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See How It Feels?

I don't know what to make of this I don't know what to make of this These hands, clumsy Ferrous nickel adamantium alloy Void of sensation Lacking a single neural network receptor Frustration grows with every hour Unable to experience the fabric of a flower Texture, pain, pleasure, joy The only thing worth using them for Is to crush and destroy I take from you what you take...Read On


The Unnatural World

A man is convinced he's insane when he wakes up in a surreal land

Somewhere I was on a derelict beach. Somewhere I was in a padded cell. I woke up on a small piece of black earth between a sea and a cliff. No sign of life. The suspicion that it was all a dream struck me when I saw a colony of statues in the distance. I stepped into the water and fell backwards once I was deep enough. Didn’t hold my breath. I breathed in and swallowed the salty grey...Read On


Hidden Inside

A girl finds solace within the eerie woods

The dark woods surround me, its silence soothing, not even the sound of a single heartbeat to fill the quiet night. I breathe in deeply, filling my lungs full with the cool, crisp air; it tasting heavily like the earth around me. Damp blades of grass tickle my bare toes as I continue my worn path to the pond. The moon hangs high in the sky, its light offering me little guidance on my journey....Read On


Sitting on the steps watching for the sun to rise. Waiting for a brand new day to begin My heart swells with love as I look at the stars and know you are also on steps waiting and watching as I My mind takes me back to another time A time where   I held you in my arms A time where I kissed your lips and made tender love to you with a passion so great A time where...Read On


We Lost an Angel

It's nice to know that someone is watching over you!

With hair as red as a sunset  Eyes as blue as a robin’s egg  Skin as soft and translucent as silk Her name was Niece With a heart as big as an ocean  A smile that could melt a hard heart  A laugh that made the angels jealous  Her name was Friend With a song always in her heart and a kind word on her lips  A patient woman who gave all and took nothing in return  We lost an angel  ...Read On


The Strange White Man Part 24

Stiles confronts Holly

They chatted late into the Evening about the upcoming visit. Each person had a task to perform once they arrived in town and it was gone over repeatedly to ensure there were no mistakes. As Holly bustled about performing her house cleaning tasks Lafayette decided to speak to Carpenter outside, he used the premise of staying out of Holly's way. "You should think about marrying that...Read On


Vampire Justice Part 07

Sean gets moved away from the pub. Steve awakens. Eran and Kevin need to get away.

Molly felt it was time to do something with Sean. The police watched her pub and it was only a matter of time before they closed in on her and her fey friends. Molly decided to move Sean, but needed help from her fey friends. The construction day was over and many of the fey were in the pub. She went in search of Carlo. He was the most reliable of the fey and completely devoted to her. ...Read On



Brown hair Brown eyes Just like any other person Just like everyone else But they're wrong What is that on the inside? Bright light swirling Sparks of flames around the heart The light gets darker the madder she gets The light gets brighter the happier she gets She's not like us She holds something unnatural inside of her She can make your life a nightmare She can...Read On


Love Goes the Other Way

Do you believe in love? Only once thought for fools to look for Casting their weary nets of hope With arms so tired and bleary, bloodshot eyes. What fools to think ridiculous things! But love can come floating by Soft as a feather and roaring  In stunned silence. Those with little or no faith shall never know Making mockeries of unintelligent whispering thoughts. Love can go the...Read On


The Mountain

It was her idea  to walk the mountain together The wind from the sea changed the weather fast on us as we walked She wanted to arrive first  to the top where we would share some wine The clouds were heavy and low  and I tried but failed to keep up with her pace I saw her walk into the edge of a cloud  until I could no longer see her through the mist I stopped and called after her ...Read On


Questions from above

What do you choose to do...

The reflection in the mirror is that of a broken women with a tear stained face. Messy hair and dark rings around her tired eyes. Someone in her mind No one would miss. In her mind she feels its time feeling like although she tried and tried she has never achieved any of her personal goals. The obstacles in her life she feels are just too great, So has never know the feeling...Read On


No Regrets

Mere survival is not enough.

I am bathed in my own morals On the curve of the beach In the damp sand Where the water rises to greet And then slips silently away Ebbs and flows Under the oblivious light of the moon The wind fingers my hair But offers no arms I am alone with my losses And my pains So subjective Is regret An ache that progresses Once it states its claim It clamps down on the heart Prohibits the normalcy...Read On


The Mystery Girl

Who is the girl following me? And what could she want?

I groaned as I felt Jase’s wake up call in the form of a slap. “Argh, what did I miss?” “Oh nothing much, Connor, teacher’s just calling,” said Jase with a yawn. It was a boring lecture about the !Kung Bushmen and I was sorely tempted to toss my shoe at the teacher and start jeering. Yup that’s me, Mr Mature. “Mr Dalton, I hope I haven’t bored you to sleep with this wonderful...Read On


My Lover

Where would I be without you? I'll still be here Still be happy I would be the same But with you? I'm happy all the time There is never a time in my life that I think I'm not loved Never thought this would happen We kicked it off great when we first met Now we go crazy when we don't talk We can talk about nothing and still have fun We can joke around or be serious and...Read On


Snow Falls

The snow falls but no one sees it. On blankets it gently falls. No one sees it, it is silent. Falling, falling. Sometimes  I never knew it could hurt This snow that covers me. I retrace my steps over and over. Covering them up Only to uncover them without thinking. Forever haunting me  And No one must ever know about the snow falling gently....Read On


