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Adventures Across the Starways - 4

Adventures Across the Starways - 4

Coldly looking down at Sive, “Did you miss me Short Stuff?

Chapter 4

by Kari and Khadaji

Watching Jason as he speaks about her test results makes Sive wanted to shout, (I've never cheated on a test in my entire life you Dumb Ass Spacer!) She could feel her temper rising, but stops herself by biting her lip. He moves like a cat watching his prey until he is sitting in front of her, continuing in a different vein, his words reaching her like no one had been able to in years.

Sive listened to Jasons words with fear in her eyes, she desperately wanted to be able to trust this man, even though she had only met him a few hours ago. It had been so very long, she didn't know if she was even capable of trusting another soul by now. Her gut told her, he was safe, one of the very few people she had come across in the last five years that was trustworthy. Over that time Sive had come to trust her gut feelings, she would listen to them once again. Putting her hand over her mouth, Sive closed her eyes for a few seconds before opening them once more. This was going to be the hardest thing to do, to open up to someone, to be honest.

Locking eyes with him, Sive ran her hand up through her hair, (loosening the pin that held it in a pony tail), before closing her eyes once more and bowing her head. Her small frame trembled while he waited patiently. Finally making up her mind Sive raised her head, opened her fear laden eyes, sighed once, before whispering,

“If I do... do you promise me... you won't sell me to the highest bidder?”

Jason opened his mouth to speak, surprise clearly stamped around his eyes and mouth. After a second he closed it again, thinking hard. That kind of question had all kinds of implications, most of them complicated. It would all depend on who she was really running from, and why... he replied gently,

"My promise would mean very little to you right now, I think, you have no reason to trust me at this point. If you want to talk right now, I'll listen. I don't sell people, never have. I've turned exactly one person in for a reward, but he deserved the hanging he got for raping that girl so badly she died."

He looked at her again, searching her face and eyes.

"I doubt you've done anything nearly that bad. If you've been running from the kind that would sell you down the river to the one with the most creds... tell you what. You can tell me now if you'd like. Or you can talk with the crew. Judge the kind of people I hire on. Decide if Tainted Angel's a place you'd feel comfortable.”

"You've already met Zlanta, our engineer. She doubles as our medic, and she'd be happy enough to pass that on to you. She's doesn't like some of the scrapes and cuts we get. Donny is our navigator/comms/computer person. He keeps everything electronic working as best he can. Trish is our pursar/cargo master/broker. She's the one that talks to our clients and negotiates price and delivery time. You're welcome to talk to any of them. I'll have Zlanta show you around and introduce you to the others so I'm not influencing the conversation by looming over you.”

"So, either way."

He went to the counter and poured himself a cup of 'Coffee'. Turning around again he leaned against the counter, looking at her over the rim of his mug, the steam framing his face in wisps of white while he waited for her to speak.

Sive glanced up at Jason as she considered his words carefully, finally she spoke,

“No, I think it's best that your the only one that knows my history. That way you can judge for yourself, whether I am too great a risk to have as one of your crew.”

Sive looked at the spare tablet on the table slowly reaching for it, tapped a name into it before sliding it towards Jason.

Name; Alayna McLeod

Born; 2481 ( age; 32 )
Height; 5 ft. 2 in.
Build; slim, athletic
Eyes; grey
Hair; rich dark auburn, soft curls
Skin; pale, lots of freckles
Appearance; Very attractive in a pixie like way, usually dresses conservatively.

Medical Degree
Genetic Engineering Degree

Published Papers;
Research into altering genes in order to be able to change the outward appearance
of mammals.

Is highly regarded in her research by her colleagues.

Disappeared in 2508

Waiting for him to read the contents, finally when he he looked up at her, she started to tell her story.

“My research attracted a lot of attention, from not only the government, but big criminal types as well. I knew I was being watched.”

