My Darling Sagara

A story of love, loss and new beginnings.

My darling Sagara, You always asked how you became mine, I decided to tell you by words from my personal diary, my lovely. By now I am long gone, and you have an amazing and terrible journey ahead of you. Maybe this will help you. I love you with all of my heart, Darling, and may you always have courage and strength, for you will definitely need it.  Love, Cecilia, your guardian. It...Read On



Wisp of Breath

The story of a teen named Cole and his complications involving supernatural content.

A WISP OF BREATH The image is stark yet dreadful. The bristled leaves scatter across the pavement, looking old and used, reminding me of a corpse - shriveled to the very end until there is almost nothing left except for a few wisp of brown and the very core of the things themselves. The woods are just to my left. There tree's cast an eerie scene across the stone path, their naked...Read On