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Silent Nightmare part 2

Amber Khory sat at table where Kale escorted her, while her friend Jess and her boyfriend James danced. She didn't want to go out, but Jess wouldn't take no for an answer and dragged her along. Now her ass killed her and she was slightly drunk. She wasn't drunk yet, but she felt it approaching. Coming back from the girls' room, Kale stopped her before she reached the table. "Do I need to...Read On



Just some thoughts. Stroking my beard and all that.

Magnetism. It really is inexplicable. I seem to be drawn to the word "inexplicable". It's a good word. Being drawn, magnetised, to someone is a funny thing. One day, you could be walking down the street minding your own affairs, like Alex Harvey sang, and then, unlike Alex Harvey sang, someone catches your eye. It might only be momentary, but you feel drawn to that person. Then there's...Read On


All I Want To Do Is Love You

I Love You

My love for you is true, Our time together is a gift. I really do love you. Time stops when we’re together, I never want it to end. You’re my friend and my lover. Even though distance keeps us apart, It doesn’t matter. Because I love you with all my heart. I love all the things you say, We laugh and have so much fun. I love to love you in so many ways. Every day I...Read On


The Plain Girl: Chapter 3 - Lost in the Woods

If you ain’t got nothin’, you’ve got everything to loose.

“I’m at the Library, feeling quite lost, but ‘Chin up!’ I told myself. If you aren’t lost, then you can’t be found. ;-)” Karla couldn’t imagine how to respond to an SMS like that – especially from Claire! If she’s lost,’ she thought apprehensively, ‘what does that make me?’ Words that Martin had spoken to her just three days ago emerged from some place deep inside her. For an entire...Read On


Molly's Dreams - Prologue and Chapter One

Prologue A rocky headland stood above the long curve of beach, brooding and sinister in the dull light of late afternoon. A pathway rose from the beach, carefully climbing through the rocks to reach the windswept grassland where occasional low bushes of coastal tea trees and banksias crouched like old men hunched over a campfire. A young family was out for an afternoon walk along the...Read On


Encounter in the Deep Black - part two

The EAS Stalwart begins investigating the mysterious contact.

The strange contact was a mystery. It had energized the bridge crew, in a way rarely seen. They were keen to find the answers to this unexpected puzzle. There adrenaline was pumping, but they had been cautioned during training about this sort of adventurous occasion. While the bridge crew awaited the XO’s arrival, PO Goddard continued to review and analyze the signal. It was incredibly weak....Read On


The Funeral

A mistress attends the funeral of her lover has an encounter with his widow she didn't expect.

She stood outside the funeral home and told herself this was a mistake. She had been having this dialogue with herself since the day she saw the obituary in the paper. It’s not like she read those on a regular basis, in fact, she avoided this section of the paper like the plague because she found it morbid and creepy, but she was reading an article that had “continued on page” with her...Read On


Time To Go

My spirit is broken, there's no one to hold me. I keep screaming for help but not a sound comes out of my mouth. The pain I feel cannot be continued. I've no safe harbor, I'm left to drown. My body is just a shell, a carcass, I'm already dead inside. Thoughts are jumbled and everything aches, inside and out, It's time for me to go. My body isn't my own and No one should be this alone....Read On


A Dark Place

Deep dark feelings

Sadness is masked by a world I create,  I pretend to be happy in this place. I wonder if some could really relate, I'm sad with tears running down my face. I feel very alone and confused here, Like I just feel like screaming. I just feel like I want to disappear, Often fantasizing and dreaming. I'm very cold and very sad, I'm here, but so far away. I just get so very mad, I just am...Read On


Walk With Me Tonight

Let's take a walk into the night

Will you walk with me, we won't go far,  Hold my hand, as we look at the stars. We're walking along the beach, The water is calm and in our reach. My lover gets down on his knee, My darling, I love you, will you marry me? He starts to hum and then he sings, He opens a box and slips on a ring. We start to hug and then we kiss, I'm so happy, I cannot resist. He says he'll love me all...Read On


Barbie Doll

I am a plastic Barbie doll.  I am not allowed to think or feel or express my real feelings. I can only twirl when you twirl me and I have to look perfect. Stupid plastic smile on my face but it's more of a grimace. Am I really the epitome of beauty? Society makes the insane beauty rules that we must follow. It takes me hours to get ready but it takes my date only minutes? What kind of bullshit...Read On


Look At Life

I look at life As if riding the tail on a kite More of the wind and distance of a thread Un-twining as if being carried away With seashells and echoes of the rising surf  On crest of high tides we sail our full moon With sensual sea salts of our endearing love As if riding the tail on a kite In jubilation of a ball of...Read On


A Dent in Our Bed

For all those who's loved one is away from home...

It’s two in the morning A nightmare in my head. I reach across for comfort And find a dent in our bed. Where are you tonight? Why can’t I hold your hand? Are you in another town, city, Another state, or a foreign land? How long must I wait Until you are near? Another day, a week, Will it be a month, or a year? How long will you stay? How much time to I get to enjoy you? A few days, a...Read On

Wishes For You

I wish you a lifetime of happiness Love that grows each day A song in your heart Laughter upon your face Stars in your eyes A smile upon your lips  A lifetime of warmth from family and friends Days that are gentle Nights filled with making love I wish you a world filled with joy Constant faith and hope Good days ahead With dancing to come With nothing to dread ...Read On


One Of The Variants

One Condensed version of Alone A nickname for Only In your case Lonely Restless spirit squandering wishes upon Fleeting shooting stars The truth of the situation is You gambled away so many chances Pining over unfulfilled romances Blessed with a shoebox Empty of any momentos to call your own While sparingly sharing your scars Witnessing your reflection in the eyes of another Speaks of...Read On


Our True Love

True love is worth any price ...