Anatomy Of A Dragon

Forgotten oaths sworn by elder generations Spoken in archaic tongues Mystic rites and incantations Simmering in the kettlepot of the dragon's brain The foolishness of the glory bound warrior Whose bones now lie turned to dust In the crumbling castle foyer Mirrored in the gemstone that is the dragon's eye Maidens wring hands, sighing in sadness While dogs of war clash with swords ...Read On


The Strange White Man Part 23

A new plan is hatched

Just after sunset, Carpenter and Holly exited the cave and headed for the house. Ever the gentleman he held the door open for her and allowed her to enter first. Upon stepping across the threshold she froze in place because standing there at the kitchen table was her twin. Holly's face showed total shock and surprise as she slowly moved closer. Even Carpenter's face registered disbelief at...Read On


Don't Bother Reading This

If you're still reading, well done. You damned rebel. You won't like what's coming, though.

You won’t read this, but if you do, you’ll walk away. You’re gone, now, aren’t you? You won’t even score. No comment. You don’t care. I don’t care about you either. I write for me. You think I’m writing for your enjoyment? Think I’m posting because I want attention? I want nothing like that. Fame, fortune, glory, awards, all are just side effects. Not for me. Okay, awards, maybe. I...Read On


A Sestina of Ebullience

A fixed verse form with six stanzas of six lines and a final triplet, using the same six final words

We frolicked through times of euphoria  With true joy and vision most ebullient, For we viewed arguments quite fallacious If offered simply because recondite. We continued life's dance with a passion Avoiding philosophies spurious. Was it hope that we thought was spurious, As we lost all sense of euphoria? Do not worry my love, it's true passion That will fill us with laughter ebullient,...Read On


As we lay together under the stars at night... We have waited so very long. .I feel the touch of your fingertips Now I know I finally belong... Our past, present and future starts now. Our first kiss, our first fight The first time my soul reaches out for yours. The first time you smile and we laugh out loud. To hear you whisper my name so tenderly on your lips. As you...Read On


Ghosts Of The Plantation

They are dancing Glimpse them in the corner of your eye In fleeting courtyard shadows Melting in Twilight's embrace As they fade away You may catch the hint of a smile An invitation to spend a while In this old abandoned place Servants tend to the grounds Waiting for the Lady to return She left on a cloudy Spring day Seemingly earlier this year For her reacquaintence They do yearn As if...Read On


Time's Delicate Folds

Reaching you will unmake us,  it is the end and start of our impossible divide,  placing our every mistake in a clouded hourglass  and hiding flaws in time's delicate folds. All of these moments have their own weight  like stones of different shapes and sizes,  decorated in glyphs and runes of the languages we lost,  each can build a road and towering castles for us one day. ...Read On


Her Room

There used to be laughter in the room, Says the wall Along with tears, Says the pillow at night She talked none stop, even in her sleep, Says the stuffed gator She always knew what time it was, Says the watch that never left her wrist But now it's empty She had been gone for years, Says the calendar that is five years old There used to be laughter in the room...Read On


With A Knife

When the darkness starts to take hold of your heart.

I raked my skin with a knife today, But only with the tip. I wanted to know what it felt like, To lightly drag it across my skin. I raked my skin with a knife today, The pain in my heart grew too much. Physical pain was easier to deal with, Than the emotional turmoil I felt. So I raked a knife against my skin today, They only pushed me to it. They never considered...Read On


At the end of every storm. There is always a rainbow. Just like in life. You take it in strife. If a storm shows it ugly head. You may not have much to dread. For when storms appear. A rainbow is always near....Read On


Train For Runaways

Where do you go when you have no place to go to?

All aboard the train for runaways, We'll take you somewhere near or far. Now it's time to get away, Guaranteed faster than that stolen car. Jump on board the train for runaways, Escape the world of abuse. We have adventures day by day, Promised not to be too obtuse. Get on in the train for runaways, Now now, don't be shy. Be it to a city or to a quite bay, And no...Read On



You take, you take And in your thirst, you drink even more The well will inevitably run dry Take, you take another bite Leave behind an apple's bitter core At this rate of consumption There won't be enough For you and I No, there won't be enough For you and I The more you take and take The less everyone will have You force our hand The time is now to take a stand Drive you back to the...Read On


I'm the kid that...

I'm the kid that always gets picked last for teams I'm the kid that ends up doing the whole project because the other kid won't do crap I'm the kid that people don't give a second thought to I'm the kid that thinks about those who don't think about me I'm the kid that turns to Facebook or Wattpad for friends I'm the kid that has the friends no one else wants I'm the kid that...Read On


Vampire Justice Part 06

Molly's pub is searched. Steve is found. Gwen returns to talk to Eran.

Carlo watched Steve pass out from the Rohypnol laced beer. When he no longer moved, Carlo dressed him in his work clothes. Carlo wanted to do more, but did not want to incur Molly's wrath again. It took two days to recover from her last punishment. When Steve was ready, Carlo carried him to a waiting car, which took them to a park on university property. Carlo carried Steve to a tree and...Read On

thank you

Thank You Two words so simple That mean so much I say them out loud I can't say them too much Thank you for caring, for being and daring  Thank you for making, taking and playing I thank you for loving and protecting your son I thank you from my heart From my very soul For giving me your son To have and to hold I shall always love him So with that in mind ...Read On