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Vampire Murders Part 20

Vampire Murders Part 20

Eran gets the video evidence for the fire and the murders and makes a new friend.

It was too early for Slade and Eran to report to the squad room, but not enough time to return home. They decided to watch the news and relax after eating the meal Eran prepared. They sat at opposite ends of the giant leather couch placed in front of the very large screen TV. Slade looked over at Eran who watched the news intently.

He thought, She is quite the detective. Her instincts are well honed and she has the head to see through opaque objects and topics. Connie and I would have gotten the information but it would have taken more time. I am glad she came to work for me.

Out of the corner of her eye, Eran caught Slade looking at her. She sat up a little straighter and positioned herself so he saw her best profile. She hoped he liked what he saw. She felt that he would be an excellent man to have as a boyfriend. She wanted him to see her at her best and so far, it worked well. The cases moved forward with her able assistance.

She turned her head and caught him checking out her profile. She asked, "Is there something more you need detective?"

"Um, er no," Slade stammered. He thought, "She caught me staring at her, not very smart detective, watch yourself."

They watched the news, but nothing interested them on TV. Slade kept looking at her, as he appraised her figure as well as her mind. He wondered if she would ever date him. He pushed that thought away and changed his thoughts to focus on Connie and Leona. He thought, "Now, there are two people, who might have trouble being together. They both wanted him exclusively, but now they were vampire rivals, almost equals."

The news ended, Eran stood to go put all the dishes away and clean up anything left behind. As she walked in front of Slade, she made sure he saw her petite figure at its best. She turned on the tease factor and made sure he watched her walk by him. She felt his eyes glued to her and smiled in her mind, thinking, "I've got his attention now."

"When do you think Kevin will get us the other DVDs?" Slade asked.

"I don't know, but I will give him a couple of days and call him," replied Eran cheerfully.

Eran finished in the kitchen and walked to the table where the case materials and evidence collected today took up the whole surface. She gathered and repacked the forensics kit she brought. She gathered the evidence she bagged and tagged, put it in a file box and taped it closed. She gathered her notebook and her loose notes and put them in her briefcase. She sat down in front of her laptop computer and opened up the connection to the police homicide detectives section. She had email waiting in her inbox. As she sat there, she debated whether to check it now or wait until she got to work.

She had time now and she was curious what awaited her later. She opened her email and saw three messages. The first message was from the Fire Marshal telling her that they completed the results of the investigation and sent them to the squad room that afternoon. The second message was from the ADA who sent an updated warrant to the squad room.

The third message was most important. It was a phone message from Kevin of the Main Artery Security Staff. He had the DVDs she wanted. Would she come get them at the club on her way to the office? Her heart skipped a beat as she thought about seeing Kevin again today.

She picked up her phone and called The Main Artery Security Office. "Hello, is Kevin there?" She quietly asked.

"Eran, this is Kevin. Thank you for calling back so soon." He replied. "Are you coming over here soon?"

"I was thinking of coming to see you, but can you deliver the DVDs to the warehouse in a few minutes?" She asked. "I want you to meet the lead detective on the case."

"Give me thirty minutes and I will be off duty. I will come over there and we can spend time together and I can meet Detective Slade." Kevin cheerfully added.

"OK, bye." Eran replied happily to Kevin. She put the phone down and looked over at Slade.

"Kevin has the DVDs for us and will bring them here in thirty minutes. He wants to meet you, so you know who gave you the evidence." She told Slade.

"This is great news. You have done more today than Connie and I have in three weeks. You are amazing!" Slade praised her.

Thirty minutes later, Kevin drove his black SUV into the warehouse. As he exited his truck, Eran walked briskly to meet him. He opened the back of the SUV and pulled a box out that was rather large. He carried it over to the table where Eran had her computer set up. She opened the box and inside was six trays of DVDs for the dates around the murders. Each contained labels telling the date range and times. It looked well organized and detailed. It was many DVDs and the technician would copy them and log them in as evidence.

Eran turned to Kevin, smiled, hugged him and took his hand. She led him over to the couch and introduced Kevin to Slade. Slade stood and shook his hand.

"Why did you offer to give us these DVDs?" Slade asked.

"Mr. Gustaf came to me last night and told me I needed to find the DVDs for a list of dates he handed me. He also asked that I give you anything you may need from our records." Kevin replied.

Slade thought for a minute. "Can you stay with Eran for a while and show her one of the date ranges? It would help her get to know what to look for there. There are a lot of DVDs." He thought, I wonder why Gustaf was all of a sudden giving us these DVDs. There was something still wrong with this new level of cooperation.

