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Mardi-Gras 1: The Telescope of Charon*

A Speculative Look at Purgatory (The Middle Ground Between Heaven Hell)

This one was an idea I have toyed with,-
And was triggered after reading a short story about the concept,
As well as Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle’s version of Dante’s Inferno,
Which kind of set the things in motion you see here as an idea come to life.

Standing here on my own in the district or quarter known as Saint Cecile, knowing that only ashes remain after one passes through those purifying fire(s) that consume all. Which is a characteristic of any and all terrestrial beings and resurrection is not always awarded to those who pray for it, As I see the great telescope which was put together nearly two centuries ago from all the mud that had been sent.Having the capability of observing all within time, space and all things on earth that all think are hidden from sight,-
And then I look and see the Great Cathedral which contains the forbidden archives where thousands of esoteric essays lie, Which have been written by the visionary penitents who either reside here in Saint Cecile or in the eternal dungeons, that lie in the quarter known as Saint Luke which all penitents try to avoid being sent to by the Inquisition.

And now finding myself heading to the establishment known as the Thousand Repentant Hearts,where the finest foods and wines from earth have been brought to be consumed even if they no longer have any taste. For it is to gladden and reawaken the heart to remember and not for the bones or the body to rediscover. No-one suspects or knows of the existence of these places here in a land made from all the tears that have been shed, Which was and has been made in a way that even the slightest notes echo allowing all life to flourish in guarded harmony, that has had links formed from this perpetually nocturnal empire to the very foundations of creation.

All has managed to continue and survive because of the obscurity that surrounds its existence as a great mystery, stretching back as far as the chaos of the beginning yet there are those who challenge all for their own salvation. As they try to escape from this place of time and space hoping to attempt to reach for that eternal light that burns brightly, which might cause love to perish if disorder is unleashed by them from an impious world lost in an endless labyrinth,-
And the path of the world where the soul lies is filled with impenetrable mysteries like those that can be found here. Proving that not all is quiet here in this land made of tears or in these great halls of the dead as all would think. As I now find myself crossing the road across the abyss and looking down on the madness, hearing them singing their praises to the hallowed as a form of praise and joy to those devoted and canonized. Still I can see there are those who think all is a joke and their pantomime and are in a waking dream that they are having,-
As I find a few facts out about this nocturnal empire I am now in and seems a part of as I reach the other side of the road. Finding that hope being one of the few things that exists here just as it did back on earth and never dying but being renewed. For without hope how can the penitents here share the same dreams the damned in Hell have of reaching Heaven? And that the great telescope had been saved from the floods Noah had built the great Ark for.

All here have been saved from the emptiness of the celestial world though all are now livid and bony. But all are alive thanks to the mercy of the Almighty and all have been given a last one last chance for penance by Him. Though the soul may be corrupted by matter all flesh has been borne away revealing what lies beneath making all equal, with all still retaining that gift we were given of free will to still be able to feel free to act upon any and all choices made,-
Yet it seems arrogance is limitless even here and will this ultimate favour and gift be despised as arrogance holds sway?, As some attempt to chart and map all and try to apply shape and contours to a place that was once unconceivable? But the true keys to leaving are in the form of redemption and resurrection with help coming from those on earth. In the form of prayers said to the Almighty and to the Trinity for all who currently reside here or in the cells of Saint Luke.

Morpheus’ sister Death has claimed all who reside here and all were given the chance of performing their penance, With those eventually allowed to leave finding the river Lethe and traveling North from this place known as Purgatory, and to never look back taking care to avoid the eight overlapping circles of tears which become circles of purification. Representing the eight capital sins that equal the eight concentric circles that make up this place in-between, as well as taking care to avoid the flames which still have their season(s) even here in Purgatory for they will still burn us.

* Charon: A son of Erebus who ferries the souls of the dead across the river Styx to Purgatory and name was first used in 1513, [(Latin from Greek (From Webster’s Universal Dictionary)].

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