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Buried Treasure

A moonlight dig...

He stood in a large hole, perhaps four feet deep and five or six in diameter. The digging was strenuous, the ground comprised of gravel and sand. With each thrust, the shovel stopped dead, sending a jolt through his arms, his shoulders, his back. Every few minutes, he dropped to his hands and knees to dig by hand. With his fingers, he unearthed heavy rocks, straining to wrestle them from the...Read On


Accident or evil plan?

Bing goes the yard arm

The day dawned bright and clear with a nice steady breeze. Perfect sailing weather, just right for taking RL out for a quick sail. Car loaded, boat and mast; life jackets; rudder (double check) dagger board (double check); paddle just in case. Hit the road! Clearing the base, we head toward the lake. Enter the rec area and head toward the boat launch, wind still perfect, light but steady....Read On



I was your wish and every dream come true.  I was your whispered prayers sent up nightly.  You found me and formed me to your will.  My soul was crushed by you. It was too late to find safety for I lived alone in my hell that you created.  My body was defeated, my mind as well.  My cries were silent and unending for no one ever replied. I lost my mind and will to live, time and time again. ...Read On


The Painter

When all you can dream about is to paint using all the colors in the rainbow...

She is crying in the darkest corner of the park when a gentle hand lightly touches her sunflower colored tattooed shoulder. "What's troubling you child?" Came a soft voice. "I'm afraid." Deep anguish in her voice. "What are you afraid of?" Comforting voice, soothing her. "I will lose vibrant colors in my paintings. I will never be like Van Gogh anymore." Crying pitifully, declaring...Read On


Lowenna 2: The secrest of Light and Darkness, chapter 16

Chapter 16 The girl with sparkling golden hair Rune had used the time wisely and had almost everyone free, "Are you just going to stand there or help me?" she asked, showing some irritation towards Lowenna. Lowenna glanced over at her before looking at the dead orc again. There was a moment of silence only broken by another slave being freed before Lowenna went over to help. Rune passed...Read On


The Nurses. Chapter 32

“Ah, KapitanLeutnant!” she exclaimed, “I didn't expect to find you here!”

Taranto, February 27th, 1941. The Nurses were left alone for the next couple of hours and remained together on the mess deck. For both Katarina and Maria, the dull rumble of the machinery seemed to make the ship feel alive. Neither of them had been to sea before, and the nearest that Maria had been to a ship was on a small pleasure boat once when she visited the Furstensee with...Read On


Pscybotics Volume One: Episode 6B - Moment of Truth

Sarah learns more about the future

“What do you mean... I haven’t changed a bit? ” “Nothing,” she stood up from the other bed. “Wait... are you saying that... You know, I’ve meant to ask... where are the rest of us, like... from this time... from the future?” Ripley just blinked. “You knew me... from the future I mean. You just referred to me in the past tense.” “Sarah—” “Where am I? You told us the John Connor...Read On


Forever Autumn

Sitting here as I make a crossing by ferry across Lake Michigan and feeling the old Navy terminology coming back in my mind as well as the remembered sea legs like when I was on two of the three ships I was on. And feeling my mind slip back trying to avoid those flashbacks that I know are lying in wait, and as I pass through the smoky fires of memory and glance at myself in that smoking...Read On


Wasted Space

The truth doesn't always set you free



The Hanging Tree

As the music played...

"Are you, are you Coming to the tree? They strung up a man They say who murdered three. Strange things did happen here No stranger would it be If we met at midnight In the hanging tree." ~ Jennifer Lawrence, soundtrack from  "The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1" One hand in her chin the other hand is touching a knife longingly, her forehead leans on the...Read On


It's a Snake!!!

Oh Horse Feathers!

Our horse herd was managed in three parts. We kept two small bunches in near pastures for riding, while a third bunch was allowed to roam the far pastures and was brought in only when we needed extra horses as pack horses or a working team. Brood mares also ran in this herd. Bring the riding horses in each day was the job of the wrangler, quite often one of us boys. The wrangler had to...Read On





Slow she walks

Malama (Vuto_MSK) challenged me to a Micro-fiction challenge. So I dedicate this to you.

Slow she walks, with her eyes closed, into the darkness. She doesn't need eyes to see, ears to hear or senses to sense, what dangers lie ahead. Here walks a focused girl, in a straight path, numb to distraction or the people around her.  Straight she walks, to her path of destiny, drawn to it like a magnet. She's a fragile juggernaut, but nothing can stop her. Like a fly attracted to...Read On


Pscybotics Volume One: Episode 6A - Somewhere Else

Ripley tries to guide Sarah in accepting that she's in the future

10 YEARS AGO  July 22nd , 2030  –  22:37 A young Ripley was playing in her room. She knew that she should have been asleep, but this wasn’t the first time she’d disobeyed her parents. She heard footsteps on the staircase and immediately ducked under her covers. When she realized that the footsteps were going the wrong direction, she peeked and looked at the door. Nothing....Read On


Cat Lover: Gratitude or a Shade of Red?

His appearance raises a lot of questions, but what about him staying in her home?