Time stood still as our eyes met Feelings of pure love without regret Needing to meet during the night Avoiding others glaces while holding tight Forbidden love comes with a price Though sometimes it's worth the sacrifice Never has there been a reason To step out beyond this cold season Romeo and Juliet is not who we are inside I will not die for my father's pride I will leave behind...Read On


Through a Child's Eyes

This was our trip through The Badlands.

The sun rose behind us, as I drove my motor home out of the campground in St. Mary's, Montana. We headed west, our destination Badlands National Park in North Dakota. This was the end of the first week of a five-week trip driving around America. The girls sat at the table playing games and watched, as the miles flew by. They giggled and yelled, when they saw something they liked. We...Read On


Monster's Bane

We need to see the sage, for he is a wonderfully wise mage. So off we went, we were hell-bent, but he lives all the way in Kent! With a song in our heart's and a spring in our steps, we found him at Imhotep's. Far away from Kent, he is, we asked him why, but he went into a fizz. "It's none of your biz!" he said in a fizz, and rushed off to watch Les Mis. We rushed after him,...Read On


One in a Million!

You came into my life an turned my world upside down,  showing me what a truly caring and loving friend is. You took the time to listen and have gotten to know the real me,  not the one I show the world however, the real me  --the one usually hidden by my walls. Your faith, trust, belief and most of all your love  helped me to grow more confident each time...Read On


The early years

I remember.....

It was like any other June 5, hot and humid, a slight breeze came up every few seconds. A yard full of kids ran around and had fun with no care in the world. I was nine, good looking and intelligent for my age. Jacob was eleven, sweet, kind, and way better looking than me. He was a genius for his age; well that’s what my parents would say. You could say we were the popular ones with the kids....Read On


Medley Of Songs I Was Too Drunk To Finish Writing

Alcoholic Synonymous ~/~ I Got Ninety-Nine Problems But You Ain't A Single One ~/~ Here's To The Lies --------------------------------------------------------------------- Welcome to Alcoholic Synonymous You'll always be in good company When you become one of us We don't discriminate Based on any method You use to self medicate Just remember to adhere to our Three Step Program...Read On



What happens when we eat too much chicken and eggs?

Here I sit writing. Pardon me a moment. Something is poking me in the butt. Ouch, that hurt, as I pull a feather out of my butt cheek. I feel several other pin feathers there. I scratch my head with wonder. Why am I growing tail feathers? Am I changing and if so why? I eat a lot of chicken and eggs. I think I developed some chicken traits lately. I scratch around looking for nothing...Read On


Mixed messages

He came to her, but who was the second choice?

He entered their room online and she smiled and said, “Hi.” He simply replied, “I have something important to ask you...” Noticing he sounded nervous, she asked, “What?” “Umm... how would you like to go out with me?” In shock and needing a little time, she asked him, “Can I have some time to think?” He said, "Okay." An hour or so later, she was about to message him back to give...Read On



A fight between a medical droid and a patient...

NARRATIVE OF GORDON ARTHUR OF MARS - CHAPTER 3 : THE ROOM “ We are not interested in the possibilities of defeat. They do not exist. ” Queen Victoria 1890. Tiredness overcame me and I drifted back towards the sullen inkiness of sleep. I knew then in my soul that something terrible had overcome the ship and its crew. Unless I found a way out of this grey room in which I had...Read On


Divine Justice

Sometimes crime doesn't pay!

Arthur lived on his own, in the same council flat he had brought his bride home to 51 years ago. Where they had raised three kids and seen them fly from the nest out into the world. It was also where he had held his Irene as she breathed her last breath in their bed. The last seven years had been difficult and lonely. Life was quiet, too quiet. But that was going to change on a cold...Read On


Love's Angst

Oh, love. Euphoric beauty Tangled in pain. Kisses so tender Tears that ache the heart Promises for the future; Moments just you and I Bemused with sadness When all goes awry; Lust, desire, infatuation  Erased by crashing waves © Ellie ...Read On


don't be defined - stay proud

being catergorized

Do not let growing up in the streets define you as a person? You are older now and don’t need to talk the street talk and slangs. Educate yourself to what you can be, not what you was. I do not want to be defined as a street thug or a ghetto rat But as a person who has learned to talk properly and has Left the streets to the streets. Because I do not have a college...Read On


October Mist

With wine and October mist Comes essence of grapes Corn silk in your hair  Wafting scent effervescence The aroma of love  Like a vine I cling to you  Sensual caresses  And morning dew kisses Early morn in fall meadows  Sparkles in your eyes Like Autumn leaves fluttering  And flower tiara in auburn hair My heart belongs to you With wine and October mist Simple things at best  ...Read On


The God That Always Was

Architecturally flawed demise Revelation gone unheard by the oblivious amassing Slow to realize what is happening Unfolding right before their puffy eyes Passing underneath every stuffy nose Watch as religion that no longer grows Like the communal virus that it is As it slows Continues to wither Then dies Dies Dies D-I-E-S ! Dioceses eaten away by the heresies Over the centuries...Read On


Boss: I Found A Letter

Boss finds a letter to Santa written by her kids while she was over seas...

"Bring [them] home Santa, Bring [them] home to Jon and me. Let us wake up Christmas morning and find [them] standing by our tree." ~Bring Him Home Santa... with some edits. I open the shed to get out the Christmas decorations. It's the first time in a while that I've actually done so. It just hasn't felt like Christmas the past few years. When I reach for the box that holds the...Read On