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Kingdom Under Lies (Excerpt)

An excerpt of a battle scene from my story Kingdom Under Lies

…Brom ran through the dense foliage of the Renei Forest, hacking at the branches in front of him and screaming Alice’s name in panic. Renador and the guards were not far behind him. They had been scouring the depths of the forest for nearly half an hour now, but there was no sign of Alice. Renador stopped. He had a sudden feeling that something was with them in the woods. Some dark...Read On


Wishes and Witches

Sometimes wishes and dreams come true, sometimes you wish they didn't.

WISHES AND WITCHES by MF Burbaugh   "Wishes at the shrine, a copper for my time. Wishes I make true, come let me help you." The cackle of the old crone as she laughed was haunting, daring us to purchase her service. Daring anyone. "Come hither little ones, see your dreams. Come hither dears, all is not as it seems." I looked to Kathy and asked, "Want to? We're in the city...Read On



Written in a hospital bed just before a recent operation.

Darkness surrounds me, a little girl dressed in white, no starlight, no moon; my footsteps fall softly in the silence, reaching. Don't cry sweet child of summer, tomorrow will be a new day of hope, dear sister; let your footsteps fall on the pathway to wonder; the sun's rays will light your face, for you are the daughter...Read On


Blood pt. 2 - Letter to Kaitlyn

I was asked to write a sequel to my original story 'Blood'. This is it...

Blood pt. 2 – Letter to Kaitlyn “My Darling Daughter, I know things have been pretty awful for you these past months. I wish I could undo everything that you have been through. I never meant for you to see what you walked into that afternoon when you arrived home from school. I cannot even begin to imagine what went on in your teenage head when you saw all that blood; saw your...Read On


That Little Talk

This first appeared in, Maggie Rascal’s, otherwise excellent, Select Stories’ site. Everything else there is better, in fact, much better. Check it out for yourself. “I guess it’s time we had that little talk.” His father’s voice was teasing, but Mark knew the talk would be about the summer job he hadn’t started. Time to change the subject. “Oh, I already know all about that stuff. The...Read On


Harper: Slow

Inspired by: Slow by TheSarahJade on YouTube

" I miss you so much. " I kneel on the grass and stare into the darkening horizon for a long period of time, my mind whirling, the compulsively organized file cabinets in my brain spewing memories onto the floor. I am forced to sift through them in order to find their dwelling place. I run into the memory of standing up for you to Dad. His voice pierces my heart, driving as deep as it did...Read On


The Promised Land

With never ending dreams And never ending sorrows Began a life A life full of mystery And misery That life cruised through waves Waves of Pleasure Waves of disturbing instances Waves of crest and trough  Leading in all directions Without any clue But for every down he meets There were some ups Promising him some Making him believe of The promised land The land...Read On


Walking In The Fog Of Passion

Come awake Shake it off After so much time Lost in dreams that never came true. You have spent your senses  In words to the air Throwing your reason Into the dust bin Of your consciousness. A cleansing rain of honesty Washes away The fog of besotted lust Unmet and unreturned. Words have power As you full well know Manipulating  And playing with them  In ascending  Stairways of...Read On



I have no inspiration just don't know what to write there isn't any poem that wants to come out right Yet I can not endure that I have to hold a pen and when it touches paper it starts to flow again just random thoughts and pictures and words, all roaming free I'm reaching out to grab them but they keep escaping me still, I have to go on writing of the sea or of the shore or shall I write...Read On


LV Poem

eViL LiVes among the eVoLVing LoVes Like a siLent reVoLVer drawn to eVoke a pack of woLVes there's an iron VeLVet in a gLoVe when the Eve drops its VeiL the eViL is aLiVe up from eLeVen until dawn...Read On

Happy with Life

I made a lot of mistakes Went down a wrong road or two I know we still love each other No matter what we do You mixed up my head I was always in tears But I would not trade the experience I had with you For a million dollars or years Oh wait I already gave one million up for you Well no need to worry I am happy with that choice too I love every minute we had ...Read On


Welcome Heroes

A hero briefs future heroes of the Space Marines

(This short story is graduation day for the elite of the elite, Space Marines... It is based on one of my eBooks 'Rocer Penal Colony' available at most eBook sites, but not needed for this.) "Come in, come in. Find a seat. Welcome." Four hundred new Space Marines filed in and took seats in the auditorium. Bringing it to near capacity. Either it was me or they were getting younger...Read On


You Don't Know Me

You don't know me Because I won't let you. I allow you to know some of me; Those parts of myself  I feel I can reveal Without fear or concern Of harming myself in some way. But you'll never really know me. Not all of me. Ever. There is a part of me That is dark, hidden and mysterious Even to me That I stay away from Except, perhaps, when I sleep. No, you don’t know me. How can you When I...Read On


Phantom Wars Chapter 19

New years comes and the festivities are extravagant.

Chapter Nineteen: New years On new years day Ethan stepped outside his room and walked to the lobby to find out the mansion had transformed again. But this time it was much more different than on Christmas. The lobby had grown 20 times in size, maybe more, and no longer had a pool or hot tubs; it was now like an open street in a massive city. Things were a little dark like it was night time...Read On


The Flower Lady

There you go tearing pages, From your book again, All you have is a worn umbrella, Picking flowers in the rain. Using words, you can Tell the truth from lies. You have so much knowledge, Are you really that wise? The poetry in the lady, Is impossible to find, But it cuts like a razor edge Through the shadows of your mind. Chorus: The river never was so wide, To end the journey of your...Read On


In The Shadows

No one sees the invisible.

