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existential angst
9 years ago

Where Does The Missing Sock Go?

Steps can be taken to minimize frustration, even if it’s a parallel universe.

An irritating thing in life that really gets me pissed, is searching for the one damn sock that invariably gets missed. I take great care to fill my washer with sock pairs that match. But somehow one sock disappears when I open my dryer latch! I wind up w...

9 years ago

I’m the Perfect Internet Date; Why am I Still Alone?

Mastering the social media does not guarantee happiness.

I am a normal modern male in search of a new mate. I use the social media to get myself a date. My web page shows my smiling face with brown hair neatly cropped. (In life I am completely bald; the pic is Photo-shopped.)  I tweet that I’m called handsome b...

9 years ago

New Year’s Resolutions are Vicissitudinal Poop

Can broken pledges reaffirm life?

Another year has now arrived, the prior one has past. I’m glad that I’ve again survived, and hope this year isn’t my last. Resolved: I’ll eat the foods I should in portions of reasonable size. Resolved: I’ll run and stretch real good and do other great ex...