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Long Black Road

Reflection on Life

Sitting here remembering some of the things that they used to tell me: About the fact I ain’t goin’ nowhere unless I got up early in the morning to realize all of my responsibilities while shouldering a heavy load. And be able to accept, and face reality in order to keep on goin’ on down the line. They also told me I had to work like a man in order to do a real man’s job, and that I was going...Read On



You've already unmade one world to tether yours to another, all of the numbers and names, a river's cold cleansing hush to me of details far too dangerous to hold. A lens cracking from the strain of trying to see there has to be more to you, instead of devotion turning me into a cautious ghost, blind to all of time's afflictions. Unable to let anything else out or in, so I just stay as...Read On


From The Bridges of Madison County

I’m a loner, not a monk, I’ve lost friends without a trace, Although I’ve loved all kinds of people, There’s times I long to see her face. So here’s to those ancient evenings And distant music playing, Before we crossed the bridge at dawn, Reading meaning into questions, And reality was torn. I’m not a poor, displaced soul, I’m not sleeping through my life, But there’s too many lines...Read On



You are my everything As I am to you What we have together is strong I know you feel it too As much as we love No matter what we do The love will be forever more I am certain it is true I would not trade what I have with you For anything my love I am happy with our choice I love every minute we have The laughter and togetherness You are my life I pray For I love you...Read On



Separation is unbearable...

I can’t stand the desolate loneliness of the landscape you call home. How can I embrace these hills without you? How cruel to know you’re close, yet kept from my waiting arms. I seek you out, whispering your name to the rain soaked forests, begging the heartless granite tors to give up your hiding place. The howling wind takes pity. It carries my aching heart straight to...Read On

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Mary's Lost Little Lamb

Jack Vine of Jack and the beanstalk is all grown up and a PI at that.

From The Files Of Jack And The Giant Private Investigators Case 12: Mary’s lost little lamb “Mary had a little lamb; its fleece was white as snow. And everywhere that Mary went that lamb was sure to go.” Now we've all heard this nursery rhyme before, but have you ever wondered what it all meant? I mean who was this Mary dame and what was it about her that this lamb found...Read On


Thorns: Ch 6

Something is wrong, Something has always been wrong.

As soon as dinner ended, I excused myself quickly. I needed to be alone or with Aqua. The pestering feeling deepened and I felt guilty, though I had no clue why. I did something wrong, something felt horribly wrong. I made it safely to the stables. The rain stopped, but fog heavily shrouded the area surrounding the manor. I contemplated taking Aqua and riding out under the cover of night...Read On


To Coin a Phrase

"You’re making a mountain out of a molehill." I said. "It’s just a storm in a tea-cup." "It may not be important to you," he replied, "but sometimes you just have to have your say" And this from a guy who never took sides in an argument -- ever. "I agree." I told him. "You need to choose your battles." "There you go again!" he yelped, exasperated "You just cannot help yourself,...Read On



When you loose someone it breaks you inside

Sometimes you have to say goodbye, Even though you don't want to. The sad and sorrow hurts so bad, But it's part of the healing process. As the days go by the pain may lessen, But they will never leave your heart. Acting out and shutting down is part of the grief, But it will not last forever. Drinking and drugs will not help, If anything else it will make it worse. ...Read On


Which Is Better

Putting your inner temptations, and beliefs, and musings out there. In an artistic manner. Is that the purest of pleasures. Or is it being acknowledged, and even praised for your efforts. Is that the grandest feeling in the world for one who creates. Who wishes to fulfill the dream and actually mold dreams into reality. Of artistic endeavor, as they say. What could be better....Read On


The Man Behind the Glass

“Who are you?” I ask the man behind the glass. He looks almost familiar, like someone I used to know. Those light brown eyes, the brown hair curling down to his shoulders, and that short beard that adorned his round chin; I knew this man, but I could not place his name. So familiar, who are you? I see those eyes, those heavy eyes. A glimmer of hope lies within them, but they are weighed...Read On

Recommended Read


Stalingrad, December 25, 1942. Winter blankets everything, turning the landscape bizarrely beautiful. If you look carefully, you can make out shapes under the hoarfrost and snow. Burned out tanks and piles of brick and steel that were once buildings litter the frozen battlefield that was once home to over 400,000 Russian men, women, and children. Now the corpses outnumber the living. You can...Read On


Welcome to SuperForums

Superheroes ruin everything...even online forums.

Welcome to SuperForums, where the elite meet to relax and talk shop. Feel free to take a break from saving the world and chat with your fellow super-folks: discuss your latest arch-nemesis, read up on the most recent super-scientific breakthrough, share a new crime-fighting technique, or just talk about the weather (and which super-villain is controlling it this week). Please note...Read On


Wreck of the USS Saipan (LHA-2)

Inspired by Gordon Lightfoot's and Paul Gross' Edmund Fitzgerald and 32 down on Robert Mackenzie

There is a legend about the Atlantic, that some call the animal, that says she never gives up her dead when the January winds hit heavy and turn the skies gloomy. The USS Saipan was a “gator freighter” bigger than most and came from some yard near Pascagoula Mississippi. But, it was just a bone to be chewed when those January winds came slashing with a vengeance-- The Saipan left fully...Read On



Amelia aims the gun at the front door, pouring sand from a glass vial onto the table. The grains fall, forming patterns identical to her own handwriting. The world has always whispered stories to her, alien languages she can almost skim the oblique surfaces of. Giving her dark and ominous vague flashes. Black bags over heads. Laboratories. Needles. Medical saws. The woman who hunts them,...Read On


The Lady Next Door

She sits and waits She does not know for what She dreams of yesterday Of love and laughter And a life full of smiles You can see it in her eyes The mist of tears shinning true When you call out to her And she looks up at you She is well past her prime An old lady most would say Just waiting to die When the door opens Her grandkids have come by She is full of...Read On



Give me strength...

