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Growing Up Ranch Chapter 6

Different but similar

Having a brother wasn’t unique to growing up “ranch,” but it will help you fill in the big picture if I introduce him to you. There were some big differences in how we related to each other because we grew up “Ranch” together, but far from other playmates. Paul came along when I was three years old. I was very used to being the special son/grandson. I got highly pampered and felt this was...Read On


Welcomed to the Club


The Treadmill

With the advice, encouragement and sincere caring of a very loving person, I visited a doctor after many, years to check out my health. Without going into all the details and findings, one strong recommendation of my doctor was that I should engage in some form of exercise for the health of my heart. Fortunately, there is a workout room at my apartment complex with several treadmills. This...Read On


The Chronicles of Claudia Labelle -- Part IV

Claudia meets with the Prior for the first time.

Entry IV – I find myself in a much better frame of mind than I had when I was initially with Sister Agnes. The Prior is a very kind man, one with exceptional knowledge and an unquestionable thirst for Divine Truth. He is a simple man, who enjoys reading a multitude of subjects, not just religion. Which I must say, I find very odd for a man who has dedicated himself to God. His...Read On


The Man Selling His Breath In The Form Of Music

My hands shake while I write this and I doubt if at all I'll be able to justify his battle with life, on my paper. Connaught Place couldn't have been a better place on New Year's Eve if he hadn't been there. Cold breeze and temperature around 6°C, he sat firm and stable on the marble bench which was no less cold than ice. His hands quivered, not because of the cold; age was the factor, I...Read On


Bitter Ticking

Awww... a poor privileged man lost his Rollex, how sad...

Large ice blue eyes towered over my head, bullying me into accepting his reality. Of course, I nodded, agreed, appeased.  I changed the accounting codes facilitating the theft of expensive cases of wine. The whole company set its sharp teeth against my unwillingness to let him steal. My thoughts about his "reality" rumbled like angry thunder through my hidden emotions, causing my face to...Read On


Open Letters - 2

More general open letters

Back by popular demand! Here are some more general open letters from my life, for you, my internet friends. Dear Hanukkah food- You are so delicious and so tasty. I'm not even 'properly' Jewish but I would convert just for the food. A Holiday where deep fried foods are eaten? Yes, please. It's not good for my waist line, but the food is just so tasty, and apparently I have weak will power....Read On


Twilight Theatre

Cards are dealt as a form of meditation in which answers are sometimes sought through the sacred geometry and laws of chance. Still there are many met who speak of nothing and wear many faces and instill the fear of loss, and still the show must go on even in the empty spaces and abandoned places. With the question coming forth of what is being looked for? Whatever happens is assumed to be...Read On


Adventures Across the Starways - Chapter 21

"Oh gods, somebody help me!" she muttered as she struggled....

Sive leaned against the wall while listening to Murdock’s plan. She knew he had his own agenda, but for now, she needed him, and his plan needed her. “So that's pretty much it. Any questions or do you have anything to add?” he asked. Sive bit her lip thinking what to say. “Doctor?” Murdock asked raising his eyebrow at her. Trying to keep her temper in check she replied, "First off call me...Read On


The Damned: Chapter 2

I hated how beautiful she was. I hated her sleek, slender figure, her caramel skin, her and her long dark hair. Traditionally men couldn’t stand the idea of a slender wife. However, for a farmer like my husband, a slender wife was ideal.             I was a tiny little twig when I got married. When I married Nsansa, I ate as farmers’ wives did. There was always something to sink my teeth...Read On


The Chronicles of Claudia Labelle -- Part III

Claudia has reached Saint Ansgar Priory

Entry III – I need to write this quickly, as Sister Agnes has given me a few minutes to settle in before I meet the Prior ― a situation in which I am no longer sanguine. I was in a state of disbelief the moment I arrived at the Priory. When I stepped out of the carriage, I stopped and gazed up at the substantial structure that was before me. The church tower alone could scrape the...Read On


The Beautiful And The Dangerous - Chapter Two

Chapter Two: The murdered house-keeper and the missing wife

The murdered housekeeper and the missing wife “So I ran your victim’s identification and cards through the system, and I found some interesting things,” said Alec, who was the resident tech genius of the Spring View Police Force. He had seen  some  action in his short time on the force, but even he agreed that he was more of a hindrance than a help when out on the case. He much preferred...Read On


Broken Lives : Chapters 4 & 5

She couldn't understand it. None of it made any sense to her. No one should have been able to find her, least of all an idiotic weakling like him. She could have sworn she had covered all her steps better after escaping that prison. Even worse, she couldn't understand why they even wanted her back. She was perfectly fine and more than capable of taking care of herself. The worst part though...Read On


A Tale of Four Seasons

Spring A pet bunny who lives their whole life in a cage, being cared for and petted. The bunny then through lazy circumstances is set free outside by the uncaring family who no longer cares for it or wants it. It dies when it gets eaten, and as it dies, it thinks of the family that so carelessly threw it away, wondering what it did wrong to the family. It remembers hugs and kisses from...Read On


Whatever The Weather

 I think of you often I care about you always If a kiss was a snowflake I would send you a blizzard A hug would be the sun To warm your heart and soul The rain would wash away the blues Because I love you so As you travel down the road of life Know I am not far from you Only a  heartbeat away And I am here to stay      ...Read On


