Did you guys remember?

By Kotobest134

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Did you guys remember?

On October 2, 2009, two years after the engagement, a beautiful girl was hit hard by a car accident, and her brain was severely damaged. Only two years old after her recovery and she can not take care of her life completely. But Chris her boyfriend never stops giving up. Chris later participated in the American Idol, in order to make more money for his girlfriend to have a better treatment. Although in the end still stop at the top 24 in the country, but This song full of love has been firmly printed in people's heart! There is a feeling that allows onlookers to move, that is selfless love! Listening to the song, you can feel how much the Chris Medina loves his fiancée. He obeys his promise that she will always be his angel, no matter what the person is. ! ! Sadly, they finally broke up. Before I know the ending, I still feel very touched when I listen to the song because their love was sincere at that time.