Identical Twins

Distinguishing between identical and fraternal twins

Identical Twins I graduated from college in nineteen sixty six with a degree in biological sciences, and certified to teach science in grades seven through twelve. Jobs were plentiful and I was soon hired to teach at a small high school in Western North Carolina. This was perfect as the school was in the same part of the Appalachian region where I had graduated from high school only a...Read On



Mitzi is a story of a boy girl and a kit.

MITZI When I was in the fifth grade in 1948, I brought a pack of kits to school. You remember kits, they came five in a packet, with vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate flavors, and a pack in 1948 cost 1 cent. I gave one strawberry kit to Mitzi. Mitzi was a cute little blond headed girl, slim with beautiful teeth, and pretty legs. Mitzi and I both sat on the front row, Mitzi, because...Read On



Washington Heights

A family

Washington Heights Two men met on Bennett Avenue, New York City, a dark and dirty street on the shady side of town. One’s purpose was to purchase drugs, the other’s purpose was to sell. The buyer was a young man, dressed moderately and clean. The seller was an older man, poorly dressed, and dirty. They had been client and clientele before so there were no suspicions on this night....Read On