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After the Flood

A slightly different take on the Ark story...

“We made it, Esther!” Jacob exclaimed breathessly. “I thought that rain would never stop.” It had rained continuously, by Jacobs' reckoning, for forty days and nights. “Yes, that was some downpour, alright," Esther agreed. “Did you, er, see anything strange while it was raining?” Jacob asked slowly; uncertainly. “Strange? What do mean by strange?” Esther asked. “Well, I don't know...Read On


The Little White Treasure Box

My parents split when I was two, and neither are wealthy. I was raised by my mom and her family. Both sides of my family tend to fall into talking about inheritances when I’m around. Maybe it’s because I never asked much of them, and they want to say that they will give me something someday, I don’t know. I’m not looking for anything from them, life was enough. As far as keepsakes...Read On


When September Ends

When September Ends,- Walking here in the North Country Fair under grey skies with the temperature dropping to hover somewhere below zero. Walking down the hill that will take me to the “heart of downtown”, I can see across the sheet of ice that is the harbour to the mainland The day could be called a form of a hazy shade of winter, but what in southwest Texas would be called an ugly day,- ...Read On


Unaware Alpha, Chapter 8, It's a dogs life

As I lay on my side, I wondered why I was still alive... Sandi had had me in a death grip which should have ended my life and yet I could still hear and smell everything around me. I moved my front paws and by some miracle they moved even if ever slightly. Sandi's howling was getting on my nerves so much that I gathered all my remaining strength and what was left of my energy and flung myself...Read On


The Blues

The quest to find out why his best friend committed suicide because of the blues.

Jason’s suicide shattered our lives. I was his best friend since second grade at Sherman Elementary School. We went to Hidden Valley Camp in Maine every summer, played little league baseball and damn it, we spent almost every day together. How could I not know what was going on? Why would he hang himself? At the cemetery when they were burying him, I couldn’t keep my eyes off his mom...Read On


The Great Muffet Caper

Jack Vine PI cases

From The Files Of Jack Vine A Jack And The Giant P I Case File The Great Muffet Caper “Little Miss Muffet sat on her tuffet eating her curds and whey. When along came a spider who sat down beside her and frightened Miss Muffet away.” I’m Jack, I’m a private eye and this was the lead story on the front page of this morning’s Meadow Gazette. It was being treated as a missing person...Read On



Nightsong,- Everything seems to have come crashing down and all things have now come face to face- After having been woken by a deep trembling in the earth beneath my feet that has shaken all the great foundations, as I see lightning strike out on the far horizon and I am able to hear the thunder roll across this barren ground. While overhead ancient shadows of both the wicked and the...Read On


Tardy (Long Version)

This is an expanded version of my micro-fiction submission with the same title.

NOTE: For the sake of humour, this piece contains language, attitudes and opinions some readers might find offensive. "Bloody poor show, that’s what it is! Damn typical of Parkin, the little shite!" Barnard blustered, as was his wont. "I doubt he did it deliberately to annoy you, Barnard, old chap." I soothed. "Of course he bloody-well did!" Barnard snorted. "That’s what happens when...Read On


Who Do You Trust?

Who do you trust, when you don't even know if you're real?

Who do you trust when you can't tell what's real and what's not? Who is really here, who did my head make up? Is the man with the drugs and the questions real? Are the noises, the lights real or imagined, hallucinated? I know the sleep deprivation is real, that much I know, but is someone really waking me up, or am I doing it to myself? Are they reading what I write, if they are real? He's...Read On


Powerful Love - Chapter Two

Love is a powerful thing.

Chapter Two - Nick “So where did you go to school before you came here?” Oasis asks me politely as we head towards our maths class. “I was home-schooled,” I say as we reach the room. As I open the door for her to the classroom, she pauses in front of me and looks at the earnest look on my face before going into the room and taking her seat. I quickly head over to the teacher's desk and...Read On


Lovely Dreams

Dreams are never accurate but leave you with feeling...

