Save Me

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It says no one is listening to you.

SAVE ME by Christina Dill:

Verse 1: I'm a captured angel, and I'm held down by these chains, screaming in sorrow as I burn in the flames.


Save me, Save me, I feel so alone, rescue my heart as it turns to stone, rescue me, rescue me, I can't breathe, save me from this misery.

Verse 2: I am transforming, my wings are turning black, as I am morphing, the clock I wanna turn back.

(Repeat Chorus)

Verse 3:

A beautiful demon,

A sweet distaster,

A gorgeous weapon,

A lucious beast,

A hot monster.

(Repeat Chorus)

Save me don't let me burn. Save me while I'm still me, don't let me turn to the beast growing inside of me. Save me!