What The Shepherds Saw

By Puppyjo

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The child born to save the world

(To the tune of Silent Night...(tweaked a little of course))

What the Shepherds saw

Out in the fields

We were tending our sheep

When a very bright light

Interrupted our sleep

Choirs of angels were singing their song

They told us to come

We’d been waiting so long

“Christ the Saviour is here”

“Christ the Saviour is here”

We took our little bundles

And followed the star

To Bethlehem town

Which wasn’t so far

There in a barn

We found mother and child

When he looked up at us

He actually smiled

We knew the Messiah was here…

We knew the Messiah was here.

When we looked down at Him

We could hardly have known

That these little hands

God’s love would have shown

That nails would be driven

Into this soft flesh

So man in his sin

Could start up afresh

This was the salvation of God

This was the salvation of God

When we looked at His feet

So tiny and frail

Who would ever have guessed

That those women would wail

As they stood at the cross

And saw nails through these feet

A sign from above

That God would now meet

The sinner with His holy love

The sinner with His holy love

When we left there that night

We rejoiced in the light

Of the fact of God’s love

That had come from above

We had seen the salvation

Of God on the earth

We had seen the young child

That had now come to birth

To make a way back to Him

To be the way back to Him

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