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Divine Justice

Inspired by actual events

It had been easy. Ridiculously easy, really. A couple of phone calls to make the arrangements, a few trips to the bank to withdraw the agreed-upon payment in small amounts, and his biggest problem disappeared — his wife kidnapped by a trio of small-time thugs and murdered, her body never recovered. Joseph allowed himself a slight smile while the mourners bowed their heads in prayer during...Read On


Sandbox - Episode 3: Babies in the Night (Part 1)

A covert intelligence officer discovers that our universe is not what we imagined it to be.

Episode 3 - Part 1 A strange entity kidnaps young teenage girls, who are then transformed into babies. Scene I It was a calm and peaceful summer evening near the shores of Grand Lake. A massive body of freshwater spanning a size of approximately forty thousand football fields, the lake was situated forty kilometres away from the capital city of Fredericton. Being New...Read On


Gambits - The White Pawn VIII

The White Pawn VIII The wine cellar was so dimly lit that William could hardly see a few feet in front of his face; let alone the six men aside him. Derren had his eight best and most trusted men with him that night. Five of them were down there with him, and the other three were keeping an eye out on the entrance to the cellar door upstairs, to make sure no one but Gem and Lewis entered....Read On


Poets of The Fall 2: Never Saw Another Butterfly

Standing in the doorway feeling the wind blow as a cold rain falls that carries a trace of snow in it, as thoughts drift taking me back to when hopes were set high as eyes glanced, and locked as the measure was taken. With there being times it felt had been struck by sound across the face loud enough to drive choices from my head and being like one lost in time as either a fool or a chewed...Read On


Snow White: The Evil Queen (part 5)

A twist on an old tale.

It didn't take the prince long to find Snow White. As he entered the small hut of a house, he could smell freshly made tea. And sure enough, there sat his fair lady sipping from a tea cup, with a body split in two beside her. “How did you find me?” Asked Snow White. “All the animals have returned from hiding, my fair lady, so I figured there was no one left in the forest to disturb...Read On


Imaginary Friend

I should have known better

What do you want from me? I mean really, REALLY? Can you give a bit of honesty? Is it too much of me to ask that from time to time, you have my back? And no, I do not fear the attack. I do not mind the scars. I always have my sparkle after they’ve taken my stars. The only thing that bothers me is that you had doubt of what I am all about. You believed I had lies and you never even asked me...Read On


A Second Chance Part 3

Loni glanced quickly at her watch and true to his promise only half an hour had passed since they parted company, but then he was always a man of his word. He stopped at the bar long enough to place his drink order before he slid into the booth from the opposite side. He then slid himself around until he was next to her. Then without warning, he placed one arm around her shoulder and pulled...Read On


Celebrity Deathmatch: Einstein vs Darwin

Einstein. Darwin. Who’s the bestest scientist of them all? Join us for the ultimate smackdown!

Happy Darwin Day, folks! On this day, 217 years ago, one Charles Darwin was born. You may have heard of him. He wrote this little book that totally changed the way we approach biology and even the way we see the world, and spent decades championing the notion of descent with modification. Even if you don’t agree with his ideas (as is the way of science, many of them are naturally...Read On


Paragon Asia

Finding myself once again standing out on the platform at the station in the heat, and I am waiting in whatever shade that can be found for that last train that’s soon heading out, as I can feel both the temperature and the humidity rising as the sun’s dark light pounds down. And now as I look through my dark glasses at the rails nearby that seem to burn with white hot intensity, has me stop...Read On


Going Away - Part Eight

More shocks and unheaval - plus a new venture for Louisa...

