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Gambits - The Iron Rook II

TheIron Rook II It was several more years until the King and Queen had another child; and little over a year after that when the golden Sage Ordon returned to Castle Traeur, to see Duncan Whitetree. He had told him to take a small force of no more than twenty men, in addition to his chosen two other nobles to sit with him at the new court. After that Ordon had gone to the Riverlands,...Read On


Final Night-Chapter Eight-The Other Shoe

"Never give people choices you don't want them to make."- Frank Sonnenberg. Andre Andre materialized in his chambers gasping for breath. The wound was healing slowly because the damn mortal damn near scrambled his organs. He made a mental note to find out who taught her to twist a knife so viciously and kill them. He sat quickly on his bed and waited out the healing process, allowing...Read On


The Chronicles of Claudia Labelle

A young woman travels to a foreign land in pursuit of an education.

Entry One: I am not exactly sure where to begin, with the utmost honesty. This idea of writing at least once a day is a foreign concept to me. Although it is appropriate, given I am now, officially, in a foreign land. Just as dawn made its approach this morning, I arrived at the port of a village by the name of Sigtuna. Upon taking my first step onto the Kingdom of Sweden, I was greeted...Read On


A Thousand Years to Live - Chapter three

Studying and friendship in the 31st century

We work for a solid hour and half before my Dad walks through the door and sees us sitting on the couch. Neither of us notice him until he clears his throat and when he does we both jump up from the lounge. “Hello, Dad,” I say, getting worried that he won’t like this. “This is Colton. He’s my partner on my galactic communications assignment.” “Hello, sir,” Colton says offering his hand...Read On


The Primordial Root: Elegy

The abysmal tempest consumes life, insatiably

A fat governor spat out a decree between laborious respirations: "Drag their belongings to the doors. Beat upon the wood, wake those impious bastards from their wine-addled stupor. Let them see what their rebellious efforts have wrought. Set up the pyres and douse the grounds in oil. This hall must burn along with the decadent inhabitants. Bring them out, there! Put them in the streets...Read On


The Wild Gypsy Soul

Finding yourself when you don't know where you are.

The desert is dry and arid. I am wandering around aimlessly looking for some sort of oasis in this barren wasteland. I keep a look out for wild animals and snakes waiting to make me their next meal. Suddenly up ahead I see a settlement made up of caravans and tents. There are people milling around and sitting by campfires. "Senorita?" One man uttered as he regarded my tattered clothing....Read On


The Vessel

CHAPTER 1 "The Start of a Long Journey" "Get off him! Get off him now Sean!" I can hardly hear her. The muffled sound barely finds its way to my conscious mind. I feel a good sensation as I squeeze harder. As I squeezed his neck even more, I find myself feeling sorry for him, and I let go. I get in his face clenching my teeth quietly telling him, "say that again!" I speak louder, "Say it!"...Read On


Fortune and Fate

A woman and her mother spend an afternoon together

“I saw my astrologer yesterday,” my mother says. She is reclining on the pool chair and its white slates have left a red imprint on the back of her thighs. She has a rum and coke in one hand. “And?” I keep my voice neutral. She must know I am looking at her although her eyes are closed against the glare of Sydney’s midsummer sun. It is too warm really to be exposed like this, but my...Read On



Indoctrination is easy, death comes easier

“Has it been assembled, correctly?” “Yes, I’ve managed to configure it properly this time. It’s in the bottom drawer of the wine cabinet.” “Alright. Ammunition stowed as well?” “Yes.” “Do not tell Christian about it. His inclusion would just complicate things with unnecessary precautions. I want this done simply and without issue, do you understand?” “He’ll be focused on wrapping up...Read On


Hard Boiled and Bitchy

Stephanie Plum with an edge

It was as windy as if Hurricane Isaac was blowing through town. I was on a stake out waiting for my FTA (failure to appear) not only was he late getting home from work. He was late in every sense of the word as I would soon discover. My name is Big Mama Mary and I am the toughest bounty hunter this side of Death Valley. My rack and my attitude are about the same size, extra-large. Tonight I...Read On


Hopeless Dream

I don't want to hear it. All about how you became this way, Or any way at all. Face all the facts. It was your decision to make your life hell, And now you fall. But don't you tell me such a whiny story. I don't want to hear it, 'cause... Take away the drugs. Take away the booze. Take away the pain that's in the news. Take away the screaming. Take a way the fighting. What is left...Read On


The Primordial Root

A man attempts to topple a tree laden with ancient powers of dark.

