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Powerful Love - Chapter Ten

All that worry for nothing

Chapter Ten - Nick I sit at my desk working on my maths homework when my I hear my phone’s text tone go off. I check it and see that it is from Oasis. I need to talk to you, can we video chat later? I quickly reply and tell her I’ll be on at seven before setting my phone aside and getting back to my homework. I sit there looking at the questions on compound interest trying to...Read On


Dedicated Love

Iris Marie Rose, foster kid, is surprised when she catches the eye of the attractive Harry Styles.

|| Iris || I sat at an orange picnic table, waiting for my interview. I ran my hand through my chopped hair, letting the winter sun warm my scalp. The families weren't supposed to be shopping, it was supposed to be a 'getting to know you' visit, but it was an audition and everyone knew it. I was worried- I didn't want to get placed. I would rather stay at this crappy foster home until I...Read On


Ancestor Chapter 1 : Xaine

Um well hello I suppose. My name is Xaine as you probably already know if you're reading this I guess. I've never written my own record before but, as I am approaching my seventeenth birthday, my father Barrek gave me this book and said that it was time I started. You see I am a human and we humans value our ancestry very highly. We believe it is our duty to record our lives for the benefit...Read On


Powerful Love - Chapter Nine

Things happen when you least expect them

Chapter Nine - Oasis I grab the saddle clothes off the railing, put them in place on Marina’s back before proceeding to put the saddle on her. Once I have everything put on her properly and have checked that everything is secure, I put her bridle, reins and the bit on her. Once I have her fixed up, I lead her through the stables and up to the riding pavilion. When she is next to the blocks,...Read On


Did You Betray

My trust. Did you betray it? Did you? I trusted you implicitly. I did. Did you betray that? I know you didn't. Because you adore me. Right? So you couldn't possibly have betrayed my trust. True? I'll continue to believe that. I'll always, forever, believe that. The doubt seeps in. It can't help but seep in. Something tells me you did. You did. Oh my god. I trusted you....Read On


Dave's Place Chapter 2 - Janet

"Welcome to Dave's Place." Walking in was a cute latina mujer. She was about 5' 4" with curves in the right places. I was obviously interested. I could only hope she'd pick up. I try to just flirt lightly with the customers, but sometimes I can't help myself. "Hola," she replied. "¿Como esta?" I think she was trying to catch me off guard, but I've lived in Texas a long time. " ¿B ien, y...Read On


The Strange White Man 50

Holly spent about a week in the territorial capital choosing a wedding gown. She would awaken shortly after sunset and make the short walk to Mrs. Parsons bridal shop to view her photographs and to see and feel the fabrics. Mrs.Parsons was always a little concerned about this pretty young woman walking the streets alone at night. "Even in this nice town the streets can be a little...Read On


The Man in a Skeleton

Living in the body of a charred and colossal skeleton lies a man wanting to burst through the rib cages and escape. A man wanting to tear at the skin and crawl out like a birthing baby. A man trying to scream so loud that the eardrums can no longer ignore his cries. But with every scream and every scratch the skeleton heals itself and ignores that any of it happened. The only...Read On


Amber Part 32

The seconds seem to drag on as Bruce sat there with his mind struggling to understand what he had just been told. The stunning blond sitting next to him had just admitted to forging his signature on Lea's birth certificate and he was at a loss for words. Part of him understood why she did it. She didn't want the name of the baby's Father to be listed as unknown on the legal document because...Read On


The Identity of Joyce Whitman

written from an idea that came to me at work.

Joyce tapped a pen against the IRS Auditor’s desk nervously. The dark haired auditor was quietly reading from a stack of papers. “So, this year you have worked in twelve states, earning $448,227 dollars from 37,000 some odd hours of work this year.” The pen tapped faster. “Yes, that is correct.” “How many identities have you sold this year?” The pen rattled against the table now. ...Read On


The League of the Young and Supernatural (4)

A supernatural organization founded by rogue aliens fight to protect the human race.

