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The Casket

The twisted adventures of one sick puppy.     The first time I went to Angela’s was four Saturdays ago. At work the day before, she had told Phil that she was going to stay home all weekend but she lied. She went out and got drunk. I waited outside her building smoking cigarettes in my truck and it wasn’t until 7:13 the next morning when she finally stumbled up the block with those two...Read On


I Rate

A short grrrrr list

What you are looking at, is a message stating the little rant I have written here has foul language, not suited for anyone under 18. It is also not suited for anyone who finds explicit lyrics offending. I just wanted to give everyone fair warning......thank you. I am writing a list of things that make me grrrrr. It's turning in to a novel and raising my blood pressure. Here's the...Read On


Three Days of Hell/Help

Please stop crying, you're scaring us now. I really am trying but some days I feel like dying. Please stop laughing that's even more frightening to us. Great, now I can can add guilt to my messy mind, what a plus. Cry, laugh, stop, start make sure you repeat. I don't want to leave, just need a place to safely retreat. No, it's not stopping and I give in. We return to the place I've been...Read On


Master of All You Survey

Was it important to be the master. To be in control. Was that important. Looking out across the vista of the valley do you really care anymore. Do you care that you can't be the master. The one in charge. Does it matter. As long as you receive the benefits. The view is yours to see. You can use it for your purposes without being the master of all you survey. You still own it in your...Read On


Hades & Margaux

How I feel your pain...

"Hades" "Hades, you should eat. Come on, just a drink." "Hades, stop crying." "Hades, you need to sleep." "Hades! Get inside, it's raining." "Hades! Stop waiting for her, she is not coming back!" "Hades! You need to stop, doing this!" "Hades" "Come here." "A human hug for you my dear friend, hoping to ease your pain even a little." "I miss Margaux too, Hades. I know it hurts...Read On


Next Week

There is more to it than just the obvious...

It’s coming again. Another date not to remember. I hate it with every ounce of my body and every fiber of my wounded soul. The cruelty. Why? Why so cruel? They were good. They were the purest form of love. They never hurt anyone. The made people smile. They warmed hearts. They made me feel life was worth living. I lived for them. On bad days and worse, they were always there for me. Never fail. ...Read On


I miss her

Never again will I settle for security and comfortable. If it doesn't make my heart race, If your pulse doesn't rise when you see me If making love to me is the last thing on your mind And kissing me is a chore... I can't , I won't , I'm dying inside. Can I fault you? I guess not, but you knew what I need What makes me tick and resets my soul And yet it didn't matter. So be fair to me...Read On


Sugar Sweet

Sweetly Singing

I wonder if you see me as you walk on by. Is there anything about me that seems to catch your eye? Or your ears, can you hear my tears? I have gone so many years, living with the same fears, I wish you were near. I wish you could see me really. But you are always too busy. I wonder if you think that about me. I am too busy to stop and see the glimmer in your eye. I am not too busy, but...Read On



"Where are you?" "I'm here." "Where? I don't see you?" "Can you hear me?" "Yes." "Then how can you hear me if you don't see me?" "I'm confused." "Don't worry, I will lead you." "How?" "I have always led you." "Will you hurt me?" "Probably." "Will you ever let me down?" "Yes." "Why would you do that to me?" "It's what I do." "Then I don't want to follow you." ...Read On


Winter's War

What is known by him and them about sacrifice when the lights go out, and when the darkness comes crashing down like an anvil? And then they wonder when some stand up when they launch their attacks, and don’t understand that when one has shed blood with another it makes them brothers forever and makes them one to be trusted. All in all, we continue to carry on knowing in most cases the life...Read On


Tick Tock Tick Tock

Felt like writing something darker this time

Tick tock tick tock Falling from above The clock hand severed By the blow of the tumbling corpse Suicidal tendencies Ripped out from his arteries Bloody messy pulp Of the victim of life He fell from the clock tower Leapt to his death Begging for sweet release A break from insanity Tick tock tick tock Falling from above A life cut prematurely By the concrete ground ...Read On



Tropical Disturbance

It seems to be hurricane season again here in south Florida. Right. What does that mean? It means there is a chance of a hurricane sometime this year. I hate to admit it (not really) but I don't follow the weather. I just look outside. Do I need an umbrella? Yes. Every day. How does this "extreme" weather effect my work? I get wet. If things start flying about, things like potted plants...Read On


The Hit

Poison the gangster and run.

