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Welshdreamer42 1 month ago

Open Your Eyes

Not everything is as it seems

It’s that moment when you know you’re being watched; when an invisible hand reaches into your dreams and drags you back to reality. The shock sends your heart racing, the panic intensifying when inner voices whisper, Don’t make a sound, something’s...

Tams 1 month ago

The Mimic

She heard her mother scream...or did she?

Mom screams. Short and piercing like she’s just stumbled across something startling. Her shriek comes from downstairs. ‘Sounds like she’s in the kitchen but why is she awake and out of bed at this hour?’She screams again, calling my name. ‘She needs...

This is a single-act play. It takes place in a large kitchen of a detached house, deep in the English Countryside. As the curtain lifts, two people can be seen within a single spotlight. The rest of the kitchen is in darkness. It would be unclear to...

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On my last birthday, my husband bought me a new car. I have to say it was lovely, dark blue shiny paintwork, it had everything. My old red car was a bit of a classic, but it did drive like a tractor. No power steering, no air conditioning. It was als...

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I often have a ponder. A quiet little think. Whilst hanging out the washing. Or scrubbing in the sink. I wonder what it felt like. In days of long gone past. Without the modern gadgets. That make my jobs so fast. To do the work with just bar...

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I come here every day and think of you. I recall those secret, stolen moments that will forever be ours. I remember how we talked and giggled; of how we shared, and discovered each other. In that tranquil meadow, we joined and found a completen...

I see your face  When I close my eyes I hear our music Your voice in my head Love has no limit No ending of time In my heart and soul You’re with me The touch is strong Still I miss you

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In the twilight, gloaming waltzing with shadows of the Widow's Tears fading with the sun's tiara with a fragrance of clime beneath the veil bewitched by the Autumn leaves listening to the song at midnight of the Widow's Tears

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Anonymous 3 months ago

Had I known

Funny how I come back to poetry to sort my thoughts

Had I known your friendship had conditions I would not have been your friend. Had I known you would not ever try to listen I would not have put effort to speak. Had I known you would use every excuse  I would not have expected more from you You want...

“Have you put the bins out Shaky?” “Dearest Anne, for the love of all that is holy, please stop calling me Shaky.” “Okay Billy, what are you up to?” “I’m trying to think. My quill hasn’t moved in days. No ink on yonder parchment writes.” “Why do...

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Rachel_92 1 month ago

Computer Jargon

Frustration of computer language!

Is there anybody out there, who finds it hard like me, To understand computers, each time I press a key?   It asks me silly questions, like would I like to sync? Or would I like to clear my cache? If so, then click the link.   Can anybody tell me, wh...

Kriselle 3 weeks ago

Lonesome Cafe

Without you, I'm so alone.

The morning is cold. My heart left empty,  yet still full of love,  so full of love for you.   I sit here now alone, with my heart in pain, yet so full of love for you.   My fingers tremble and...

Introduction: The background to this is that after twenty years together with my partner I returned home one day after being away for a week on business to find an empty house. My partner of two decades had left without warning. The first three parag...

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The occult intersects with spirit worlds, with ghosts and ghostly happenings, but for the purposes of this story I’m setting the topic of ghosts to one side, except to say that what happened was real. I call it, Peter rabbit and me." I open my sho...

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Molly 2 weeks ago

What Gives You The Right

My rambling thoughts...

What gives you the right to assume I’m DTF? That’s Down To… Well, you can look it up. I assure you I’m not. Perhaps after some time, some long time, and a bonding friendship built of courting and a heavy dose of flirting. Yes, I said courting. People...