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Was it just lurking, waiting to take me by surprise?



A Glimpse of Heaven

Inspired by the turbulent history of the Book of Kells.

Perched on a craggy outcrop, staring out to sea, the priest opened his mind and his heart to God. In such wild and lonely places, he felt closest to his Maker and His divine word. He was not a young man, and knew his role as a travelling preacher, bringing God’s message to those isolated enough to be those starved of it, would not last forever. Previously, he could put in a day’s march in...Read On


Black Dog - Chapter 7

Olivia is far closer to the ghosts and myths of Lockwood House than she realises.

Olivia, despite warnings from her mother, intended to carry out as much of the redecorating as she could by herself, and had decided to try her hand at stripping the wallpaper in the guest bedroom. This latest flurry of activity fascinated the cats: several of them overcame their misgivings about Olivia enough to stalk and harass the falling curls of paper, coming over to rub against her...Read On


Distance Dream

Tease the red hair lass

As the old man sits with his afternoon tea.  Pipe tightly between teeth, he nods off. Dreams flood over his old bones of the moors The moors of his childhood.  Happy days with his family.  The sounds of his youth good and bad The soulful sound of pipes move his dream along.  First a grand memory, dressed in his uniform teasing that beautiful red hair lass. A smile breaks free as his pipe...Read On


Kindred Spirits, Distant Hearts. Chapter 19

"There was one nurse in particular who we all admired and heard so much about"

  Benghazi   . December 08 th 1941   After the death of her friends, Maria threw everything she had into her work. She knew deep inside that she could not have done anything to prevent their demise. Two people had died that day and the more she thought about it only brought the conclusion that the outcome of anything she could have done differently would have been that two...Read On


Summer Fling

This story is all mine and no part should be copied or retrieved. This is a fiction story.



Machiavelli and Brexit

Two couples, enticed by love, swimming and dining, debate European unity.

,             about 2300 words James Foley Machiavelli and Brexit by James Foley In Melbourne, Florida, the east wall of the Eau Gallie Public Library is sheer glass—facing the Intracoastal Waterway and the causeway soaring across it. And I remember how, on a September morning in 2017, this breathtaking view kept distracting...Read On


A Murder on the River Thames

The river hides many mysteries

"We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars." Oscar Wilde, 1854-1900 *****  "The Queen is Dead! Long Live the King!" What more important change than the death of a sovereign. At least, for the nation. Perhaps not for individuals. The end of the Victorian Age. The beginning of the Edwardian period. Would this country continue to be successfully powerful, or would...Read On


Gun Entitlement

Every horrible act of violence is only exceeded by the endless media hyping that inundates every moment following it. The constant competition for ratings and trying to “outdo” each other for viewers is overshadowing the main issues that need to be addressed. Gun control leaps from the mouths of those involved. Take away all guns leaps from others. While the NRA and its hardline supporters...Read On

Recommended Read

Hamlet and James Dean Died Young

Young couple, once in love, now estranged: they discover that Shakespeare’s Hamlet was a reckless, d

about 2200 words Hamlet and James Dean Died Young by James Foley In Virginia, an hour’s drive south of D.C., there’s a huge white house—built in the 1890s out on a point on the Chesapeake. And this summer when I drove there for a Wednesday-evening literary-club meeting, a gale was churning the water in front and on both sides of the house. And somehow on that lightning-blasted...Read On


The Secrets of Another -- Part 3

Jennifer has a sudden encounter with William.

  III WHERE THE RAINS POUR   “ Love will find its way through paths where wolves would fear to prey. ” —Lord Byron   She closed her eyes to hold back the urge to hyperventilate and listened to the muffled drops of rain that fell upon the roof of the car. Her head sank, and she took several deep breaths. The tight nerves and stiff muscles unclenched soon enough, and when she...Read On


The King Returns

The Myna sang in the heat of the day. Warm breeze blowing through the tall Maasai grass.  The hunter crept quietly toward his prey.  Stopping nose in the air.  Slow step by step.  His movement fluid and determined.  Low grunt, tail twitched. His nose filled with his prey scent.  Eyes flash. Muscle tense.  The King.  The mighty African Lion.  Charges his prey.  Rolling with huge paws...Read On



When she awoke she was alone.




Things are not always as they appear

    Lifting the receiver she dials, waiting as each ring seems to take an eternity, then he answers. "He doesn't suspect a thing. I promise." "But he seems to look at me like he knows. I keep waiting for him to say something." "Don't lose control, he has no idea; I would bet my life on it." "If you're wrong, you already have. You know what he'll do. You've seen him in action." ...Read On


Black Dog - Chapter 6

A visitor interrupts Olivia's work on the house.

Olivia woke to slippery blood on her thighs, her nightdress clinging. She got up, the cradle of leaden pain between her hips making her slow and clumsy as she stripped the sheets to see that she'd bled through to the mattress. This was not an auspicious start to her plans. Even before entering the house, she'd noticed the weathered and cracked paintwork, the slates missing from the roof,...Read On


Same Thing, Isn’t It?

Humorously found in translation...

