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Adventures Across the Starways - Chapter 17

After that, all Sive knew was that she was falling. He had shot her.

Sive had swiftly realized her only chance was to get up into the dark rafters and crossbeams the dancing poles were attached to. If she could reach the beams and hide behind them long enough maybe the Sargo police would get here soon . They could divert the pirates giving her a chance to disappear amongst the crowd. She slowly turned to face the pirate. He was loosely pointing his gun at...Read On


Captain Scrotum and the SS Thrust chapter 3

Who is this armed, sexy woman, and what does she want with Scrotum & What is a Whorea

Reader discretion advised. The story you are about to read contains mature content that some may find offensive. By choosing to read this piece, you agree that you are 18 or older and do not object to content of a sexual nature. Chapter 3 Whorea’s and Whore’s “First, you can call me Sweet-Cheeks,” the beautiful woman started to explain. Scrotum stared at her longingly. It had been an...Read On


Ancestor - Epilogue

Epilogue for Ancestor

It had been half a year since the battle where the orb was destroyed. Xaine was now part of one of several hunting parties that had spread out to find and kill the remaining darkgons. He still didn’t feel quite right. Nothing he had done could have only be done by him. Yet he knew that was still an integral part of the battle. Yet still, Xaine felt something was missing. Something wasn’t...Read On


Ancestor Chapter 23: Battle

Chapter 23 of Ancestor

It was almost midday already. The company had already been traveling the whole morning and should have been close to their destination. Nobody had yet spotted a scout yet and Xaine was both worried and glad. Xaine felt nervous about the coming battle. He seemed to be aware of every passing minute and yet every minute seemed to pass as quickly as a second. No matter how much more time he...Read On


Fallout: Vault 186 Ch 2

Below ground wars don't end...they become more personal

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Katherine Ford; a slim sixteen year old brunette with thin cheeks covering high cheekbones, a small mouth with thin lips, and large eyes that harbored ebony pupils, exited a large classroom that served as the local high school for the upper east bloc of Vault 186. A quick glance at the somewhat large metal device referred to as a personal information processor –or Pip-Boy...Read On


Entombed: Entry Two

Entry Two: Mental State August 21st, 2063: I’ve calmed down a bit, collected myself. I hope it’s just my own inner-resolution and not the walls breaching my psyche, oppressing me even more than usual. My confined thoughts are the only bastion left against the unseen assaulting forces. I’ve completely lost my ability to feel. I intake information, process it, come to some kind of opinion...Read On


Pscybotics Volume One: Episode 1 - Pilot Part One

Five teenagers' lives are changed forever when an accident causes the impossible

Sam wasn't sure why he woke up. He hadn't set an alarm and the day looked dreary - the worst kind of day for him. Sam wanted to close his eyes and go to sleep but there was a feeling that he couldn't shake. It was the feeling that something was happening. That's when he rolled over to see his computer. There was a word on the black command screen that sat at the center of the screen. ...Read On


The Anomaly: Non-linear continuation

A small jump in time since the first part. Explanations for the lapse will come soon

There is a warp in every town: a fissure in space, a pocket in reality, an inversion of intangibility from which dark-spawned creatures may emerge. Typically, these phenomena are localized to a very small proximity--a place bereft of light and life. Basements, attics, and closets of substantial depth are all known to have harbored the distortions. They go unnoticed for entire cycles of...Read On


Stone Fox

Are you sleeping and can you hear me, or does it matter if you hear me? There was a time when we had a time, with night time finding us at the shore or elsewhere and then again you never know where things will take us. And tonight the horse and carriage will be on its way, to take us away and to possibly see another English sunset, and closer from where we started in those moments shared...Read On


The Secret Life of Mrs Faulkner - Chapter One

How well do you really know someone?

Cruel World: He was vaguely aware of someone entering the room and the sounds they were making, how they were disturbing the peace he had created for himself, interrupted his little world and penetrated the barrier that he had built to keep people out.  "Tom?" the female voice asked, though to him it sounded distant and far away.  Go away, God dammit , he thought angrily, just leave...Read On


The Nurses. Chapter 26

“Who is there?” the uncertain voice of her mother called out...

