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Moving On

Sometimes it is hard to move on but we must do it in order to live life.

Some wounds heal with time. Others leave deep scars. Even with scars there can be friends. Friends that can still love you, Just not in the same way they once did. Love is a very fickle word. It has many meanings. In the end it is all the same, Never wanting to hurt the other person. For others it was Never wanting to be hurt by anyone. Even though we know the pain all to well, Felt the...Read On


His Eyes

For David, my Darling late husband 9/03/12

When I looked into his eyes  I saw many things  Magic, love of life, at times intense desire  Concern for family and friends When I looked into his eyes  I saw our future, our life together  Special plans to enjoy, exotic places  In what little leisure time we found When I looked into his eyes  I saw his love for me  How much I needed him and depended on him The last time...Read On


A Pervert's Secret

You get stuff you don’t deserve, friends, family, they all love you, but I know the truth. It isn’t what you think, I’m harmless. I’ve seen the way you skulk around, looking at those children, you’re a monster! I have to look at them, nobody else will. Who’s going to protect them? I think you know the answer: Their parents can do that. They will protect them. They can’t. I’m the...Read On


Wounded Heart that Stopped Beating

You say you can't do a relationship right now and I understand that but then I hear and read.

It is funny anymore How people can say one thing, Then do another. Like the other person has no feelings. Well guess what. I have feelings, I have emotions, Right now you just stomped all over them. You tell me you feel safe when I hold you. Like I can protect you from the world. You say that you love me, That you need me. Which is obviously a lie now, You just want to feel special and...Read On


But I'm Not

Short piece. I saw him during class and the words just flowed.

If I was still your friend, I would be so proud of you right this second. If I was still your friend, you would not quite understand why, but accept it quietly, like you did everything else about me. If I was still your friend, I would greet you every morning, smile, stick out an arm and wrap it around your shoulders. If I was still your friend, you would smile back and tell me about...Read On


Kaitei Niou 10-11

Chapter 10 After laying there for a while, Araiso got up and left to the kitchen. He helped himself to a cup of water, then stared in at the half filled glass. With a sigh, he turned the cup over and poured out the water. “Going back on your kind.” Came a soothing man’s voice through the room. Araiso looked up, and then around to see no one. “That’s not like you.” The voice said. ...Read On


Phantom Wars Chapter 6

Chapter Six: Roommates Ethan had no time to admire the luxurious lobby of the 94th floor as he arrived there because Picario was already jogging off down the hall to the rooms section. Ethan jogged after him and quickly caught up. Picario said nothing during their jog and even shoved a couple people out of the way as he turned down the first corridor; Ethan had to apologize for him. ...Read On


Go Team Iron Dome

Reader discretion advised. The story you are about to read contains views and opinions that some readers may find offensive. By choosing to read this piece, you agree that you do not object to reading content that may be considered derogatory in nature. Would you like to be A part of something grand in scale So great Unique? Come join the practice squad Go Team Iron Dome No one is...Read On


The Moment He Saved Me Again- Chapter 11

If Kayden hadn't stopped me, I would have made it to him in time. I watch the elevator doors close and I see Mason's blond hair disappear behind it. At the last second he turned around and saw me. I watch him move quickly to the center of the elevator, trying to make sure it was really me, that I was really following him. I turn back to Kayden and let out a huge sigh of annoyance. ...Read On



Love letter.

Dearest, Sitting here, it's so quiet I can hear the clock ticking and the cold wind brushing against the glass on my front window. One thing comes to mind on this quiet night of mine, and that is you. As I close my eyes I can see you, as if you were here resting your head against my shoulder. Warmth fills my heart as I feel your hand gently reaching out for mine, as you snuggle in tight...Read On


New Friends Again

It seemed so simple to me And I thought it would be for you. But here we are Apart. Complications where Trust is Implicit Makes little sense, But there it is my friend. My friend, Never again.  It seems this is the end. Lives are not that easy to read, Lives are not that easy to live, Lives are not easy, But trust is. Or should be, Don't you agree. Did you decide that someone was...Read On



For Elliot

How I long to be with you, Feeling your body against mine. As we meet in early dawn of the early light, I shall run to you with all my might. My heart beating madly, What a beautiful sight you will be as I first look upon you. Kissing you at last, Though I have hundreds of times in my head. Gasping as our lips touch softly, Tasting you for the first time. You are delicious...Read On


Let Me Bleed

Let me bleed, let me drain my life away, Let me leave the world this day. I gaze out on the vistas beyond. Let there be no tears, I have no fears. I know that we have forged a bond You know me well and wish me all the best But hope cannot be found On this death ground Where I will find my rest. Know this, my closest friend  There was a beginning, now there is an end, But...Read On


Cricket the Early Years Part 11

Marcia gets her revenge, but makes a new friend in the process.

The classes all sat waiting for the third bell, which signaled the start of the school day. The school went quiet, while it waited for the morning announcements. Before the announcements began, a loud scream echoed through the halls into every room. Soon the putrid smell of a skunk penetrated the air in every classroom. Naomi looked at Marcia and they both smiled trying to contain...Read On


Dead on the Horizon: Chapter 1 - Sweet Dreams

With the dead rising from their graves, we follow four survivors and see how they survive the terror

Dead on the Horizon Chapter 1: Sweet Dreams Written by Jerred D. Adams GHOST VO: If you are hearing this, you’re still alive. The cities have been overrun, I repeat stay away from the cities. I thought I could hold up in my house but it proved to be fatal. Mankind is crumbling before my eyes. Whatever you do, don’t let what happened to...Read On



Sort of a continuation of my last one

I want to live in the space where you draw your oxygen in and reach for me, that uncertain fraction of a second where your lungs ache and the quickening race that is your heart floods each vein beneath your skin like The grazing of ancient plates under the earth before all we know begins to shake. It's the many places we cannot see beyond or into that drive us the most ...Read On


Thistle Down

How Thistle Down's name was changed...

