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Lowenna 1 new begining: chapter 1

A young woman awakes on a beach unsure where she is or what is happening.

This is an alternate and cut down opening chapter with a new intro. Please let me know what you think. The King of man walked over and stared out of his balcony. It had been the third rough night in a row. The storm, even though it had been so far away had rocked the entire kingdom. It had been a violent eruption of force and magic, which sent the ground-shaking crashes of thunder over all...Read On


Shadows in The Night

Standing here in the far North and occasionally feeling a hot wind blowing on my shoulder which reminds me I am from a land and a world that’s a lot older than the one here. The breeze feels as if it is from South of the border and feels like I am on a wavelength far from home, where warm winds blow with heat and hard blue skies. Where the roads seem to go forever to the far horizon, far...Read On


Boobies and Other Offensive Stuff

Go away, I'm offended.

I love boobs. They’re fun to play with, feel, suck and look at. Boobs are great fun. That’s not where my love of them stops, though. My point of view about breasts is controversial, though it really shouldn’t be. They serve a biological function. Let’s forget all about the fact that they’re sexy and fun to look at and play with. The fact is, their primary purpose is for feeding babies....Read On


(I Do Not Like) The Orange Man

A humorous take on the U.S. presidential race, told in the style of Dr. Seuss

Pardon me, miss, have you time for a poll? No, not today. I'm out for a stroll. That's okay, ma'am, while you stroll I can poll! All right, I suppose, if you poll while I stroll... Do you plan to vote in the presidential race? Oh, yes! Not voting is a terrible disgrace! Tell me a bit as to how you'll choose— If you could, please share your views! Well— I do not like the...Read On


You Have a Sister?!

Where are you now? A memory under the sea, under the sea ~faded by Alan walker

You have no idea what it was like, every time I mention your name and who you were in regards to me, the response was a shocked expression, "you have a sister?" It's the same one every time, and that sad part is, it's from people who known me for years. I mention my brothers no one blinks an eye they know them, but you were like our family secret. But it was more like our shame. I hated...Read On


Snatch A Twin - Chapter Three

CHAPTER THREE / CHAPITRE TROIS D'amieeh woke up around 07:49 am with Larry on the brain. "I guess I do have a problem," she mumbled to herself as she slowly dragged her body to the bathroom. While taking a shower, Dami's cell phone will not stop ringing. Though she heard it, she kept her mind on how Larry. "Wait, I told him my name at the airport," she thought, turning off the water. "But...Read On


Rise and fall Ch 13

Close your eyes but I won't go away, we're there for you ~avantasia the Haunted

The world was a whir of green and brown as his feet felt like they were flying. Freedom was possible, he just had to make it out of this hell first. His steady breaths were calm as he dashed through the underbrush, ignoring the snags and cuts, calculating the best path for the fewest tripping hazards and less likely to be followed. The man had ran for an hour straight, by now his...Read On


Dream Journal

A Journal of my dreams about Aliens, UFOS, black helicopters, Satan, and futuristic things.



Lethe Unbound

What is happening

Knowing I will not sleep. As so often before. The world whirling about me. I cannot seem to settle. I need the sleep. Sweet sleep. Rest from real life surrounding and prodding me. Testing me. Sleep. Downtime from real life. Real life telling me life is tenuous. Not completely trusted. The simple acceptance of necessity. The pill. Gentle persuasion to sleep. Accepting the necessary,...Read On



I was four years old,  Known as the most beautiful girl in the world. I looked through slanted eyes, always wore red or pink.  There was the time or two or three I knocked and pleaded at our door,  "Please let me in, Mama, I'm cold". With just a sweater on, without my coat as The wind stung my eyes and my cheeks got rosy. Pounding, knowing she could hear me, not  Understanding why...Read On


Captain Scrotum and the SS Thrust: Chapter 9

Dead in space, Life suport off line, its going to get hot and sweaty. Can they fix Lilly?

Chapter 9 Turn Lilly on Marvin looked on in astonishment. No sane person would take cover in an asteroid field, and if the Whorea died, he wouldn’t get paid. He should have kept one prisoner and killed the rest, but he had been enjoying the hunt, killing them in turn till there was only one left. How was he supposed to know this one was suicidal. Whoreas were meant to be similar to...Read On


Lowenna: The secrets of light and darkness, Chapter 13

Lowenna escapet the law-men. A friendly member of the white light has come to her aid.

Chapter 13 Truth in the eye of a god The church was grand and spacious, with two enormous stone statues at the far end. The walls were decorated with huge murals showing holy men and battles. One had the Lowenna symbol cut in half by a large sword-wielding man. Another showed an army of men pursuing orcs, elves, and men with wings. Lowenna looked at the murals and smiled, of course, the...Read On


Murder She Wore

As always, a twist in the tale. A personal favorite of mine.

MURDER SHE WORE When one goes on a date with death, one must know what to expect, how to behave and most importantly how to dress. Always dress to kill…. I don’t normally do this, but I put myself on trial, mentally. Where I try and justify my past actions. My conscience is the defendant, judged by idk, the bipolar/multiple personas in me. And usually, if I lose the case, I’m sentenced...Read On


The Secret

The man at the bar was keeping a secret

"Another one Sir?" The barkeep asked.  "Please," the man replied, sliding his glass back over to the barman.  "You seem in a good mood," the barkeep said, keeping the conversation going. It was two pm on a Tuesday afternoon and the place was empty, save for the happy man who kept sliding bills across the counter.  "Let's just say," said the man, after a lengthy pause. "Things always work...Read On


The Nurses. Chapter 30

Maria and Katrina stared at each other in surprise. Now they were army officers?

