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I see colorful bugs Brown ones Green ones White ones too They creep on the floor Under the door Creep in your shoes I don't know what to do I had one named Joe Another named Amy When they got smashed  I cried like a baby...Read On


I Love You

I love you always and forever my love, Put your hand in mine and don't ever let go. Let me bathe you in my kisses for the rest of your life. I love you more than all the stars in the sky and  I will love you past the day I die. You loving me is beyond my wildest dreams, My heart is yours and yours alone. Karma has paid me back ten-thousand fold, You're all I've ever wanted and...Read On



This I say... if I die... consider this as my last wish...

Don't touch my cold ugly body, I am dead. Burn my body to rest for I'll feel no pain anymore. Put my ashes in a jar to where I'll rest in peace. Give my ashes back to my family who loved me. Give my belongings to my family who'll remember me. Burn all the pictures that you still have of me with you. Delete all the memories you happened to remember. Forget I ever happened to...Read On


Lets play a game

Let's bring back a game, shall we? The name was chess, was it not? The one that needs strategy, A very keen eye, And something big to wager off. Yes, some do it for fun. But others would do it to see. How would you come upon the game? Because so far everyone has lost. The same thing is viewed each time. But with different opponents. Would you use your rook to try go for the knight? Or...Read On


Rabbits leap Turtles creep Elephants stomp Kangaroos hop Horses clop Birds fly I don't know why Lions stalk But as for me... I walk...Read On


The Infinite Mine

Wandering Further Deeper into the labyrinth Dispelling darkness Torch ablaze Warming me less these days As I grow more weary and cold Somewhere up above Twin suns lingering in the West Twilight longing to unfold Despite a guide in my head saying, This isn't a race And feet demanding I give my boots a rest I insist on putting myself to the test Wishing to lengthen the distance behind ...Read On


One of two

Why didn't you tell me, that I was one of two?

Why didn't you tell me? Not show me the truth  Why couldn't you say,  That I was one of two I thought I was the only one The one you so adored But now from what I see  I am one of two It tore my heart to pieces To see an unknown truth  That I was one of two I don't mind being one of two I can learn to share Only you have neglected to share  That I am one of two My...Read On


The Need

I’m alone I’m vulnerable I’m weak I envy I suck at things I feel sick I miss something I just don’t know what’s happening to me Fuck … I feel like a slave right now Craving for love, for care Searching if there’s someone available To kiss me To cuddle with me To be there for me To hug me To be everything for me I want someone Flawed I want someone to stand...Read On


Hug a Bear?

I should write a poem, So a poem I shall write, Though, actually, I don't feel too bright, So maybe I'll just take a flight. A flight to where? Now, that's a bugbear! I'll go to where I can hug a bear. I should watch out, Lest I get julienned, Or for me, it shall be the end....Read On


Sir Harold the Earless Wonder

A rabbit with small ears and big brains saves the day.

Harold the rabbit had exceptionally small ears. They were so small, in fact, you could barely see them. All the other rabbits made fun of Harold. It didn’t matter to them that Harold could hop and nibble like the best of them. Or that he was smart. They simply could not get past his ears, small as they were. The rabbits had nicknames for Harold, such as “Stubby,” or when they were...Read On


She always told me I'm the light of her life

Luckily, my husband led me back home......

You’ve left me, Destroyed me, I don’t know how to heal. Still in disbelief That this is happening, It can’t be real You told me we were Soul mates From the very first kiss Bonded when we put on our ring I mistakenly believed There was no you and me, only us We were strong enough to survive anything You are lost and wandering I’m desperately trying to hold on Say something, tell...Read On


Double Trouble/Double Pleasure

When I found out I was pregnant  I was in a state of denial and shock  I was upset, alone, mourning and  Prayed to please turn back the clock  I should have danced all night  Is what I was thinking and believed If I would have, you my babies  Would never have been conceived  I felt guilty knowing the months  I had regretted my choices  But the moment you had arrived  ...Read On


Is It Just Me

Is it just me, or do you seem to be always disappearing? What's up with that? How many chances do you think I'll give you? You've always got great excuses. And since they're great, I suppose they're valid. But, what the heck! I mean, you keep disappearing, then you're back, and I'm expected to understand, and wrap you in my arms and say welcome home dear? But who am I? Just a...Read On



I feel lonely though in the crowd Something I miss, I can’t tell to anyone Though I ask myself, who do I miss? Then I remember it was her She, I met her accidentally, she caught my attention immediately I wanted to see her more and talk more She is like a mirage appearing and disappearing Hard to catch her and easy to see her When I first talked to her it was bliss Still...Read On

My Special Friend

Watching in the shadow, in case I fall Waiting quietly for me to call Comes running when I do Always there to lend a hand A guide but never a crutch Laughing at me with a shaking head When I try to get away with too much Caring, kind, trusting A true friend Never bossy Always supportive Quick to defend Right to the point if answers are to be addressed Keeping me on...Read On



