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Cricket Lone Wolf Part 10

Cricket Lone Wolf Part 10

Naomi gets introduced to the school and Marcia's new friends.

Hans drove up from the village. Marcia sat quietly, as she watched Naomi look at the school. Naomi's eyes widened, as they approached the castle gates. Hans stopped the limousine in front of the school. Gustaf, the headmaster, walked down the stairs and greeted Naomi. He escorted her into the castle.

"Hans, will you take Naomi's bags to her room? Marcia, will you join Naomi and me in my office, please?" The Headmaster continued with Naomi in tow into his office. He invited Marcia to sit by the window. Naomi sat in front of his desk, timidly looking from him to the floor and back.

Marcia looked at how Naomi sat with the headmaster. It reminded her of the old Naomi, but only for a second. When the headmaster sat, Naomi's attitude changed. She became hard and cold again. She sat straight and listened intently. She looked at Marcia with a chilling stare, then back to the headmaster.

The headmaster cleared his throat, "Welcome to the Bard School. We are happy to have you with us. Every new student at the school has a mentor or guide assigned for the first two weeks. Marcia will be your mentor. She will guide you through your days here until you feel comfortable. She can answer any questions you may have." He delivered this speech so often it was boring.

He pointed to a pile of books on his desk and continued talking. "These are the student handbooks. You will have them with you throughout your stay. Every student has a copy. They provide the rules and guidelines for student behavior while you are here. They also detail the courses you will study."

Marcia asked, "Will she work with me on the extra courses too?"

The headmaster paused in thought, "I do not see any reason she can't join you in those pursuits. You will have to tell her about them and fill her in on what we have done so far."

"Can Hans prepare notes for these additional courses?" Marcia intoned.

"Sure, we are building this course as we go. The notes will be rough and the two of you can make them better." He replied. "I think that is all. Marcia will escort you to your room and you can settle and unpack."

The headmaster stood, opened the door and ushered the girls out. As the door closed quietly behind them, Marcia moved down the hall and around the corner. Naomi sullenly followed carrying her handbook package. She dreaded spending the days with Marcia in the same room. Ever the optimist, Naomi mentally vowed to make the best of it, to her benefit.

Marcia unlocked the door and waited for Naomi to enter. Naomi looked around the room and liked what she saw. The room layout separated the girls and provided a modicum of privacy. In her mind Naomi thought, "This will do. I can be in my own little corner of this world." She dropped the pile of handbooks on her desk.

"What is our day like? How is the food? Do we have any free time during the day? Can we wander around the school inside and out?" Naomi wanted to know.

Marcia lay on her bed with her hands tucked under her head. Not to be pain, Marcia coldly replied, "Open the thick handbook to page 5. That lays out your daily schedule. The handbook has almost everything in it to get along here. If it doesn't help, just ask."

Naomi accepted the answer, but did not like how Marcia spoke. She turned to her bed and opened her luggage. She took all her skirts out and hung them in her closet. She filled the bureau with her t-shirts, socks and underwear. The dress shirts hung in the closet next to the skirts, her shoes lined up on the floor at the back of the closet. Coats and a sweater hung on the closet door.

As Marcia watched Naomi unpack, she thought of a question for the headmaster. She wanted to know if Naomi would eat dinner with them from now on. That was a question to ask when next they met. She continued her thoughts, "It won't be so bad. Naomi was her friend and shared the same advanced courses."

Naomi sat at her desk, as she read the school handbook. She read quickly and tossed the handbook aside. She picked up the smaller handbook. She read the table of contents and a smirk appeared. She thought, "Now this is more like it. Forgery, assassination and bomb making, I can go for this."

"What are the other courses I will take? I like these courses. What could be better?"

Marcia rolled on her side to look at Naomi. "The additional courses are infiltration, subterfuge and espionage. We are the only students taught these courses. We will be pioneering in these classes, which may become part of the regular course of study. I look at it as bonus classes."

Naomi had a quirky smile. She put down the book and tidied her desk. She stood up, grabbed a big shirt and went into the bathroom, where she changed. She emerged from the bathroom carrying her clothes, ready for bed. She crawled up on her bed and sat cross-legged looking out the window.

Marcia followed Naomi's example and got ready for bed. She turned out the lights, which allowed the moon and stars to shine in the window. She heard a low whistle from Naomi. She knew Naomi appreciated the view of the heavens.

Naomi looked at Marcia out of the corner of her eye but looked back into the vast starry night. She closed her eyes and imagined her with Marcia under the stars, when they were younger. It brought a very small smile to her face. It brought back so many memories. There were so many great ones, but Naomi bemoaned her situation and frowned, when she remembered the bad. A loud sigh of disappointment came from her.

Naomi crawled under the covers. She wanted to say more, but felt lonely laying there. Even with Marcia next to her, it was not the same. A heavy feeling of abandonment descended on her. She still felt Marcia gave up on their friendship. She continued to watch the moon and stars, waiting for sleep to come.

Marcia rolled over and lay listening to the night. Soon, Naomi made sleeping sounds, finally crashing from the trip.

When the early morning sun poured through the window, Marcia woke quietly. She looked at the sleeping form of Naomi in the next bed. She rose from her bed and gathered her clothes for the day. When she emerged from the bathroom fully dressed, Naomi greeted her, "Morning Marcia. Is it time for breakfast?"

"Yes it is, sleepyhead. Get going and we can eat with two of my friends." Marcia tried cheerfully to say.

Naomi quickly dressed and walked with Marcia to the dining room. Daria and Polina sat at the usual table. They watched intently as Naomi and Marcia entered. Daria felt suspicious of Naomi. She felt there was something off about her. Polina smiled and politely greeted Naomi. Naomi ignored Daria's cold greeting.

