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The many lives of Casey L. Miller (Finale)

Case 5: The reuniter

Personal note to the readers, this story is not for the weak of heart to read for the content of this story. By choosing to read it, you agree that you are over eighteen and mature enough to handle the content of this story, thank you. 4:00am Anthony smirked. He had one last man to take out. He single handedly took out an armada of his own traitorous friends. He turned and looked for...Read On


What I Would've Said

“I hate you,” my mother says. “I hate who you’ve become – this cold, heartless person. I don’t know why you act like this, but I hate it. I can’t be around you anymore.” “What happened?” I imagine myself asking, an edge to my voice. “What happened?! You fucking happened! You happened, goddamnit! What do you mean, you don’t know why I act like this? For the first sixteen years of my life,...Read On


D.T - The Frigid Prince: Chapter 1

The story of the Icy prince begins.

The Frigid Prince: Chapter 1 North a few leagues from Galleic Hall, the great castle of the Tarrock family, was a small river stream descending from the northern mountain. The waters in the river were ice cold year round, which is why prince Enaguille loved it so. Whenever he was troubled he would go there, his brothers knew where to find him there easily and pick on him. But during the...Read On


Dave's Place Chapter 5 - Elaine

Chapter 5 of Dave's Place. Go back to the first one if you haven't read it!

I met Elaine long ago. She was one of the first regulars. She caught my eye as soon as she walked through the door. It was that self assured stride with her head held high. It certainly didn't hurt that it was impossible to miss all those curves. She strode right up to the bar and asked for a hefeweizen. I poured it slowly hoping to engage her in some conversation, "I'm Dave. I hope you...Read On


Sirens song....

Roy was 13 years old when he found the last place he would ever see.

Roy Rogers used to live an average life with average money. He had an average family, no siblings, a mother and a father. Roy was 13 years old when he found the last place he would ever see. A week earlier: Roy was walking home from school, it was the late 6o’s in Holly Springs, Mississippi. As Roy walked up the driveway to the door, he heard a loud crash and profanity leaking through...Read On


A Vampire's Lullaby

It starts out with a straight couple, but then evolves to a gay couple.

Note: To those who are not interested in gay relationships,please, turn back now. A Vampire's Lullaby My parents raised me as a normal boy, despite being ridiculously rich. My parents always told me whether rich or poor, I was to treat everyone equally. I didn't understand at first, until I helped a homeless person who kids from my boarding school harassed. I got banged up, but I felt...Read On


Pig Man

chuck e cheese horror

The White family munched on pizza and hummed along to the Chuck E Cheese Band. It was Saturday night and Brian White’s birthday. Mom and Dad had been saving up all month for this special night. One new animatronic caught Brian’s eye. It stood about five foot eight and looked like a pig. It wore a black bow tie, a dark tuxedo, and a top hat. The bubbles tickled Dad’s nose. When the singing...Read On


D.T - Irene the Sly: chapter 2

Finding the torch inside the sewer entrance was more tedious than Irene expected but in good time she had it. Near it she found a pair of smooth feeling jagged rocks. She had a hunch of what they were and began to strike them together. In the pitch black she missed her first few strikes, feeling awkward for it even though it was just her around. But when she finally hit the small...Read On


An Alternate Butterfly Effect

Finding myself heading out again down old Highway 61 after having heard it call once again, and going where it is directing me to go as I have done in the past and this time I am not heading down it alone. Following it as it runs through those fields that border it that are full of both blessings and tribulations, and I am not alone for you also heard that old Highway 61 call you for the...Read On


D.T - Irene the Sly: chapter 1

A new heroine is introduced.

Irene the Sly: Chapter 1 The city of Ahnair, what was once the proud capitol of the Kantor kingdom has degraded into a run-down habitat for the citizens too poor to afford a move into the great new capitol city. As Kantor had for a long time been a poor kingdom; many of the homes and buildings of Ahnair were made with cheap and convenient materials; only a few noble houses or temples were...Read On


Cricket: Lone Wolf Part 20

The students find a music room full of instruments and open it up for use.

