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Billy - Part 6

The Barter System

Kay was glad the standoff between Barb and her was over. It was something she didn't enjoy with one of her best friends. However, there was no way anyone would put any dog down just because it was not hers. Neither Barb nor Ed would change her mind on this matter. Kay looked at Barb after she put the bottles back into the dispensary cabinet. "What can I do to help?” Kay asked. Barb...Read On


Broken Mirrors Shattered Dreams 1

True Love: Expecting the unexpected and learning to accept what cannot be undone

Note to readers: Here it comes - the sequel to Fifteen Shards of Broken Glass - Gracie-Lou's story! Enjoy! - PLJ Prologue I hate being criticized. I have been criticized for as long as I can remember. Living in the shadow of my older sister, Annie, and not being able to live up to the memory of a ghost, I feel as though I am the one forgotten. Who am I? Well,...Read On


Counter Silence

My side of Otaku_Ninja's story Booming Silence

Maybe I over thought certain things, or I have been blind my whole life. Perhaps, I was crazy and judged too soon, on how I would live out my years. I was to be that old lady with the creepy house on the lonely hill, with several cats and two mean looking, but cuddly guard dogs. Gothic iron gates and fence and if we were that advanced at the time, I wanted holographic black clouds and...Read On

A Virus

I wonder if I am just too needy

Am I a virus? I know I feel as if I am loving and caring toward others. Lately I wonder if I am more of a virus, than blessing. It seems I constantly need more in my life. It isn't that I don't care about others needs because I do. See I want others happy and in love. I want to see smiles on everyones faces. I just also want to smile brightly again. I love being positive and upbeat causing...Read On


Vampire Murders Part 22

The human gang members are caught, but the vampires escape.

Andrei emerged from the shadows, as the convoy of vehicles drove up to the estate. He walked to the lead truck and talked to Gustaf about the estate. No guards patrolled outside and the house was dark. After Andrei talked with Gustaf, he walked to the box on the pole by the gate and pushed the call button. A mechanical voice sounded, "May I help you?" "Police, we have a warrant to...Read On


That Little Ship

The second full poem I wrote for a collaboration on Anxiety. Dark and depressing.

This is the second attempt on a collaboration I participated in on Anxiety / Release. This one didn't make the cut, but I am posting all the poems I wrote as part of the journey. It was dark times in my head as I wrote this, and travelled the path to the final piece. I hope you enjoy this, or at the very least, appreciate the emotion and passion that went into it. Feelings persist, ...Read On


Gidealis Enigma Chapter 64

Tensartis hopes to get to Lierance, but instead he is re-directed to a much more dangerous mission.

Chapter 64 To Save a Loved One I get up, and scratch the crumbling wall of the office to distract the angry green-eyed man. “Your walls seem rather thin and unreliable!” “These “peaceful rallies” of Flingers are beginning to piss me off. This damage is more of a reflection of their volatile state of mind, than the thickness of our walls!” Fern rolls his eyes. “… or the reason...Read On

17 Years

a love that never ended

17 years of hunger We're waiting no longer Laughter in our voices Never regret past choices For there's a reason In every season Clearing our minds today Lets have fun and play There's no place I'd rather be Than in your arms holding me Anticipation is flowing Excitement overwhelming Bodies now learning Desires burning Fingers intertwine Erasing lost time Tasting your kiss ...Read On



I actually don't hate him..

The pain is exquisite the pain I feel from you sometimes neverending inside I bleed my heart bleeds completely empty dripping, dripping to the floor, seeping it bright red. my love for you ends temporarily freezing, freezing my love turns to hate pure hatred black, black darker and deeper than black. with you it's like love is synonymous with hate intertwining...Read On


Marinate In Darkness

In my composure, all my wits about me I dwell. Within the walls of walnut trees I abide, Beneath limbs the nuts fell. The night of the thundering beast.   In attire of my evening's insomnia.  Ensemble of my shadow cast upon my boudoir, Quilling stanzas of poetic chills. I, Adagio Sebadicus marinate in darkness.  White spats, black stovepipe chapeau I go. In falling rain,...Read On


the last piece of the puzzle

to one i care about but vanish

Never noticing how empty I have become. Time has pass me by. 2 x Loneliness Is the only thing you have left behind? Just barely holding on, I suck in your last images in my mind. I fall and trembled, but I keep continuing to ran. Where are you at? Left and right, but no trace of your face. Have I lost you forever? Why can’t you understand? Without you, (the...Read On



I can't take it no more. The toxic smell in the air. I am dying out here. Each time I take a breather. I swear it is killing me off. I just want to die already. I hate this so much. Even if I wear this mask. I still know it is there. Where did it come from? Why is it killing everyone? Please tell me why?...Read On


Satan's Masque

Technicolor dreams would be much nicer.

Once more a darkening view recaptures mentality's gaze. Bringing jumbled recollections, variegated images of the past. Jaded memories parade and flit, through a misty greying haze. Resolutions somehow evade, millions of questions asked. Detour after lengthy detour, perpetually lost within a maze. Touring dead-ended paths yet again, seems be my relentless task. I am not...Read On


On Point

She was a dancer, but she couldn't go on point. Something happened. A hesitant step, some detritus on the stage, a fall. A ballerina who could not go on point. She could teach. And she did. Youngsters who flocked to her, and loved her as she gathered them around. She could dance. But she could no longer go on point. So she acted, and she did dance in the plays that needed it. She...Read On


My Strange Fascination

I have always had this fascination with old cemeteries. I remember walking around on Sunday afternoon with my grandmother in one of the oldest cemeteries in the city looking for the headstone of a friend of hers. I marveled at the old mausoleums and ornate headstones. I was not frighted or scared, even when the sun began to set I felt at peace. Years later this fascination was still with me...Read On