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Save Me: Book One of the Gatekeepers, Chapter Two

2 "Another round over here!" Owen shouted towards the bartender. The bartender nodded and grabbed two more beers. Owen and Jay were drunk off their asses and we all watched as Jay struck out with a girl at the bar table. I could not help but feel kind of bad for him; but in her defense, I'd watched as he drunkenly muttered the same cliché pick up line to three other girls within the...Read On


Celestial Siblings

A poem I wrote for my nephew...

The starless Sky prepares for a celebration; Gathering the Clouds , her children - with boundless jubilation. She paints them all in black and grey; And lets them all, have fun and play. Of them, the 'Gentle'; they dance a Heavenly dance; But the 'Fierce'; they just wrestle with their mighty hands. That's when I crash the party, pure and blinding white; Turning the night into disco...Read On


Night Terrors

The high-pitched shriek woke her from the deep slumber. Her heart was pounding as she searched for the light switch with cold, trembling fingers. The familiar chill of fear coursed through her body as the room flooded with muted light from the single bulb next to her warm bed. Her weary eyes searched the quiet room for the source of the petrifying noise that had abruptly roused her....Read On


The Strange White Man Part 18

It was only Carpenters snake-like speed that saved Stiles from having his throat ripped out by Holly, that and Stiles reaction of pushing his chair backward as she lunged. Carpenter had grabbed her in mid air and pulled her into him but to those that happened to be watching it looked as through he merely placed his hand on her waist and wrist and pulled her into his arms. He whispered for...Read On


The Legend Of Johnny Scarecrow

Minding his own business John Brown found himself staring At the business end of a sawed off shotgun A potato sack drawn over his head Didn't even know where he was taken Never even ever had a chance to run Hung from a cross with his own belt At his feet stripped bare of shoes Fire was set to a methodical stacking of wood In the Autmun chill of twilight's veil As his flesh did...Read On


North Snow

Crow has left the knights, his first winter alone, heading north.

“I knew this was a crazy idea,” Crow grumbled to himself, clinging to his shoulders with his frozen fingers through his dark red jacket. He shivered a bit, shaking his head to shake off the shiver and peered ahead. Snow was falling slowly, in white light fluffs, and the sun was hidden behind the thick gray clouds. All of the light illuminating the street lit up the cold wet concrete sidewalk...Read On


Demon Wings

England is full of demons, or so the papers keep saying. The government always deny it, they say demons don't exist, they're just a media invention to unsettle the masses. I didn't know what to think at first, I'd never seen a demon and neither had anyone else I know. My husband told me not to worry about demons, even though some people claimed they'd been spotted in our town. I couldn't...Read On



I am the beast that you feel in the night  bold girl walking alone in the dark  self assurance in your every stride  when you return to your home I watch for you I am the whisper you thought that you heard  the word that did not quite register at first  your name, whispered softly, silent as spring wind the name I cannot resist using as a form of worship I am quiet and motionless as...Read On


Hurricane Love

She was hit - and hard

The winds, they howled in the darkened sky As raindrops pelted a clear reproach, A tell-tale sign that disaster was nigh, But no shower broke her steady approach. Tentative steps, they echoed her weakness For dazzling light from Zeus’ mighty quiver. Hands met with ears at each thunderburst, She shut her eyes but still felt a shiver. Alone, confused, transfixed to the ground ...Read On


Love's Fragrance

A sudden hint of fragrance brings back sweet memories of a lover.

The briefest memory of your fragrance Fills my mind with such a tender longing, Bewitching my senses, foretaste of bliss. Sweeter by far than the scent of roses, More intoxicating than wild jasmine, The merest hint can bring you close once more, As if you were enfolded in my arms, A sweet reminder of nights of passion When we were transported to heights of joy. And now...Read On


I Am A Lover Of Words

A word after a word after word is...

I am a lover of words.  I like  What they do to my tongue. Each letter  Whispers its own tune  To me,  When spoken together  A song. Like love,  How it opens the lips,  Extends the tongue,  Closes with a kiss,  Sounds hopeful.  How the letter O,  When accentuated,  Can leave you breathless.  The entire face must work together  To form it. Fuck…feel...fight…fun…  How do...Read On


What is the Smartest Letter of the Alphabet?

A sort of silly poem I had to write as part of a Creative Writing course I took in 10th grade.

I imagine it to be the last in queue: a line first, then a diagonal cross that leaves you astonished, amazed that later melts into a familiar line, just a simple little line almost as knowing as a human, it can hide very well. its siblings s and c are mentioned frequently, and display the same jingle, the same bell sound, but still it remains in hiding, ...Read On


A Single Tear

That is all you will ever see, then a smile.

A single tear. A single sigh. A single cry. I tried to prove but not so well, both to give you love and this heart; but only an illusion came of that. A single tear. A single sigh. A single cry. Madness is where I dwell, Darkness is in my heart; You will never see that. A single tear. A single sigh. A single cry. Sometime love is just not enough....Read On


A Writer's Lament

What's a gal to do when her muse disappears?

My muse has gone missing! She just up and left. Abandoned, alone... I'm confused and bereft. I've looked high and low, But she's not to be found. Dagnabit! Why, oh why, did she Have to go underground? The world slows to a crawl When my muse isn't here. Plainly, she is the one Who shifts me out of low gear. Without her, 'tis true I'm at a sad loss. For in...Read On


Little Angel

What happens behind closed doors can really be shocking...

little angel with the blonde curls and blue pools little angel an innocence unscathed little angel... Ignorance is Bliss. little angel so kind little angel so polite little angel  abused, Yet I've never seen a bruise... but i'm not ignorant. the worst things happen behind closed doors and Hiding is Secret's best friend. little angel. I hope I never see a...Read On


A Talk with a Stranger, Revisited

This is perhaps my current favorite story of mine.