"Sure, I am off duty now and can spend all the time needed with Eran. Where should we do all this?" Kevin asked.

"Why not stay here. There is food, a big screen TV, beds if you're tired and just about anything you need." Slade replied.

Eran stood idly by as she blushed a little, but desired to be alone with Kevin. "OK, I will plan to stay here for a while longer. Just remember we have a new warrant waiting and the results from the investigators from the Fire Marshal's office."

Slade nodded, "I will pick those up and leave them on your desk."

Slade walked away into the room where he slept earlier. He returned in a few minutes dressed and ready to leave for work. He went to the table and looked at what needed to return to the squad room. He picked up the sealed box of evidence and the forensics kit and loaded them into his car. He went back to Eran, thanked her for her work and left the warehouse for the squad room.

Eran was glad when Slade left. She was finally alone with Kevin again and no one would disturb them. Her mind raced and she knew what she wanted, but did Kevin want the same thing. She stood at the table, opened the box of DVDs again and took out a tray. She put it beside her laptop, made sure the big screen TV was ready, sat down and motioned Kevin to join her. He pulled up his chair, sat down and made sure he was close to her.

They fast-forwarded through a few hours of video before they came upon the arrival of the three humans and their captive young woman.

They brought her into the warehouse and she went willingly into one of the rooms with one of the humans. They were there for about thirty minutes when he came out and another went in. After thirty more minutes, the scene repeated. When the third man returned he carried her clothes and threw them in the trash. It appeared the young woman was their captive and now naked. She came out of the room and confronted the men. They looked at her and laughed. She got angry, but did nothing to get her clothes.

She went to the refrigerator, got a beer, sat with the men and watched TV. It appeared she accepted her situation and decided to give in to them. She sat with them for about two hours and started to fall asleep on one of the men. He picked her up, carried her to the room and stayed there with her. They stayed in the room all day.

When night fell, the vampires came out of their rooms and sat with the human men. About an hour later, the man who slept with the naked young woman came out of the room, followed by her. When she saw the vampires and their girlfriends, she shrieked and tried to cover her nudity. Everyone laughed at her and made fun of her situation. One of the humans got up, went over to her and danced around taunting her. She broke down and cried with the humiliation. Another man got up, went to her and hit her, but not hard enough to hurt her badly. She ran away from him, but he caught her easily.

Soon all five men taunted her. The women gave her no sympathy as well. She ran around the warehouse, as if she looked for a place to hide. The five men followed her, teased her and slowed her down. Eventually she tired, fell to her knees and crumpled to the floor. One of the men picked her up, carried her to the room and stayed with her. Thirty minutes later, he came out and another went in the room. The third one went in thirty minutes later. When he finished, the two vampires entered the room. When they came out, they brought the girl with them. She looked defeated and very unhappy.

The table where the gang ate had a plastic covering on it, where they laid the girl. She lay supine on the table with her legs together and arms by her side. The four vampires walked to the table, climbed up on it with the men on one side of her, the women on the other. The girl screamed, when she saw their fangs, but they quickly quieted her by enchanting her. Each couple took up their position at either neck or thigh. They bit into her neck and thigh at the same time and slowly drained her of all her blood.

Instead of being careful, the vampires were very messy and an amount of blood sprayed out. It took about forty-five minutes to drain the young woman completely. There was a collection pan under the table. It collected any blood that ran out of her body, as the vampires drank. After the vampires finished, a gang member poured the blood into a bottle and placed it in the back of the pickup truck. Two gang members wrapped the body in the plastic tablecloth and carried it to the back of the red pickup truck.

Eran felt a surge of excitement, when she saw the pickup truck. Now a very credible link existed between the murders and the pickup truck. She and Kevin continued to watch the DVD and witnessed a macabre party held with the five gang members and the two girlfriends. They danced, drank and partied, as if to celebrate a victory in a sporting event. The party lasted until almost sunrise. The human members of the gang piled into the truck and left the warehouse taking the young woman's corpse with them.

Eran felt satisfied that they had evidence to charge the five men and two women with kidnapping, rape and murder of the six young women. She turned to Kevin, hugged him close and kissed his cheek. Kevin blushed from the closeness and her expression of gratitude.

"Oops, I'm sorry," she stuttered. "I am so excited and grateful for these DVDs as evidence. You are amazing."

"Just doing my job," blushed Kevin as he hid his face from Eran.