Do you wish to end my growth, fawn of my construction?You toil away with that damned axe: hacking, beating, pecking away at my trunk like a man compelled by spirits. What hope is there to fell me in your pathetic state? Withered, wizened, and weak. You will never breach my bark. Begone or I will rip your innards from your stomach and hang you by them on my branches. Drenched in sweat...Read On


Gambits - The Iron Rook I

The Iron Rook I "You want to assassinate the royal family?" Duncan repeated the elder Sage's words slowly; doubting every word. "I prefer to call it a silent coup, but yes." Sage Ordon replied with a calm smile. As if they were talking about taking a nice sail down the Riverlands, rather than a plot of high treason. The Sage had appeared at his castle, deep in the woods, entirely...Read On


What's this 'ere?

“Oi, 'arry, come over 'ere, quick!”

“Oi, 'arry, come over 'ere, quick!” “What's up, Sid?” “What's that there?” “What, this 'ere?” “Yeah, that there.” “Blimey mate, I dunno but I'll tell yer what it looks like...” “What's that then, 'arry?” “This 'ere looks like an ear...” “That there looks like an ear? Hmm, I suppose it does.” “Is there another one 'ere, Sid?” “Nah, mate, just that one there.” “Let's 'ave...Read On


To Kill a Fruit Fly

An assassin bug gives a fruit fly the day of his life.

Just that morning, the assassin bug had thoughts about retiring. Not that he wasn’t doing great; he was at the top of his game. But he had this nagging feeling that he was beginning, just beginning, to lose his edge. And an assassin bug with no edge is in the wrong business. He hadn’t always worked the trade. Not too long ago he was flipping maggots in some greasy log, barely getting by....Read On


The Jamyuln Conglomerate: Part One

A conglomerate of sentient and intelligent species co-existing on the titular planet’s surface.

Bazaar The clarity with which I relay these findings may be partially marred by the haste at which I write. There are forces, Aggressors, hounding me like some irrefutable criminal amid a network of housings beset in a city of architectural convolution. I am not fleeing punishment; my very presence in this land has been absolutely revoked despite, to my knowledge, no recognizable imposition...Read On



Half a day ahead of me Your day begins my night When you see the stars My day burns bright Our time is different Its never been a problem Nor will we let it be For what we feel inside Time can not come between...Read On


Past Is Showing

There may be an only moment, but there’s very few folks in focus; not the first, not the last, and certainly not the least. As I remembered what the Madman once asked me: “Son, tell me as a friend, what’s in a name?” One night in one of those many bars and saloons where the jukebox plays the blues in the night, where the peasant sits crying in his wine, and if you look around you can see...Read On



I am so angry with myself for what I did,

I don't know why I did it, a moment of madness I suppose. You were just laying there, innocent, untouched and I just couldn't help myself. I had to have you! I never thought of the consequences, what would happen if I dared to touch you... No, I was out of control and now you are gone. I am so angry with myself for what I did, for my weakness and now I have to suffer the consequences of...Read On


Going Nutz

"It's not funny until someone gets hurt", as we will see here.

