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Hidden Inside - 8

A girl finds solace within the eerie woods

“Mr. Hayford?” He looks up at me from behind his desk, straightening his button up shirt as he rights himself. “What can I do for you?” His voice is flat, bored. He casually leans against the desk with a hand, papers strewn about its surface. Red marks most of them with the points he'd deducted off of students homework. I ignore those and rest my eyes on what I'd come for. The dusty old...Read On

Always There

In the sky with the clouds so bright You may even see them at night When the sun comes up so bright and true Out comes the clouds fluffy and new They play tag and chase as they cross through the sky Like old friends tried and true People come and go into your life Very few stay all the time But just like the clouds A true friends love Will always be enough...Read On



So lost and weary am I, I cannot find my way back to any known safety. The path I'm taking is tangled With thorny bushes and razor wire, and as I walk it  Embeds me to the bone.   Torso and arms, bleeding profusely upon my skin, Tears made of blood rolling down my cheek. My soul is hurting from taking a beating, I can't think clearly, and there's no one there to hold me. This...Read On


praying hands

a simle prayer and a dream

Praying Hands I had a dream with my lord CHRIST He touched my head, not once but twice. I felt my body jump up in bed I saw the nail holes in his hands that bled. I felt the power of his healing hands He showed it to me so I could understand. With faith in our hearts he will heal And his hands you will feel. I awoke that morning with the spirit inside Those praying hands I had...Read On


Phantom Wars Chapter 7

A mysterious new threat reveals itself.

Chapter Seven: MalevolentSpirit After Ethan agreed to be Picario’s roommate, Picario transformed his bed into a bunk bed. It was the same proportions as the first but with a top part attached to it. The two of them then wrestled around for who would be on top bunk; but ultimately decided ‘first come, first serve’. Days passed by without the two of them fully realizing it, as they would...Read On


What Are They Going To Do

"If you're poor it's your fault." "If you want to get ahead you can." "Being smart might help." "But hard work counts for something." "Just work hard and you can overcome anything." "Even the lack of education." "It boils down to working your way up." "Plenty good people started at the bottom and are now on top." "You're a hard worker." "So if you didn't make it someone...Read On



Whenever I wanted to ...

As I turn my iPod on, set my earplug and put the volume to it's maximum. I grab the book in my bed and walk away from the room. I started walking, running and walking again. I'm lost listening to the music playing in my ears, a book in my hand not thinking just listening to the music and keep walking, running and walking again. Looking at my surroundings, people passed me by as if I didn't...Read On


Deep Love

A love so deep A love so rare, I've had no other  that could compare; In many ways so different, in others so alike, our love so passion filled it flows into our nights; I can't imagine a day passing without some contact with you, I know it's bound to happen though I pray it isn't soon; God brought us together some time ago with plans of His very own, though it wasn't...Read On


Melon Seeds

I was raised on okra and black eye peas By my grandparents they were wed Sixty years of song and corn pudding And spitting watermelon seeds  Just a short snap from Savannah And a slice of cornbread They giving to me southern lore  Reading from the good book Until they passed Holding hands and dying in bed Sixty years of song and corn pudding And a slice of cornbread ...Read On


I'm that Girl

I'm that girl the one that's loud only because  I'm afraid of not being I'm that girl The one that's always smiling because  If I don't the pain will become unbearable... again I'm that girl the one that tells people they're beautiful because I know how it feels when you don't feel beautiful I'm that girl the one that's afraid people will leave so I push them away because...Read On


father to a daughter

for the love of a daughter

She is as fine as vintage wine and as sweet as a Georgia peach She was picked at the moment of perfection under the Watchful eye and God's direction. Then she was sent here to earth, given to me by natural birth. He said: this is my gift to you -she will be with you your whole life through She is more precious than diamonds and gold And your love for her will never grow old and will...Read On


Vampire Justice Part 08

Molly catches Carlo acting badly. Eran wonders about Kevin. The search continues for Carlo.

Eran sat quietly as the faces flew past on her screen. It seemed that the search was hopeless with so many people arriving in the country to visit, stay permanently or hide away from somewhere else. It proceeded quickly, but seemed so discouraging. Who knew so many people came into the United States through New York. Boredom set in and Eran pushed her laptop away and leaned back in her chair. ...Read On



I close the curtains and put out each lamp, my Sunday morning window's gray with ticking ages, the cool mist of the season nearing. Each cell and promise chilled down to the marrow, turning to ice in me when you only deserved warmth. I can barely endure building it for you, the bonfires telling the truth to every intricate shadow but my own, the violent flickering like swirling...Read On


Pivotal Moments - Bonus Scene (Teagan's Moment)

Teagan's Point of View

Pivotal Moments – Bonus Scene: Teagan’s Point of View She was fucking gorgeous. Absolutely stunning. He could only stare in wonder, unable to believe his good fortune, as she stood before him. He smiled at her as she gazed down at him, a feeling that he couldn’t identify filling his heart and causing his chest to ache. The bright gleam of want in her eyes convinced him that he had...Read On


Kaitei Niou 12-13

Chapter 12 Araiso turned to look at Kasei quickly. Kasei smiled a bit, standing up. “Don’t get too cold in there,” Kasei said as he waved and walked out of the bathroom. “Kasei!” Araiso called, but Kasei made no turn back. “Kasei!” Araiso shouted louder. He waited a second for Kasei to come back, and when he didn’t Araiso just slumped back into the water with a frown. After a bit,...Read On