Munich-Pasing. January 1st, 1941. It was very late when Maria finally arrived into Munich's main station. Nothing had changed, there were huge Swastika pennants hanging from the walls and even at such a late hour it was still quite busy but she felt she was home, back in the familiar surrounds that she had grown up in. The train had arrived at a platform quite close to the entrance...Read On



Just an update on my lack of writing.

This musing, which is really more of an outpouring of crap, will be shorter than usual. As some of you know, I’ve been having a lot of wrist pain for the past year or two. It’s been getting progressively worse since I took my current job. You’ll have noticed that I don’t post as much as I used to, even in the forum. The reasons for that are twofold: One, a certain now-ex-member made it...Read On


Lowenna 2 : The Secrets Of Light And Darkness, Chapter 5

Is Lowenna's luck about to change, has she seen the last of the Lawmen? Read on and find out

Chapter 5 the woman in the black hooded cape Lowenna walked down the street until she found the turning and headed into the alleyway. She still felt a little apprehensive away from the crowd, as not only had she dreamt that a monster had chased and killed her in an alleyway, but she had also been attacked in the alleyways of Penbirth. She followed the path until she found the clearing. It...Read On


Captain Scrotum And The SS Thrust chapter 2

Wow a Dead body, guards have been dispactched, and his uncle is out side... whats he going to do?

Chapter 2 Hide the body. “Lilly!" Scrotum shouted while panicking, “How long will it take the cleaning bot to clean this mess up?” “I’m sorry sexy ass. I am not programmed to move dead bodies.” Scrotum rushed over and picked up the dead woman,  “Now you clean and I will hide her.” Scrotum shouted to Lilly. “What every you desire hot stuff,” Lilly replied back. Scrotum staggered down...Read On


Clarion's Walk

a few years from now an AI specialist comes to terms with a new assignment and building a family

The letter finally came. I opened the envelope, unfolding the creases of the thick parchment paper. I scanned with bated breath. ‘2020 Sapien Collective…..Congratulations, Clarion Greene….’ Seventy-two brilliant minds from around the world brought together on an eight-year collaboration to project where human evolution was headed within the next millennia. The trajectory of our species...Read On



Would you believe me if I said ... I am in hell?

Spitting fire throwing at where I stand, sweat pouring like rain, blood boiling, skin burning but the burning flesh can't be the smell. I can feel it in my bones sinking in rendering me weak. Brain going to explode. My mind cursing, shouting for help, wildly screaming. Flashing lightning and a rumble of thunder shoots above. Yes, I am in hell right now but the Devil is not here. Somewhere...Read On


Last Rites

“You don’t have to do this, you know. In fact, you shouldn’t be doing it.” “Yes, I know, but it’s all right, I’m going to do it.” “I really don’t think you should, and would prefer you didn’t.” “I’m still going to do it, it’s the least I can do for you. You shouldered me as a burden often enough, in the past.” “That was different, you weren’t old enough or big enough, and needed to...Read On



I have heard them say that the Devil’s in the details and I know exactly what they mean, and these are strange times we are currently living in and maybe it’s true what Lennon said about strange days having found us? With simulated sunsets and starlight dazzling my eyes and wondering for how long things will go this way, and have me feeling like I am walking through the wasteland with...Read On


Entombed: Entry One

Entry One: Reflection August 17th, 2063: I do not know how much longer I can bear to stay in this place. This is a prison of cold sterility, devoid of stuff, of substance; an emptiness that somehow chokes you. The disparity between this constructed habitat and the natural world outside grows wider when you consider the "purpose" of this facility. Preservation of life was the intention,...Read On


Captain Jane T. Kurt

One potential hazard with intergalactic space travel and new planetary exploration...