Ch. 4 *Sakura* It wasn’t clear as to how long I was being carried. 20 minutes, Maybe half an hour? All I was focused on were the noises happening around me. Maybe if I listened close enough, I could navigate back to my apartment after breaking free. Whoever was carrying me was definitely smart in his actions. He batted the sack around as if I were just luggage being transported from one...Read On



more precious than anything

I love my boyfriend. He knows me. He cares. Last birthday, he gave me the perfect gift. He didn’t buy shoes or clothes, didn’t splash out on expensive perfume or jeweled adornments. He didn’t sweep me off to a fancy restaurant or ply me with French champagne. He did so much more. He plotted, spent days negotiating, organising, to give me the one thing he knew I needed - time. ...Read On



Deals with an event that took place and the circus it became

Postcards have been made of the circus and it’s parade that was recently in town and are being sold on the streets, which I observed with the girl from the north country fair on the balcony at the turning of twilight as the stars turned red, and we both looked out on the sea of madness which was like either a view of the abyss or a pitching queue to the gallows. As the circus parade’s...Read On


It's complicated

Well this isn't exactly a poem, more of just thoughts.

Some people feel the need to end their life, I don't understand why. I know I've felt this way and sometimes I was so close to actually doing it. The thing is, I know that maybe one day living will be worth the struggle and hopefully all the things that I've gone through, or that you've gone through, will all be worth it. I'm not saying that it will for sure be worth it and I'm not saying...Read On


The League of the Young and Supernatural (3)

A supernatural organization founded by rogue aliens fight to protect the human race.

Ch. 3 *Jinx* “Zeta, you can’t just waltz into someone’s house unannounced,” I argued, my eyebrows aching from furrowing over my eyelids for so long. “It’s not like they’ll know we’re there! We do this in public buildings! What makes this any different?” Zeta inquired, looking more confused rather than annoyed. “It’s someone’s personal space! Their private property! Plus, it’s twice...Read On


Cricket: Lone Wolf Part 15

Daria comes back to hound and haunt Stefan. He and Polina save Marcia and Naomi.

Daria followed Stefan stealthily to his room and floated into the corner near the ceiling. She stayed in her shimmering state watching him study and talk to his roommate. One of his roommate's friends came by and took his roommate to play cards. Daria smiled wickedly, when they left and descended to Stefan's bed. As she sat, she shifted from the shimmering wraith to her human visage. She...Read On


Beyond The Broken Window : Chapter One

I’m sitting in my room doing my homework when I hear the doorbell ring. I get up from my desk to go answer it. Before I can get there my mom already answers it. I can’t quite make what she’s saying, or who she’s talking to. I can tell that the other person is a girl, but I’m not sure if it’s Scarlet. I keep watching as my mom moves away from the door, and invites the person in. I don’t...Read On


Spiders: A Caution

Trigger Warning: Lots of spiders. Lots and lots of them.

This is a public announcement: Spiders are everywhere. You will have no doubt seen them, crawling about. They may appear normal, but they’re far from it. Many of them have evolved to understand our language, and due to our sensitivity about them, are gearing up to wage war upon us. Spiders normally aren’t harmful, until you hurt their feelings. It is the emotional hurt that makes them...Read On



Prepare to hear the oath of a screwed up introvert with feelings.

The main reason for coming to like you again was for self-inflicting pain. Our friendship was reconciled, and immediately afterwards I was engulfed in a sea of guilt. And yeah of course, a shit ton of time passed on and you had dated two other people. Moving on is a thing, I get that. That's all fine and dandy. But pain was shot at you for no correct reason at a point in time that...Read On


How Long, The Wait

Michel Legrand is playing. Music from The Other Side of Midnight. Moving. Moving me to wonder if I will see her on the other side. Of midnight. I've counted the midnights as I stay up late. Waiting. Perhaps a message will appear. Perhaps not. So. No. Have to go. It's time to go to bed. Finally going to sleep, until the dawn. Dawning realization that no message has come. ...Read On


