gawk at her. Some smirked, others sneered before going back to what they had been doing. The guards with not much to do continued to leer at her.

Cocking her head to one side, Sive casually looked around like she had all the time in the world. Mentally counting where and how many men there was on the bridge. 

In the center of the bridge, she spotted her quarry. Fido was sitting in the captain's chair with the biggest meanest looking man in the room standing beside him. Sive locked eyes with Fido for a few seconds before forming a slow sensual smile. While ignoring the rest of the men she sauntered over to Fido. The little man was almost salivating as he watched the sexy woman heading towards him. Sive couldn't help think, "Fido, you dog! I do believe you're going to make this easy for me."

Once Sive was beside Fido, she sent forth more of her pheromones as she ran her hand over his shoulder. Next, she leaned down allowing him to have a good look at her cleavage as she breathed into his ear and whispered, 

"How's it going Fido, or shall I call you Captain now?"

She ran her fingers up into his greasy yellow hair, trying not to look disgusted or to inhale his stinky body odour. "Geeezz don’t Pirates know how to bathe?" she thought as she waited for his response. Even her eyes were beginning to burn he was that bad! 

Sive noticed some of the men stared in envy, even Fido's so called body guard took a few steps back. She knew she was the best looking woman on board this ship. With her pheromones in play, no one would be able to resist her. She hoped she could keep up the pretense with this unbelievably disgusting man while waiting for Murdock’s signal.

Meanwhile, Murdock made his way to the crew quarters, knowing anyone against Fido would more than likely be locked in their rooms. He swiftly stunned the patrol guards and was now using his welder glove to gain entry to Cain's room. The door fell off its hinges, and a very surprised Cain looked up at his Captain. 

"We have work to do. I’m assuming you know Fido has started a mutiny. We need to find and free any officers and crew that are loyal to us. Once this is done, we'll make our way quickly to the bridge. I have a plan in play, but time is not on our side.”

"Aye aye, Captain" Cain replied, jumping up from his bunk.

Soon, Murdock and Cain had freed five more of his men. They all willingly stated their loyalty to Murdock and his dead father under a promise of a big score once the mutiny was taken care of.

Back on the bridge, Fido was talking to Sive. From the way he was reacting to her, she knew something was definitely wrong. He wasn't fawning all over her as he should be. In fact, all the men behaved like ordinary sex stared pirates. Leering at her and making lewd comments. She tried to keep her smile fixed as Fido continued smugly,

"I didn't think you were interested in me, what was it you called me, A slimy wretch, who you would never touch even if your life depended on it? Which by the way it now does. I told you I would be captain one day and you would come crawling to me."

Sive swallowed hard, glancing around the room once more. She realized something had to be wrong at Zark's end, "Damn that Zark and his programs, now I have to seduce this disgusting pirate on my own!"  Trying not to cringe Sive looked into Fido’s eyes, her hand tracing down his chest as she breathed,

"Can't a girl change her mind? I never really liked the captain. He scared me. He was using me, and I couldn’t refuse him. If I didn't cooperate, he would have had me killed. You know what a temper the man has. But now that he is out of the way, I'm free to show you how I really feel."

Dreading what she had to do next, Sive slid onto his lap put her arms around his neck and bent down to plant her lips onto his. 

Fido kissed her back lustily, his tongue thrust into her mouth. He knew she was only coming onto him because he was the one in charge now, just like she had done to Murdock, "Manipulative slut!" he thought. Not that he minded, he could fuck her a few times. Then, if he got bored, he could give her to the men, or better yet lock her up. He had always fantasized about having a sex slave. He grabbed her hair forcing her back as his free hand slid up her leg. Sive tried not to resist or think about his garlic breath, as his tongue slapped its self around hers.

The kiss finally ended. Sive lifted her head away from Fido, forcing herself to smile while trying not to gag, or throw up. 

"So Darla, what do you say we go to my quarters, and have some private fun?" Fido asked with self-satisfaction. He knew she couldn’t say no. He had never seen women as equals. Murdock encouraged women to work up the ranks. That was the first thing he intended to change. As far as he was concerned women had only one use on this ship, and that was to please the men.