I keep dreaming of you, I don't know what that means... I do know that I felt an attraction, So dim but pulled me like an anchor in the sea... The eyes created a path, I didn't dare to travel it. Reality always pulled me back in, Never could I always be stuck in LA LA land, It's like these images were made of events never to happen, Even though you weren't on my mind... ...Read On


A Chance Encounter

It could happen to anyone.

I had a meeting in ten minutes and I really had to pee. In my haste, I practically ran to the bathroom stall. Quickly shutting the door, I set down, sighing with relieve as I began to pee. Upon finishing, I walked to the sink. As I looked in the mirror I noticed two men staring at me. I squealed, realizing I was in the men’s bathroom. I stammered my apology, explaining that I really had to...Read On


The Strange White Man 45

Carpenter left long before Sunrise which allowed the Monk to return to his research. He double and triple checked his findings and each time the answer he arrived at was the same. "There is only one way to test this theory, but if I am wrong I fear it might prove fatal," he said to his reflection. Back at the ranch Carpenter found Holly waiting for him. She embraced and kissed him as soon...Read On



Oh to be a bird today in San Francisco.

Today the sky in San Francisco is a subdued blue with nary a cloud visible and a soft gentle breeze off the deep blue water. What type of bird shall I be flying floating above the city? That is a decision very difficult to make. I think it depends on where I am in this beautiful city. If I am near the wharf at Pier 39 soaring over the sea lions frolicking for the tourists, I could be...Read On


Case Of The Missing Candlestick Maker

Jack Vine PI case book

From The Files Of Jack Vine A Jack And The Giant P I Case File Case Of The Missing Candlestick Maker “Jack be nimble Jack be quick, Jack jumped over the candle stick.” It had been a couple months since Tiny and me cracked the caper of The Lost Little Lamb, and yes I was sort of seeing Mary on the side now. Her sister Terri, also a knock out, had fiery red hair, an hourglass...Read On


Take Care

He doesn't understand why she gets lost in her head

“Gilli, what did you do?” “I'm fine, really.” “No, sweetheart, you aren't. I can see it in your eyes. Let me see.” He gently takes her hand and cradles it in his. He hisses in empathetic pain. “Okay, not nothing, love." He gently wraps her burnt hand in a cool, wet tea towel and leads her to the kitchen table. “Sit, Gilli, I’ll be back in a minute with the first aid kit.” She...Read On


Define Magic

That's the problem with the world, too many people grow up. Walt Disney

The reason so many people do not believe in magic is that they never make the effort to find it. Even then, their idea of magic is completely wrong. When people say magic, they think of wizards and witches, figures who utilize certain kinds of magic. They picture a wand, a staff or a hooded figure chanting spells, magical items and enchantments. Never once, have these things truly been...Read On



The song Barefootin' was a hit in 1965. Robert Parker sang it. It's been covered many times, by many other singers, notably Wilson Pickett, Pete Townshend, and Jerry Jeff Walker. I was thinking of it today. I'm enrolled in classes to learn to dance. One class is a Musical Theatre and Jazz class. The other is a beginner's Ballet class. They're both challenging and great fun. We'll be...Read On


Eggs for Breakfast

A relationship at breakfast

I dropped an egg on the kitchen floor - the floor must have been uneven, for the egg began to slide towards me, slowly. I thought it was chasing me. I got scared, and ran away. He always ordered eggs for breakfast. Every day I sat and watched him eat. Sometimes, I would eat too. Sometimes, he would give me something from his plate. But most days, I just sat and watched him eat. Every...Read On


Gator Tales

A short story on friendship.

My name is Kodi, Kodi Gator. My dad tells me I’m a junior, but being's his name is Big Mike, I’m pretty sure it’s just a thing with him. Maybe someday I’ll look into that, but not today. Today, you see, is my birthday, and I finally get to go off on my own unsupervised by Mom. (Mom, you should know, is a little overprotective sometimes. Don’t tell her I said that though.) “Mom!” I...Read On



One day I decided to take a walk alone. My trails led me towards the river bank and the scenery was beautiful. The tall grass and the movement of the river looked as if they were painted gold from the sunset. My heart was melted at the sight... But what was I to do with such a gift? For now I do not dare tell a soul. Suddenly branches had been snapped nearby, birds flew so fast into the sky....Read On

Recommended Read

Rusty, the Screen Door it Slams

Navigating the storms of becoming an adult at 12 is never easy.

