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redwriter 16 hours ago

Finding The Lady

Young man is enchanted when he meets an attractive young lady.

When Harry met Sally, he thought, ‘Somebody up there likes me.’ Totally bewitched at finding her among the bridesmaids at her best friend’s wedding, while he was best man. Laura, his favoured pretty woman, went, but he managed only a brief encounter w...

"Assuaging a mea culpa a fortnight before the gibbons end my last rodeo."The dark art of my analysis is all BS unless London Bridge is falling. E-I-E-I-O." With conversations, with my friend Mad Hatter. It dawned on me that Alice wasn't coming back...

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redwriter 3 days ago

Out Of The Lake

Young farm girl (17) finds involvement with mysterious entity y

October 27th, 1814, and the wind blowing over the clouded northern moors had winter on its breath and darkness in its heart. Rustling over the heather, hissing through the bracken before moaning down the slopes of the natural bowl which couched the sti...

So, this is where you find me, standing on this street corner. It’s one o’clock now and it’s pretty quiet. It’s a Tuesday morning after all. You can hear cars in the distance and the occasional cat meow. Sometimes there are raised voices, a car raci...

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Gone are the paper mâché shadows that hung by my window. Now dust motes in heavy coats of memories. So long time ago in my sleep. Where dreams are made, sewn with bows. And my old stuffed socks with buttons became my best friends. Now the circle has cl...

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Verity 4 days ago

At the Pictures

It's all in the story.

I really do enjoy going to the cinema, don’t you? I really love the giant screen and the sound of music through all those big speakers. I love it when they play loud; I always listen to loud music when I’m home alone. My local picture house is quite ol...

JamesPBear 4 days ago

Looking at Clouds from Both Sides

Girl finds peace among the Clouds

When Girl woke, she stretched and was pleased to find that she didn’t hurt as much as she had earlier. She lay in bed, and smiled at the ceiling, enjoying the feeling of just being lazy. It was a feeling she had not had very often in her life. She w...

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Tams 6 days ago


Everyone has felt it, most are just too scared to admit to it.

“I really despise this couch. Everything about it. You need to get a new one, or I’ll stop coming to these little chats.” “Focus, Daniella,” the therapist’s voice is low and colorless, like a forced kind of calming. “You were going to tell me about...

"Day today, with the darkness choking and soaking the sheets. Slitting the throat of the dark with indelible squid coating the tongue. Hats off to the moonlight living in the darkness of my mind with a sluice from the inkwell's cul-de-sac."

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AnnaMayZing 1 week ago

A Matter of Time

"This mess is down to me. I caused that accident, and if we don't sort it out, and quickly, we are both in big trouble!”

“Hi, Mum!” “Jeannie! How lovely to hear from you. Where are you?” “I am on the motorway. I'm finally coming down to see you at last! I hope it's alright at such short notice.” Jeannie Powell had not seen her mother for nearly two years...

The psychologist was pumping me up for a series of tests. To see if I could compose without goggles at night and losing my bearings. "How do you propose I solo with my pen if my muse is in between Knoxville and shock therapy?" My forty-five minutes...

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