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Molly's Dreams - Chapter Nineteen

The first things I heard were the voices outside. My head was foggy and I couldn’t open my eyes, but I could hear the voices. Is this what it’s like to be in heaven? No body, just voices. They were talking about a girl that had been rescued from the cliffs. But then if she had been rescued from the cliffs, this couldn’t be heaven. Slowly I opened my eyes and took in my surroundings. My...Read On


Sing Me a Song

"Sing me a song!" What the hell! I was sound sleep. Trouble breathing. What time is it? Are you kidding me? Three o'clock. I get up. Go in to wash my face. I look ragged. Have to sleep. In bed again. Drifting off. Tired. "Sing me a song!" Jeez! What? Again? Okay. Fine! She likes old stuff. I sing Moon River. Quiet now. I doze. "Sing me a song!" Get up and make coffee. Got to...Read On


The Strange White Man 47

As he watched the Captain make his way into the dark woods, he prayed that his journey would be safe one. He was not really worried, the Captain was a warrior and woe unto the highway robber that crossed his path. It was then that his acute hearing picked up some new sounds. From his hiding place in the bush Carpenter could see the guards carrying torches and walking the top of walls around...Read On


Punctuation Lovers

A few dots could change the course of true love...

Here comes my sweetheart, I've missed him so much. I shall throw myself into his arms and declare my eternal love. "Oh, my darling. I love you, I love you, I..." "STOP! Don't say it like that." "Say it like what? I was only saying I love you." "But by using ellipses you implied hesitation or doubt." "I used them to show you interrupted." "I know, sweetie. But if we're to...Read On


Razor's Edge

One cold misty early morning heard a warning bourne in the air, in an age when, and in a place where no one seemed to have an hour to care or spare. As the days now seem to be growing shorter as well as colder instead of longer and warmer at this turning point of the season. Time now seems to be fleeting as madness tries to take control, as a deadline draws nearer. And has me feeling as though...Read On



A venting kinda thing from my dA...

Ever gotten on here with the full intent to write something down? To write everything down, to write all of your thoughts, your feelings, everything that's happening right now, to write it all down in a poem, but you can't seem to get it out onto the screen. You just can't write down everything in words because there's no equivalent to what you're feeling in poetry or words. There's no way...Read On


Molly's Dreams - Chapter Eighteen

I was late. I was never late and it was starting to add to the stress I was already feeling. I had lost so much weight over the last few months that all of my clothes hung loosely on my body. I was in trouble, but I refused to believe it. Jasmine urged me to see a doctor, but I knew that the doctor would only confirm what I was dreading to hear. One time she threatened to make an...Read On


Powerful Love - Chapter Six

Being around the right people can always cheer you up

Chapter Six - Nick I make my way over to the table and sit there quietly waiting for Oasis to return. I sit there for about two minutes before I see her exit the bathroom, she slowly makes her way over to the table and takes her seat. We sit in silence, while we wait for our dinner to arrive. After a couple of minutes I see my brother, Justin, making his way over to us with our food. ...Read On


Great Escape*

Feeling my arms brought behind me and bound by heavy chains, as you lock them tightly in place so I can’t move with a lock that has no key. Knowing that no-one except you or I can see those heavy chains that are binding me, as I hear you ask me how long I might be able to hold my breath as you hoist me over the tank, and will I be able to hold your breath as well? As I feel the water...Read On


Catharsis Redux

It has always been a source of strength for me. The ability to cry. To allow myself the cathartic expression of emotions that seems to purge my being of pain and grief. And of the disjointed emotions of life that come upon me as I pass through the world. I use crying to wring the detritus of sorrow from my heart, and it completes me. Once again. Never in my childhood, or even beyond, was I...Read On


Midnight Blue

I ain’t losing track of what’s important and I don’t think I will be heading back to where I started, and along the way someone said that life was simple but it sure as Hell wasn’t fair. I just need to follow through and do all that I can for my heart won’t let me give in. There are things that could be different or at least been handled differently than they were at the time they happened,-...Read On



The faint trail of an essence. Certain fragrances had the ability to envelope the mind in chimera and deep desires. Leading to a search. A patient search where one's quarry could always sense the nearing danger but couldn't materialize the threat into a tangible reality. It would become an escalating game of cat and mouse. A lust exploding. A discharge of tension, the climax a victory. What...Read On


Nocturnal - Chapter 2: The Will to Fight

Chapter 2 of Nocturnal

Lycan sat alone, in his own small portion of the courthouse, pondering his new situation. He had gained their trust, and admiration, for protecting them from the vampires. The guards, he had rescued the previous night, retold the tale time and time again. Each time, the story was regaled, however, they left out the details of his transformation. He did not know if they did this for his privacy...Read On


Amber Part 25

Christmas Eve had finally arrived. After work Bruce raced home to shower and change before he headed to Amber's house to spend a few hours. Amid the festive atmosphere was talk of his agreeing to be Amber's labor coach and attend the birthing classes and what that entailed. The mood became serious and so did the look on everyone's face. Ally decided to break up this serious mood and slipped...Read On


Sword Sorcery, Dreams, Musings, Contemplation

Both groups in here are real and to the members of both, I thank you for being there in spirit as this was written, And tip my hat to all of you for being there. Laying here in a winter’s dark about the time of the change of the season, tossing and turning as the night stretches out like a long double edged blade.With these being the times when the demons arise, come forth and make...Read On



I almost died the second time, broke almost half of my bones, but I had to know. The first time was an accident, my feet hovering just a few feet above ground. I can control it now. I look over the ledge and see my city, all its pieces moving in sync. The good and horrible. There are more like me. Ones who can do things science deemed impossible. They're not all good. Maybe I can find...Read On



The lead-up is almost as fun.

