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Bringing up a prospect

How it started

I am sure that 99 per cent of you have seen members of motorcycle clubs. Have you also wondered how they became members? They just don't issue patches, colors, cuts or whatever designation you prefer to anyone that walks in. Now there are exceptions. Many of the police only motorcycle clubs do just that. All it takes is one person to sponsor you and you are in. The Harley Owners Group...Read On


Nearly There Nicely 8

Chapter 8 The murmuring of the voices got closer to Will's ear. He groaned from the throbbing in his head, and squinted open his eyes drearily. Just then, Crow opened the door letting in a smell of scrambled eggs, toast and jam and some sweet tea. It was delicious and overpowered the lavender. “I'm fine. Get out!” Crow whispered in a frustrated manner to someone at the door, and shut...Read On



If we don’t listen to our hearts, How can we find where we belong If we can't love one another then the world would seem so wrong Forget the attacks and deadly wars Forget the hate and the insanity We are all somehow connected Together as a whole, called humanity We are the woman with cancer who still always wears a smile We are the teen dad with a job To work, he walks a mile ...Read On



An emotional plea for a lover to stay.

I've made a huge mistake I don't want you to go Please stay I'm awash with remorse Please let me take it back Please stay My heart will surely die  If I've pushed you away Please stay Don’t leave my heart behind  It’s been yours for so long  Please stay A river made of tears  Is washing me away  Please stay My tears are all the words  My heart cannot convey  Please stay ...Read On


Save Me: Book One of the Gatekeepers, Chapter One

One concert, 5 Men, Nothing will ever be the same.

1 "Lucy! They're coming to town, it's the last stop on their tour! We have to go, we just have to!" Mia exclaimed, excitedly showing me her computer screen. "Tickets are seventy five bucks, Mia. Can we afford that?" I asked, squinting at the tiny text. "Sure, we'll find a way to make it work. Why should we have a food budget for next week when we could go see them in concert instead?"...Read On

our time

our time

I know the beating of your heart, the touch of your finger tips. Just as you know mine, my darling. We will never forget. I know your wisdom, love, trust, and fears just as you know mine. It is as simple as can be. Ben, you are mine. Our past, present, and future is each intertwined. The fire between us sweetheart is hot. The flames will forever burn. We both know no one will ever come close....Read On


The Strange White Man Part 17

As Holly and Carpenter enjoyed their stay in the territorial capital unaware of the events happening in their hometown. A man named Stiles had ridden in a wagon pulled by a team. The amount of luggage and boxes he carried gave the impression that he was going to be staying awhile. He made inquiries about his friends Dr. Vincent and Mr Faraday and was outraged when he learned of their demise...Read On



Sometimes you have to be in love, sometimes you have to break up, sometimes you have to laugh out loud, sometimes you have to cry out loud, sometimes you have to go out and try it, sometimes you have to listen to somebody, sometimes you have to keep quite, sometimes you have to loose a friend, sometimes you have to re-plan, sometimes you have to let go, sometimes you have to wait, sometimes...Read On


Nearly There Nicely 7

Chapter 7 As Will began to return to the world ofconsciousness, his thoughts swirled around. The dream he had been having was about the last dinner party he'd gone to, almost four months earlier. This was the time when Mia had offered him some nice fettuccine alfredo pasta with a special mix of spices she had added. Sadly, it hadn't just been limited to peppers and salt. The mixture had...Read On


The Dangers of Gardening

When people start dying of mysterious wounds the rumoured vampires aren’t the only danger in town.

It had happened again. A body had been found; a body which had been drained of blood through two puncture marks on the victim’s neck. Could this be the work of a vicious animal? There were no such animals in or around the small town of St Andrews, its inhabitants knew. Therefore, a new solution, a more plausible explanation to the problem was making its way around town,...Read On


Sounds of Your Music

“Music is moonlight in the gloomy night of life”

When you play your guitar I feel you  Strumming the strings of my heart  Even though you are miles away  Through music we aren’t really apart  You sing your lyrics so tenderly  And your words echo in my ears  Our worlds are joined in melodies  And it cleanses away many tears  Music is essential to my heart and soul  If only this was a different time...Read On


Shampoo Stockpiles

Will is helping to clean Crow's bathroom when he finds a bunch of hair products.

Will was pawing through the shelf, cleaning off the gunk beneath from all of the soap scum. He took note of the many shampoos and conditioners lining the shelf and edge of the bathtub. “Hey, Crow.” He called, slightly angling his head toward the open doorway. “What are all these for?” “What's all what for?” Crow asked, coming in. “This.” Will repeated, holding up a bottle of...Read On


Old Friend an a New Love

You may be an Old Friend but I see you as a New Love

Old Friend and a New Love You may be an old friend but I see you as a New Love Just a love in my mind, but no less real We may never meet or hold each other You have been there for me at times Hope that I can return the same for you The time has come for this old friend to be seen in a new light The light of a New Love with all the hope White Hot, Blinding, and Golden...Read On


True Love

Love really does exist.

