Chronicles of the Shadow Swords - Begin

Inspired by the Bleach manga series, but the storyline and characters are original

This story has no beginning and it has no end, merely one integral point – which for me was the moment I died – at which all things converge and loop only to spit out new chapters to the same story… and this is my chapter. Takeshita Ichigo His life at the orphanage had mostly been a good one; Abbot Gnu treated all the boys like they were the most precious gems to ever be placed in...Read On



Apocalyptic Angels

Sometimes things cross over into our world from Hell...

Red as blood, Dark as night.  Scream you may,  Run you might. Walk in the forest  With a cross in your pocket. Walk in the streets  With a blood filled locket. Crimson and charcoal, Shades of pure evil.  Red are our eyes,  The mark of the Devil. We praise evil, With demons we stroll.  We live life Without any soul. Know us,  And know us well.  For we are the honored Dwellers of Hell. ...Read On


King of Broken Dreams











Inspired by The Gazette's Pledge

Every time that I'm alone I can’t take it! My mind is screaming Now that I stand here Torn up thoughts like scraps of paper I can't do this I am suffocating Save me, I'm asking won't you please save me? I have been lost so long I feel cast away at sea Now my thoughts they swim, my mind sinking I need you to please, Need you to Save me... I'll try and surface from the...Read On