Anticipation The excitement starts weeks away. We discuss the dates of our next encounter. Both our busy lives leave little time to see each other, but we carve out a little slice. Sometimes, it's a big slice. That makes me grin, as the tickets are purchased. Each day I wake knowing I'll see her again. The weeks go by and none of the little things matter. Perhaps I'm just sappy, but as...Read On


A Stud Makes A Statement

Groaning, he slowly rose up. He couldn't move his jaw. Leaning against the brick wall he recalled the conversation. "I can't understand soldiers who get piercings." "I have a stud. Did it myself, Sarge." "What? Why would you do that, Sarge?" "It's in my right ear. For solidarity. For my gay soldiers. You know?" "Oh. I see. That can be fucking dangerous." "Sure. It's worn off...Read On


What We Have all that matters

Time. Where has it gone? The day we met seems like yesterday, but it’s been years. All that time spent dancing around each other, denying our feelings, ignoring the truth. We were friends, not lovers; companions, not soul-mates. Why did it take us so long to admit our feelings? Why did we hesitate, enduring unbearable loneliness? It doesn’t matter. We’re making up for it now....Read On


Somewhere This Side Of The Rainbow

A Jack Vine PI case file

From The Files Of Jack Vine A Jack And The Giant P I Case File Somewhere This Side Of The Rainbow “There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home, there’s no place like home…” It was Saturday, the day of Gladice and Jack’s wedding. Mary and me were given the dubious honors of ‘Maid of Honor’ and ‘Best Man’ by the two happy lovebirds and thus standing by their sides. Jack,...Read On


Cold Feet

My feet are cold. I wiggle my toes in my new brown boots and realize they are very cold. I wish I could take them off and warm them under my blanket. That is all I want right now, to crawl in under my blanket and not move for a long time. Not until this is all over and done with. “Are you okay?” My attention is brought back to the doctor in front of me. His dark brown eyes are looking...Read On


Quandary of Life

It is your journey, follow your own rainbows.

Quandary in definition: A state of uncertainty or perplexity. I have lived most of my life locked within a state of quandary. Trying to find out who I am, knowing the feelings I feel are real, but not knowing how to explain them to societies satisfaction. A loner within my own body, because my gender dictates how I should act and who I can, or who I can not love. Pegged by rules...Read On


A Smooth Running Gun

Bob Dylan wrote and did a song called: Rainy Day Women #12 & 39, And nowhere in his song is heard the words: Rainy day, women, 12, or 39. Finding myself waking at the break of day to a coffee scented morning here in Paris, propping myself up on an elbow under that red comforter as I look around and breathe in that rich coffee smell.Thinking of what was seen in the dreaming as I attempt...Read On


Nocturnal - Chapter 1: Fighting Back

Chapter 1 of Nocturnal

Lycan bolted upright in his bed gasping at the sensations from his waking dreams. Though it was the first night he had not had nightmares since his town had been obliterated, the dream still woke him. Breathing heavily he sat upright, still half covered in old tattered sheets; he remembered the details of the dream. The wolves surrounding him, the great white wolf standing before him in...Read On


Night of the Clippies Part Two

From Clotheslines to Killers

Part Two: Night of the Clippies A half hour later, Monroe was alert, bandaged and bruised, but sitting upright in the kitchen chair drinking a tall glass of orange juice. He borrowed the phone and called Sheriff Taylor at his home. “Hey boss. My apologies for calling you so late but –“ “No problem.” Monroe could tell he just woke him up. “What’s news?” “I’m up at the...Read On


Molly's Dreams - Chapter Seventeen

As the weeks passed I fell into a routine. Up early each morning, catch the train to work, then come home after a day of folding letters and go straight to bed. I was numb and hollow and it hurt whenever the train went past Newtown station and I thought of that dreadful day. At night I would often wake crying from a nightmare, just like when I was a little girl. Although the dreams...Read On


Unaware Alpha, Chapter 10, It's time to GO

I woke to the smell of rabbit under my nose with the slight hint of Gash. Sigh. I knew she would start sucking up to me but I didn't think it would be this soon. By my guess she thought sucking up to me would lessen her punishment, but she was dead wrong. But since I didn't eat last night I ate now, growling the whole time to let Gash know that I still wasn't impressed with her. As I munched...Read On



Detective Arjan Heiko is accustomed to the darkness that lay beneath the surface of civilization.

These excerpts represent the some of the key concepts covered in the story, as well as my writing style. I am looking for feedback regarding how well this communicates the story, the characters, the settings and the conversations in a believable and understandable way. Chapter 1 Excerpt “This is a shithole,” Arjan said to nobody in particular. “As most tourist traps are,” Torre...Read On


Will it work out?

The day it all changed

I’ll never forget that Wednesday: made redundant at my age. What now? Daphne was working, my redundancy package was okay, but I’d planned on another five years topping up my pension pot. That night, I sat at the table, papers strewn about, jotting down numbers, hoping I could afford early retirement. It was possible - but tight. I sighed, leaned back in my chair and rubbed my temples. ...Read On



That everlasting tug game our desires play

Today I want to talk to you about this thing I have, this little game I play, a little game and I’ve played it since I was as well very little. I was born a real realist you see and I knew people aren't meant to have all the things they desire, I also knew that it wouldn’t be wise from my side if while growing I kept succumbing to all the things I might covet. And that’s because if you have...Read On