“In closing, my love, I just want to say that I look forward to holding you in my arms again and to sharing your bed once more. My love grows stronger the longer we are parted this way. I know that once we are together again, all this loneliness and hurting will disappear like a puff of smoke. It is almost – not quite, but almost – worth the wait. Until I am home with you, darling Adeline,...Read On


Serendipity Two: Destiny

Life is what happens to you while your busy making other plans

Twenty-four hours previously ooOoo “Good day, sunshine,” Pete sang the Beatles song to Tara in a slight whisper, gently waking her up in the late hours of the morning. The marine layer kept the beach city overcast, and the breeze of the cool September air felt good on her tired body. “Hey beautiful,” he said softly, as she rubbed the sleep from her eyes. “Eggs, bacon, toast or yogurt?”...Read On

Comp Entry

Solstice Of Deception

On this special night, the stars lit up the dark almost black night. A night that revealed the most amazing mysterious things to man every year. This coldest and infinite night was known as the Winter Solstice. When the moon hit its apex, far in the distance, the sound of clanking armor and weapons moving toward their destination filled the air. For every year over the past hundred years on...Read On


Indian Princess

A woman comes to the end of her life

There’s this old tree stump out in the woods behind my house that I love to sit on. I first found it, at least, twenty years ago and sitting there has brought me much enjoyment for many seasons. When one takes the time to look, there are many wonders constantly taking place in the forest. Parts of the stump are long since rotted away, but there’s enough of the heart left to afford me a...Read On

Comp Entry

Winter Solstice Ceremony and War

The story centers around the Winter Solstice, with love and determination to protect others.

The Winter Solstice became a coming-of-age ceremony for many young men, including myself. The ceremony began as first light of the Solstice reflected off diamond embedded rocks around us. We were forbidden to speak, to see, to indulge in pride until the ending of the upcoming night. I felt my clan mates and friends around me, their presence overwhelming. I was startled when two giant but...Read On


The Nurses. Chapter 13.

Katarina leaves for the airport. The beginning of her new life.

Berlin. June 8th, 1940 “This is all you are taking?” Magda Langsdorf stood beside her daughter, looking into the open suitcase she had placed on the bed.  "Yes, Mama, I am afraid so.” Katarina smiled. She had thought carefully about what to take and when the time had come to leave, she had decided that it was better to carry as little as she could so she had packed plenty of...Read On


The Englishman

A young woman learns about discrimination.

"I'm eighteen years old and should be able to make up my own mind." Margaret stood in front of her mirror speaking out loud to herself. "If I knew what I wanted I might be able to do just that."  The reflection gazing back at her was that of a young woman. She could accent or neutralize the Indian blood richly flowing through her veins simply by the make-up she wore. Her eyes were her...Read On


Midnight Ride

This was the second one ever written in 2002, and literally written on my knee in 10 min.

Looking back is a bad habit, and the time has come for me to ride hard and fast, as I ask shall we dance? As I saddle up, and begin to ride through time and memories of the disagreeable past, in this Vale of tears, we all call life. As I pull away from nearly forgotten times, and faces that fade and dim in the fires of the mind. And find the only tears being shed now, are those of ... fear. ...Read On


A Fathers Battle

Only wants his boys happy and safe

Over the past 14 years my friend has fought firstly to see his two boys (who at the start were 5 and 2.) Now he fights to keep the youngest attending a well-regarded Private school that he solely pays for. While the boys’ mother and stepfather have repeatedly removed him and now tell him he doesn’t need to go. The last time 2015 they removed him during his end of year exams so the youngest...Read On


I have no Time for Time

Where did all the Time go?

I have no Time for Time Another second elapses in the world of the artificial constrains we have made ourselves, that of time. “I have no time for them!” “Time is of the essence” "Let's do it, quick-time now!" No, Enough! Time is something  we  bind ourselves by, make ourselves slaves to. We have the power to break these bonds of hours, day, years, or seconds. We actually live...Read On


The Day I Shot the Devil

One man's quest to rid the world of an evil presence...

The Day I Shot the Devil You would not have known he was the devil. He was far too clever, his disguise far too effective and convincing for ordinary mortals to spot, but I knew. Oh yes, I knew as soon as I met him. His facade this time round was that of a high-falutin’ corporate-type: expensive suit, expensive house, flashy car, nice wife and kids and a young mistress. The aura...Read On


Gambits - The White Pawn VII

One answer unlocks more questions.

