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Daddy's Little Princess

Daddy's Little Princess

She was just a girl in the wrong place at the wrong time

Special thanks to AlwaysEnigmatic and DenimAngel for inspirational help!

Never in my life did I imagine that I would get caught up in a crime, let alone a robbery. kidnapping and now, possibly murder. How the fuck did this happen! Why me? I'm not rich, I don't work for a bank. I'm just a girl who was in the wrong place at the wrong time!

I needed to go to the bank to finish my application for a small business loan. I did all I could online, but they said I now needed to come into the bank and meet with a loan officer and sign the paperwork. I was finally living my dream, starting my own flower and balloon delivery business, just needing to go to the bank to open an account and be an entrepreneur. I like to see people receive joy - to be happy! I mean who doesn't like to get flowers or balloons delivered to them at work? Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary, or I love you! Who doesn't love that?

So when I got to the bank and walked in the front door, suddenly, a man in a Halloween mask came in behind me. He was wearing gloves and had a gun in his hand. At least I'm pretty sure it was a gun. He put it against my back and then handed me a paper and in a quiet rough voice told me to read it out loud. It said: This is a robbery! This man has a gun and he will shoot me if you don't put all the cash in his bag!

I was so scared! So shocked, I did what he said. I just kept reading the paper out loud. He told me to say it louder, so I did. I was practically screaming it. He pushed me to the tellers. In his left hand, he had a big canvas bag that was open and the gun was in his right hand and I could feel it hard against my back. He stayed behind me and just kind of pushed me forward. I was so scared, I just moved where he wanted me to. At the first teller, she started handing the money towards me and I heard his gruff voice say to drop the paper and take the money and put it in his bag. And I did! Just like that, I started filling his bag with money as we went from teller to teller. After the last teller he pushed me toward the same door we came into the bank.  We left, just walked out!  All in probably less than ten minutes! As we came out - an old minivan pulled up. He pushed me up against it and told me to open the side door. and I did! He pushed me inside down on the floor between the seats and then closed the door of the van as it pulled away from the bank.

He then laid on top of me on the floor and told me in that same gruff voice to keep my head down and not move. I don't know how long we were in the van. It did not seem like a long time, maybe fifteen minutes. Then the van stopped and then the side door opened again. The man was still on top of me. Another person got in the van and reached over my head and wrapped a scarf over my eyes tying it behind my head. Then I couldn't help it, I started to scream! As I did, the same person shoved another scarf in my mouth and tied it tightly behind my head gagging me. The man got off me and pulled my hands behind me and zip tied them together. I then felt myself pulled from the van and into the back seat of another car. I was shoved in on the floor face down. Then my feet were zip-tied together and pulled up toward my hands behind me. I then felt more zip ties connecting my feet to my hands. I was hogtied! I felt so helpless! I tried to scream but the gag was tight and it just came out muffled. A blanket was thrown over top of me and I heard the door close and the car take off. This time I was in the car for a much longer time, at least an hour.

Finally, the car stopped. I thought I could hear a garage door open and then close. I heard the car door open again and the blanket lifted off me. The zip ties on my feet were cut off and I was pulled out of the car. With a person on each side of me holding my arms, I was walked inside some place and then sat in a chair. Then zip ties secured my feet to the legs of the chair.

Left in a chair bound and gagged, now an accomplice to a bank robbery!

What I have not told you, is although I may look like a delicate flower at five foot four inches tall and 120 pounds, I am my Daddy's daughter. Just because I want to deliver flowers and balloons and make people happy doesn't mean these bank robbers are going to get away with using me to rob a bank. Oh, Fuck no!

They left me tied to a chair that's true. What was still working very well for me were my ears. I could hear everything around me. What I heard was feet leave the room and a door shut. I listened longer. Then I decided to scream through my gag again, to try to get someone to respond to me - in case they were there in the room with me. Nothing. It was just me, alone.

The zip ties were around my wrists, but I had bent my hands apart when they were put on me, and in their hurry, they did not check to see how tight they were. I have skinny wrists, but strong as I do yoga and can hold myself up in a crow pose forever. Knowing I was alone, with a little discomfort, I got free of the zip ties around my wrists. I then ripped off my blindfold and searched the room with my eyes. Yep, I was alone! Next, I removed the gag. My feet were still zip-tied to the chair legs but I could stand up now and I simply pulled the chair legs up. I mean it hurt, but I just pulled the chair up and the zip ties slipped from the chair legs and I was free!

I knew they could still be near, maybe in the next room, I was not sure. I rushed around the room to see what would be the safest way out. I was on the ground floor and there was a window with curtains pulled down. I carefully pulled a side of the curtain and looked out the window. I was in a house in some neighborhood. This was my chance! Now or never I thought!

I carefully and as quiet as I could undid the latches on the window and headfirst - out I went. Not the most graceful landing, but I was out!  I then pushed the window closed again and then ran as fast as I could away from the house. I did not go for the nearest house, I went two blocks at full speed!

I then took a right and went one more block running as fast as I could, my adrenaline kicking in. I then scanned for a house where someone was home. Although my day started out shitty, I was in luck! There - two more houses down - was a woman in her front yard planting flowers! I raced up to her and tried to calm myself the best I could and told her I had been kidnapped and had escaped. I needed to come inside her house and call the police. She was probably in her 60's but this was a good woman. She immediately got up and opened her front door and then locked it behind us. She pointed me to her phone and I dialed 9-1-1 with a full face of satisfaction. I was going to live through this!

I immediately explained to the operator that I had been kidnapped and had escaped and needed the police. The nice woman and owner of the house were telling me her address over and over again so I could tell the operator. I then realized that maybe the police should come without sirens - so they could then go arrest the bank robbers a few blocks away. And that's what happened. The police got there and put me in the back of the police car and had me point out where the house was that I had escaped from. They drove right on by it with the police car I was in but the other police cars behind us surrounded the house and the last I saw was police running toward it. They took me to the police station. Before we got there, I heard over the radio that the police had two persons in custody.

I was safe! I had survived! I was a hero!

Now, you may be wondering why at the beginning of this story - why I thought I may be involved in a murder. Well, that's because of my Daddy. He was none too pleased with those bank robbers. I'm doing all I can to calm him down. He was a soldier, special forces, and I'm his little princess. Like I told you, I like to make people happy, not have them killed if I can help it.

I do have a happy ending though. The local news station interviewed me and when people found out that I went to the bank to get a loan for a flower and balloon small business start-up, the community rallied around me and donated the loan amount!

I am now the proud owner of my own business! Daddy's Little Princess Deliveries!

Yeah, it also calmed my Daddy down and I think he will probably not kill those bank robbers who are going to prison for life. Don't mess with Daddy's little princess, she just wants to make people happy.


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