Jan 25, 2015 35 Views: The news article read like this: “Wanted: Squirrel sought for contempt of court.” Family Court Judge M. Mulroy was the victim of a broad daylight heist in her own court room Wednesday. She described the suspect as 6 inches tall, gray, with a bushy tail and beady little eyes, which was last seen sprinting toward Jefferson Street with the judge's stash of...Read On


Ancestor Chapter 19: Phoenix-Born

Chapter 19 of Ancestor

I guess I haven’t written in here for a while. Not since Dad died. And maybe I will add the details later on that, but for now, I think it will suffice to say that he died in battle. He died with honor and he died protecting the people he loves. That leaves just me now in the family line. I’ve been wallowing in my own pity for a while, but after the ceremony yesterday, I think I’ve...Read On


The Nurses. Chapter 21

“Nein, nicht schiessen!” Maria croaked her throat suddenly dry...

Amiens. September 15 th 1940 Katarina awoke early as she always did. She had arranged to meet Maria at seven and they would have breakfast together. They were a little later today as this was a rare Sunday that they both had a day off and had planned to to go to the park and perhaps have dinner in town after a little exploring. Something neither of them had hitherto been able to...Read On


Melancholy Mood

Looking around and seeing all the damage that has been done, and it seems as if there is no end in sight and I am looking for a miracle. I might have done wrong and just want be there when the dark morning light explodes across the skies and see you if I can and hear you catch your breath when you laugh instead of cry. There is a long road behind me with a thousand miles of memories some...Read On


Fear and Loathing...

...footsteps approached, her heart all but stopping as the the knob began to turn.

She sat in the dark and quiet room, lit periodically with the flash of lightning, followed soon after by the crash of thunder and stared at the door as the sound of footsteps approached, her heart all but stopping as the knob began to turn. She couldn't bear it and she trembled uncontrollably, afraid of who or even what might be trying to enter. The door creaked open and she screamed...Read On


Tiyo - Part III

The story of Tiyo concludes.... Or does it?

Quenching his thirst from the kutuki, Omawnakw finishes his cup of water. “Sorry for the interrupting the story, but I was thirsty.” Slapping his hands down on his knees, “Now then. Where were we in the story?” “THE SNAKE! THE SNAKE! A large golden snake just hissed at Tiyo!” Kaiah said almost screaming. “Oh yes,” Omawnakw said with a smile. “Tiyo was in the house of the Snake-People.” ...Read On


Toxic Pull

Lucy learns the love you want, is not necessarily the one you need.

The rhythmic, pounding bass and the horns of the Imperial March made her sit up, frantically searching for the phone in the dark. Her hand brushed against something cold, and then she heard the crashing sound of the water glass falling to the floor. “Shit,” she mumbled, as she finally wrapped her shaking hand around the phone. She was panicking that she was going to miss him. Only one person...Read On


God, I Hope I Get It

They made the decision. A Chorus Line was going to be the first play, and the first of four musicals, in our coming season at the community theatre. Apparently there had been enough enthusiasm, and enough possible players, to fill out a complete cast of characters for one of the most famous plays ever produced on Broadway. Auditions were scheduled and calls were made to schools and...Read On


Two Years

Two years, almost to the minute. Two years since I got that call. And guess what? It doesn't hurt any less now than it did then. The only difference is now I can cry. And sometimes it seems I can't stop. I know you had to go. But I miss you terribly. I'd give almost anything to talk to you again. I know it's selfish. But, oh God, it hurts so much!!! It feels like there's a hole where my...Read On


Tiyo - Part II

Kaiah listens to more of the story about Tiyo

Kaiah was trying not to show her boredom, but as it is with all youngsters, it was obvious to all. Omawnakw had finally finished the last of his kutuki. Brushing some of the residue from his hands and then wiping them on his leggings he said, “Delicious! Now where were we in the story?” Kaiah just looked at him and then said in the monotone voice only a bored 9 year-old could muster, “Tee...Read On


Reset Tomorrow

I turned around and looked up just as an arrow seared the air next to my face. I scanned the mountain side, looking for the projectile's owner. But in the dense woods, it was difficult to see. My heart began beating rapidly within my chest as the fear I would soon be killed slowly sank in. There was nowhere left to run, and nowhere left to hide. I turned and started half-running,...Read On