A man they called 'The Plague'

John finds out that your past comes back to haunt you.

A man they called 'The Plague' Chapter One “Baby don’t, im not in the mood,” mumbled Sarah as her husband John tried to unbutton her blouse as she returned home from work. “Oh come on baby, you know today’s our day,” I pleaded desperately. “I said I’m not in the mood!” shouted Sarah as she stomped up the stairs and slammed our bedroom door shut behind her. Being...Read On


The Man They Called ' The Plague' - Part 2

Chapter Eight The rest of the week dragged by without any excitement. I tried to stay strong and look unaffected for Sarah’s sake, but I knew the seriousness of the situation. If what Bryan said was true, it was only a matter of time before we were in a dangerous spotlight. Sarah went to work as usual and avoided Bryan as much as possible, I however, started to prepare for the worst. ...Read On


The Man They Called ' The Plague' -Part 3

This is the final part in a three part story, hope you guys enjoyed it.

Chapter Thirteen When I had our house built, I made sure there was a hidden room built into the basement, a room that only I knew about and could access. The room contained a cache of my favourite weapons and some gear used by Marines for special operations. I got dressed in a camouflage outfit, complete with a black bulletproof vest. I grabbed a pair of Uzis, a few extra clips,...Read On



A Burden in Disguise

My first attempt at a poem that isn't written in rhymed couplets, hope it's okay.

I see you on his arm, You’re perfect and I’m jealous. I need you, I want you, He must come to some harm. I caught him alone, In a dark alley. One shot did it, He didn’t even moan. A little wooing and you’re mine, I can’t get enough of you. My life is finally perfect, You’re my angel, my favorite wine. Two months later you’re my bane, You nag and won’t...Read On


At The Table of Life

I'm feasting at this the table of life, No knife no fork just a blunt knife. My plate is filled and I can't get through fast enough, I'm filled but the waiter willing adds more stuff. There heaps of lovely meat burnt, black and bitter, There's vegetables too: all trying to turn me into a quitter. I eat as fast as I can but more obstacles appear, My plate seems to never get clear. I...Read On



You possess a beauty that makes men go under. But where did it first appear, I cant help but wonder. It cant be the first of its kind, For its not the first, to ever corrupt a male mind. It had to have existed in prehistoric times, But could not be described since they spoke only in dimes. It traversed the millennia as a beauty untold, For even those men lacked the...Read On


Blame Love

I never meant to do the things I did, But love made me do them. The words I said were not by my choice, Love made me say them.   I never meant to say I quit, But love made me surrender, Taking that terrible hit.   I never meant to smile as I walked away, But love made me do it, Saying he’d only hurt you if I stay.   I never wanted to make you cry, Love made me do it, Saying it...Read On


Childish Heart

  A hungry lion can end a life quickly,   A little snake venom can render a man permanently sickly. Pretty roses too can prickle and make a person bleed, But of all these dangers it’s a childish heart you should most heed.   A childish heart wanders wildly going wherever it pleases, Its reckless antics endure pain, but its wandering never ceases. It walks on rocky ground, over...Read On


Confessions of the Fallen

I despise all the fools in this world, And if I become a king into a dungeon I’d have them hurled. There are fools of all shapes and kinds, But they all have a negative effect on our minds. There are fools that rob and steal, Without thinking about how they make others feel. Then there are those who rape and kill, Without considering the innocent blood they spill. ...Read On



I stopped eating when you cook, And complimenting your look. I say things that make you cry, And you say you don't know why. You say I'm hateful, And always ungrateful, You think I don't know, What happens when I go. You think he's a secret, one that is well kept, So you think I don't know that with him you have slept. I know more than I say; I know more than I see,...Read On


Interview of my Greatest Love

Before we begin this interview I must ask, Do you promise to answer truthfully and not view it as a huge task? Despite your earlier answer we must begin, And remember, you won’t be hated whether I lose or win. Would you believe it if I said I was stuck on you? Would you doubt or reject my feelings saying they aren’t true? Would you ever tell me if there was some way, For...Read On


It Happened Again

It happened again, I fell in love. I thought it was real, Just as she made me feel.  It happened again, I went all out. I ended up hurt, With my heart bleeding through my shirt. It happened again, She gave me a smile. I felt like a king. I'm such a gullible thing.  It happened again, I'm sitting here crying. A whisky bottle beside me, As I drink to be free. ...Read On



To find that one, the one you can truly love, Is a gift that comes from heaven above. It’s a feeling actions can’t keep hidden And some pray to from it be ridden. It makes you stop considering looks, And you judge persons as DVDs not as books. You constantly wonder if they’re okay, And well wishes for them in your mind always stay. You need to hear that they have...Read On