There Was a Crooked Man

Source citations follow the text

There was a crooked man Who ran a crooked race [1] And with his crooked words, Put opponents in their place He chopped them down, one by one ’Til a single foe remained On merit, she’d win handily, So he painted her with disdain [2] This shameless huckster’s style Is totally ‘in your face’ At any time in memory, It would have brought him great disgrace But that isn’t how it happened, Not...Read On


Lowenna and the Secrets of Light and Darkness, Chapter 25

Darcarial isn't the only threat in hymdale

Chapter 25 A Child of Ebrus   "Wenna!"  Grilk shouted, but again there was no reply.  Talia was crying, and Rique was trying to convince Callan to let her climb down after her friend. "Look I feel for you, but she is either dead or trapped down there.  We have to find that crystal to save everyone else, or have you changed your mind about why we came down here?"  Callan said, keeping his...Read On


The Nurses. Chapter 39

“You don't understand, I know but thank you. You are Angels.”

H.M.S. Lakhota, March 21st, 1941.   The one thing that gave everyone in the sickbay hope was the continuous thudding of the anti-aircraft guns, so long as they were firing, all was not lost. As Simon helped the two women to their feet, the door swung open, and two sailors carrying another on a stretcher entered the bay. “Over there!” Simon pointed to the padded steel examination...Read On


Growing Up Ranch Chapter 5 My Pool

Better than a cement pond

Growing Up Ranch Chapter 5    My Pool Now most parks or playgrounds didn't have free pony rides, but I could understand that. What I didn't understand, or rather resented, was paying to go swimming. All I had to do was walk down to the creek, slip out of my shoes and a wading I would go. Swim trunks on I could splash and play all day and often did. My pool was more than just a pool it was...Read On


The Junction

The things I see around me.

Sometimes, it’s nice, being able just to look out on the world; to see the sunrise, to smell the freshness of the morning, and to experience the evaporation of the dew. Then, at the end of the day, to experience that special sunset; you know, the one that displays the brightest oranges and reds that set below the silhouetted trees. Then there are the arcs of brightly coloured rainbows that...Read On


Another Day, Another Panic Attack

The difficulties of living with anxiety, and how something little can make a huge difference

I was awake at 4am (after dreaming of panicking), worrying about going to Painsburys for 7am (when it tends to be quiet), when it occurred to me that Stressco might already be open! It was, and so I went down there. There were lots of workers doing the online shopping rounds, but they were all polite and friendly, and got out the way if I needed things, and got on with their work as I...Read On


The Photograph

If it hadn't been for the miracle of the Internet and social media, Anne and Kevin would never have known each other. Even today they have only ever met online, although their relationship is as real to them as it would be between two people who live in the same place and time. Neither are in the first flush of youth; in fact, they are both well into what some describe as their twilight...Read On


Snoring in Love

Does your wife love you ?

        Snoring In Love                                                                                                                                                                        “ We had the experience but missed the meaning, The approach to the meaning restores the experience. In a different form, beyond any meaning, W e can assign to happiness.” T.S. Eliot -...Read On


Tea Party

This too shall pass



My Kids Do Stuff That May Get Me Beat Up Some Day

Unfiltered streams from a child's mind...

* * * This is one of my favorite musings from previous submissions * * * One winter day, when he was three, I carried my son into a local shopping centre. As we approached the entrance, I saw a lady taking a long drag on a short cigarette. I moved quickly away from her before we were forced to walk through an ominous cloud of exhaled cancer. I didn’t realize this, but my precocious son...Read On


The Beautiful and the dangerous - Chapter One

Chapter One - The Body

The Body “Keep it together, newbie,” hissed Todd Fletcher, staring at her with his steely gray gaze, telling her to hold it together and not to let the other officers see the horror or repulsion she felt at that moment as she looked over the body. Swallowing the lump that had formed in her throat, Imogen took a deep breath and tried to remain as calm as possible. This was her first...Read On


I’m Still Here

Emily and Mike's day out did not go as planned.

  Emily was in love. Every morning she awoke and looked at the man that shared her bed. Every morning she smiled and slowly but surely she would end up snuggling into him. She knew that Mike was the best lover, the most attentive husband and the best friend she would ever have. He was one of a kind, her kind.   Today was Sunday; there would be no lie-in today. Soon, they would be sat in...Read On


Just A Little Tickle

It was a cold and rainy night.

My Uncle Dave was an electrician by trade much like his father, my Grandpa Vernon. He retired from the power company and became a private electrician. One night we were in town for a visit to Grandma Mary and it came up a windy rain storm. Uncle Dave came in and sat down and related the following story. He had just been called over to “Old Lady ___’s.” She had lost power during the storm...Read On


Fooling Mum

I could see dark blue sea below my feet and I could feel the wind press against my body, holding me fast. My mother had always told me to never lean into the wind over a high cliff, but what does she know? This was fun! Then I panicked. My arms moved backwards at an ever increasing rate before I started to fall. I could see the panic in mother’s face, closely followed by the horror and...Read On


High School

I know that I was hurt in high school but can't remember. I think it had to do with sports or band and it was someone I knew. I can't recall that which haunts me daily. Sometimes when I am high I can recall just the tiniest speck, just a small detail. I know this because I can't remember the front of my high school nor what it looks like across the street. I know that when I remember,...Read On