Casino, 1 A.M.

The ads feature smiling faces, awash in the glow of the lights and the glint of cascading gold coins. An arcade for adults. A shangri-la, a shelter, an escape. Plus, you win money. Everybody wins money. Everyone wins, come join the fun! - Slot machine, themed after American Idol. If the reels land in a certain way, she gets to go to “Hollywood”, where a second set of reels...Read On


Recommended Read

The Girl in the Booth

I saw my reflection, through the windows and through a little girl.

She was just another kid, really. Another eight-year-old that amounted to excess baggage being carted around by a parent. A dead weight, a liability, something not to be fussed over, but to be looked after to prevent further inconvenient consequences. I probably pass a hundred kids just like her every week, but her expression was what yanked my attention to her as I walked by. Boredom,...Read On

Romance (1)

Seeing You Again

Today I'm going to see you again for the first time in a long while. I didn't mean for it to be so long this time, but after I've gone longer than I should, I start to feel bad because I waited, and then I just put it off even longer. I postpone at all costs that moment where I'm standing in front of you again, and I have to confront my guilt and be apologetic that I took so long...Read On