In my darkest hour I reached out to help a friend. Who would of thought that my darkness would come to an end.For amoungst all our troubles we found each other.I finally found my one true love on that day.She chased my sorrow and heartache away.How I want to hold her in my arms until all her fears disappear.I want to gently kiss her lips and let her know my love for her will always be here.As...Read On


Song and dance man

A song for a breakup

Well it started with a phone call Said you didn’t love me at all Said you never felt like it When you think about me So I tried to figure it out What this life is all about And that’s why I’m sitting here With my hand around a beer And you wonder why I’m drinking this town dry And playing songs to any pretty girl that passes by I’m just a song and dance man Up here doing the...Read On


Kaitei Niou 4-5

Chapter 4 After a bit, Kasei got up and with a new cigarette in his mouth headed back to the den. Araiso followed after quickly. Kasei spent a while flipping through some books, while Araiso just sat next to him with the blanket wrapped around him. “Waiting for me to show you the mirror?” Kasei asked with a chuckle, looking to the other. All he got was a pout. “Why do you want my mirror...Read On


The Moment He Saved Me Again- Chapter 7

My dad turns down the hall to go get me some food. I hadn't realized how hungry I was until a random person walked past me with a bag of Wendy's and I inhaled that bag of fries. Meanwhile, I turn right and go to Madeline's room. When I get there someone is already talking to her. I know that blond hair. He comes running to me before I make it in to her room. "Mass!" Kayden says with so...Read On


The Festival Of Fetus

inspired by the master of horror fiction

Twilight leading into night Bleeding dry a sky of pure blue The Unseen Thing that should not be Rapidly approaching There right behind you In the maze of corn stalks The Unformed Beast no one dare talks about During daylight Tumble weeding Main Street parades Through a rural ghost town Where all the grown ups Are cut down In ritualistic sacrifices appeasing Sowing, seeding, replenishing...Read On


One Barefoot Unicorn

A unicorn needs some new shoes.

One barefoot unicorn  His name is Pete He walks through the forest With no shoes on his feet His daddy gave him his shoes To wear so Pete could run But see, they were too big So Pete could not have any fun There was a pretty Fairy She had fair hair and silk wings Her name was Fairy Starlight She had glitter and magic things She saw Pete in the forest He was wondering...Read On


Nearly There Nicely 6

The young man rubbed his shoulder, looking after Adell with a confused annoyed look. “Well. That was interesting.” He shrugged a bit, lifting his chin to see the doorway to the kitchen. A smile grew onto his face just before he headed across the crowd to the door. He greeted the servants coming and going with nods, and then slipped into the kitchen, looking around. His golden eyes spotted...Read On


What Friend Means....

what a friend is to me....

The person you call first (good or bad) The person you would trust the safety of your child to The person you would trust with your very life The person who's always by your side through thick and thin The person willing to walk behind you to give you a little nudge when needed The person loyal to you and family because to them they are one in the same The person who's always...Read On


Tapping's Of My Heart

In still, the shadows hint the stirring of trees, Coming of the dusk, insuring hours of dark, And I in my candor, reading Annabel Lee. Sloshing of the tides upon the rocks slop And I in nightshirt take big chill, Of the visitor in my day dreams. In mist of clouds, my seeing eyes blear, As I adjust comfort on my evening chair, With scent of an aura my snout snares. Whispers of...Read On


The Moment He Saved Me Again- Chapter 6

I was only five minutes in to the first episode of Castle when I hear a light tap on the door. My back is to the door but that didn't stop me from hearing it open. "You okay?" My dad asks me. I turn to look at him and shake my head. "Not really, dad. No." He gives me a sympathetic look and sits down on my bed next to me. He's about to say something then looks at me. He looks guilty....Read On


Laughter of a ghost

What made the ghosts feel proud of themselves?

There was a ghost whom  No one ever feared He got very sad though He had a long beard He would sit on the steps Of an old dilapidated house Cry like a small kid With his dwarf fat spouse One day in the night I passed from near that place Hearing their cry I asked “What’s your mess?” After knowing their story I said like a wise They were missing one thing That would surely help those guys ...Read On


Nearly There Nicely 5

Surprised, Will's blue eyes turned to the one who addressed him on his left, eyes wide. He blinked a few times, then smiled. “Hello, sir! Would you like an hor'derves?” The young man smiled with a nod. He had dark navy hair, and lighter skin than Will. His orange golden eyes pierced into Will's being, as they seemed to almost glow if you looked at them for too long. He had a red...Read On

The Call

I pick up the knife to see how sharp it is. I know how to do this. I have seen it many times. One clean slice and no one will know. My thoughts start to run to you, our dreams, our fears and the way our life connected. Where did I go wrong? What did I do? You knew it would be hard. You promised you would wait for me, that you would run to me. I have read your words over so many times...Read On


The Big Disappointment

You know what? I reckon, that in a time before hoverboards and lightsabres, there lived something somewhere, because otherwise, how would they have been invented? And way back then, I'd say something if I could because, you know, you would. Or more specifically, I would. Nevertheless, Horses were probably invented by then and so all the ponies were out of a job and were left wandering...Read On


Pass The Test

Just get a life, don't be so soft I say, The friendship that I thought I earned is through, And will not come again, I'll go my way. Forget what they have told me, it's not true. They come and go and never tell me why, Or feed me lies that make no sense, I know,  But let it go and give a last goodbye. To friends who are not friends, just bid adieu. My faith in people should not be...Read On


Insatiable Humans

Just some thoughts on the human condition. Stupid disease, humanity.

So near, yet so far. There's a natty cliché. That thing when something is just about tangible, but something about it is just out of reach. It's frustrating, stupid, totally unnecessary and just a smidge of heartbreaking. You feel you shouldn't think about it, but then it just infiltrates your head. Before you know it, it's swimming around. It gets into your heart. From there, it's like...Read On


The Moment He Saved Me Again- Chapter 5

When I open my eyes, I notice my dad isn't laying with me anymore. I fell asleep on the couch after I got home and spilled everything to my dad. Well, not everything. I left out the kissing part. Just that the guy who shot at us left us, not knowing he missed. I know I shouldn't have lied but I didn't want him to get the wrong idea about Mason. I didn't even know how I felt about Mason. I...Read On