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Our World

I never expected to be a part of your world, for us to love one another. I can feel you slipping away, lost without me as I try to hold on to what we once were. Your world was most beautiful and I never wanted to leave. Our actions and time and circumstance have broken us, if only temporary. Never have I known such love until you came along, but Deepest heartbreak now cuts me to...Read On


No Time

Too late

I stood on the bridge; the hand in my pocket holding the watch you gave me before you died. it sat there alone in its perspiring womb. the dark was more than night; it squeezed through my pores. the glass grinned sheepishly, like a drunken mourner, and the numbers fell about like hailstones; but it was the hands that lifted an Accusing finger. as I looked down, a darker Me than I...Read On


The Gift Of Love

God blessed me so very much upon a wonderful day in spring, He gifted me with a love that's such A marvelous and amazing thing; To God I will always give all the thanks that are due, For as long as my body lives I'll be honored to be loved by...Read On


Pivotal Moments - Chapter 21

A reconciliation

I knew it was going to be a shitty day pretty much from the moment I woke up. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that things aren’t going to go your way when you get out of bed and immediately fall flat of your face. I considered going back to bed as I tried to untangle my legs from the bed covers that I found myself trapped in, but decided against it. After what felt like an eternity...Read On

our love

Make the hurt go away Make my heart stop feeling the pain Make my eyes stop shedding tears Make my hands stop shaking with fear I want to love you and hold you near Share your every doubt my dear I want to make your world beautiful again With love, trust and laughter and smiles With a lifetime of happiness so true Please let me do this just for you Your're the other half...Read On


Woman, Who Are You?

Chatting with Sarah, before work,was a nice way to start the day. She was short, from Louisiana, had horses, and sometimes drove her husband’s rumbly truck to work. The other supply clerks started heckling her about her “girlfriend,” me. She gave one of them a shove, and got dismissed for violence in the workplace. The guys hassled me, saying I was flirting, whenever I’d talk to any...Read On


Evil And Good

Evil and Good balance each other. They force every man to choose between the two, thus sealing his own fate. Beauty lives within Evil , like the adoration of a delicate black rose. Through every evil , whether it be starvation or heartbreak, awaits a good for redemption or freeing the soul from any pain... yet not always. Evil is powerful, crushing Good at times, and Evil is also...Read On


Run ( To Get Ahead )

She runs Never looking back Over her shoulder She has her reasons Especially for disliking this meanest Most dreadful of seasons Nape of neck kissed with Autumn lips Chilled breath without provocation Bites It nips her heels As the days become colder And older grow the nights She still feels Nothing Above The sun floating along an ocean of blue is not missed Always seeking her out...Read On



always the same...

Every time it's the same. Lie after lie, that you don't see till it's to late. Why can't this chain be broken? Is it because I'm unworthy? Or the people I choose? Why can't I have honesty? When will this end? Is this something I give off? Like a vibe or something physical? Something that lets you think 'I'll just take whatever you give'? That I'll just hide my head and...Read On


Changing Road

She walks down the curving road. Nothing but confusion and misunderstanding. She knows not of what is known But rather what should not be known. Again the darkness started to envelope her into the state of oblivion. She thought she had the power to dismiss it. Maybe this time was different. She couldn’t bear it anymore Therefore she turned down a different road. ...Read On



The worst part? I hop between drowning and breathing... and then I fall off the boat again...

Laughing with friends. Smiling and happy. Joking for fun. Bouncing about, Nothing wrong. Denied. Going to parties. Dancing the night away. Walking with my head up. Singing, free-spirited. Denied. Crying happy tears instead of sad. Looking in the mirror, Loving myself instead of hating. Awaking instead of sleeping. Breathing instead of drowning. Denied. Living instead of dying to be okay....Read On


Magical Words

Its time to express the feelings we share

When I walk near to her home My heart starts beating faster She sees me, but never comes out I just look at the terrace hoping she will wave Little glimpse of her, I will be jovial I become despaired, walking past the home weakly She is my junior, I know that pretty face well Being shy, I never put the pedal on my feelings Whenever I come to close to her, my feet gets cold ...Read On


Mario Dean’s Death causing a revolution

You have to know about the coditions in Jamaica to understand this poem and what is really about

I could not believe when I heard it on the news That you were locked up for a spliff, A misdemeanor Before your mother could bail you Emergency She found you beaten, unblemished left in a coma. The message that is been sent by the authorities Not that I condone breaking the law However do not be caught smoking or in possession Of Marijuana A God made herb However,...Read On


Hidden Inside - 9

A girl finds solace within the eerie woods.

Morning couldn't come quick enough. Time seemed to slow to a halt the more I stared at the ceiling, wishing it would pass quicker. I counted the specks on the ceiling over and over again, memorizing every detail in the process. With no windows in Trevor's room, it was significantly harder to tell the time. Apparently, he also didn't believe in alarm clocks. The black room seemed almost...Read On


Pivotal Moments - Chapter 20

Aislinn and mom have a talk

It’s always been a mystery to me at the power that words have over a person’s life at a particular point in time. I remember when my father was killed; hearing the army casualty notification officer that came to inform us of his death speak those fateful words… “The Secretary of the Army has asked me to express his deep regret that your husband, Robert Munroe, was killed in action...Read On

scars of the soul

As I look at the scars on my soul I think of the times they were put on Each time I bled, I cried no more You only laughed and beat me with force You told me how to dress, how to live What to eat, what to drink and what to dream You owned my life, my body and soul That shall happen never again, anymore When you lay on your death bed and we knew you were going I knew I would...Read On



If home is where the heart is then my home is always with you. It doesn't matter where you are as long as we come together. Your heart is beautiful, I've made it my home forever. Let me cloak you with my love until eternal slumber. Don't be afraid, come and take my hand, It doesn't matter as long as we are with each other. I want to spend my days and nights with you, Drowning you in...Read On


All Those Years Ago

After years, she finally decides to check her emails

She wakes to the soft rays  Of a new morning, Aroma of a brand new day, Of fresh coffee just brewed. Certain thoughts, Linger in her heart,  Though she tries,  To shrug them away. It has been years  Since the last time  She signed in  To that certain site. What does she have To lose now?  It isn't like  He will be there.  Blocking away Any further thoughts,  She logged into  Her...Read On


The Strange White Man Part 28

Stiles stayed put in the small town he had arrived at a few weeks ago and spent most of his days in his room reviewing his notes and writing in his journal. In case of his demise, natural or otherwise, this journal would be a guide to whomever took his place. He had sent a telegram to his current client and received a request to stay there as the client was en-route to his location. About...Read On


My Great Wowa

you are my one and only...

You are the one, The light of my life. You mean the world to me, Morning, noon and night. You are my heart, My soul's only desire. You are everything good, My spirit's only fire. Through the good and bad, By you I'll always stand. For me, You're the only man....Read On