During breakfast, Polina asked many questions of Naomi. Polina decided that Naomi was a bit quirky, but ok. Naomi and Polina chatted together throughout breakfast. A solid friendship developed between them.

Daria kept quiet. She eyed Naomi carefully as she assessed this new young woman. Daria held her judgments in reserve. She wanted to wait until she was sure. She saw that Naomi ignored her and she did not like that. She was used to being the center of attraction.

Marcia asked, "We have the day off. What shall we do?"

Daria piped up jealously, "Does that mean you have nothing special to do with Hans or the headmaster?"

"I am free all day, nothing special going today." Marcia cheerfully said.

Naomi spoke, "Have any of you explored the keep inside the walls of the castle? That is something I would like to do."

Polina agreed with Naomi, "Me too."

Daria made an 'I don't want to do that' face, as she glowered at Naomi. Marcia saw it and quickly agreed with the other girls. They would explore the keep for the day. They left breakfast agreeing to meet in the waiting area in an hour.

The girls gathered in the waiting area. Daria still complained about exploring the grounds inside the keep. Naomi glowered at Daria who lagged behind. She was implacable, but she tried to keep up with the group. They went down a long flight of stairs that ended in the main courtyard.

The courtyard had a wide crushed stone covered edge. Cars and carriages used that to get to the main stairs of the castle. In the center of the courtyard was a fountain that served to water horses for any carriages parked. The rest of the area had a well-kept lawn with carefully trimmed trees place randomly.

When Marcia turned around to look at the stairs, she saw the main school building with it parapets poking into the sky. To her right was the main dormitory for all the students. It consisted of four floors of rooms for all the students. At the base was the dining room and major auditorium. Marcia's room was forward of the dormitory in a square parapet on the cliff-side wall.

To Marcia's left were more classrooms and administrative offices. It was a smaller building in size, but just as tall as the dormitory. There appeared to be a stable behind the administrative building. Marcia turned back around and faced toward the front of the castle.

She looked at a newer constructed portion of the castle. It was made of red brick. In the middle of this section was a large archway. The girls walked toward the arch. The arch was thick which allowed for doors in the walls of the arches. When they got to the archway, they discovered there were huge doors built into the arch sides. One set of doors was open. The girls looked in to see a fleet of vehicles for school use. Marcia noticed Hans working with a large refrigerated panel truck. He cleaned it well on the outside.

The girls walked across the courtyard to a spot to the left of the school but to the right of the administrative offices. There was a lane wide enough for two vehicles to pass through. Marcia saw an old stable in back. It held a few horses for students who rode and wanted to exercise. Marcia thought she might like to try riding.

Marcia turned to look at the three girls who lagged behind. As she moved toward them, she saw a quick movement of the headmaster. He entered what appeared to be a small chapel. She watched as he deftly opened the chapel doors. His presence made Marcia extremely curious.

She saw the front of the door as it opened. A sign posted on the door look menacing. It was shield like in design. In a raised marker was a skull and crossed bones. Words written under the Skull were 'Eintritt Verboten!' In German the words clearly said 'Entrance forbidden!' These foreboding words made Marcia extremely curious. She had to see what was inside.

Marcia moved toward the building, but the girls caught up and dragged her toward the stable. They entered the stable where about ten horses stood. A young man about the same age as the girls brushed one of the horses. He looked up startled, as the girls came toward him. His surprise turned to happiness, upon seeing the girls. He waved to them, as they entered.

Daria rushed to him and hugged him. They started talking, but his eyes only focused on Naomi. Daria noticed his eyes and followed his stare to Naomi. The girls approached the young man. He took off his gloves and introduced himself to each of the girls.

"You have a beautiful horse," Marcia said. She thought, "You are handsome too."

Polina grabbed his hand and pulled him near his horse. "How often do you ride this beautiful beast?"

"Not as often as I wish. At home, I rode every day. Here I catch a ride whenever I can."

Daria watched Stefan move easily among the girls. Her heart fell when he came to Naomi. She noticed Stefan's smile broaden and he stood a little taller. She did not like that.

When he came to Naomi, he paused and held her hand for a long time. Naomi smiled, but feigned any interest in him. He spoke to Naomi in perfect English, "Hello, I am Stefan. I heard you were here. I am very glad to meet you. This school is fun. The extra classes make it a great school."

The girls looked at his horse, as he tried to get closer to Naomi. The young man's name was Stefan. He knew Daria because they secretly spent time together in the school. He liked Daria, but the school forbade any dating between students. He followed that rule to the letter. Daria did not understand his intentions and thought he was her boyfriend.

"Would you like to see my horse?" He asked of Naomi. He grabbed her hand and pulled her forward.

Naomi resisted his pull, "I have seen horses before."

"I would like to take you riding," he persisted.

"I'll go riding with you," Daria blurted. Stefan frowned.

Naomi quickly lost interest in Stefan and his horse. It was clear she had no interest in going any further than this quick meeting.

Daria did not see that. She saw Stefan's interest in Naomi and that was all she needed. Naomi became an instant enemy. Daria held on to Stefan as the girls left the stable. She kissed him goodbye and left.

They walked toward the small chapel, but when Polina saw the sign, she told the others to stay away. They could not go into the building because it said 'Entrance Forbidden'. The girls shrugged and turned back to the courtyard area. There was nothing left to explore inside the walls. The girls returned to the waiting area in time for lunch.

Marcia and Naomi went to their room to clean up from their adventure. Marcia's curiosity bubbled over with a need to see what was in that chapel. In her head, she vowed to see what was in there.

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