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13 hours ago

Fuel Season 3: Episode 14 – Clash before the Bash

Jim Kieck reflects back as he tries to stop the momentum of Penny Potgieter and end the dynasty.

6th of December –Season 3 Jim looked at his watch nervously. It was nearing 8 o'clock and he still had one customer to take care of before he could leave for Fuel. While he knew it was common restaurant courtesy to serve any customers still in the buildin...

I’m leaning against the bar when she walks in. I’ve just got home for Christmas and am in the function room, upstairs at this pub in town, where there are supposed to be some bands on. She spots me, tosses her blonde hair back, and gives me a strange look...

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22 hours ago

Don't You Quit

Separation is difficult but life goes on. Then I met someone who told me "Don't you quit!

Following my separation time passed. I kept myself busy but others watching me were worried. I was not to know that until one day, a woman who had been watching started talking to me. We went for a cup of coffee then a drink at a bar. During our conversat...

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With a roasted butternut risotto into the shadows blending in alone walk across the night through open windows of fingers decending with accapella of sing and long wings of mimes at the end of a twilight's rainbows in the translation of a child's imaginat...

2 days ago


Written for a fellow poet going through tough times.

I shouldn’t have to say it –it should come as no surprise,I’m thinking rhyme and meterwhen I look into your eyes. Everything you say to me,and everything you do,is captured in my crafted linesand sent right back to you. I pack your words and actionsin a p...

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3 days ago

An Encounter in the Woods by Night

A walk in the woods leads to something strange

Eldon Woods was dark and quiet as I walked the path from Riordan Crescent to the park. I rarely entered those woods after dark. There were reports of coyotes and, more likely, the risk of human predators. But on this night, I took my daily walk after suns...

4 days ago

Santa vs. Zombies

Santa has a long naughty list this year.

A corpulent man dressed in a red suit with an ermine collar stepped off the sleigh onto the roof. The full moon shone brightly on the new-fallen snow and he walked in semi-midday luster to the chimney. He paused at each of his reindeer to give them a pat...

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4 days ago

The Wedding!

A groomette recounts her wedding day.

Saturday morning dawned crisp, chilly, and clear, helping bring me to full consciousness more quickly than would usually have been the case. I would have awakened easily enough anyway since my first conscious thought was, It's my WEDDING day! I looked at...

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4 days ago

When She Was A Girl

Thriving, growing, moving, rising out of dysfunction.

When she was a girl, her world was shaky. Her father had left them and the mother, well, she needed those meds to keep her brain clear. Instead, the mother shoved them down the drain and listened to the gurgle of the disposal. It seemed to match the hush...

4 days ago

A Red Umbrella

Mark becomes curious about the umbrella that appears each Sunday

Rain rattled on his large black umbrella, as Mark Dexter leaned over the promenade wall. It had pelted down non-stop since early that Sunday morning and looked set in for the day, accompanied by a gusty breeze. Below him, the sand was hardened all the way...

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5 days ago

Fuel Season 3: Episode 13 – Homecoming

Solo's magnificent return is interrupted by none other than the racer who beat him at the Grand Prix

29th of November – Season 3 Solo Magubane tried to relax as the plane made its final descent, making fists with his toes. Solo always flew with flip-flops on so that he could slip them off when he needed to and he needed to now, having never liked this pa...

In my Charles Dickens'. Between wakefulness and sleep, lucid in daydreams of hypnagogia. Of goddesses and ageless mascara worn beneath the skin of a flawless mime. Whispering to me in shadows of sleep. In dreams of homily and petite fleur.With the essence...

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5 days ago

Bar Keep

Tale from the old west.

The cattle drive was overand the men had drawn their pay –was time to lose those weeks of bluesand to find a place to stay. They wandered past an old saloonbuilt of wood and rusted tin –a place where scamps and saddle trampscame to gamble, drink and sin....

I’m standing next to the sideboard, dusting the ornaments. The light’s coming through the large window. The room has an airy feel about it. I’m holding a big, blue piece of cut glass. It looks expensive. It could be a paperweight. I glance over at Richard...

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