We are meant to be together always and forever, The fates aligned themselves with you and I. No matter the distance or how I get there, I am coming my sweet love, When I finally arrive Let me drink in your essence like the sweetest nectar I've never known. Let my eyes look upon your beauty, Admiring you like a blind man who can see for the first time. Press your lips to mine and ...Read On



In the year Forty Eight Ninety One Igbay Rotherbay disappeared Leaving behind everyone Alone We were left on our own Burdened Every beast for itself In the following months That's when they came Maurauders without name Through fences never mended So many innocents Their lives prematurely ended Literally a supermarket shelf We were Hiding as best as we could Running scared did no...Read On


The Strange White Man Part 26

The next morning Stiles was escorted to the railway station by two of the deputies and they stayed with him on the platform until the train arrived and boarding began. "Remember what the boss said about showing your face here again," one of the deputies warned. "And don't even think of jumping off as we ain't leaving here until the train is well underway and one of us are gonna follow...Read On



Most of the time they come early in the morning when I just can't sleep. When I realize that I am alone in our bed now made up of memories and dust. Out of nowhere they are there again the damn questions with no answers. Why her? Why me? Why so young? Why? Of course the only answer I ever get is cloaked in silence. The answers are obvious of course, and really are the only...Read On


Gunny And The Chief

They were sailing in the Gulf of Aqaba with the fleet, supporting the super carrier George H. W. Bush. They were aboard an LHD amphib with a contingent of over one thousand fleet sailors and about 1,600 Marines. Gunny Atwater was responsible for a rifle company of Marines, with usually about 80 to 100 Marines under her supervision. She had been aboard for six months now and was starting to...Read On

Southern Woman

I only have to close my eyes to relive my mountain pride To walk the trails of Tennessee hills, gets me higher than any pills Places so pretty and green, if you ever see it, youll know what I mean To live in a small town in Tennessee, means not a stranger I ever see It's in my heart as well as my soul, I am a southern girl wherever I go The country is in me, this is true It shows...Read On


Keep Living

They had plans They were going to get a place together Start a big family Open a bookstore They have planned it all for years Then it got taken away He saw an innocent girl and took her life Over $20 in cash and a credit card As her girlfriend sat by her bedside, she said, Don't weep for me when I am gone I'll be here, always Live the life we planned Open the store...Read On



...Doesn't always lead to the best thinking.

I like drink, and drink, I think, likes me. What a pair we are, keeping one another company. Like old mates, we have a laugh. Guess what? I don't get a hangover. Never once. Now you hate me, and I giggle "teehee". Anyone got some brie? I'm drunk in the manner of a skunk, so......Read On



Oh, you like being a coward? That's fine but you need to stay away. I can stand up to you and I'll never be afraid, Your bark isn't as strong as my bite. Grown man, thinking you can push me around, You don't scare or intimidate, You're just looking very foolish. Something in you does not compute, I can see right through your bullshit. You're so insecure. I am happy to be...Read On


Tabloid Exclusives

A proverbial Zeus high Upon his very own snowflaked Mount Olympus Occasionally wiping at the frosted snot in his nose Hurls such stinging javelins of lightning In attempts to strike down those he deems Lesser gods and greater mortals Fearing they seek to dethrone his Declaration of Greek Godly status In the silence occurring between Each of these egotistical thrusts Penetrating the waxy...Read On



So sudden the break So harsh the words So final the decision So silly the reason So impossible to fix So hard to heal So sad it ended So glad I once loved you...Read On


Into The Vasty Forest

It was a small village in the big woods called the Vasty Forest. He was a young man having reached the maturity of eighteen years. His name was Karling son of Kelborn. It was his time to take over his father's business of working the forges in the smithy. He had apprenticed since his eighth year. Now he was to be the breadwinner for the whole family as his father rested and awaited death....Read On


Sail Away

Wouldn't it be nice to fulfill your greatest dream?

In the morning, he walked to where he moored his sloop. He loosed it and sailed off to work. It was his last day. He thought of this day for a long time. When his day ended, he carried his things and tossed them in the trash. He bade his fellow workers goodbye. He untied the rope and sailed into the bay. As he sailed, he decided to fulfill his dream. He set the helm and turned...Read On


What's under the bed?

As she lays in bed pulling the sheet and blankets  Up around and over her shoulders and neck. She hears scratching under the bed.. Scratch Scratch Hisssss... Nervously she decides to look. Slowly leaning over the edge  but she can't see anything, When all of a sudden, there is a flash of white and then a loud BANG She jumps and falls off the bed, shaking and terrified  when...Read On


Our princess

Our princess is a kind spirit. Sometimes she is a little bashful. She has a big heart, with such a wonderful smile. Her blushes are cute, cuter then I will ever say. Her hair is soft, and it smells like sweet strawberries. Her voice so gentle, like a mother is to her child. Even if she is a princess, she does carry wounds Very deep and very big. She doesn't like leaning on others. ...Read On