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Yes Son

yep it was

Yes, son. That was an Elk. Hunting season was always a big deal. We took hunters from all over, and these guided hunts were pretty much off-limits to youngsters wanting to tag-along. However, kind of late in the season, a special hunt for elk by some hunters who were more on a vacation than a serious hunt came up. We departed dark and early for the Squaw Peaks the next morning. Well, elk...Read On


Fortune Favors the Bold (and the Smart)

Chapter 1 June 5, 2011 I really hate interviews. Putting yourself out for rejection is one of the most nerve-wracking things that you could do. I really thought that I had the interview in the bag before I got there—I nailed the first two rounds of interviews. When I was waiting in the foyer of one of the largest medical research companies in the world, I felt like my confidence has...Read On


Time Steps

It has been a long, long night of waiting until my dreams come true, those dreams of you, my sweetest and bestest friend. Now, as I stand in a doorway in the dark light of the sun, out near to that long winding road that leads to your door, and as I start the journey to you; I'll eat when hungry and drink when I'm dry and, live my life on the square. You seem to be lost, in this...Read On


Lowenna and the secrets of Light and Darkness: chapter 22

Who will find Lowenna, and what happened to Azmil.

Chapter 22 search for Lowenna Rique had seen Lowenna crash and was running through the streets. Grilk was just behind her while carrying all the bags and weapons. It had only been by chance she had looked up and seen the flying woman, which she had just known was Lowenna, the bright pink wings had been a big clue. "Why we run?" Grilk mumbled grumpily. He didn't like running. Orcs weren't...Read On


Rise and Fall Ch 15

I'm the spark they refused to conceive~ Avantasia

"Oh so Dia is here, thank you for establishing that, Kitten." Fatima's cheek turned slightly red, "Kitten? What?" She abruptly shook her head, "what are you doing in my home?" She asked curiosity hinting at her tone. "Well Kitten, I am here for Dia, and you're her pet, are you not?" He gave her a taunting smirk. "I'm not a pet," she took the bait. Too easy, he sighed. The bathroom door...Read On


Who I am

Student - Pensioner - connection - consequences.....

My name is Sharon Hazel. I am 25 years old, a student of fashion design at Tameside College. I am five feet two inches, and whilst I am no glamorous model I do consider myself to be at least halfway attractive. I enjoy rhythm and blues music, and once a week attend a line-dancing class. I like romantic comedy films, but I also like the occasional horror. I don’t read books but read...Read On


Old Road

This was written about driving from a Neil Diamond concert at NMSU in December 2002.

Old Road, - In a true winter's dark, with a Harvest Moon hanging overhead shining its pale light. I find myself speeding through the winter's darkness, passing those barren harvested fields covered in frost. In this winter, dark the cleared fields cause me to stop, and for a moment, and Touch the Earth*. While standing here observing the fields in their coat of frost. In the...Read On



For those who take others for granted

I…don’t…know… Which thoughts I can trust In my head anymore Which feelings will lead me To another closed door Is it just a trap here? Which words to add to my perspective See if it matches my recollection Of the things you told me Late at night, so many times I’m sick of playing Superman For people without me in their game plan Sick of wasted compassion I’m sick of always stepping down...Read On


Love Insurance

A mixed couple applies for love insurance.

A somber figure entered the room. The salesman sat down at the desk, opposite a distracted-looking man and an eager young woman. He jogged the papers in his hand and looked over them at the couple before him. The woman leaned forward, smiling expectantly. “Ah, before we discuss your premiums, perhaps it would be best if we first talked a little about why you’re here today,” he monotoned. ...Read On


Kiwiana VS Americana

My last story that I published on this site was deep and dark and very real life, so I thought I would lighten the mood a little this week and have a bit of fun with this story. I mentioned in one of my other stories, that American influences are gaining popularity here in New Zealand, and that I had a few questions so here we go. Some questions and maybe a rant or two, about the growing...Read On



Chapter twenty six

Tom took the dogs out for a walk while Kaye prepared lunch. He enjoyed the last few days; it was nice to just get away from the routine of being watched over every hour by his family. Billy seemed to be a different dog here, here was much more relaxed here, it was nice to see him interact with the Huskies. As Tom made his way back up the driveway, he noticed Kaye on the porch with the phone...Read On


Rise and Fall ch 14

Sweet dreams see you in the twilight zone~ Avantasia

The speed Dia flew down the roads was enough to satisfy even the most hardcore thrill junkies. Her heart hardly increased a beat; the white Camaro was decent enough, but by far isn't one of Grey's best in his arsenal of vehicles. If he had chosen one of his best cars, she would have reached her destination far sooner while the sun dropped lower in the horizon. Little doubt she was farther...Read On


Midnight Ride (Revised)

Written in 2002 and took 10min. to really write on my knee.