Fido was avidly waiting to hear Sive's answer, while all she wanted to do was wipe the slobber from her mouth. She thought desperately, "I need to get him into the board room." In answer, Sive fluttered her eyelashes and moved her breasts closer to Fido's face. His eyes fell onto her them like a hungry wolf.

"Why wait, lover boy? Your quarters are a long way from here, what about the board room?” she suggested, Indicating the direction with her head while her hand slid down under his shirt. She raised her eyebrow smiling at him suggestively. Her nails gently scratched across his hairy skin.

She seriously hoped that Murdock and his men were waiting for them in that room. Not for one minute did she have any idea how she was going to get out of this mess. Fido may be small, but he was wiry and therefore dangerous. She shivered, that kiss would be in her mind for the rest of her life

The man sitting at the helm suddenly piped up, "Awww... go on Captain take her to that back room, give it to her good! You was always bragging on how much you wanted her."

The rest of the men laughed, nodding in agreement. Fido was one lucky bastard. Sive felt Fido's arm snake around her waist and pull her even closer to him again. Fido latched his lips back onto Sive's. He slid his nasty tongue down her throat. She forced herself to stay submissive, but her skin was crawling. Her nails were even growing subconsciously, as she wanted to claw his eyes out. Never had she felt so disgusted with herself, allowing this creep to touch her like this. Her plan was turning out bad, real bad. She had no choice but to keep up the charade now but knew she needed help.... and soon. 

She slipped her hand into her pocket activating the device. She held her finger on the button for just a few seconds while Fido's hands roughly roamed all over her body. Some of the men cheered as they watched. She had succeeded. He wanted her. 

Fido pushed her off his lap while continuing to grope at her as he backed them towards the board room. She could only hope Murdock was inside and ready. As the two of them moved closer, the men kept yelling encouragement. For Sive, this was fast turning into a nightmare of biblical proportions. "Why did I suggest this? What if Murdock isn't there? Once we're in that room, and alone, he isn't going to know what hit him. Her hand inched towards her stun gun."

Murdock and the men he had freed were still climbing. It was taking them longer to get to the bridge deck than he had calculated. "Just two more decks," Murdock thought when he felt vibrations in his pocket. He took out the device and switched it off before stepping up his pace.

"Captain how much further?" one of the men asked while breathing heavily. He was still feeling the effect of the stew he had eaten, and he wasn’t alone.

"Two more decks, then a narrow one, men we'll be there in no time! Come on men; you can do it! We can't have that shit Fido running the ship!"

Murdock replied, sweat dripping from his brow. Only 130 more ladder rungs. He was glad he kept fit and hoped Sive's pheromones had made everyone on the bridge dopey else this could end up a dangerous firefight. Murdock also hoped his men could handle it. He should have gone to sickbay, to check on Zark first, but Sive was alone and could be in serious trouble.

He swiftly climbed and entered the maintenance tunnel, leaving his men behind. He closed his eyes preparing himself before he quietly lowered the access panel down and looked around. The briefing room was dark. He could see the doorway and the table and chairs but nothing else. Sive wasn’t here. He clambered out of the tunnel and cursed under his breath. To his relief seconds later he saw the door open. Sighing in relief, he quickly hid behind a chair.

Meanwhile, Sive was in the midst of another long kiss with Fido, to the cheers of his men. She was feeling sick and was struggling not to throw up. He tasted vile. All she could think of was, "If Murdock isn't in here, I'll have to stun this animal or club him to death; I can't stand another second of this! Once this is over, I'm going to have a long hot shower... inside and out! I don't know if I'm ever going to get over this!"

Fido roughly shoved Sive inside. As the door slid shut, he grabbed her and started ripping at her shirt. Sive's hand went for the gun in her pocket, but Fido grabbed her wrists, his lustful eyes looked wild as he dived in for another kiss. Now being alone with him she turned her head to avoid his mouth, before ramming her knee hard into his groin. Fido froze eyes bulging outward mouth forming a big O. The only sound that came out of him was a gasp, then with a flash of light, he went limp falling to the floor with a loud thud, stunned unconscious.

With a great sigh of relief, Sive glanced around the room finally noticing Murdock standing in the corner his gun pointing at the still form of Fido. Sive held her arm around herself, holding up what was left of her shirt while wiping her mouth with her sleeve. She then spat on the floor and kicked the unconscious Fido.

