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Hungry like a Wolf outside your office window. Maybe 90 pounds. It is headed for the town streets about 1/4 mile away. Ahhwhooooooooooo....

4 days ago

Life begins again when you make an end of something in your life.

4 days ago

When you understand your limitations, you fail to achieve.

5 days ago

A myth in Wisconsin says it is not Spring until it snows on a robin's back three times. A hundred robins in the backyard yesterday. 8-11 inches of snow predicted today. I'm hoping this will count as three snowfalls.

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01 Mar 2019 13:01

I am confused today.

26 Feb 2019 03:38

Pusher sometimes needs a little help making the trains run on time.

23 Feb 2019 04:59

The Pusher on a bad day...

22 Feb 2019 03:08

The Pusher on a good day...

21 Feb 2019 04:15

Star Trek Chess Set 1991

17 Feb 2019 03:14

A married Valentine to the Lovely Mrs. L

13 Feb 2019 03:18

10 Feb 2019 04:54

06 Feb 2019 17:20

Chances are that you are not an interesting person unless one of the following occurred in your life:

a) Your bathroom was outside your house and you took a flashlight at night to use it.
b) Your clothes washer was outside your house and this was normal where you lived.
c) The clothes line had your underwear hanging on it when family and friends came to visit.
d) You had a car that never saw the inside of a garage the entire time you owned it.

Let me know if you are an interesting person and we'll be friends.

29 Jan 2019 12:46

28 Jan 2019 04:28

A recent death in the family brings about self-reflection. I've never lived up to my standards and I'm disturbed by that knowledge. But then, I always sell myself short. Or so I am told. Should I believe them or me in this instance? Ah, nuts. Forget about it. I begin at the beginning and I go on to the end, then I stop.

27 Jan 2019 06:25

24 Jan 2019 13:03

15 Jan 2019 09:38

Well, now that I heard it: "Don't let the old man in"

12 Jan 2019 08:55

I could use a new head this morning. This one is stuffed and leaking.

12 Jan 2019 04:36

If you've never heard the story of Silly Annabelle's Song, please give this a listen. When our children were growing up, we read this story in a book. We made up our tune to the words of the song, which our 40+ year old daughters can still sing today. There were a few missing words from our collective memory last night as we tried to recall the lyrics. After about 32 texts, we found the original Sesame Street version on You Tube. My daughters say that the tune we made up 30 years ago is better than SS' . The story is still cute though. Please watch and listen.

10 Jan 2019 03:56

I remember hearing that once you discover the things you really love, you discover you don't have enough time for them. I'm feeling like that right now.

06 Jan 2019 04:56

Looking forward to spring!

02 Jan 2019 03:36

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