Daria was pleased with being back at school, but getting around was not as easy as she thought. Polina helped by carrying her books and helping with doors, but Daria was stubborn and demanded more. One fortunate thing was that Daria did not have to climb up and down stairs to get around. Everything she needed was on the same level and the buildings connected. However, Daria's flute...Read On


Toy Soldiers

Alexandria is a warrior on a journey to self discovery

1 The world around me is utterly dark and yet I keep running. I know that I cannot stop or I risk my life as well as the lives of the people who run with me. I don't know how long I've been moving or how long I'll have to continue on my trek. I feel the earth beneath me being bruised by my fast moving feet. Every step I take forward is a step into the completely unknown, a step into...Read On



A young woman awakes in a strange world of magic, the only clue to her past is one word Lowenna

Chapter 1 AWAKE ON A BEACH The sun of light had finally risen, and the second lunar moon of Orkenza had finally set. All was calm and quiet on the island after the wild storm of the previous moon. It had not just been any storm, but the biggest and most destructive the island had seen in many years. Some people will say the storm was the Angelus and the Demon-Gods at war with each...Read On


Whenever I Want

Whenever I want. The words were carved into her skin with a razor. The letters on her forearm were a constant companion. He said it to her the first night she heard mom crying, sitting down on her bed. The words whispered in her ear like a prayer as he rubbed her leg. It lasted for years, her body an aftermath of his sweat and her blood every time. She has the razor now and watches...Read On


D.T - Thrain and Company: Chapter 3

The group is formed at last and they head out to climb the tower.

Thrain and company: Chapter 3 Cambren took to a heavy knocking at the door and then pressed his ear gently to it to hear inside. From the other side he could hear the curses of a young woman as she had just been woken up and dressed to open the door. He pulled his ear away in time as it opened and Veera peeked her head out from the other side to see who it was. When she saw it was Cambren...Read On


It's Just a Flag

It's just fiction, and in no way designed to insult or hurt anyone.

“It’s just a piece of material, what’s the big fuss?” That line right there just incited a riot. A huge debate happened first, of course. “It’s not the flag, it’s what it represents!” said one man. “It’s our freedom!” said an elderly woman. “How dare you insult our flag! By doing that, you’re insulting our nation!” said another. The person of the original phrase, let’s call him...Read On


D.T - Thrain and Company: Chapter 2

Thrainand company: Chapter 2 Four leagues away from the Great Elm Gate lay a small ranger village called 'Timber Brook'. Inside the village was made purely of wood, no stone, metals or other materials were used in its constructions or designs. The small village has a famous tavern called 'Woodland Elixir', that is where Thrain sought out his next companion. As Thrain opened the doors to...Read On



An Entertainment

1, 2, 3, Oh Yeah! All Right!, 5,6,7,8,- Sitting here flashbacking to the summer of ’72 when Nixon went for a second term, but we really didn’t think about that and tried to just tried to hang out and do our own thing, Hanging around outside on a beautiful day walking along in shorts, bellbottoms, sandals, or tennis shoes, or to be out cruising the neighborhood on a bike and...Read On


The Supervillain - Chapter 1 to 6

The true account of I and my four colleagues in tracking the worlds most dangerous killer.

As followers of my testimony thus far will authenticate, I (Goitye Powerhouse), and four others of exceptional strength and mind, have taken the future of humanity in our own hands, to descend upon the house of the devil. We fought our way into that home -- of immense serial killings-- with that express intention of ending whatever unholy power, human or inhuman had come to earth in...Read On


D.T - Thrain and Company: Chapter 1

The quest to find the right group to climb the tower begins.

Thrain and company: Chapter 1 King Aldon sat in the quiet and empty library reading over a large book by candle light. Footsteps casually approached him and a voice asked, "You wanted to see me, my king?" The voice was Thrain, Aldon knew without having to turn from his book. Aldon finished whatever he was reading in silence then placed the golden ribbon, attached to the binding of the...Read On


Devil Tower - Prologue

All the rules change when the tower appears.

