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A Starry Eyed Wedding

A Starry Eyed Wedding

The sun was setting, with orange-gold hues reflecting off the bay, a romantic backdrop of scenery, clearly seen through the glass wall that spanned the back of the house. The glow illuminated the spacious room with a high-rise ceiling where light blue sheer lace curtains flowed down from the rafters offsetting the light from the sun. Two to three rows of chairs lined the edge of the room, vines of ivy and flowers skirted and lined each chair. In the center of the room stood a single pillar with five candles representing each element, a wine goblet and a velvet pillow where two rings and six cords laid waiting. One red cord for strength and passion, one blue cord for tranquility and security, one turquoise cord for healing and protection, one purple cord for spirituality and ambition, one black cord for formality and wisdom, and one white cord for focus and purity.

Soon the guests would arrive and take their seats. The sun sank lower just appearing into view in the room. The groom waited in the back room for someone to summon him so the procession could start. The bride was in the lone room that was on the second floor. Her six bridesmaids hustled to finish every last minute detail to make everything perfect to the distress of the helpless bride, as they all worked on her like buzzing bees.

Now all the guests are here and seated, their curiosity piqued by the sight of the altar being slightly different from what they were used too. Some huffed, clearly annoyed that it wasn't a traditional wedding in their ideas, but not everyone wants a stereotypical church wedding. Their attention was drawn when the sun finally set over the trees on the far side of the bay, and the sky darkened to a deep red and purple. The room was dark until a light appeared at the end of the hallway.

One lone woman in a black and purple robe crossed into the room holding a white taper candle. She was steady and took each step with meaning and determination entrancing the witnesses with the lone flickering flame. She stopped at the altar and lit each candle with hers. She then stepped around the altar and placed the candle on the floor. She finally stood at the altar and began the preamble of the ritual.

Hearing the priestess speak, the groom lit two more taper candles one for him and the other for his best man and they proceeded out to the main room. They both paused at the edge of an invisible circle and waited for the priestess to invite them in. Both men then circled each side of the priestess to place their candles at equal lengths away from her candle on the ground. The best man then sat down within the circle closest to the groom who joined the priestess on her left.

The six bridesmaids entered the room, each one holding candles of their own. They stood in a line on the balcony overlooking the room. They proceeded down the stairs, each one wearing Victorian outfits unique to their sense of style. They all paused at the invisible circle and waited for the priestess to invite them into it. They formed two lines and peered up at the balcony.

Everyone's attention was drawn to one lone flame above them where the bride stood on the balcony. She looked simply divine in her white gown with black lace and long train. Her veil flowed over her shoulders as she looked on the crowd. The candle illuminated her face as ivy and flowers intertwined in her hair and cascaded down with a matching bouquet in her free hand. She stepped down to the main level waiting where her bridesmaids stood beaming at her. Her face flushed at the stares but her sight fully enraptured by her groom. The priestess invited the blushing bride into the circle where the girls then placed each candle at equal lengths away from each other now illuminating the invisible circle they were invited into. The bridesmaids sat down with the best man forming a semicircle around the couple. The couple then linked their hands and held them up over the altar

The priestess began the vows. There were six in total, and after each vow, one of the bridesmaids stood and placed one of the cords upon the wrists of the couple before sitting back down. Once all the cords were on their wrists, the priestess finished the vows by tying the cords into knots and then slipped each cord off and placed them on the altar. The best man stood and picked up the wine goblet. He offered it to each as they both took a drink before taking the cords and lighting each one on fire and placing them into the goblet. After which, he sat back down, and the bride and groom picked up the rings to recite one last vow.

They placed the rings on the designated finger and with a kiss that felt like it could last forever, the pact was sealed, and they had forever bound their souls.
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