Last word

Her face was like thunder. Her familiar open smile was replaced by a thin, grim line of compressed lips and eyes which usually sparkled now flashed like lightning.  Fittingly, rain and unseasonal hail bounced off the restaurant windows as she stared intently into my face. No, she stared at me with piercing blue eyes. I offered a tentative smile and shrug of shoulders. “I mean it,”...Read On


The Circulation of Shadows

Sitting here late at night and half asleep I seem to hear a voice calling me, as I listen and wonder if it is only in my mind or is it coming from someone I failed in some way or merely left behind? To sort it all out I let all of the good and bad guys I have been along with the demons and angels who defeated them come together in me now as I greet them like a cast that’s been assembled like...Read On



He loved killing insects, until one day they'd finally had enough.

When he heard a loud, sharp crack, he instantly knew what it was. He checked the sole of his sandal and saw that he had stood on a cockroach, one of its legs still twitching. It didn’t matter. He was always standing on them, most of the time on purpose. Stanley Marwood was on his way to the fridge to retrieve milk. Upon opening it, the sudden light sent more cockroaches scuttling around,...Read On


SHUSeries -- Trieste-Her Journey -- Prologue

A novel based on Diaries/Family Records -- The Origin of the Vampires/Witches?

PROLOGUE MANNY'S DAY OF RECKONING – 21 MAY 3725 A s morning dawned on our new home, I knew that today would be very sad for me. The 21 May 3725, should have been my wonderful husband and soul mate, simply another birthday in our extraordinary long lives... But no! After leaving Planet Earth in the year 2025, everything changed. We had to leave, to take the...Read On


The League of the Young and Supernatural (2)

A supernatural organization founded by rogue aliens fight to protect the human race.

Ch. 2 *Azaiah* “I know you mean well, but it just seems suspicious that you two came from the same planet and both ended up here in the same city, the same LYS building,” the commander noted, glancing over two separate documents on his desk. “Like I told you before, there’s nothing between us. It’s just like any normal human. We were born in the same place and just so happen to be...Read On


Gasoline Rainbow

She was ironically beautiful, like a gasoline rainbow. I have found this to be the truest truth: beauty comes in all forms, but the kind of beauty that changes you somewhere inside always comes in the shape of a gasoline rainbow. The kind of rainbow you see in a gas station at two o’clock in the morning with your heart weighed heavy with secrets and loss and your soul burdened with regret....Read On


The Vulture Chronicles

A woman has adventures in the far future along with her vulture companion.

Microstories: stories for people in a hurry  Chapter 1 She looked over at Edgar. That 6 foot vulture walking beside her was entirely too big to continue to be fed by hand and he knew it. She checked her carrion supply. Some doggy bag! Well the bird was worth it. His loyalty would continue past her death, she laughed dryly at the thought. Edgar would be hurt if he was tuning in,...Read On


The Strange White Man 49

It was shortly after sunset that Carpenter exited his hiding place in the cave and headed to the house. Brother Sebastian was already up and waiting for him. The Monk did not share his latest discovery with Carpenter and proceeded to place him under hypnosis. Once again Carpenter's mind went racing back in time. He was once again in the wizard's secret lair deep within the castle. The...Read On


Could It Be

Could it get any worse?

I reached over and turned the radio up as I drove toward the office. At 5 am it was too early to even be awake, much less headed to work, but the boss had called. As his assistant, when he called I answered, anytime of the day or night. Annoying as it could be, the pay was worth it. On this day, I thought about the vacation I had coming up. A friend and I were going to the Bahamas for...Read On


We Are Not Poetry: A Sorrow Song

...And I almost became your poem.

You speak to me in beautiful words. You are so well read. That is two of the things I love about you. Those are just two things pulled from thousands. You are like poetry to me. Sometimes when you speak, even I feel like a poem. It is an easy trap, covered by music and the heady scent of our favorite flowers—of us. However, I have seen your cracks. I have seen your jagged edges. I have...Read On