My daughter recently ran off a playful string of inarticulate sounds and noises, and then asked me if she had said anything. Did what she just say have any meaning? I informed no, and said it was just gibberish. “British?” she proudly queried. “I can speak British?” “No,” I corrected. “You spoke nonsense. Gobbledegook. Gibberish.” She devilishly grinned, “Same thing, isn’t it?” I’ve got...Read On


Holding Sweet Dee

The bond they share makes beautiful music .....

After I finish the chores, the drudgery that is each day, I prepare for my time with Dee. She is simply the longest, most loving relationship I have ever had and tonight needs to be special. I light candles and turn down the stereo, wanting the mood to be perfect. It is our first time in such a long time. We used to have these little get togethers every day, now they are becoming far to rare...Read On



One day a few words came together with the intention of knowing which was the best. But one of them questioned the question because each word has a peculiar resonance. And each resonance activates in the brain the light that illuminates thought. But in order for this to happen, it is necessary that several lights be lit consecutively, forming a prayer. It is necessary for the words to walk...Read On

Recommended Read

Honky Tonk Bar

We can dance if we want to



Jesse Gets Fixed

The hits just keep on coming.

The night was sticky and hot and I was sweating plenty even though it was well past sunset. Gravel crunched beneath my shoes, echoed loud off abandoned buildings. This neighborhood wasn’t safe after dark but I was hurting and needed to be here. A five-inch blade was folded up in my pocket just in case. Manny’s black Ford sat rusting in its usual spot, five spaces over from the back door of...Read On


Journey to the Core of Fear

Despite the inhospitable terrain, exploration was short-lived. Although we had the necessary resources, it was not possible to identify the source of the problem. And that is how I told the Commission. The expedition had been planned for a maximum of three hours, but when it was time to return we had a serious problem. The exit way was blocked. And fear made its appearance. We didn't know how...Read On


Always With Me

I look for you Then I see You're always  All around me The soft kiss Of dew on leaves The bright sun That shines with energy The tender sunset As the day relaxes Day to night Night to day Always with me In your loving ways Sounds and smells Remind me how near you are A smile A memory  A feeling I have A heartbeat away You're with me always  ...Read On


Black Dog - Chapter 5

Olivia's first night alone at Lockwood House.

Twilight had surrendered to the full dark of night before Olivia remembered to call her mum and let her know that the funeral had proceeded without incident (mostly) and that she was settling in. "Don't forget it's only a couple of weeks before you start at the library," said her mum. "I haven't forgotten." "It's a good job for you, and I don't want you wearing yourself out over all...Read On


100 years and still far to travel

I am thankful and celebrating today. I’m sitting on a knitting box. My neighbour’s overwhelmingly colourful, cluttered living room feels like a sweat box as I watch her pull her blankets tighter. Believe it or not, I’m smiling, ignoring the sweat gathering at my nape. Chatting, learning, eating cake and pretending to drink tea. Sounds less than marvelous to most I guess- but it is. ...Read On


The Secrets of Another -- Part 2

When Jennifer returns to an old habit, she's confronted with something sinister.

  II     UPON THE EDGE OF REALITY     “ The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown. ”   —H. P. Lovecraft   The forecast called for heavy cloud cover, with a high chance of rain into the evening. The overall temperature slightly increased as the week went on, and averaged somewhere between forty and...Read On


Kindred Spirits, Distant Hearts. Chapter 18

“I don't think so,” she replied curtly. “I save lives, I don't take them!”

Athens. December 08 th 1941   After the traumatic journey from Trieste, Maria settled into a reasonably normal routine of taking care of running of the Polytechnic |Hospital. This hospital was a satellite facility to care of the initial influx of casualties after the invasion of Greece.   By the middle of July, all the patients had been either transferred to the main...Read On


The past of the future

“I want to talk to you because I would like to confess you that there is something that happens to me frequently. Some of my thoughts materialize sooner or later. When I think something bad is going to happen, it really happens. I no longer know if I am the one who causes them to happen, or maybe the explanation is that I can see what is going to happen. I have to know if I am the cause,...Read On


Is It Just Me?

Is it just me… or has anyone else noticed that our sneaky ass markets went from 12-ounce cans to 10-ounce? So now when a recipe calls for a 12-ounce can of weasel nuts, our calculations are all messed up and the recipe is screwed. Is it just me… or has anyone else noticed that paper towels don’t absorb as much anymore? They just don’t wick up liquids like they used to. I find myself...Read On


The Secrets of Another -- Part 1

A small town resident, Jennifer Hazelwood has an enchanting encounter with a stranger.

  I     FROM THE DEPTHS OF SOLITUDE       “ Social or physical barriers kindle romantic passion. They enable one to discard the facts and focus on the terrific qualities of the other. ”   —Helen Fisher   Autumn has come. The air cooled, leaves began to fall, and the people of Riverhaven try to avoid traversing the town when the sun fades below the horizon. Nights grew longer,...Read On


The Whim of Evil

The dawn surprised him with a deep despair. The last hope of finding his daughter alive had vanished. Red thoughts of red vengeance invaded his heart, interrupted by the intermittent memories of her little one's childhood. The killer, an old friend. The murder, slow strangulation. Black lights, black shadows. The trial. A small room. The defendant, the judges and him. Verdict: guilty. ...Read On