Monday. I’ve overslept and I’m running late…again. Great! Breakfast done, I abandon the dishes and turn my back on the mess. The mangled remains of toast and jam, the spilt milk and the sticky fingerprints will have to wait. I have a job to get to. Child no. one, released from her high chair, springs to her feet and bounds across the room. She ricochets off the furniture,...Read On


I Want To (Fall in Love With You)

I want to fall in love with you I know that’s what you want too Yet still I hold back and hesitate On becoming fully intimate As much as my heart and body say It will be fine; it’ll be okay. Still, though, I cower and hide From openly standing at your side. In this supposed enlightened age There are those that we will enrage For our kind of love is still too often seen As vile and...Read On


Unaware Alpha, Chapter 1, Loner

Demon is a young she wolf and this is her story through her eyes.

It had been a long hard winter. There wasn't much around to catch or even scavenge from others. Not that I would steal someone else’s meal unless I had too. I had been a lone wolf for as long as I could remember. I didn't even know why I was on my own. Weren't we meant to be in a pack or group of some sort? Although I had come across other wolves, some friendly and some well not so friendly....Read On


The Years Slipping Away

My mind is as it was when I was a child, so young, and yet so old. Recalling now the way I thought is the way I think now when I am old. Is this true of all, of everyone today in this distant point in the future, today, is this true, that we all were now as we were so young. Does this mean I am a child at heart, or at mind, or am I a fluke, or an oddity at work in the world  I...Read On




I once thought I was a poor man, With barely enough to eat. The roof above my head it leaked, A dirty floor beneath my feet. One day I went out on a walkabout, I walked all around the town. I saw how others were living. Let me say, it was quite profound. You see, what I saw as poor, It did not even compare. And of one old man I met on my way, Said life for him was fair....Read On


Forest of fire

Rising high above me, I’m at your mercy tonight, As my forest of fire Is meeting your delight, With long satin tresses, Wondrous orbs are rising, A sacrifice made holy, Expanding my horizon, Tasting the sweet nectar, My soul is rising higher, I offer you my potion, An angel in a choir, Time is passing slowly, Fingertips so tender, Building my emotion, Sounds of sweet surrender, Way out in...Read On



I was feeling really low one night

Fallen upon blended knees, she wails her sorrow into the frozen night air. Why does she bother, she does not know. The more she bares her heart to another and is rejected, a tiny part of it shrivels and dies. Till one day nothing will be left alive. She will be cold as ice and hard as stone. She feels damaged, broken, beaten and torn. She has much love to give but no one will accept...Read On


Death, As Told by a Dead Person

Death may befall you at any moment. Be careful.

My mind is blank, As I write this verse, though it would be, I'm in a hearse. I was pushed in a stank*, and left to rot, and when I was found, I was covered in trot. A terrible woe has befallen me, and I don't think anyone will come. Not even family. I float around and I see my beau, goodness, it's her! She's sad, but gorgeous, and wearing faux fur. I've left her behind, the only woman who...Read On


The Best That You Can Be

"Why are you so hard on me all the time?" she asked, tears glistening in her eyes. "I always do my best. I work hard and get good grades and all that shit, but you never seem to be satisfied." She swiped angrily at the tears that were sliding down her cheeks. "I don’t believe that I am any harder on you than I need to be." I said gently. "All I ever ask of you is to never let...Read On


The Feast of Saint Valentine

A vow, once made, must not be broken.

Vast distances awash in silvered dust, Across the sandy dunes the horses trot. Late coming now but soon to tarry here,  Ere nighttime falls his band of men encamp.  None dare to speak to him of memories past. This feast day of Saint Valentine arrived In gusting weather, blowing winds most ill.  Now as the daylight dies the party rests. Endearing looks, enticing eyes of green.  Emotions...Read On


From underneath

I'll numb the pain till I am made of stone ~Evenescance

I'm under the bed. An old shirt in hand. The scent welcoming and strong. I close my eyes. Block out the lies. Pretending nothing is wrong. The shirt dries my tears, That nobody hears. Wishing once again I was home. Holding you near, Calming my fear. Even though I am actually...Read On


Dear Old Charles

Hurts to see you old, stubby and grey oh my dear friend, what more do we say  we have lived our lives waiting for this day  but now it's here we can't sing or play  by old miller creek we used to sit and gaze  our life was good, my god it was great we lived all these years but this is our last day so came to join hands, let us sit and pray we have had our times, we have seen the signs ...Read On


Sometimes you just have to dismiss a dis. Dissatisfied? Is something amiss? What's so good about D.. I.. S..? I think getting rid of it would be for the best. Displeased could be changed with such ease. From sad to happy would be just a breeze. Discontented would mean so much more, If you dismissed the dis and this I implore. Discompose lets chaos reign. But just shortening that...Read On


A Promise Broken

A promise broken by a so called friend

Heart torn, dreams shattered, hopes dashed. Despair and loneliness slowly seeping in. Chest pain, brain numb, anger rising Lies and half truths told, seemingly endless. Bitter, hate, lashing outward to you. You feel bad but not as much as I. You swore you would be there, And you're not. You said nothing would get in the way, Yet... It did. We made a promise, a pact,...Read On