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Topic I'm not new but I'm new to you. So I guess I am kind of new. Sort of. Maybe. Hell I don't know.
Posted 03 Aug 2016 01:23

Thank you Dreamcatcher. Your welcome is appreciated. I usually like to open with a little silliness. I'll take 'dry wit' over 'half wit' any day. thanks again.

Topic I'm not new but I'm new to you. So I guess I am kind of new. Sort of. Maybe. Hell I don't know.
Posted 02 Aug 2016 03:42

Hello fellow Stories Space literati! I am wordwaymike. Well, not really. That's my username, which you all know is a pseudonym. Which is, according to the cyber dictionary that I use to huck a sensible definition at some pesky word that has crept into my brain without the proper descriptive words in tow is;

pseudonym noun; a fictitious name used by an author to conceal his or her identity;
It is a pen name.

Which on these online writing sites is an exercise in futility because you have to give up your true name just to play in this cyber sandbox. I won't even go into "Nom de plume" and "Nom de guerre". OK., I'll go into them a little bit, but only because while I was getting the rundown on 'Mr. Pseudo' as I will call him for now I ran into two more of his definition lacking compadres that I found running around loose in my brain skillet. I will call them 'Monsieur Guerre' and 'Monsieur Plume' for now. Why you ask? Because they are French, and because I can. It's called literary license. And I carry mine with me! You should also make sure that you get your poetic license. Each in its own way allows you to toss out all the established rules that pertain to word spelling, sentence structure, syntax, and that's just a few of those problematic, writing boundary type inconveniences that you can kick to the curb whenever you want!

If anybody gives you any flack in their critique just type out POETIC LICENSE in your reply. I suggest that you do so in really big, bold face type. But if they ask you where you got this information... PLEASE! For God's sake (and mine) don't give them my username, pseudonym, Nom de guerre or Nom de plume. I'm in enough trouble around here as it is.

Also, if you would, read some of my written, word rule defying short stories and poems.

I almost forgot, my real name is Glen Michael Wilson. But keep that on the "down low" too.