Eran removed the DVD from her laptop computer, put it back into the tray and put the tray in with the box with the other trays. She closed the box and taped it with the red evidence tape to seal it. She smiled and closed down her laptop to put it away. She placed her notes in her briefcase with her laptop on top of them. Kevin stood, grabbed the box of evidence, took it to Eran's car and placed it in the back seat for her. Kevin returned to the table and stood looking at Eran. He reached down and took her hand. She rose from her chair and went into his arms and they kissed one long passionate kiss. When they separated, they were breathless and held each other tightly.

He released her from his arms and said, "This was a wonderful day and I am very happy we met. I want to see you again and spend time getting to know you."

Eran smiled at him and replied, "That would be marvelous. You can call me anytime." She handed him her card after she wrote her personal cell number for him. "Please don't wait too long to call."

Eran watched as Kevin went to his truck and left the warehouse. As the door rolled down, she noticed the sun sinking in the western sky. She thought, "This day has flown by and I have not been to work yet. I had better check in with Slade at least. Leona will be rising soon. Maybe I will stay here and bring her with me to the squad room." She put her briefcase in her car and returned to sit watching TV until Leona awoke.

She took out her cell phone and called Slade. "Hello detective Slade, I am still at the warehouse. Kevin brought the DVDs we needed to help arrest the vampire murderers. I reviewed one set with him and it clearly shows the kidnap, rape and murder of one of the young women. I am waiting now for Leona to rise. When she is ready, we will come to the squad room together." She quickly reported.

Eran rose from the couch and went to the kitchen. She put a pot of water on the stove to heat. When Leona rose, she would have a steaming cup of tea ready to share with Eran. Just as she poured the water from the kettle into the teapot, Leona emerged from her sleep chamber. She looked refreshed and ready for an evening out with her man. She walked over to the kitchen area and greeted Eran. She saw the tea server setup and smiled.

"This is just what I need to start my evening, a cup of tea. Thank you, Eran." Leona happily said.

"I stayed behind to fill you in on what we found about the arson and who did it," Eran told her.

Eran explained about the Fire Marshal's report of the arson. The fingerprints collected, matched the five gang members who committed the murders. She told of seeing them on the DVDs from the surveillance cameras. She did not tell Leona where the suspects got the truck. She also did not tell about the earlier DVDs of the actual murders committed in the warehouse.

Leona asked, "Can I have my sleep chamber cleaned out and rebuilt now? I prefer that room for my own."

Eran replied, "Let me call the Fire Marshal to ask if the scene has been released." Eran called the Fire Marshal and he told her it was all right to rebuild the room.

"It is fine to rebuild your sleep chamber." Eran told her.

"Good, I will get Gustaf to assign someone to strip it down and rebuild it tomorrow. It needed to be changed anyway." Leona said thankfully.

"What are you doing here tonight?"

"I just finished watching the DVDs and decided to wait until you woke. You do not have a car here and I thought we could get acquainted and spend some time together." Eran answered.

"I think we need to go to the hospital to check on Connie tonight. She may need my help and you will be a good assistant to help me with her training. I assume that you will be staying on working with Slade on the cases?" Leona spoke openly.

"That sounds like a good idea, but I need to drop off some evidence at the squad room before we go there. Is that alright?" Eran asked.

"That sounds wonderful. I have not seen where Slade works yet. I want to surprise him there. This will be fun." Leona giddily answered.

Eran went to the table, picked up her briefcase and walked to her car. Leona followed and sat in the car with her. She turned around and drove out the big door. She paused outside until the door closed completely and the lights inside turned down low.

About twenty minutes later, they arrived at the police station. Eran took her briefcase and the box of DVDs out of the car and led Leona into the building. They checked Leona in and went upstairs to the squad room. When they walked in, Slade jumped up from his desk and went to meet the two women. He was so happy to see them together.

"What are you doing here?" He asked Leona.

"I am here with Eran to drop off the box of evidence, before we go to the hospital to check on Connie. I hoped to start some of her training tonight." Leona told him.

"That sounds wonderful. We got some good news today about her job. The department looked for a good liaison person and thought she was ideal. She has police experience, known here and is now becoming a vampire. She is the perfect candidate." Slade expounded. "It means a promotion and a raise in pay for her too."

Eran gave the DVDs to the technician and asked for four copies of each DVD. He looked in the box and grumbled, but told her OK. She handed him the other DVDs from her briefcase of the arson suspects. She walked back to Slade, gave him all the paperwork and sat at her desk.

The updated warrant was there, as well as the Fire Marshal's report. She made copies of them, filed the originals with the evidence and filed the copies away too. With all that done, she was ready to go visit Connie. She went over to Slade and stood patiently, while Slade told Leona about what happened in the squad room. Slade looked up at Eran and smiled. He was happy to have Leona there tonight.

"It is time to go visit Connie, Leona." Eran said.

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