Midnight Ride, - Looking back is a bad habit, and, the time has come for me to ride hard and fast, and shall we dance? As I saddle up, and head out riding through both time(s), and memories of the disagreeable past in this Vale of Tears we call life. As I pull away from nearly forgotten times, and faces, which fade and dim in the smoky fires of the mind. With the only tears now...Read On


Lowenna And The Secrets Of Light and Darkness: chapter 21

Lowenna is of to the palace to try and save her friend and the lawmen, but what dangers lie ahead

1Chapter 21, Entering The Palace Lowenna noticed the sun was starting to set as she slid down the rope from the window to the alleyway. Azmil landed beside her, “We head for the palace, sneak in and try and find out what happened to your friend and the other lawmen.” “Agreed,” Lowenna said with a nod. Azmil was more serious now and showed real determination, which Lowenna had only seen when...Read On



Chapter twenty five

Kaye arrived at the hospital around one that afternoon. She was wearing her best clothes. She smiled as she came into the room. Ed was sitting up, smiled as she came in with Tom who placed two chairs beside the bed. She introduced Old Tom to her husband. Ed was pleased to meet him; it was nice to get a chance to meet the owner of Billy. Kaye explained that Tom had stayed during the storm...Read On


Pscybotics Volume One: Episode 8A - Finder's Keeper's

Sam and Ripley decide to take matters into their own hands and rescue Eduardo

THREE DAYS LATER    October 13th, 2040 – 10:15 Sam stood in front of his best friend, Doug, and Selena. They looked at him with worried eyes. “You want us to do WHAT?” “Look, Sam,” said Selena, “Doug’s right. That sounds crazy. I know you feel bad and all with you being the one to awaken Sommer. But I just don’t think that risking your life is the best answer.” “Guys, I have...Read On


Bleed Eternal




Out here off of the beaten paths in an area unknown to most I can hear the thunder hitting and rolling across the hills and fields as if it were a bell being rung by an ironhand. Feeling at times as if I were thunderstruck from the rolling waves of thunder coming down, and caught out near an unused railroad spur as I found myself looking around knowing there was no turning back. Feeling my...Read On


Broken Lives : Chapter 2

Her name was Revenance Widow, but to her friends, she was known as Vena. She was only sixteen years old but already known as a highly skilled treasure hunter amongst amateur adventurers. She had recently lost her partner, a boy whose name no one knew. She had been found lying on the ground screaming and unresponsive to anyone attempting to wake her. It wasn't until she was moved to a...Read On


Anything Might Happen

Two strangers traveling toward a life-changing meeting in Manhattan.

"What’s dat stuff on your face, mistuh? What is it?" Mark Cahill tried to pretend he was asleep. But the high-pitched young voice was penetrating, and persistent. His day had been filled with an early departure and a long, rough connecting flight that included two even rougher landings. Now this. And LaGuardia was over an hour away. Still, he could recognize defeat. With a sigh,...Read On


If I Could

If I could, I would Just stay transfixed in time.  I'd forever be a teen. I'd never grow up or never ever change. Perpetual pink bubble gum,  Sweet thing with nothing but candy-colored dreams. Awkward, shy and still soft spoken. If I could, I would just stay the same. The years mirror each other as I Dance the same dance that I danced before. Always my same best friends as high school begin...Read On


The Nurses. Chapter 37

Suddenly, the injured sailor's eyes rolled upwards and he dropped back onto the table...

H.M.S. Lakhota, March 7th, 1941. Neither Maria nor Katarina had slept well. In their exhausted state they had fallen asleep almost immediately as they sat on the bunk but their fears and uncomfortable positions had meant that they awoke after just a couple of hours. They had climbed into their individual bunks and drifted back to sleep but the noises on the ship and everything that...Read On


Captian Scrotum and the SS thrust: Chapter 17 (last chapter)

Scrotum escaped from Knob, but look like he isnt out of trouble yet.

Chapter 17 Not Alone Scrotum was sitting on the floor, in a little pain, having shoulder banged the door, without success. “Lilly, can Anna remove the Magnetic device and open the door?” “I’m afraid Anna was a little damaged when Sweet-Cheeks bashed her head in. Then she hit the Hunter. After she had put you to bed, I started the repair cycle, but she is offline right now. She should be...Read On



Chapter Twenty-four

Tom gave Kaye a final goodbye wave; he noticed the lights were dimming and her vehicle wasn't running. He waited a few seconds, then put the truck in drive and rolled up beside the driver's side door. Kaye rolled her window down. She said nothing just bit her lower lip as if she was willing it to come to life. The engine made clicking sounds, then would try to roll the motor over then...Read On



Standing up on a hill or more accurately a rise and looking out to the far horizon under the crimson skies of the setting of the sun. Having me wondering if I should follow the sun and see what path takes me to where I need to go or take me to the gate? Or is it just a game my mind is playing on me? But, then again it has me wondering why I should care which direction I should take as the...Read On


My Nightmare Has Just Begun

A song I wrote mimicking the lyrical style of Carach Angren



The Darker Side Of Old St.Nick

It truly is the thought that counts

It's quiet, is somebody there? Is anyone beneath my stairs? - Snow is falling Winter is here Is that St. Nicholas That I hear? - A Little elf invades My home May perhaps he Is just a gnome? - He creeps around While I'm asleep If he gives What does he keep? - Nothing is ever given free I wonder what The trade must be? - He gives me gifts And I...Read On


Out Of The Darkness

Things are not always clearer, even after you've stepped out of the darkness.



Eloise's First Deer

setting: 1959 Western Montana, sage covered Confederated Salish & Kootani Reservation range land

Lee handed his eight-year-old daughter a shotgun loaded with a pumpkin-ball. She couldn't shoulder the heavy shotgun correctly, and the pumpkin-ball had less than the range of a football field. It was safe enough. His thinking was that he would send Eloise down one side of the hill while he quietly went down the other, hoping that she would scare all the deer his way. She would believe that...Read On


First Wound

A peek inside my head...

“I will gladly endure pain after pain after pain if it means being happy in the end. Unless of course, it kills me, in which case I have not earned that happiness.” “That’s the definition of insanity you know.” “We’ve already established that I’m insane.” This was taken from a recent conversation I had with my best friend, who is going through a breakup with her boyfriend of 3 months....Read On