The White Pawn VII William found Derren sitting on the steps to the Gods Temple waiting for him. He had asked Derren to wait after he saw him to the white Sages, but he only half expected him to do so. Especially after getting stitched up for hours by the sages, his stab wound to the side was the worst. He was lucky the blade missed his kidney by a hair width, or so the sages told him. ...Read On



As Emily awoke, her first thoughts were, “ Here we go again. ” Thumping her alarm clock to silence the infernal beeping, she dragged herself out of bed. Seven hours sleep felt like seven minutes and Emily’s exhaustion made the pale dawn even gloomier. Emily struggled to enjoy life. Dark clouds blighted even the brightest days and had done for years. But Emily persevered. She was a mother,...Read On


50% Off Love

Chapter V - POV Switch - “Did you hear? The head of the Serizawa Company is interested in a commoner!” The voices gossiped in every nook and cranny of the mansion that Sashen inhabited. She strolled purposely through the halls and attempted to ignore the talk of the maids and butlers, but to no avail. Whirling around, she shrieked, “SHUT UP AND GET BACK TO WORK!” She listened as...Read On


Grey Seal

Waking in the night and half asleep, I hear a voice wondering if from my mind, or is it from someone I have failed in some way or left behind in my life as I make my way through it? Having tasted both victory and also defeat and the latter outweighs the former it seems always. Seeming to find myself defending both myself and my soul from those who accuse me of things not done, and has...Read On


Ajar Door

Just need to get this out

Lost in the void of what has been destroyed by those who have toyed with my mind, my soul, this big gaping hole. It seems it’s time again to take control. Rebuild the wall, deadbolt the door. Stop being so trusting or you will never be whole. Dammit! Shut up you in there, you with the cranberry brown hair and the awful cold stare! Go back to sleep and keep your words and herd your sheep. Today,...Read On


Going Away - Part Seven

Happiness, further tragedy and shocks in store for Louisa...

Part Seven: 1946 – 50 The wedding in July nineteen forty-seven was a small affair, attended by the few close friends and colleagues Louisa and Stuart had chosen to invite to the ceremony. Louisa’s former workmates from Deschamps du Paris, Marilyn Penney and her husband Bernard plus her three children and the now-elderly Dorothy Evans, attended. Louisa was overwhelmed with...Read On


50% Off Love

Chapter IV - Hiro - Class had already ended and together with the President and the girl, Hiro walked with them to the entrance of the school. The three of them stood there for a minute and stared at the other classmates leaving for the weekends. “So there’s no Student Council work today?” she asked, ready for the blessed weekend. “There is, but I decided to give us a good break...Read On


Corner Of The Sun

Standing here against a wall off of the main square her in the dark light of the sun, as I find myself leaning back as I close my tired eyes feeling the warm wind blowing and the heat under blue skies. Thinking of why I was hearing the sound of a drum being beat slowly and a fife played lowly? That was able to be heard during the heavy thunderstorm while it passed through last night,...Read On


A Legendary Tale, Chapter Three

As a pandemic ends the world, a small town man copes with survival and loss.

Three Covered in sweat from head to toe and grass clippings from the knees down, he pushed the mower to it's usual spot underneath the old house's overhang in the back. He turned, thought about it, and quickly turned back the mower unscrewing the gas cap. Joel then retrieved the plastic gas can. Someone, he couldn't remember who had told him the if you fill the mower before storing it for...Read On


Flirting With Danger Part One

Two secret agents and ex work colleagues with underlying feelings, reunite and danger follows them.

"It's a fine, fine day!" sang the smiling American to himself in his rented convertible. Finally, Luke had untangled himself from the inner city London traffic and found the freedom of the more rural B road. For once, the weather was wonderfully warm in London, and he could feel the strength of the sun on his head and shoulders. The sunshine only enhanced his good mood. It was as though...Read On