With not much to do inside a building, Jynx would lay outside on the balcony and soak up the warmth of the sun while in the physical form of a cat. Hearing the click of the door knob from inside her apartment his head bobbed up to look. Turns out Mill just got home and slouched herself onto the living room couch. "Such bad timing..." he spoke before stretching out his feline body then...Read On


Long Winter Night

Out here on a long and lonely highway as I make my way down the line, and I know there will soon be times when my thoughts will soon be wandering like they always do. And there are the times when I can feel their eyes upon me from those I pass on by, and it shouldn’t bother me but there are times when I find myself counting as I pray to keep from exploding outward in a pattern. With there...Read On


The Voice in the Wind



Finding Forever Love

You have always felt it Something inside Always with you A heartbeat away Then two hearts meet The souls join The happiness and joy Immediately take over Temporary interruptions Are small worries A matter of time To reflect on your love A smile A laugh A memory or two Your heart begins to beat faster Your temperature And breathing rises too Your content ...Read On


Genders, Genitals and Gripes

Oh, so you identifiy as *insert gender*? You want a prize?

As most of you know, I am a man. I wear nail polish and have my hair long. I occasionally wear makeup and crossdress a little bit. As traditional gender roles go, I’ve eschewed most of them. I don’t see the point of them. When I was wee, I’d play with cars, Meccano, LEGO, dolls and anything else I wanted to because I wanted to. I wasn’t limited in what I was allowed to play with, except that...Read On


Valkyrie Rising

Loosely based on Norse Mythology

There are moments to live, and to die along with there being people being both good, and evil which go hand in hand with the moment to stand and fight. For all from the; soldier, civilian, martyr, and victim. Not to mention all the others like the; prophet, pariah, liar, sinner, saint, fool, and sages. It becomes a moment of truth and a baptism in fire in most cases down to the last...Read On


Cook De'Kane: The Invisible Flame

Welcome to Sycamore County, a land of corruption and crime.

His presence was as discomforting as foretold. His cold and emotionless eyes pierced right through her. She had been warned of his dead stare but the forewarning gave her no upper hand. She was in absolute discomfort and he was enjoying the control. His name was Cook De’Kane, ‘The Invisible Flame’. A ruthless but often mute assassin with a reputation for making his hits look like accidents....Read On


Chronicles of the Shadow Swords - Begin

Inspired by the Bleach manga series, but the storyline and characters are original

This story has no beginning and it has no end, merely one integral point – which for me was the moment I died – at which all things converge and loop only to spit out new chapters to the same story… and this is my chapter. Takeshita Ichigo His life at the orphanage had mostly been a good one; Abbot Gnu treated all the boys like they were the most precious gems to ever be placed in...Read On


BookBoy and the Library of Alexandria: After The End

He loved books. So did she. And that was how the world was rebooted.

Once upon a time, there lived a boy who loved only books. Comic books, textbooks, crime noir, Westerns, romance, classics, pop-science, esoterica, ancient philosophy and mythology. Trilogies, prequels, sequels, reboots, stand-alone, shared worlds. If it had ink and paper, he'd read it. And he had his favourites, oh yes – but Bookboy knew better than to judge a book by its cover. So he gave...Read On


Lowenna: The secrets of light and darkness, chapter 15

Can Lowenna save the young woman from Dumar?

Chapter 15 Wenna or Lowenna Lowenna made her way quickly up the steps, although her mind was racing even faster, She found her thoughts turning back to when she had woke up on the beach suns ago. She had being hunted by five sporns of Hydra. Not only survived but she had killed them all. Those deaths hadn't bothered her at the time, even though she had watched the last one die, much as she...Read On


Open Letters To My Makeup

Open letters to my makeup

It seems I have two weaknesses in this world. Well, three if you count Stephen Colbert, but my two main weaknesses seem to be underwear and makeup. Every single time I visit the local Plaza, or indeed the bigger Mall in the next town over, I find myself drifting towards the makeup counters and striking up conversations with the men and women who work there, about makeup. Asking questions to...Read On


Pscybotics Volume One: Episode 5B - Sommer's Project

After a timejump, five teenagers discover more about their nemisis species

The pscybotic was lying on top of Sam, too heavy for him to lift off. Sam looked over at Ripley who proceeded to talk into the remote like it was a two-way radio. “Stand up.” The pscybotic immediately stood up. It stood up straight as if it were at attention. Her nudity didn’t phase her at all. “You will not harm anyone in this room, understood?” “ Understood.” The voice that came...Read On


Internal Battle

Just an opening at this stage, something I'm not very good at, but need to try!

Not much of anything was making sense anymore. Even on the rare occasions, she felt that her thoughts were drawing her closer to an answer, all too often the fog of uncertainty seemed to suddenly thicken and blur the path before her. It was a maddening, unending circle of confusion and questions. Yet, for all her internal anguish and torment, for all the sleepless hours she spent...Read On



Just because



What I Did For Pecs

In July there were sixteen dance work shops scheduled. I was able to attend fifteen. Actually, none were obligatory for the cast of A Chorus Line. But it was fun to take part in them and be part of it all. Each session would last for about one hour and thirty minutes. For the first forty-five minutes we were led by our choreographer in an exercise set to get us into shape for a show that...Read On


Trump School of Dance

The Narcissist Hustle: It's actually the only step he knows

Today at the Trump School of Dance we’re going to teach you Mr. Trump’s personal favorite move, The Narcissist Hustle. If you promise not to tell him I told you this, it’s actually the only step he knows—but he performs it expertly, better than anyone alive, in fact. Follow these steps precisely, and before long you’ll be doing it like a pro, too. 1. Rationalize: Dismiss and make...Read On