Walking with Elephants

Can Anna find new meaning to life in the African savanna?

As I walk through the front door, a cold, empty home greets me. I plop down on the couch and frown, realizing I never really liked this couch—just an uncomfortable reminder of yet another thing I did for him. My tears finally stream down my face. I am lost - unsure of my purpose now. No idea which direction to turn. All I know is I need a way to take my mind off him. But everything in this...Read On



The Monster Within (Part 1)

How does one live with unquenchable thirst?

The early 1800s ... This time, I settled in Paris, adopting the French derivative of my name — Vincent . With its dense population, narrow streets, and dark crevices, Paris suited my needs perfectly, allowing one such as myself a myriad of places to lurk during these unsettled times. I had grown bored of occupying my time with philosophy and the arts of the Renaissance centuries before....Read On


The Monster Within (Part 2)

Vincent tells his story of how a good man became a monster...

I felt quite good to have ridden the city of a filthy vermin, yet I needed to see my sweet Elizabeth in order to feel more man than beast again. Only the touch of her creamy flesh would expunge the violent death from my hands. I was desperate to see her flawless face before me; it was the only thing that would help erase the sickening vision of the filth I had just eliminated. I need...Read On


The Monster Within (Part 3)

Vincent continues his journey into a new century...

Damn me, God! I hadn’t meant to kill him — or had I? After wandering the streets for God knows how long, the events continued to swirl inside my head as I struggled to settle upon one emotion. Since the unfortunate incident, I had been racked with hurt, rage, shame and guilt. An innocent tree bore the brunt of my frustration with its trunk stained red from my pounding, bloody fists. My...Read On


The Monster Within (Part 4)

Can Vincent finally find peace?

December 1999… I awoke about a decade ago, and had continued my exploration of America. I, however, felt an irresistible pull to the south. Unable to fight it and unsure of what awaited me, I found myself in New Orleans. Can blood drain from the face of a vampire? It certainly felt like it. Standing inside the art gallery in New Orleans, I was shocked into immobility, unable to move...Read On

Flash Fiction(1)


The Haunted Ghost

The vacant, old house at the end of the lane beckons me. They always do - the dilapidated and forgotten. There is an appeal others overlook. Unable to resist its quietness, I settle in, deciding to call this place home. The wind blows through the window cracks, but it doesn't bother me. Oddly, I feel comforted in the chilled corners of the room - a warm welcome of sorts. Dust adorns...Read On

Micro Fiction(3)


Spring Will Always Come

Winter's alluring angel beckoned me, offering me freedom and comfort. I willingly went to her, my wants lay bare.  Strangely, the bitter cold did not sting. Her fingertips set my flesh ablaze. What was dormant now sprang to life. She enveloped me, whispering, "A new spring awaits. Do not fear."  I found sanctuary within her cradling arms. The snow melted on the ground beneath us,...Read On


The Monster Within

We seated ourselves on a bench. He scribbled away in his notebook, noting the Gothic architecture. Then the word "vampire" caught my eye. I chuckled at the absurdity of it all. The monster he was eager to create was seated next to him.  I glanced at the throbbing vein in his neck; my fangs descended. As if on cue, a heavy fog rolled in from the harbour with the veil of white mist offering...Read On


The Pinnacle

My eyes opened to chaos. People's mouths stretched with screams, yet my ears heard nothing. Even more odd, I felt no pain. Five years later... I stood, literally and figuratively, on top of the world. Stretching my fingertips upward, I believed I could almost touch God. An unforgettable, powerful energy enveloped me as I looked down at the Himalayas. Peace had finally  found me at...Read On



Escaping the Concrete Jungle

My monochrome life. Shrill beeps are always the first sounds my ears hear, followed by an illogical frenzy to get ready to meet another shades-of-grey day. Toes painfully cramped in their black shoe cages pound the cold, grey concrete. A darker grey building towers over me reminding me of my smallness. Once inside, banker clones brush past me in their dark suits, cramming into every...Read On


Finding the Light in the Dark

Pop! Pop! Pop! She flung herself off her bed, hitting the ground with a  thump!  Two black furballs became airborne, startled by their human's sudden movement. Thankfully, cats always landed on their feet. Her pounding heartbeat annoyed her as she struggled to listen for more pops. As a further upset, her constant companion, Anxiety, screamed, "You're gonna die! You're gonna die, woman!"   ...Read On



A Letter to Love

For who is Love? My heart knows not, I write to you to plea; Dear Love, I want to meet you now, Please grace my life with thee.   You see, I fell for Lust's disguise, and Lonely tricked me too; A fevered kiss was not enough, For nothing found was you.   I quiver when his hand holds hers, love's in his gentle kiss; He whispers you with chosen words, I ache to feel her bliss.   ...Read On