We were far, far away, deep inside a neighboring galaxy. Our mission was to explore and discover, chart the uncharted, and identify and exploit any resources that we deemed valuable for us back home. Our space agency’s intel was consistent. No life existed on this planet. The intel was wrong. * * * * * My crew was being held under duress. We had weapons, but so did our captors. We were...Read On


Fallout: Vault 186

Below ground wars don't end...they become more personal

 PROLOGUE Hope…hope always remains. We've been killing each other since the dawn of our species. Tribes vying for power as civilizations rose and fell. Entire nations wiped from the face of the earth for worshiping a different god than their neighbors. As time progressed we developed more efficient ways to annihilate one another until finally…we accomplished our subconscious mission...Read On


Missed Crossroads

"Wait. Was that another road?" "Don't think so. Just some dust." "We missed a crossroad." "We've been down this road hundreds of times. There's no crossroad." ***** "Hey, that's it!" "What? Don't yell when I'm driving!" "Back there. Didn't you see it?" "We pass here all the time. No crossroad. What does it matter? We're going somewhere." "Alright." ***** "It's coming...Read On


High Cold Desert

Sitting here and feeling as if the room has cleared of all the smoke that was in it, and I am more than most know or see as they think of me being both seen and unseen as well as heard and not heard as if I don’t exist. And I know the reaper kneeling and watching all that I have seen, and has me wondering if it will save my humanity? With that game to last for all eternity with no escaping...Read On


My Kids Do Stuff That May Get Me Beat Up

Every parent must experience some version of the same things...

One winter's day, when he was three, I carried my son into a local shopping centre. As we approached the entrance doors, I saw a lady taking a long drag on a short cigarette. I moved quickly before we were forced to walk through her ominous cloud of exhaled cancer. I didn’t realize this, but my young, precocious son was watching her too. As I reached for the door next to the smoker, my...Read On



When you want something ...

Oooh you are here, at long last I have met you. Sitting cozy by yourself in the center of the hall as if you are a Hollywood celebrity A-list. Looking at you, wanting more to have you. I can't decide if to approach you or just stand beside you looking, checking if you are beautiful inside as you are outside. My hand wanted to touch you itching to feel how good you are, to read you and know...Read On


Pixie Dust

It's just two cents worth of glitter in a five-dollar package. What could go wrong?

What father could resist? My five-year-old princess, Lucy,looked at me with big, brown, puppy-dog eyes and said, "Daddy, it's real pixie dust just like Tinkerbell uses. It can do magic. Please, Daddy. Pleeeeeaaaasssse." What harm could it do? After all, it's just two cents worth of glitter in a five-dollar package. I did just what Disney expected me to; I shelled out five bucks. That was...Read On


Twin Tower Lovers

Two lovers become casualties of circumstance...

We met here. Together, we worked here. We then fell in love here. However, we would never leave. I queued the song Brian May was born to write, and the song both Brian and Freddie Mercury were born to sing. His words, their haunting voices, and the harmonic sounds of the choir and orchestra asked who wants to live forever. Sadly, we were not allowed to answer. * * * * * We first met...Read On


Proof of Life Chapter 3

Nagisa and Aaron just talk to each other.

Treatment Three I can't believe I lost my temper in front of him! What if he thinks I'm childish? Wait, no. That's what I am. A child. Nothing will ever change that right now. I wonder if he would think I'm disgusting if he knew that I was gay? "Nagisa." Aaron calls out to me. "It's time to go back." We spent all day in Akihabara doing what I wanted. I wonder if there's anything...Read On


How to Write About Nothing

I blame this on lack of sleep.

How to write about nothing, Is it really so practical? How about I fill up the spaces With meaningless phrases? My mind is in the gutter So here is all my clutter or is it just trash? Why am I wasting time  With such nonsensical trivialities or is it merely proclivities? I have no reason for writing this, My mind is an empty garbage can. It's finally something light, To share such...Read On


Night Flower

Some things never change and silent prayers are still said for the departed, along with those things that are never said and are still better off left alone and unsaid. In most cases all I ever asked was to be taken as I am, and I know I am not magnificent in any way and had been fooling myself that I was. It’s my life and I know I won’t live forever, and still I decided and have been...Read On