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Discovery Stories


Back in Sinking Wells: The blacksmith known as Stiles had made great strides with his training. He could ride and rope with the best of the cowboys and his skill with the knife, bullwhip and pistol were better than average. He was considered a loyal and h...

As soon as Felsar fell asleep the Prince left the wizards lair and headed into the secret passage ways. The chance encounter with Princess Lynette had filled his heart with the desire to see her again. Maybe if he could get her to listen and not scream th...

The Strange White Man Part 29

Stiles and Kilgore's story continues

Stiles drove the buggy at breakneck speeds from the farm house back to the train station. Due to the amount of jostling and bouncing Kilgore was forced to hang on tight and refrain from asking any questions lest he bite his tongue or lip. Upon their arriv...


Upon my travels of many life times, I met a strange assortment of creatures, heard rumors of many more and known that either I knew them or they knew me. Very rarely would I come across an old soul that I never heard nor met before. This particular tale i...


The mind is a source of dispair.

Discovery Back in my youth, while pursuing the truth – I enrolled in a program designed to remove life’s mystique through a formal critique of the body, the soul and the mind. Attendees would dwell at a local hotel, in a function of fifty or more comprise...

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The end of the line

A bus driver's quick thinking lands his passengers in a predicament.

It was a wonder how any of us survived. Speaking from the scene of the wreck, I, a lowly traveler along with my fellow passengers lay scattered along the roadside on Route 42 to Elmsworth.Being one of five survivors proved to be quite a task. First, I mad...

I Am Human

Finding one's self

I am not a monster.I am not evil.I am human. I do not walk on water.I walk on dry land. I may lose my way.I may stumble and fall.I may look for the right path.I may scream and shout for help ....... with only silence as an answer.I may look for a burning...

The Clock Bridge

of the road

Took a journey.And the moments flew.The wings of possible want to spread again.The feel the essences dew.You're of another shore.But the peace found there. Had me yearning for more.And wondering when time will slice through this plight.