Vince clenched my shirt collar and pulled me close. “This is not complicated,” he said, slipping the vial into my shirt pocket and giving it a friendly pat. “You dump this in his drink then get the hell out of there.” His face was in mine but my heart was pumping hard and he sounded far away. “You  calmly  serve the drinks,” he growled low. “Tell them you’ll be back with their food,...Read On


Fallout: Vault 186 Ch 3

Below ground wars don't end...they become more personal

THE INVESTIGATION Lieutenant Jacob Brittle of the Vault Security Police Force grimaced at the sight of the destroyed upper eastern bloc reactor station of Vault 186. Two weeks had passed since the overload catastrophe that claimed the lives of over half of the technicians assigned to the power hub. Jacob was a tall, well-built man; about six and a half feet with short, bright red hair and...Read On



I am crazy about you Mad about you too You are on my mind Both day and night You're my gift from above I smile at your laughter I shake for your touch When you sing to me I like it very much There is nothing to compare When you hold me close Your breath in my hair Your snoring calms my soul All my trust and faith Is in you, my dear You have never let me down And I know you...Read On


Rise Of The Scourge - Prologue

The invasion begins...

Prologue Dimitri held his breath as he watched the dark phantom wrapped in a ragged cloak of an archmage fly overhead. He was sure Thael's invisibility cloak shrouded them from the spirit, but he dared not make a sound, even breathing, while the creature flew so close to them. Though the woods were thick where they ventured, the twisting grey-brown trees of the Shade Wood never seemed...Read On


Dia de Muertos

A son doesn't want to attend Dia de Muertos

“Mama, do I have to go?” “Ay,  vida , what’s wrong? I thought you liked  Dia de los Inocentes .” “It’s boring. It’s just the same stuff every year. I’d rather stay here.” “Oh, but you get to see everyone. And there are all the beautiful orchids and  ofrendas . Your sister worked so hard on it. Please go,  mijo , for me.” “Alright, mom. I’ll go. But what about you?” “Don’t worry...Read On


The Debt: Part One

I think we see the worst aspects of people when we aren’t searching for them. We get these ideas, notions, and ambiguously defined concepts of what is bad, truly evil, and why a person would align themselves with such malignancy. But these perceptions are often fabrications presented to us by auteurs. They aren’t reflections of us. Malevolence is often a very simple and natural inclination,...Read On


Agnes and the Dealer

When Agnes gambles the stakes couldn't be higher.

There are moments in life that determine our fates. Call them crossroads or decisions, determinations or resolutions, the labels matter not. What matters is that a choice must be made, and the reverberations of that choice will be felt for the rest of our days. Agnes has arrived at such a place. She sits with two cards in her hand, a ten of spades and a six of diamonds, the blackjack...Read On


To Be

Can you not see As they stand before you Can you not feel The world start to change Each year as the leaves On the trees start to fall Winter to summer Then summer to fall Again and again Each one comes and goes Always never ending But never the same One following the other Each with a different name Beauty and wonder Each one brings A sight to see To feel ...Read On


Drive It Away

When she backed out and closed the garage door she hoped it was this time. Maybe this time the magic would work.  She wanted it to happen. Drive far enough away and the pain would all go away. It could happen. She took the highway road full of the medication. That allowed her to drive and not feel the pain. Some went away. Not all. After five hours the hope drifted away. Drifted...Read On


Captain Scrotum and the SS thrust chapter sex ... er six

Scrotum and Sweet-Cheeks are on there way, but a hunter is right on their tails.

