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Awarding Reward

I am in shock

My daughter is in 2nd grade. Last week I received a note in a sealed envelope from her teacher. Extremely confidential. It read something like..."Your child has achieved a major accomplishment in which an award will be received at Tuesday's award ceremony...

Wasted Space

The truth doesn't always set you free

Have you ever lost your mind? Lost track of time or forgotten your name? Have you ever looked in the mirror in shame? Have you ever folded and still won the game? Does anything look the same?Have you ever made promises you are happy to have kept, even tho...

Big Faker

Faking isn't nice

You don't know meAlthough you say you doYou will never understandThe things that I go throughYou don't hear meBut yet you still pretendOffering up false empathyYou pretend, just to pretendYou talk about meLike I'm not even hereThen wonder why I am angryPl...

stress lists

The timer is about to go off

I have been challenged to write out 2 lists of things to do in 30 minutes. Two lists? Yes. I have so much shit to do, I don’t know where to start. So, I have accepted the challenge and have 19 minutes left. I quickly wrote a list of things to do around th...

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Tender Tendons

I got a deep tissue massage today.

"Where does it hurt?"I haven't had a massage in over a year. Everything hurts. That's what I am thinking laying naked, covered with a sheet, face up, on the massage table. She is massaging my head. I have no answer. "Any particular area that has been both...

Just Wondering

Thinking again

I wonder if everyone feels all alone sometimes.I wonder if I'd done less drugs, would my mind be clearer? Would I have more answers and less questions?I wonder if I've completely accepted my past enough so to leave it behind.I wonder what that tarot card...

I Rate

A short grrrrr list

What you are looking at, is a message stating the little rant I have written here has foul language, not suited for anyone under 18. It is also not suited for anyone who finds explicit lyrics offending. I just wanted to give everyone fair warning......tha...

Sugar Sweet

Sweetly Singing

I wonder if you see me as you walk on by. Is there anything about me that seems to catch your eye? Or your ears, can you hear my tears? I have gone so many years, living with the same fears, I wish you were near. I wish you could see me really. But you ar...