The feather

Sitting in the bar is a man. He's never been seen before. Questions expressed by everyone's faces. "What to drink?" Asked the waitress. "Water will do." The man replies quickly. Away walks the waitress to the bar.  The man rises from his seat. Silence fills the room as his chair screeches against the floor. He takes off his hat sets it on the chair beside him. From his pocket he pulls...Read On



a funeral

Death and decay call for a meaningful day gathered around a hole in the ground questions and mourning depicted from the sobs preacher says impersonal message as a goodbye A box holding a body goes down and down if the dead could speak what would they say happy to see who all came to attend maybe some choice words to those who pretend questions of life fill everyone's mind no answers...Read On


Broken inside

Becoming empty

Broken inside My pain hides behind empty smiles Nowhere to turn nowhere to go Helpless I have become Feeling like a walking mat Only here as temporary relief Once I'm used I'm thrown away Scared to speak no one will listen Who I am on the inside they are missing I wanna blossom I wanna shine The reflection in the mirror isn't mine Positivity is key but I have the wrong lock...Read On


I am me

A generalized affliction A unique depiction Formed of a decision  Judges speculate on the way we living Be them get lost in the crowd Unified by the name on your tag Faceless drones of the system What to be what to eat who to be Wind-up up toy they hold the key Not for me I am who I claim to be They say I'm lost ain't no saving me I'm a monster they claim, ain't...Read On



Nightly thoughts

Night begins to break Day meets it's fate The world begins to sleep Stars start to shine Crickets sing away Restless I've become  Thoughts bombard my brain Thoughts of then Thoughts of now  Thoughts of what's next No questions nor answers Merely depiction of life's journey Many days have come and gone Many days to come many to go A journey a quest a war a battle ...Read On



A feeling or emotion Nothing without devotion Giving to the wrong Searched for, craved Fantasy or a reality Gives you hope Brings us pain Built, destroyed, built again A glory or a sin Devine like the finest wine Sworn away time and time again The gift that never quits til it fades An over used word some may say A goal or a curse There is no cure except for more ...Read On


Make you mine

Yes the truth is I'm torn I got a chance to make  Make it better than ever  You're stuck in a loop Wearing smile of disgrace It's happiness you fake You're with him but miss me Say words so divine Say we'll make it together When we start it's not the time Where do I go from here What if things change  What would you say Truth is I look deep inside Hope that my fears...Read On



some grow old some never age some are bought  some are sold some talk  some walk some fight  some write some change some stay the same some are different some are just plain some fade some gain some learn  some play some stand  some fall some scream some breathe some act  some think some win some accept defeat...Read On


Theory of life

Life starts life ends. You can never revist the moment it all began. Pain and joy a temporary. Life is a path in which the destination is unknown.  You stand you fall yet you will never remember it all.  Destiny and destruction lay in your hands. Contemplating which path to take when you meet a fork in the road. Will you fall will you rise.  Is it right is it wrong.  Guided only...Read On



Eye opener

Time is of the essence It never stops Would you know time if  It weren't for a clock Time is only a way to measure Time is considered to be the most valued Wrong  Highest value is what you do with your time Don't count the moments Make the moments count Time is short lived  Time is overrated Time only exist til yours ends The sand pours on but only to those who use it ...Read On


where is she

Where is she, my bride to be. Is there anyone meant for me? I have looked far and wide. I have gaven up to be a find, time after time it never fails. From great to worse it happens so quick. I have changed and folded, gave up dreams and much more. I'm tired of being alone, but I'm tired of being sore. Where is she,  my bride to be. Is there anyone meant for me? Am I the...Read On



Where's my rabbit with a clock? Can I follow til I find the hole and drop Far down til reality distorts? A world that makes no sense A realm of uncertainty It may sound childish, but it's more than a dream It's the place for me where I'm meant to be The crazy becomes just in a creative way Eat this and grow or drink this and shrink Many places to visit  Many more people to meet Where...Read On