Rusty, the screen door it slams. “Ya’ll be careful out there, please.” Momma yells. Rusty, the screen door it slams as Momma ushers us outside. “Little pitchers.” Momma says to Daddy. Rusty, the screen door it slams as Daddy sends us outside. “Daddy doesn't feel well.” Rusty, the screen door it slams as Sissy runs off. “I don’t care what you think, I love him.” She yells, loud enough...Read On


Never Too Late

This was going to be another micro-fiction entry, but it just didn't fit the format...

“ So, Donald, I'm-never-going-to-get-married', Benson has finally been hooked, eh?” The tone was affectionately mocking. “ Looks, that way, aye.” Donald replied, his gentle burr of his Scottish accent carrying a hint of laughter. “ So, who's the clever woman who has turned your head?” he asked. “ Myra. Myra Turnbull. Wee Billy's widow.” Donald said proudly. “ Wow. I didn't know that...Read On


Knock, Knock

The orange doesn't fall far from the tree...

Knock knock! Who's there? Banana! Banana who? When my brother was a little boy, he loved Knock Knock jokes. Maybe all kids do, but Jack went through a period where he couldn't get enough of them. He loved hearing them, learning new ones, and springing them on people. Delivering the punch line gave him immense pleasure, each and every time. The cornier the play on words,...Read On


Love You, x

Little words that mean so much

“Love you, x”. I signed off that way on purpose. It wasn’t accidental or a careless moment of forgetfulness. I meant it. I know as well as you do that ‘love’ can have many meanings; it’s as open to interpretation to me, as it is to you. So don’t back off, don’t run because you assume I’m in love with you. Maybe I am, but more than one meaning of the word “love” fits our relationship. ...Read On


Cricket: Lone Wolf Part 09

Marcia and Naomi are together again

Cricket and Gustaf were unaware if the transfer passed through the courts. It was Christmas week and not much moved. The school buzzed about the concert in the village with a big Christmas tree. Every Christmas Eve, the village celebrated with a concert and mass. The buses left the school filled with jovial students. The headmaster drove the Land Rover with Marcia as company. As they...Read On


Missed calls

It was a stupid argument that morning. She had flounced out of the room, throwing a bitter “sod you” over her shoulder, and minutes later the front door slammed. He’d listened to the rapid click-clack of her heels fading into the distance. Now, at the end of the working day and without an answer to the dozen or so calls he’d made to her mobile phone, he was home again. And, he...Read On


The Coach Trip

Some memories never fade

It’s funny, the moments that stay with you. That coach trip to Glasgow when I was young, a student travelling home. I remember that journey, vividly. It was late, my eyes were heavy. The attractive lady beside me, a stranger, yawned and being gallant, I offered her my shoulder. Smiling, she thanked me, her voice sweet as an angel. Silken hair brushed my cheek as she settled against me....Read On


Amongst the Kingdoms

Yesterday, today, and tomorrow combined in an era long forgotten but yet to be experienced.

To those who would know, yet would not want to know. To see what one does not want to see. Hear what they don’t want to hear. During the future or in the past? What is true desire? When does difference become the same? When does it repeat? When did it first draw breath? Creation is always forgotten. Wondrous during its infancy. Adored and then finally forgotten. Time dilutes. Now and...Read On


A Close Encounter

It was one sudden moment... Felt like forever. I forgot why we decided to hide away from the public, or at least away from those who knew us. Did we even know each other well enough? Could I even trust a young man with such closure... In a swift movement, the two of us came close towards each other. Suddenly our eyes could see deeper than the shell we see from afar. Felt like our...Read On