Karlsruhe. February 24th 1941. The six weeks since their arrival at Karlsruhe had passed very quickly. All the nurses had learned the rudiments of driving in the most difficult conditions. There had been a few minor accidents due to the snow but no damage or injuries had occurred and the instructors were generally pleased with all of them. The training for the field work had...Read On


Goodbye McDonald's... I'm Too Fat Anyway

A Dear John letter to a not so dear friend...

Dear McDonald’s, I never imagined it would come to this. We have been together for so long but alas, you have given me no choice but to end our relationship, a mutual courting that began in 1971. I remember it well. That is when you first moved to my city. It was love at first bite, and your fries were to die for, and we later learned why that was truly the case. I never imagined that one...Read On


All Endings Are Actually Beginnings!

Have you ever envisioned how it is to see one of your family members dead? It may be unusual, to begin with an ending; however, all endings are actually beginnings, it’s simply that we didn't know it at that particular time. It was all going great, we were four, my father was a corporate representative mother was home creator, and lastly, my sister was in her schooling. We were all so...Read On


Her Dance

Pare ko, this is how I picture you in my mind ...

He came early, talked to everyone he knew, danced with the girls he liked, even flirted with some. She arrived late in the evening and didn't know anyone around. Too shy to even start to talk with anyone, she just took a seat in the corner to watch. He, on the other hand, danced the night away, different girls in his arms and laughing with everyone. He then looked her way, gave her a smile...Read On



He didn't think I saw him but I did. Out of the corner of my eyes I just caught sight of him as he turned the corner. He had the stealth and quickness of a cat. I took off running. He wouldn't get away this time. It was always the same. He cut and slithered through the crowd as he tried to escape me. Younger and faster he traveled at the speed of light. But my old age gave me wisdom...Read On


Snatch A Twin - Continuance of Chapter Two

Continuance from Chapter Two

(continuance from chapter two) D'amieeh's phone kept dinging with text messages from the girls that followed the hashtag #SnatchATwin from IG, G+ and Facebook. Questioning her run-in with Larry, when and where are they meeting for breakfast. At some point, she grew tired of the back and forth with the messaging so she shot the girls a group text: I'm pulling up at hotel. We'll finish...Read On


Lowenna 2: The Secrets Of Light And Darkness, chapter 12

Has Lowenna escaped the Lawmen?

Chapter 12 Statues Lowenna couldn't hold her breath any longer and slowly stood to allow her head above the water. She breathed deeply, trying not to make a sound. The bottom of the pond was made of the same black stone she had seen around the city. Her cape had blended into it hiding her. She looked around making sure she was alone before getting out of the pond, her drenched clothes...Read On


The Forest Fire - Short Short

Will our hero escape the flames?

He stared in disbelief as fire consumed the world. On every side it raged, roaring through century-old trees like a blowtorch through dry straw. He watched detached, as animals scampered to and fro in terror and he realized in an offhand way that he was completely surrounded now, the heat an impenetrable wall. Still he remained frozen, bearing witness to the horror as...Read On





The Peeping Tom

A story my stepdaughter told me.

A cute little tale with a hint of naughtiness... Despite my divorce from my first wife, I stayed in contact with her and her two daughters. They knew if there was a problem that needed my particular brand of problem solving that I was just a phone call away. When she discovered that the man that she was considering marrying was a closet alcoholic she canceled the plans and told him to...Read On


Web of Love and Lies

Blindly I refuse to see the writing on the wall as your sweet voice caresses my bruised ego. My mind won't accept the bitter truth. Old lies escape your lips disguised as a new start to our fractured lives and battered romance. I'm led into a long forgotten land where promises shine like the midday sun and kisses are sweeter than ambrosia. Old dreams are awakened from their ancient slumber...Read On


Here There Be Monsters

Ever vigilant, his eyes search for any movement, and his nose sniffs. He must be able to smell the dangers, or the food. Precious food he always needs. Almost starving most of the time it would appear. Prancing down the sidewalk to the odor filled area. He grabs a piece of bark, chewing it. Casually dropping it. He pulls ahead. Wait. Head in the air. He snorts, clearing his nose. Gazes...Read On



The year is 2547 and kids still complain about taking their lessons.



Winter Tires Are Coming...

Some people are so blankety blank weird...

It is time again to install the winter tires. Due to the high volume, first come, first served Costco clients need to show up at 5:00 in the morning to place their name on a list. Then, we need to come back at 6:00 to pick up our numbered tag that corresponds with where our name is on the list. We must then return at 8:00, give the Costco staff our keys and tag, and wait. I showed up...Read On


Wednesday Morning

When the weather decided to have fun...

Stepping down from the bus, cool wind blows. Black clouds gathering above me. Whoosh Whoosh Strong cool winds blowing, making me force my walk forward as I fight with the current of the wind. "Go home." "I can't go back home, I have lots of things to do today at the office." Usually it only take me ten minutes to be in another bus station going to the office building and it took...Read On


On Her Own

It is 'new student' orientation, after all, not 'new student and chaperone'...

"This tour guide doesn't know what he's talking about. You don't need to go all the way to the student union for lunch — the coffee shop at the library is better, faster and cheaper than the cafeteria. The selection isn't quite as wide, but..." "Listen, I appreciate your insight, but you really don't need to be here. It is 'new student' orientation, after all, not 'new student and chaperone.'"...Read On