DEVIL TOWER Prologue What do you desire most in this world? " I wish to be a god. " Your wish is granted... * * * From out of the ground, it rose up in complete silence: The Dark Tower, so it was called then at first. It grew like nothing ever before, the ground did not quake, the winds did not howl at it's coming, it simply emerged in the dead of night; reaching high above...Read On


Dave's Place Chapter 4 - Andy

Susan smiled as I began my story, "Andy spends a lot of time...." .... at the bar. Part of it is he likes the camaraderie, but the truth of the matter is he'd rather be with his family. He's the most devoted family man I know. Andy is always ready to lend a hand to anyone, and he's loyal as they come. Unfortunately, his ex-wife didn't seem to appreciate him as much as his friends do. Not...Read On


Pivotal Moments - Bonus Scene (Connor Penny - That's When I Knew)

That's when I knew

“I dunno, Ash,” I said. “I mean, we just moved here and all. I don’t know if my parents will let me come over and stay the night.” The other girl’s crestfallen expression made me feel horrible. Aislinn Munroe was in the same grade as me, sixth, and had been the first one to try and be friends. She was sweet, and I couldn’t help but be friends back. She’d made the move from Iowa to Florida...Read On


The Humble Cucumber

What is so special about cucumbers?

Can anybody tell me just what is so special about cucumber sandwiches? You know those dainty, crustless smelly little things you sometimes get at parties? I loathe cucumbers. I loathe brussel sprouts more though but that's another story I will write sometime. WHO decided they should be served at a party? Probably someone in the 1800's having a garden party. Didn't have anything else in...Read On


An Unexpected Turn Of Events

A trip to an island resort... with unexpected results.

The sting of the blow had all but subsided as I launched myself from the ground. Twisting my torso, I flicked my leg in an arc as Luke flipped away. So, before I go on, let’s have a recap. How did I end up in another crazy scenario? Well, it all began last Tuesday... The sun glimmered up high as the boat descended upon an island surrounded by white sands and azure waters. I jerked awake as...Read On


Rage, Julie Chapter 2

Julie woke up and sighed. It was going to be a shitty day with Ida again. Julie didn't have a problem with elderly women in general, just ones that were as dumb as a box of rocks. Ida was so fucking lazy when it came to everything in her life. Sure, her health had gotten worse with time. But before it did she hadn't cared about much, letting the house go to shit.There were ant...Read On


The Phenomenon

They could have sworn they'd seen it

“There. See?” “I think so.” “Watch again. Look!” “Oh yeah, it certainly might be.” “I think it is. Can you feel the heat on your skin?"  “Ouch! It’s too hot.” “What do you reckon?” “Not sure...Gwen would know.” “Gwen?” "She saw it on holiday.” “Good thinking. Let's ask her. Quick, it won’t last.” Dewi and Ioan ran like the wind. Sadly, by the time Gwen looked...Read On


School Trip

It's educational you know

June. Eighty degrees in the shade. I’m on a coach with fifty over-excited, over-heated, under sevens. We’re off to a farm. All day. Whose bright idea was that? As a responsible adult, I grin and bear it. Today I will be teacher, helper, protector and toilet monitor. Mostly toilet monitor. Upon arriving, we visit the toilets then go for a walk. We see fields, corn and cattle. Somehow,...Read On


Cricket: Lone Wolf Part 19

Daria returns to school. Polina and Naomi notice a different girl.

A heavy grey fog shrouded the castle, obscuring it from the village below. Hans prepared the limousine to carry Daria back to school from the hospital. Part of the preparations included a small picnic hamper with snacks and drinks for the ride. Twelve weeks ago, Daria's accident happened and the doctors declared her ready to leave the hospital. The headmaster chose to have Polina and...Read On


Powerful Love - Chapter Fifteen

Family helps each other no matter what.

Chapter Fifteen - Minerva I run out of the café and race to the truck. I climb in and start crying, horrible, gut-wrenching sobs. I hear the door open and jump before I look over and see that it is Nick. He sits quietly next to me while I sob. “She’s a strong girl,” Nick says when I finally settle down and stop crying. “She’ll make it.” “I know she’s strong but I can’t help worrying.”...Read On