Man vs Nature

I pride myself on being a contented guy, But I can’t help looking at this tree with jealousy in my eye. He has a heart yet he has not a single feeling, If I were like him then I’d not have known this feeling like my heart needs healing. He’s been standing and dancing around storms, naked since his birth. While I’ve been sneezing and shivering though I wear a shirt. He needs...Read On


Not a Bad Thing

You have a guy, one who lies to you, If I were him, that's something I'd never do. He cheats and flirts without any regard, I don't think putting you first should be that hard. You hate his broken promises, His ignorant ways, And the fact that with your heart he selfishly plays. I'll hold you up high, keep you happy always, And ensure that a smile on your face...Read On


Once i was a king

My first time trying a rhyme scheme and structure like this, hope you guys like it.

Once I was a mighty king who owned it all, An empress and vast kingdom But all great empires eventually fall.   I still sit upon my lonely throne, The only thing that remained, After all else left with a great groan.   There I sit saddened at my own loss, The loss borne by me, Its creator, its once cocksure boss.   When one once built a grand life easily, The struggle before...Read On


Role Reversal

When I made you look I couldn't think about your pain, But now that its my turn I can hardly bear the strain. I feel our chemistry but it was born too late, A few weeks earlier I had let her in the gate. Now that she's gone and I'm free again, I see him around and know I'm hoping in vain. I see how wrong I was for thinking you'd wait, And I feel the pain for being too late. I...Read On


The Builder and The Breaker

My first piece of writing in 8 months, hope it's a good read.

You and I had a grand house, Crafted from our dreams. It had everything we wanted, But it kept bursting at the seams. I mended and patched until my hands bled, Yet I smiled and told you 'we're ok it's not dead'. One by one you removed all the bricks, Until we lived in a shack made of broken sticks. I wondered to myself why would you do this? Why destroy something...Read On


The Day I Learned To Waltz

An old dream of mine came through today, I interacted with you and you almost pulled my heart away. You started the conversation and I was happy to reply, You noticed my nervousness and I think you knew why. I held you close as we waltzed around, And to our dance I felt my heart was bound. I didn’t want it to end; I didn’t want to release you, I just held you tight, like...Read On


The Eternal Struggle

As I run through dark streets I can’t help looking back, Knowing my pursuer is about to attack. As I run these bloody streets I can’t stop to catch my breath, Can’t afford to get caught, not by this merchant of death. I’ve been running non-stop, for long years now, But I can’t stop, I have to outrun it somehow. My pursuer is crafty, it can take any form, So for me...Read On


The Logical Brain vs The Reckless Heart

This poem highlights the struggles of a man as he chases a woman.

Brain vs Heart : The Beginning The brain and the heart were both present that day, When the cause of their dispute came my way. They were both there when cupid came, And watched on as I surrendered to his game. They supported me for quite a while, Until the brain decided it was time to forget the smile. The brain told me it’s time to let go, But the heart...Read On


The Logical Brain vs The Reckless Heart (The Conclusion)

This poem deals with the end of the battle between a man's brain and his heart.

The battle is over, the fighting has ended. Now it's time that my mind gets mended. It's time to forget the smile, Though that may take a while. Time to overcome the charm, That caused so much harm. The brain looked on as the heart got shattered. And the heart was helpless as his pieces were scattered. With his dying breath the heart surrendered, As he realized...Read On


Under a Red Moon (For Autumn)

On a night so dull, illuminated by a blood red moon, I see her coming and not a moment too soon. She smiles as she waves, showing perfect teeth. I wonder if she knows she just made my heart skip a beat. She jumps into my arms as she greets me with a hug, How happy I am, she's my princess I'm her frog. With just a little kiss she makes me transform, I lose all imperfections, gaining an...Read On



'One Town' Tales- Chapter One

This is a revamped version of a story that was submitted earlier, hope the changes make it better.

Chapter One About six months ago, life for me became very, very complicated. My name is Junior Banner and I was a fool to believe all around me was as good as it seemed. I found out that not everyone I interacted with was normal, or even human for that matter. This world of mine, as it turns out, is home to the living, dead, undead and almost everything that goes bump in the night....Read On


The Demon and The Dame

Edward Constantine loved his wife deeply; the only thing that eclipsed his love for her was his desire to have a child. When the time finally came for him to get that which he desired the most, he would not have it snatched by that nasty thing called the plague. The moment he saw the signs, he wasted no time fetching his 7-month pregnant wife to the village shaman, a man well known for his...Read On