"Well that went well, but you were supposed to wait until we were ready, what if I had not been here?" he asked looking at her disgusted face.

One by one the others came out of the tunnel and saw Fido's prone body. "You should have killed him, Captain," Cain said matter of factly.

Glaring murder at Murdock, Sive advanced towards him. Once in front of him, she raised her free arm and gave him a resounding slap across the face. At his total look of surprise, she growled, "I gave you ample time to get here. Your so called Doctor didn't shut the anti pheromones program off. I had to seduce and kiss that toad of a man. You put me in a dreadful situation. He and those men made me feel like a common whore!" Her voice got louder as she finished speaking. She stood there her body shaking trying not to break down and cry as she stared up at Murdock. 

Murdock almost said It was your idea. Before deciding to be silent. He had known it was dangerous. She wasn't trained and had been thrust into this world against her will. She was a scientist, not a pirate. Something he would have to remember.

“Your right Si... Darla, my apologies for putting you in such a situation," he glanced back at the other men, he didn't want them to know her secret, But he could see that Cain knew something was different about Darla.

"I'm sure that Zark had a reason to keep the air filtration program on." He turned to his men, “Now listen up, there are still men loyal to Fido on the bridge. I'm going to go out there and talk to them. Then we can clean up this mess and put it behind us.”

"Captain they will kill you!" Cain cried out in alarm.

Murdock nodded calmly and took two grenades out of his bag holding one in each hand. "Close the door behind me and be ready for my signal."

He flicked the two pins onto the floor holding his fingers on the firing mechanism and entered the bridge. Startled, his men and Sive watched him leave the room.

None of the men on the bridge noticed Murdock until he shouted: "Fido is dead...the mutiny is over!" He raised his arms so all could see what he held.

In total surprise the men turned as one and looked at Murdock, some drawing their guns. Their eyes were all drawn to what he had in his hands. Lifting his eyebrow Murdock stated,

"You kill me... these grenades will drop, and we will all die. I'll give you and all of the crew a choice, either follow me or be put off the ship. The ones that stay will not have this mutiny held against them, but mark my words.... new rules and tighter security protocols will be implemented."

As the men looked at each other, Murdock watched their expressions carefully. Only two nodded their acceptance to him. Three more would follow his orders. That left four, which included Block, the biggest most dangerous man in the room. He glanced at another man who Murdock knew wouldn’t follow him. They both looked like they wanted to fight it out. It was going to be dicey.

Murdock glanced at the two men that had nodded in approval of his captaincy and barked, “Mr. Crook, Mr. Binks collect all of the weapons.” The did as ordered taking guns off three of the undecided men before Block foolishly decided to take a shot at Murdock.

Murdock took cover and threw both of the grenades. Everyone scattered panicking trying to get away. That is when Murdock took advantage of the fear and jumped up stunning first Block, then his mate.

The grenades exploded in a shower of sparks and smoke, but no real damage was done. Cain and the others rushed out all pointing their weapons at the surprised mutineers. The rest surrendered their weapons.

Murdock cleared his throat, as Sive joined him by his side. "Take anyone who wants off the ship to the brig, Cain, Darla you both stay here. There is much to be done to sort out this mess!”

Murdock activated the ship-wide broadcast system informing the crew he was still in charge, and that anyone who no longer wished to follow him would be transferred to another ship or a space station as soon as it was convenient.

He watched as Fido was carried from the briefing room. He slowly lifted his head as he regained consciousness. He looked at Darla “Bitch,” he snarled before Murdock stepped between them.

"Take him to the Brig," he ordered.

Murdock was relieved that the mutiny was all but over. He also knew some changes were going to be made on this ship and not all the men would like it. Some would leave, but those loyal to him would be welcome to stay.

He looked over to his first mate, "Cain you have the bridge, make sure only men we can trust are on duty and seal the lifts. Until this situation is totally resolved, I don't want anyone who isn't loyal on the bridge or in any sensitive areas. Darla come with me."

Murdock led Sive back into the boardroom so they could talk. Knowing this day's problems wasn't over just yet.


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