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I am wandering in the dark, Looking for a way out. I am lost between two worlds- One is reality, The other is in my mind. I try my best to see the exit, But the more I move forward, The more the darkness holds me back. And because of it I still wander. All my fears. All my pain. I see every inch of it. All I can do is see it all over again. And do nothing for myself. I guess I...Read On


Pivotal Moments - Chapter Twelve

The ride home, dealing with Connor and Penny having her say

My cuticle was bleeding. I glared at the offending digit on my hand. Never mind that I had been chewing on my fingers for the past hour and a half; it was the principle of the matter. I lifted my hand to start on my thumb again, only to frown when it was yanked away. “If you’re hungry, I can hit a place at the next exit, beautiful.” I glared at the grin he flashed at me. “You’re a riot.”...Read On


the Velveteen Cat

Velveteen kitty of mine you are so pretty with the blackest fur and sweetest purr your bright green eyes  and perfect shaped ears you are the sweetest boy my heart and joy you are my teddy bear cause wishes come true and I wished for you my beautiful cat I love holding you scratching your little chin spoiling you and loving you  like any good pet parent would I love...Read On


The Devil's quartet

Why does he not smile? Why does he look to the distance with a look of woe that should be far beyond his years. His skin is pale and sickly, yet smooth and youthful. His eyes are large and blue but so void of anything human. He is hollow, a shell of a boy, drowning in something toxic, with each breath his soul is poisoned a drop more, the gentle white of his innocence twisting and tearing...Read On



This was painful. But if it helps someone, then it is well worth the pain.

No. I can no longer and will no longer subject myself to the disrespect of being your consummate whore, your lover, your cover, your bitch who meets you on the other side of town. No, I can no longer and will no longer be down with your abuses, your excuses, your fucking reasons why I am over here and you are over there with her in the clear. No, I can no longer and will no longer...Read On


Choppity Chop

His head, his head! He really is dead. Cleaved clean off, Now his hat, he really can't doff. One wonders where His head doth lie? Perhaps on a pizza, Or maybe in a pie? I won't lie, 'Twas I. The little bugger, Called me a fly! So his head I did lop, Honestly, I went choppity-chop, Then I used it as a mop. ...Read On



You know my heart And to you it says fear; Trembles before your power, Falls before your hate. By your hands have you taken hold Of an injured soul in need of love. An injured person who’s all alone And whose weakness you now own. You lead me to believe you will help me; All I have to do is ask. From me nothing will you take Until I believe he is fake. You rob...Read On

Southern Girl

I am a southern girl...

Have you ever heard a bumblebee buzz around an apple tree. Or maybe seen a hummingbird enjoying honeysuckles by a rippling stream. Have you ever set back and watch squirrels race to catch a falling pecan. Or maybe just listen to frogs and crickets at night singing in the lawn. I have and it's a beautiful sight to behold. You see being a southern girl is all I've ever known. I...Read On


Missing My

Laying in bed without you is so lonely.

Laying here Wishing you was in my arms Longing for your touch The gentle caress of your hand As it strokes my face While I sleep. The warmth of your body Pressing against mine Your heart singing its beautiful song In my ear. I miss you so much my love I miss your smile Eyes, The smell of your hair, As it brushes against my face Tickling my nose. A tear...Read On


Strawberry Shortcake

I savored you...

In the Spring  I made you strawberry shortcake  I doubled the berries  Topped it with the creamiest of creams  I watched you savor its flavor  Took your compliments to heart  For you I’d bake a thousand cakes  Cook a hundred meals  Every day, for the rest of my life  I savored you  You were my delight, my daily dessert Summer came  Heat swept through my kitchen  Like the...Read On

Her many faces

He has helped her to grow

She's a little girl inside, desiring to grow. She's a lady on the outside, with a yearning to let go. She's a lover of nature, who walks with silent flowers. She feels weak in a crowd, never seeing the glow of her inner power. She shys away from attention, never searching for the spotlight. She stays quiet in the shadow, but for him she will fight. She is never afraid to...Read On


The Ramblings of a Writer Who Has Lost His Muse

Mishmash. I like that word.

Palpable is the frustration of inability to be bothered to write. Frustration is reading that first sentence back and realising how fucking clumsy it is, though it does arguably get the point across. Satisfaction is having written a paragraph and moving on to a second one, but annoyance is not being able to think of where to take it. Soreness is the head that is scratched... Because who...Read On


Electrons Dancing

In my mind she exists and she is really real How dumb is that Anyway. When will I realize that she stopped being there When she left In a mist. But my mind is a frangible substance that will Fall apart if I think Too much. I sustain my visions of the impossible by faith In her becoming mine Through will. Systematic resistance to the truth has me here Where I am today In denial. Do...Read On



A boy queries his father about the way to happiness

“What makes happiness?” The boy queried his dad. “What is the recipe to be happy not sad?” “The internal feeling that happiness brings is hard to define with mere words. It's better defined through happening things that affect us and strike happy chords.” “I still don’t get it.” the boy pondered aloud. “What sort of things remove this dark cloud?” “A warm family bond that...Read On


Coming out of the Shoe Closet

I, Thödin Jötenskágen, hereby declare to whoever reads this that I have a foot fetish. Yes, a foot fetish; female feet more often turn me on. And so what? Up until this point in my life, I've had one. Think it's weird or unnatural? How many men do you know? 5? 10? 20? Well I can just about guarantee you that 1, 2, or 4 of those men you know are crazy about feet. It's the most common of...Read On