The Leaf or The Tree?

Like a tree, watching its last leaf throw caution to the wind and break loose from the only branch that it's ever known to fall to the next stage of its existence, I have watched you blossom, only to stand by while you leap, without looking to see where you will land. Does the leaf miss the tree? Does it remember the blush the first time it was kissed by the wind? Does the leaf remember the...Read On


Unarmed And Wearing Rags

From across the field I watch you... In full armor, with sword and shield, you defend yourself from the horde of fighting men. Standing alone, you hack indiscriminately, careless of the arms and legs at your feet... ...everyone is your enemy. I begin to advance slowly, through the ranks of men just waiting for their chance. Clothed in rags and unarmed, I make my way closer, always watching...Read On

Recommended Read

Forced to Earth

Crunching my way through the woods, I am surrounded by crisp silence... And then, close by, a sound...a whispered sob. When I find you, you are on the ground, shaking. When I move toward you, your fear and your exhaustion are at war. Your exhaustion wins out and you surrender to my hands. I hold you as if you were as delicate as you are, careful not to make any sudden movements. You...Read On


This Above All...

This is a delicate matter, the consummation of forbidden love. Regrettably, I have exhausted all of my impulses in my previous lives, and now see only consequences, and once seen, they can not be ignored. It is the line in the sand that the tide will never wash away. Oh, to be soulless, To see only the paint and not the canvas, To hear only the music and not the words. But that is to be...Read On


Fully Grown and Fragile

There is nothing as delicate as a love with a dark past. A born barbarian should not so much as touch it, for fear of doing irreparable damage, both to the love, and to themselves. For though it is fully grown, the love is fragile, bruised by a thought, broken by a breath, and the resulting scar tissue runs deep. And that is the love that I weep for most of all. The love that has been...Read On


Perfectly Imperfect

Walking through a field, surrounded by flowers of all kinds, you picked one. You picked one that was full of color, It gave you more pleasure and excitement, the more you looked at it. You picked one with a broken petal, It knew that it had a broken petal, long before you did. You love your flower, for everything that it makes you feel, but you can't help but wonder about that petal. What...Read On


The Perfect Pebble

In the midst of polar winds, he searches. Too big... Not good enough. Too small... Not good enough. Too long, too flat, too heavy... Not good enough. One pebble on a beach of rocks, It's there. He'll find it. For it is not just a pebble, that he will present to her, It is a symbol...a pledge, A declaration of unreserved commitment, that borders on obsession. And when he finds the pebble,...Read On