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The little apple lady gave me a wink as I entered the establishment. To my friend Sherlock Holmes, I was a bit eccentric. We had recently dined together at The Whitechapel Business Man's Club. He was a private detective hooked on crime and I was an...

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BillySoho 1 week ago


The past is gone and forgotten. Isn't it?

Life. It catches us all out eventually. It's strange how it happens. But it does. You think you’re settled, have worked out what it's all about when suddenly it comes along and takes you and shakes you up. “You’re not so certain now,” it says...

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I was so lonely after losing my husband. I suppose that’s to be expected. The house seemed so big and empty. My daughter suggested I should find someone new. I resisted of course, it just didn’t seem right. And then, at a friend's party, I was introduced...

Everything was as before with the sounds of the house. There was the same smell of wood and pine. There was chatter behind the walls. As an amateur writer of child fiction, I returned home. My soul was in limbo, but I heard the angels. But some...

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yurigagarin 2 weeks ago

Duplicity At The Annual Church Fete

The innocence of a child let the cat out of the bag !

Wandering around at the annual church fete, I spotted a bubbly Girl Scout standing beside a table covered in plates of delicious looking cookies. “Please buy some cookies from me!” she begged. “It’s for the charity appeal.” “How much are th...

redwriter 1 week ago

Twice Upon A Time

Ageing man seeks memories of his youth

A bright, warm May afternoon, and 79-year-old Jack Turnby stood on his drive viewing his 2002 Toyota, contemplating whether he might outlive this scarred vehicle. Purchasing a newer model had much appeal. His imminent rebellion against the so-called ‘...

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AnnaMayZing 2 weeks ago

The Long Road Home. Chapter 36

Lotte sighed and looked thoroughly miserable. "No, I didn't grow up in Berlin."

Zwickau, February 19th 1945 When Maria opened her eyes again, the room was in total darkness. The only light emanated from a thin gap under the door. From the other side, she became aware of the sounds of someone moving about. Beside her, K...

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The_Count 1 week ago

Three Seperate Tales of The Paranormal

These stories are all true.

#1. It was the year I was doing a show in Omaha, Nebraska that I met Sandy, a self-proclaimed white witch. I had been fascinated by the dark arts for some time and began to read and dabble in them attempting to expand on my sometimes ESP experiences. I...

sweetsinner 2 weeks ago

I Asked Them Not To Touch Me

“There are wounds that never show on the body that are deeper and more hurtful than anything that bleeds.” ~ Laurell K. Hamilton

My midwife first came to meand I asked for her, not to touch me.For I had recently been examined on admissionand I was progressing as would be expected,for someone whose rhythms had been disruptedby the discomfort of driving to the...

Lilly 2 weeks ago


Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them humanity cannot survive. Dalai Lama

If we don’t listen to our hearts, How can we find where we belong If we don’t love one another then the world can seem so wrong Forget the attacks and deadly wars Forget the hate and the insanity We are all somehow connected

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In her fingertips to build a nest in a tree to rest hung the moon a carol ring rung tinged with blue of speckled eggs

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yurigagarin 2 weeks ago

The Gift

A beautiful lady deserves the very best!

Entering the jewellers he pointed at a bracelet. "I'll take that one please." The assistant boxed the bracelet and gift wrapped it. "That's an expensive gift, special occasion?" "It's a birthday gift. Only the best for my special lady." ...