Destroy All Monsters

inspired by The Silmarillion by J.R.R. Tolkien, one too many Godzilla movies and a Metallica song

Devouring the light Unseen Perpetual night unleashed Ravenous her appetite Gargantuan Monstrosity Mightier than Melkor now Failing to question what was done Mistakenly The power to destroy all Arda Now gifted to this Eater of the Sun She Ungoliant Who begat Shelob Arachnid spawn from Hell Fangs dripping acid Acrid poison Drained dry is every luminous well Deadly manifest Spirit from...Read On


I Give You My Heart

I thought I knew what love is, I think I should by now, but, never have I known until you showed me how; In many different ways you share your feelings of love for me, and with the passage of each day my own feelings strengthen tenderly; So to you, my man, my love, my life ~ my heart and soul I give, no other will get these from me as long as I shall live. ...Read On


Pillow Time

I do so love the storm of you. The wild wet winds of your passion Unleashed Ubound Untamed. But it is after the storm, when the calm sets back in and we lie entwined together, those are the moments I most crave. “Pillow time” you called it once. Those long quiet moments No words No sounds No urgency. That is when I seek your eyes with my eyes and...Read On


A Poem About a Song About A Thong and a Bong

Don't take it too seriously; I didn't.

I’m gonna smoke a bong, wearing a thong, then sing a song. Thong Bong Song, it shall be named, and after that, I shall be blamed for corrupting youth, but we all know the truth. They can’t be tamed, or I blamed for their minds being maimed. They grew up twisted, that’s just today, but come what may, they will always say: “Oh, you cannot blame us, for you would make a fuss, every time...Read On


The Strange White Man Part 27

Holly's training begins

In the weeks that followed Lafayette's departure Carpenter began Holly's training. He taught her how to move at night without being seen and to move as softly at a cat. She had demonstrated that she knew how to jump down from high places, so now he taught her how to leap up. They practiced in woods surrounding the Indian burial grounds all night long. They also spent a few nights in the...Read On


is suicide the answer

the contemplation of suicide

A cut above, a cut below- suicide can be very slow Peer pressures are getting to you- is this the only thing that you can do? For your family and friends now come the burdens and tears Not knowing you had those fears. How do you think your family and friends will survive? Not knowing your life was on the line. You see the blood draining from your wrists Asking yourself: why did I do...Read On


Missing You Always

Think of You Always

As that date has passed I thought of you,  I miss you and all the things we used to do. All the vacations and time spent together, We were supposed to be together forever. We were a unique pair and now we're apart. The day you were taken from me broke my heart. I'll always love, cherish, and miss you always, I sometimes hear your laughter through the hallways. You were my special love...Read On


Date with Kitty

Strange things happen when a girl isn't ready......

Picking up my gal We're going on a date I'm 5 minutes early Always hate to be late. Greets me in her housecoat A peck, Please take a seat Give me just a minute She leaves in a heartbeat. I sit on the sofa Anticipation at last And then I noticed Not alone, here's her cat. Rubbing against my legs Warm purrs are her chants Then I notice I have Lots of hair on my pants. I can just...Read On


The Last Time

Our time has ended my love, It is time to say goodbye. We cannot be together, our hearts and souls split apart into two again, too many circumstances that couldn't be worked out. We must bid each other adieu, Our life together has ended. No longer a couple, we  Must now part ways forever. I hold your hand one last time, bringing it to my lips, My tears falling as I kiss it. Our arms...Read On


One Day

I was raised to believe That everything happens for a reason. It doesn’t matter if that is good or bad There will always be a purpose. So what happened between us? In those precious few moments When we held each other tight and passionately kissing over and over. To the moments you told me During a voice call when you told me That you loved me for the very first time All must have had...Read On



forgive me for praising my own kind...

Designed to be soft... Fighting to survive in this lifetime. Loves unconditionally without expectation. Willing to get pregnant with a child for nine months. Willing to endanger her life by giving birth. Surrendering her life for the one man. Designed to be needy... Her loved ones first in everything she does. Happy to have made you smile. A slave by choice for life. ...Read On


What will never be

Your skin on my pillow  My tears on your breast Your child in my arms My love in your child Your eyes lost in mine My eyes lost in your soul your laughter in my heart My heart in your life your life in my hands My hand in your hand That will never be but yet I shall dream and wish  and hope and want What will never be ...Read On


I see colorful bugs Brown ones Green ones White ones too They creep on the floor Under the door Creep in your shoes I don't know what to do I had one named Joe Another named Amy When they got smashed  I cried like a baby...Read On


I Love You

I love you always and forever my love, Put your hand in mine and don't ever let go. Let me bathe you in my kisses for the rest of your life. I love you more than all the stars in the sky and  I will love you past the day I die. You loving me is beyond my wildest dreams, My heart is yours and yours alone. Karma has paid me back ten-thousand fold, You're all I've ever wanted and...Read On



This I say... if I die... consider this as my last wish...

Don't touch my cold ugly body, I am dead. Burn my body to rest for I'll feel no pain anymore. Put my ashes in a jar to where I'll rest in peace. Give my ashes back to my family who loved me. Give my belongings to my family who'll remember me. Burn all the pictures that you still have of me with you. Delete all the memories you happened to remember. Forget I ever happened to...Read On