I stand in the dark, cold, still night, watching, waiting, listening hidden from view. A soft breeze blows, carrying the voices and laughter of people walking by my hidden refuge. Little do they know I am here every night protected and warm. The vent of steam from the laundry floods my area. I create a fresh hovel every night. The cardboard and packing material make a protective place that...Read On



Please don’t randomise me. I’d like to feel I was chosen: Pre-selected for only you Rather than landed in your lap After a lucky spin On the roulette wheel of life. Don’t make me feel I was a chance: That our paths crossed by accident. I’d feel more comfortable knowing That the Fates had a hand In introducing us to each other According to a bigger Plan. Please make me feel special and...Read On

The Trial, Love

As I sit on the stand I swear to tell the truth I smile and my heart begins to swell For the love I have for you the promise I am keeping It has been a long time coming It took longer than expected But baby boy it's here As I promised long ago The trial is almost over When all is said and through They will have to pay For what they did to you...Read On


You are enough!

Always believe in yourself...

She hides herself away scared hoping wanting someone, anyone to care enough to come and look for her and offer her a hand. She waits minutes turn to hours which turn to months and years. She sees life passing her by and she feels sad and even more alone. Then one day a stranger appears someone who looks familiar but not some how Without saying anything, they sit and wait. ...Read On


This Will Never Change

Why must I be the one who is punished? The one who is afraid to sleep at night?  Who feels alone every second of everyday? I didn't do this to myself.  I didn't ask you to hurt me.  You sleep at night, While I try to pick up the pieces of my life.  While trying to fight the voices in my head saying I'm worthless.  While trying to forget everything and stop crying.  For once in my life I want...Read On



If your words are painted across my heart, if your face is drawn along every wall I'll go on to build around myself, then I could still hold on to some semblance of you. Some parallel echo I may be able to record and mimic, create from scratch again and build any way I want, but each one of those possible timelines would always carry a flaw sewn in somewhere. The color of your eyes may be...Read On



Words are not enough for me anymore,  Only actions matter now. No one can touch me anymore, My lips are now permanently sealed, I'm totally beyond all help. Love no longer has meaning. Only a foreign concept now, Long forgotten. I'll be hiding in the shadows,  Waiting for sweet release. I've other things to look forward to, These weights feel great upon my feet....Read On


Stolen Moments

Love finds a way...

In the eyes of another I would be thief. It matters not to them of my own hearts grief. Or the emptiness that dwells inside, A hidden heart that long since died. Lives half-lived with others twined. Trophies set proud, polished and shined. Yet something missing, an aching hunger. A desire unfulfilled from a heart much younger. Homes and lives left alone each night. But the yearning...Read On


Living in a dream

Spouting Shakespeare and living in a dream, Nothing will ever be what it seems, With scraps of paper fallen at my feet . John Lennon glasses and a beatnik shirt, Everyone’s so different it almost hurts, The words I write all start to taste the same. I listen to a song but I can’t hear the beat, A melody is heard playing further down the street, I catch the mood in my hand as it...Read On



Debbie has a hare-lip Brian has MS Polly has spin-bifida Janie has a new dress. Gordon’s in a kids home Becky endures abuse Andrew has Downs Syndrome Janie has new shoes Adrian’s dad is on the dole Joanne’s mum is on the booze Martin’s dad is hooked on drugs Janie hasn’t got time to lose Lisa is autistic Steven’s hair is full of lice Wendy can’t keep up at school Janie feels pretty...Read On


My Lady

My love for Mer

I see her Her dancing around Her smiling face Her laughter that fills the air She is my past All that I care to remember She is my present All that I hold dear She is my future and forever All the brightness of a new penny She is my love She is my everything She is my soul and heart The air I breathe  She is my lady...Read On



As the morning slowly brightens I sit and contemplate the silence And the darkness that surrounds me As a blanket, snug and tight Knowing I must let the day come Though reluctant, so I hold on For as long as I am able To the remnants of the...Read On


Elementals Prologue

The start of a young aspiring magicians story.

Prologue In this world there are three great lands: Uryaen, Saeyune, and Aeon Toris. These lands are inhabited by humans and the mysterious and dangerous creatures known as Elementals. There is an old legend that before humans tamed these Elementals that the three lands were once one greater land. Though few know of this legend, and even fewer believe in it. There is another legend...Read On


Where Were You

Where were you  When the love died Did you notice Did you care We are passing like ghosts  Unaware An empty hollow feeling  An echoing shout of sorrow Of loss Fills my very being Bounces off the chambers Of my abandoned core. You encompassed Inhabited Were indwelling for so long But have now vacated And the source The reason The purpose for the change Escapes my vision My seeking My...Read On



Love unbounded has no limits

(Note from Author: This is fiction but I knew a woman just like her.) NANCY James couldn't read but he knew it was important, after all the postman gave it to him directly. He sat heavily on the steps. In his 21 years he could not ever remember the postman giving a letter directly to him. He stared at the envelope wondering what to do. He saw the stamp with the airplane on it and he...Read On