Lying here so close to death has kept my mind focused on the most significant moments of my life. My wedding day, the births of my children, the death of one, so many family members come and gone in my life and us left wondering why they died so soon. I now lie where each of them lied ... my mind occupied with the same thoughts of what came to be, what should have been, and what was never...Read On


A New Career The Conclusion

My fourth attempt

After failing the state exam three time I return to school and sign up for another five weeks. I would officially graduate trucking driving school on November 15 of 2013. About two weeks prior to my last day I was informed by the senior instructor to set up my testing date ASAP. I called during the first break of the day and I was informed that the next open date is the second week of...Read On



Sarah You were taken from me so quickly, I miss you so. If I had listened and trusted more, you would be still here. If I had been a bit more brave, you would be still smiling at me. If only I had listened to your heart, instead of mine. If... So many if's that I ponder. But... If I had another chance, I would do anything you would ask. Life is forever unfair, unforgiving...Read On


A Married Man

Why did she choose a married man?

“A married man?” my sister asked. “Yes, a married man.” “ Why a married man?” my nosey sister asked. “The married ones are the best.” I told her. “I suppose so, they usually have some don’t they?” she persisted. “Yes, usually they do.” I replied. Sister sighed, “It’s going to be hard keeping this a secret from that husband of yours. He’ll be upset you didn’t want him .” ...Read On


Why Try...

am i wrong in how i feel

I'm trying so hard To make everything better The more I change the stranger I feel People say oh Sin change this or that There are so few that encourage me to continue To conquer the things I really need to fix in my life for better living But there is no end of the comments that make you feel unworthy Unloved, unlovable, useless in the grand scheme of thing From being blown...Read On


It's Halloween!

Spooky cobwebbed windows And goblins green My favorite day has arrived It's Halloween! Oooh, I better hurry The children are already on the streets Frolicking in their costumes Begging for candy sweets Time to wait for them At the door! ding dong ding dong Trick or Treat! Smell my feet! Give me something good to eat! You look rather scrumptious How about I eat you instead?...Read On


Kaitei Niou 6-7

Chapter 6 Araiso was quiet, thinking for a moment in the bathwater. Kasei had already backed up to be leaning against the bathroom door. “Anyway you look at it, isn’t this like keeping a hostage?” “Hostage?” Kasei looked over to the other. “You’re not a hostage if you’re staying by your will.” “But I’m not!” “You can go back any time.” Kasei said with an unbelievably straight face....Read On


Silver Lining

Out of difficulties, we find happiness

We met at a time when we were both facing difficulties. After having being hurt  and shedding many tears. One day we started talking learning, sharing, and growing closer as we gradually become friends. We started sharing more personal details as we grew even closer. Now we comfort and support  as we are each other's confidant Then one day we pulled one another  sharing a...Read On



Dreams are the heart and soul of love

Dream When I sleep you are in my dream So real I can touch your body Feel your arms wrap tight around me As you tap dance on my mind It's hard to tell if I am awake or not Then there the daydreams See your smile in all the faces I meet Hear the song of your voice from the radio The flash of color that brings you to mind Sweet smell opens up memories Dreams come to you...Read On


Without you

You can say what you will please bout me... but, be that as it may,  what I made you feel,  none other will achieve. Remember me when you look in the eyes of the past,  when already dawn hits,  your arms are empty,  you're invisible to me... You look in a mirror and your stare becomes paper thin,  there is no more than an empty heart  I ask the heavens above  mercy for you. You...Read On


Bringing up a prospect

How it started

I am sure that 99 per cent of you have seen members of motorcycle clubs. Have you also wondered how they became members? They just don't issue patches, colors, cuts or whatever designation you prefer to anyone that walks in. Now there are exceptions. Many of the police only motorcycle clubs do just that. All it takes is one person to sponsor you and you are in. The Harley Owners Group...Read On


Nearly There Nicely 8

Chapter 8 The murmuring of the voices got closer to Will's ear. He groaned from the throbbing in his head, and squinted open his eyes drearily. Just then, Crow opened the door letting in a smell of scrambled eggs, toast and jam and some sweet tea. It was delicious and overpowered the lavender. “I'm fine. Get out!” Crow whispered in a frustrated manner to someone at the door, and shut...Read On



If we don’t listen to our hearts, How can we find where we belong If we can't love one another then the world would seem so wrong Forget the attacks and deadly wars Forget the hate and the insanity We are all somehow connected Together as a whole, called humanity We are the woman with cancer who still always wears a smile We are the teen dad with a job To work, he walks a mile ...Read On



An emotional plea for a lover to stay.

I've made a huge mistake I don't want you to go Please stay I'm awash with remorse Please let me take it back Please stay My heart will surely die  If I've pushed you away Please stay Don’t leave my heart behind  It’s been yours for so long  Please stay A river made of tears  Is washing me away  Please stay My tears are all the words  My heart cannot convey  Please stay ...Read On


Save Me: Book One of the Gatekeepers, Chapter One

One concert, 5 Men, Nothing will ever be the same.

1 "Lucy! They're coming to town, it's the last stop on their tour! We have to go, we just have to!" Mia exclaimed, excitedly showing me her computer screen. "Tickets are seventy five bucks, Mia. Can we afford that?" I asked, squinting at the tiny text. "Sure, we'll find a way to make it work. Why should we have a food budget for next week when we could go see them in concert instead?"...Read On