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"When did I grow old, did it happen in one day?" One moment my hair was chestnut brown, now it's turning gray. "When did I grow old, did it suddenly creep, when I was in my bed, as I was sound asleep?" "When did I grow old, did it happen this very hour, o...

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(6/1/13) We are all getting old it doesn’t Matter what you’ve been told You go from your childhood to your teen years But you’re young and you have no fears. Now that the teen years have come and gone And to your teen years, you’re trying hold on. What wi...

all alone

letting time slip away

(4/18/13 I sit at home with nothing to do, I ‘m all alone and feeling blue Where did the time go? That it went so fast! I was looking at the future and now it’s my past. I chose to ignore love because I felt I had time. Why oh why? Was I so blind! Now I’m...

(4/2/13) The sun is out and the wind is blowing my way I’m here in the park with my grandson today There are some kids with which he found to play But it was for a short time, for their mothers took them away. So with him I played a game or two of tag, fo...

Rode Hard Put Away Wet

Who the hell's that old guy lookin` at.

Jumpin' out of the shower,lookin' in the mirror I seeswhiskers not dark brown, wild hairs grow'n ears, brows n' nose.Skin not so tight neither, face withered up like a punkin that's seen to much sun and cold.Chest's not up where it ott to be, come to thin...

From Morning Songs: Getting Older

reflecting on getting older

  I’m getting older because I haven’t died and wiser because I seldom worry or shake my head at foolishness. I walk much slower now because my legs are stiff and know it makes no sense to hurry. Getting older like the trees I share this land with and the...

Do Not Regard Me By My Age

request for erasing the barriers of age and gender

Do not regard me by my age I am the sum of my experiences not my years I had to evolve beyond the trappings Through years of striving to be genuine To shake off the shackles of her pomposity I sought friends who would teach me to Open my mind to the new L...

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