Pushing the chair back she got up and started to nervously pace up and down as she continued,

“I finally realized that if, “The Changeling Affect”, as I came to call my project got into the wrong hands there would be galaxy wide repercussions. I had gotten a lot further in my research then just what was in my published papers... believe me a lot further.”

Stopping for a moment, Sive reached up and toyed with the small pendent nestled in her cleavage, then resumed pacing again.

“The fact was, I had reached the stage of testing my data on more then just lab animals.”

Sive looked at Jason, hesitated then in a rush she added,

“I tested it on myself.”

As her story went on Sive became more nervous, looking at the door off and on as she continued her story, Jason sat quietly watching her closely with hooded eyes,

“I decided I had to run, disappear, I felt like the interested parties were just waiting for me to get to the next stage, meaning testing on humans. In the end I destroyed all my data, and disappeared off the grid.”

Sive didn't even look at Jason now, it was like she was reliving her story, she laughed nervously,

“That was five years and at least half a dozen aliases ago. I have been a nurse, a waitress, a chef, a exotic dancer, I even impersonated a doctor for a short time. The thing is, they are somehow tracking me, I just can't figure out how. I've only been able to keep one step ahead of them... all this time.”

Reaching for her pendent again, Sive glanced at Jason,

“That's why I was attacked eight months ago and ended up on this hell hole of a planet. I was headed for Center planets hoping I could lose myself in amongst the billions of people.”

All of a sudden her nervousness got the better of her and she cried out,

“I've to get out of here!”

She bolted out the door and kept running until she existed the ship. Because of the tears that had begun to fall, her vision was blurred, Sive was abruptly stopped when she ran into the big fat belly of Ricky. Before she could pushed herself off him, he grabbed her wrists and pulled them roughly behind her back. Slowly rubbing her small body against himself, he chuckled,

“Well well well, what have we here boys?” Coldly looking down at Sive, “Did you miss me Short Stuff? I'm gonna make you pay for what you did to me.”

He continued to rub himself using Sive's body, his three fully armed goons roared in laughter. In her struggles, the pin in her hair finally came out, letting it cascade down her back. She now looked like the frightened defeated young woman she was. Hearing the laughter, brought her head and temper up.

“Let go of me you pig!”

Rick's laughter cut off abruptly as a shotgun's rack went "click-CLACK" behind him. At the same time a triad of red dots appeared on his chest in a 1" diameter circle. Dust in the air revealed the beam of the laser sight attached to a very large rifle wielded by Zlanta, who crouched on one side of the airlock hatch. Coming down that hatch was Jason, eyes dark. He recognized two of the four men as those who'd cornered Sive (or was that Alayna).

"Now apparently we've had us a lack of communication, boys. I told these two fellows to bring you business-like, and here you are assaulting a guest of mine."

He stepped off the gangway onto the ground. Suddenly there was a pistol in his hand, pointing at Rick's head,

"Local law says everything inside the box marked out on the ground yonder counts as our territory as long as our docking fees are paid. Which they are through tonight. So tell me right now why I should allow you to keep breathing."

At Rick's sputters Jason smiled coldly,

"Don't want to hear it, boy. You missed her the first time, and now she's with us. You can either step out of the docking space we're in, or I. Will. Bury. You."

Rick and his goons appeared to think about it until Zlanta shifted the sniper rifle from his chest... to his groin. Realizing the only way to leave outside a box was to retreat Rick stepped back over the line standing with his toes just outside the markings on the ground.

"You ain't heard the last of Ricky, Short Stuff. Don't sleep too soundly." He winked. "Word's getting around that someone might be interested in meeting you."

He sauntered back into the town, goons in tow. Jason stepped over to Sive and checked her over,

"Good thing Donny let us know Rick was on his way. Didn't expect you to bolt like that. You alright, girl?" The last tried to sound gruff, but his eyes were concerned. "We've got our supplies laid in. I'd hoped to find a passenger here, but looks like we should leave if you're coming with us. Whatdya say, Sive? Or do you prefer Alayna? Coming with?"

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