Come fly with me

By gypsy

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Tags: playful, doggerel, flying carpet

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Swooping and soaring above the earth and its cares ...

Come with me, come here,
We'll fly away soon,
Give me your hand,
And a hug
Then settle on my rug

Hang on tight, tuck arms and legs in,
Are you ready to take off?
Let's go for a spin!

The altitude's no problem,
We've plenty of air,
As you will soon know
by the wind in your hair.

We'll swoop and soar
Above earth and its cares -

- Tedious, boring,
Gloomy and drear! -

Before landing quite safely
Without anyone near
To question or bother us,

With questions unkind,
Such as:

"What are you doing!"


"Have you lost your minds!?"

The answer to those
Should be plain and concise,
No minds have been lost,
If the posers fume and frown,
We don't give a toss!

So come with me, my darling
Come with me, come near,
We'll leave earth behind,
And fly away, fly away,
Fly away soon.

Many thanks to Andrew for supplying the first line of this poem, in the Poetry challenge: Use the last line first in the Forums