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trigger warning


Troubled veteran

We sit here as one, just myself and my gun,in a state of confusion and doubt –alone in my lair, in profound disrepair.with no obvious way to get out. No windows, no doors, and no carpeted floors,not a picture that hangs on the wall –no map to express any...

Fate's Answer

After months of despair, would Fate let Lauren go on, or let her go?

There was only one gift under the little Christmas tree atop the TV when Lauren awoke on Christmas Day. It was no surprise. Lauren had put it there herself the previous day. She picked it up, hesitating a little. Then she opened it. In the box was her fat...


I wrote this in ninth grade after a looong poetry writer's block. Trigger warning for self-harm.

Do you remember when you wanted to lose yourself, when you wanted nothing but to dissolve into the crevices of the walls behind you and fade into nothingness, when you wanted to say goodbye to everyone but save yourself the pain of departure by just fadin...