Nigerian internet riches are soon to be mine!

I tried to imagine the mind set of someone who would believe the scammers.

Hey Suzy, In the last two weeks I have received five amazing internet offers. Each was from an individual who desired to make me the recipient of a bodaciously huge sum of cash. Three of these offers were from various Nigerian bank employees. Men with larceny in their hearts who were looking for the same among folks in the good old USA. It starts with Dr. Ramadan Abdu, who is, or was...Read On



Halfway down Wolf Mountain...

Gold used as an analogy for something precious that you'd fight to keep.

My trail led out of wilderness, a goat path headed down.  For years somehow I'd stood the test  of mining desperate ground.  Now with rifle cradled like a child  and pistols here and there.  With eyes this world had not beguiled,  that had a look that said: "Fair's fair."  I was halfway down Wolf Mountain  when several shots cut loose.  I reigned my horse still, spun him round,  gave...Read On