This story only available on Stories Space. If you are reading it elsewhere, it has been stolen. Once upon a time, the Princess of Black Onyx Tower and the Little Fat Fairy decided to go for a walk. "Where shall we go?" asked the Little Fat Fairy. "Let us go along the Porridge Estuary, towards the village of Abbots Bourbon," replied the Princess. And so, the Princess of Black Onyx Tower...Read On


The Strange White Man Part 21

Lafayette slept from about 2:00 AM on Sunday until around 9:00 AM. He awoke and made a meager breakfast from the leftovers on the dinner tray that was brought yesterday. He then made coffee and began to formulate a plan to help his friend before he began the extremely lengthy process of becoming Aunt Lilly again. Once finished and double checking his appearance in the large mirror he grabbed...Read On


Tell It Like It Is

Reader discretion advised. The story you are about to read contains views and opinions that some readers may find offensive. By choosing to read this piece, you agree that you do not object to reading content that may be considered derogatory in nature. Why don't you lie to yourself some more About how God is for, not against the war? And when you find yourself knocking on Heaven's...Read On


Lending Fate a Hand

Such a beautiful smile for such a sad girl, I'm sorry this happened to you.

Where was he? Nothing looked familiar to him. He was in a white room and it was empty. People were yelling around him but he didn't see anyone. Someone was running past him and felt air rush by his face. Reaching up, he touched his face and pulled his hand back when he felt something wet. Looking down, he was blood. He touched his face again to find more blood. Pulling off his shirt,...Read On



My favorite time of the year

I want to be the last note lingering as the song fades out and becomes a final chord to follow you into your dreams and paint the walls you curiously touch, trace your fingertips along before stepping out of the house. You follow the cold night air, ghostly mist swirling around when you exhale and dry leaves crunch beneath your bare feet, following a path to the woods, the familiar...Read On


The Goldfish

All goldfish are equal, but some are more dangerous than others!

The annual Saint Joseph Church carnival was winding down. It had been three and nine-tenths days of fun, but on Sunday evening, eleven-year-old Thomas Leary was running out of time. In between boarding a slew of nausea-inducing rides and devouring funnel cake the size of Frisbees, it was time to win something other than another stuffed animal. Thomas wanted to win a goldfish, but not just...Read On


Less of a Musing, More of a Rant.

I'm a little peeved. Better write about it. I hate that word: Peeved.

I vigorously dislike it when you give someone advice, and they just don’t take it. You know, I gave some really good advice. I was kind about it, but it was just ignored. I can’t rant about it here without giving it away, but fucking hell, really? You know what else I dislike? Seeing computer terms mis-abbreviated. I don’t care if that’s a word, I’m using it. I saw a CD-R, and on it...Read On



He needs to stop the voice in his head

“Kill him.” “No,” I whispered through gritted teeth. “Shut up. You’re not real.” “Burn him. Burn him alive and you’ll be rewarded beyond imagining. Everything you desire, you’ll have. All you have to do is sacrifice your son. You must sacrifice him.” I didn’t respond. I just kept walking. I was almost at the pharmacy. My fist clenched tightly around the prescription in my pocket....Read On


A Medley Of Deadly Consequences

Reader discretion advised. The story you are about to read contains views and opinions that some readers may find offensive. By choosing to read this piece, you agree that you do not object to reading content that may be considered derogatory in nature. God Hates These Wars Liquid gold buried under the coveted burning sand Imperialism and Christianity Journeying hand in hand...Read On


Pounding Sound of Silence

What to do when the sound of silence never stops pounding.

Lying in the dark. Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom, Goes my heart. Throwing the covers off, Jumping out of bed, Covering my ears, Screaming loudly. Tears pouring down my face, Like water from a faucet. Soaking my face and chest, Screaming to the point of silence. Mouth open wide but no sound, Nothing. Running to my friends, Trying to speak, Tears still falling. Nothing but silence. Heart...Read On


Nearly There Nicely 10

Chapter 10 Crow nodded and hurried over to Will. He put his hands under Will's arms and helped him to stand again, and led the shocked boy back onto the concrete and then back into the shop. Crow let go of Will once they were back in the bedroom, and Will was sitting back on the bed. Crow felt his cheeks. “Hey, you okay?” Will nodded a bit in shock, though he looked pale. “Wh-... What...Read On


Leave it be

Upon my travels of many life times, I met a strange assortment of creatures, heard rumors of many more and known that either I knew them or they knew me. Very rarely would I come across an old soul that I never heard nor met before. This particular tale is about one I had gotten to know very well after several years. Her name was Lily. I found her early one morning. I don't exactly know why...Read On


The Doom Of Man

inspired by The Hobbit and The Lord Of The Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien -and- Acid Rain by D.R.I.

Listen, in the distance Doooooom Again, there it is Dooom dooom Sounding of the war drums Doooooom Movement on the horizon Dooom dooom Wait Stand your ground The final hour is drawing near Doom doom doom doom Hear the drums beat Ground shaking beneath your feet As if the very earth is coming alive With a pulse of ten-thousand strong Marching swiftly along Without break in...Read On


Ice queen

She was warm and kind. Her words were sweet and true. Her life was full of torture and blues. She always gave a smile. But time passed. People gave her crap. Them told her she wasn't good. That she couldn't love. Of course she listened. Of course she heard. She gave in and then she became what she feared. Ice queen. Silently there. Watching and not caring no more....Read On