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Another Time Traveling Story (Chapter 2 Part 1)

Another Time Traveling Story (Chapter 2 Part 1)

If a 7-11 is open twenty four hours a day seven days a week, then why are there locks on the doors? If man evolved from apes why are there still apes? #2 pencils are so popular, why are they still #2? If peanut butter cookies are made out of peanut butter and chocolate chips cookies have chocolate chips in them, then what are girl scout cookies made of? If humans have nightmares what do horses have? And why is my comforter so darn soft and velvety?

I felt around, enveloped in a feeling of warm cotton. My bed never felt like this, was I still dreaming? I didn't want to open my eyes, laying upon this cloud of heavenly softness made me never want to get it up, just the thought of the action shattered me. A chill ran through my body.

“Girl, what are you doing in the Pharaoh's bed!?” said a booming voice. It was a woman’s yell, a deep but yet sultry call.

I shivered under the covers not from being cold, but but from straight fear. She sounded angry.

“Must I repeat myself, Girl?”

I poked an eye out from under the cover. My sight was overtaken by scenery of shining gold. The room I lay in was five times that of my room and held hieroglyphics across all four walls, though my view was obscured by the round woman in front of me. She was a chocolate color, very beautiful with long flowing black hair. “Get out of the Pharaohs bed! Up! Up!” she said shooing me out of the bed with her chunky fingers. She quickly straightened the bed, till every corner was tucked in perfectly. The were white sheets, just like the cloud from heaven they had come from. Okay, I think I’m getting carried away. After she finished she turned to me. “Who are you?”

“I looked around still gasping in the amazement that surrounded me. There was a large glass tank on one side of the room filled with very peculiar looking fish, and trees grew from the gold tiled floor, like the naturally stood there in the first place. “You’re not deaf are you Girl?”

I pointed at myself. “Me? No, of course not.”

“So you can speak?” she looked at me closely in a suspicious manner. “What strange clothes you wear.” I looked down to see what she was gawking at. It was my uniform. What was so strange about my uniform? I glanced over her outfit, she wore a burgundy colored dress that swung around her shoulder. It was long and flowed as she walked. She reached down to touch my skirt. Large golden cuff like bracelets clattered together as she rubbed the fabric between her fingers. “What is this fabric?” she asked. “I have never felt anything like this before.”

“It’s polyester.”


“May I ask who you are?”

She stepped back and gave me the most pompous face I had ever seen. “Hmpt, you are a guest in the home of the Pharaoh and you want to know my name? What is your name Girl?”

“One it’s not ‘Girl’ and two it’s Hilary.”

“Hilary, what a strange name.”

“You’re not to normal yourself lady.”

“My name is Ama, not lady!”

“Okay, then Ama, where am I?”

“Have you not been listening Gir---” I glared at her. “Hilary. You are in the pharaoh's castle.”


“So you are special?”

“I am not special!”

“Most normal beings know what a castle is.”

“I know what a castle is! I meant why am I here?”

“That’s the question I should be asking you.”

“King Tutankhamun is on his way Ama.” A man wearing what looked to me like a towel around his waist said. “He’s had a long day and is in a bad mood.”

“That poor child, so much responsibility for someone his age,” Ama responded.

“King Tutankhamun? Do you mean King Tut?”

“Who in the heavens is King tut. Our ruler is King Tutankhamun.”

Immediately as if on cue a small boy no older than nine entered the room. He was rubbing his head in what looked like stress. What problems could a boy his age being going through other than what will be in his lunch box? He wore a large Crown like thing upon his head. It was vertically striped and gold like many of the things in this castle that I’ve seen so far. I reminded me of a golden mushroom. He also wore a towel around his waist but it was far more extravagant than the guys before with gold accents, which only matched with his cuff like bracelets and necklace. Wow this boy must have been born into money. He removed the crown like thing and set it on the bed.

“Ama, fetch me some water and opium.”

“Yes, Pharaoh.”

Wait, did she just say Pharaoh? This boy was the pharaoh? King Tut? He had to be no more than nine years old!


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