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Acolyte of the Kallisti Order

"a retelling of the myth of Narcissus"

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Narcissus is a demigod; much like Achilles. But instead of his heel, it's his own image that he's never allowed to see. If he does, he'll become instantly besotted with himself and forsake all food, water, and common sense. So. One night, his nymph mother took hot coal and rubbed it on her son's eyes, making him blind, and then she sold him to the gods. Scarred and protected by his mother's love, the blind boy did not know what to do with himself. None of the gods knew what to do with him.

Aphrodite saw him as too scarred to be beautiful.

Athena saw him as too useless to be a warrior.

Persephone pitied him but did not want to cause herself to have extra work training a servant boy.

Hera was the same, and she dragged Zeus away before he got any ideas.

Hermes feeling mischief well up in his soul, took Narcissus and sped him over to the Temple of Eris. He owed her a gift for how she helped him during a poker match with Loki. Mischief gods have a habit of sticking together thicker than the fertility gods, the war gods, or even the underworld gods.

Eris opened her door and saw Hermes with a smirk on his face. "I've brought you a gift, my lady."

"Who is this?"

"M-My name is Narcissus."

Hermes shrugged. "The boy's mom blinded him so that he'd have a long life, something to do with some prophecy about seeing his own reflection. I thought he could be your acolyte. None of the gods wanted him. Saw him as useless, ugly, not worth their time."

Eris winced. Then tipped the boy's head up with one long finger. His foggy eyes searched the air, he swallowed, and his prominent Adam's apple bounced nervously. He was already preparing to be cast away. If no one wanted him. What was the point of living a long time? He wondered to himself.

"Your mom sold you to Olympus cos she wanted you to be trained as well as protected," Eris said. She then caressed the side of Narcissus' face, and he trembled. Tears fell from his cloudy eyes in a trail down his cheeks.

"You're mine now, Narcissus. I'll take care of you. And protect you. And train you to be the highest priest of my order. One of the first."

"Thank you."

"Sure. I know what it's like to be cast out or overlooked. We'll take the world by storm. You'll be greater than Merlin."



She then took a few gold coins out of her bosom and slipped them into Hermes' hand. And she kissed his knuckles once he closed his hand around the coin. "Swing by later? I got some new wine from Dionysus's Orchard, spiced it with some of my apples ... would love to share a cup with you if you're willing..."

"Oh, Eris, I wouldn't miss a date with you for the world..." Hermes purred, then gave a slight bow of his head, "I'll be here. Got some work to do. Enjoy the acolyte. I knew you'd take him. You better make all the others spin in regret that they passed him up."

"Don't I always?"

"Indeed, you never disappoint..." he replied and looked her up and down in her jade-green gown. "I need to go now before I ravish you right here and right now..."

Narcissus had wandered away, he had barely heard them flirting. He flipped through a book, wishing there was a way he could read it with his hands.

Eris giggled and lightly shoved Hermes out of her temple, and he sped away on his winged boots. She then turned her attention back to Narcissus and smiled fondly. This was gonna be fun...

Written by OpheliaTusk
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