Chapter sex, er, six. The Hunter General Knob limped out of the lower shuttle and storage area. He was looking for the owner of the station, intending to get information on this Captain Scrot and the woman on the Thrust. When Scrot had dropped him he had landed on his Simons, breaking his fall but braking Simons arm. Still, it had hurt, but not as mush as his balls hurt. That woman had kneed...Read On


Just Five Pounds

A reporter needs a pen, but woo's pen is it.

Do you know that Elvis song “Do you ever get one of those days when nothing goes right from morning to night.” I won’t bore you with the details, but they include a broken iPad screen, a dead phone battery and wearing the wrong jacket among other things. One way or another fate conspired to put me in this second-hand shop buying a pen. I was supposed to be taking notes at a trial; I’m a...Read On


Escape the Canopy

"Walk under the clouds, walk under the trees, always a canopy covering me" - Mudvayne, "Dull Boy"

Night has already fallen by the time I reach the edge of my clearing in the forest. The air is heavy and thick with humidity, lending it that odd velvety quality that only southern summer nights possess. I look up, but the sky that I so wanted to see is obscured by low, angry, grey clouds that promise one hell of a storm, and soon. I look to the center of the clearing and see a tall...Read On


Snatch A Twin

The Ladies from LesTwinsClique literally plots on snatching up one of the LesTwins

CHAPTER ONE / CHAPITRE UN @1Lestwins4L just posted a sexy, and sweaty, no top on Laurent Bourgeois on IG, performing with singer Bey in Paris for the last night of her concert. Tylah shook her head as she ran down the steps of her older sisters D'amieeh new house. "Hey Dami, I got house warming gift for you," yelled Tylah as she plopped next to her sister, smiling ear to ear. Not even...Read On


Legend Of The House.

The legend of the house was a tale told by local youth to scare their peers.

The bloody handprint on the window- calling card of the wicked. Of the sick. Entering the house, he could see straight away that there had been trouble in the hallway, which was the first thing one saw when they entered the house. Long abandoned was the house, built in the early 1900s and occupied until the 60s, where dark legends had surrounded it from local youth with the intent to scare,...Read On


Lowenna: The Secrets Of Light And Darkness. Chapter 9

has anyone wandered what hapend to Jibranz?

Chapter 9 Darcariel queen of Hymdale The sun had just risen when Darcariel awoke. She allowed the silk sheets to slide off her naked body as she walked to the balcony to see her city. She stood there, looking down at the streets and buildings with a smile on her face and a gleam in her eye. Everything she could see, from the palace gardens to the slums at the edge of the city, from the temple...Read On


Pscybotics Volume One: Episode 2 - No Place Like Home

After the impossible happens, five teenagers find themselves in the future where dangers lerk

36 HRS EARLIER   October 9 th, 2040 04:45 ‘What do you think, Rip? You think they’ll go for it?’ ‘I don’t know!?’ ‘But let’s be serious Rip. This is the military we’re talking about. They’re not going to commission a military plane to fly across the border. Not for the reason you’re telling them.’ ‘The frequency is important. You know that better than anyone.’ ‘Yeah, I know...Read On


Shadows of a Dream

There is a curious paradox that no one can explain, and part of it is why we must die a bit before we grow again? In most cases it isn’t worth tears even if all spin about wearing masks and won’t bother to lend a hand. With there sometimes not being any place to go to, and it feels as if all were born in a thunderstorm and making all learn how to survive. Only being able to find solace in...Read On


Just a Draft

The battle of writing

The pale white walls and the shining light made the woman in the hospital room squint in frustration. She grunted in pain as she felt that her baby was ready to come into the world. The doctor commanded her to push hard but with every small push, it was agony. After many long hours, the baby was finally born making the woman happy, but her heart sunk when she heard the Doctor. "Quick we...Read On