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Adventures on the H.M.S Minerva

NARRATIVE OF GORDON ARTHUR OF MARS - CHAPTER 5: THE GIDDY LIMIT I started to run towards the only exit, my feet pounding against the metal sending out further ringing vibrations into the gloom. A swarming cloud of a thousand metallic red and yellow brass insects arose in front of me as I ran headlong into the buzzing horde each with its knife-like stinger aimed at my body. It...Read On


Through The Ages

“Please madam, these are kilts, why are you asking us to wear men's garments? “

Chapter 6 Knossos Gelo signaled the horse to move forward toward the far northeast end of the elaborate grounds. All of us were still gazing at the richness of the buildings, as well as the surrounding property. When the horse finally came to a stop, we found ourselves at the western end of the palace complex. Gelo jumped down coming around to the back of the cart. Glancing up at us,...Read On


My Two Boys

I would have loved them

You will never know how much I wish those children were mine. The two little boys God said I could never have. The 2 little boys you told others I had but didn't take care of. I would have loved them. Why did you have to tell a lie that ended so horribly? Who are you? You are not the person I knew. He was special to me. Kind and sweet, not a cruel evil liar. I treasured his friendship...Read On


D.T - Irene the Sly: chapter 5

Irene the Sly: Chapter 5 The next floor was just like the previous one but with more trees in it. Soon as they got up there they broke a hard right and hugged the wall going on until they were all out of breath. They stayed grouped together this time as Adelea said, "Alright everyone stay low and keep quiet, very quiet." They did as she said, but Samhal argued quietly, "Yeah for all the...Read On

Recommended Read

A Swarm of Bees

Have you ever wondered what a panic attack is like?

This musing only available on Stories Space. if you are reading it elsewhere, it has been stolen. "Pull yourself together!" "Mind over matter..." "Don't be so ridiculous." "Get a grip." "Just calm down." "Take deeeeep breaths..." If you've never suffered from a panic attack, you cannot possibly know what it's like. I like to think that empathetic people can understand it, at least,...Read On



Chapter Four The Last Homey House The morning slowly turned into late afternoon. Billy's progress was slowing, his feet and shoulder throbbed. The pain in his side was unbearable. He had to stop often now. He needed to find shelter and soon. Evening was coming, the sun dropping in the sky, almost as fast as the temperature. There was no place for shelter here with no homes or sheds or...Read On


Excerpt From a Succubus 1

It simply was and should not be.

Ara inhaled deeply into her cigarette and then blew out the rings of smoke. It was a bad habit she couldn’t get rid of when she was human but now it didn’t matter. The surge of nicotine in her blood made her close her eyes and sigh in pleasure. In all honesty, the drug had little effect on her but she supposed it was the habit that was comforting. “This was the one thing that still...Read On


A Vampire's Lullaby Chapter 7

I believe this is the best reveal I can do for now.

Vampires Lullaby Chapter 7 Ch. 7: Past to the Present Alex looked carefully at the painting once more, slowly and with longing, "Vladimir. I'm sorry." The crimson haired boy walked back to his fathers’ painting, "I said some really screwed up things." Vladimir shook his head, joining Alex in front of the painting, "No, you have known nothing until now." "Yeah, but…" Alex dropped...Read On


Decisive Moments - Chapter 8

The plot begins to thicken

“I’m sorry, what?” A frustrated sigh met my question and I fought the urge to take my annoyance out on the owner of the said sigh. “For the third time,” Ryan grumbled, “Do you want to see one of the movies that are on the syllabus? Or do you want to do a book report first?” I stared at him blankly, having no idea what he was talking about. The entire concept of studying for my...Read On


Lowenna part 12 (chapter 14)

Lowenna has survived an encounter with a Demon-god, but what else is just around the corner

Chapter 14 THE RAID Lowenna stayed with Rique until sundown, when her brother finished work. She requested Mrs Ziggle to prepare a warm, but not too hot bath, and bring some dinner up to her before she retired to her room. She removed her arm guard, and winced in pain, as she peeled it off her arm. There was a nasty weeping burn, where the sword had struck the guard. She took the two...Read On


Things To Do Today: Mid-Week Merriment

Life’s too short, you know? Get busy living, or get busy dying. YOLO. You get the drill...

To begin, a brief rant: Tuesdays are the most boring day of the week. They’re not the beginning of the week; they’re not the middle of the week. They’re as close to the weekend as Thursdays – but from the wrong side; and they’re not an if-I-get-through-this-day-I-have-two-whole-days-of-freedom day (known to some as Friday). Someone should do something about that. I recommend making Wednesday...Read On


Powerful Love - Chapter Seventeen

Chapter Seventeen - Nick I wake up and feel like I’m going to be sick. The room is dark and the only light is from the hallway. I look around and see a shape sitting on the chair with their head on the bed. It takes me a minute to see who it is in the bare light of the room. “Nick,” I say, my voice barely audible and croaky from disuse. I reach out and touch his hair. Nick sits up quickly...Read On


D.T - Thrain and Company: Chapter 8

Release the Krakken!

Thrain and company: Chapter 8 Arriving on the next floor, Rugal and Garren gently set down Iris and Veera and used their bags for makeshift pillows. Then, alongside everyone else, they sat down exhausted; ready to sleep right there. Thrain remained seated but looked around the floor they were on. It was dimly lit, but he could see that ahead lay some sort of dark chasm, almost like an...Read On



 He went on his knee And asked me to be his wife  The sparkle in his eyes His smile so true and real My simple yes was all it took To make our dreams come true We knew it was for always Our souls forever joined He is my other half I accept with pride  My mate My always My love...Read On


Grenades Magic (The Last Beer)

Sgt. Steve Stipholz enjoys a last hurrah with his squad.

Private Rizzoli: “Sgt. Stipholz was the kinda of guy who was always jokin’ around. He was always trying to win the rest of the guys in the squad over by telling jokes, buying rounds of beers, stickin’ up for us if the captain was comin’ down too hard. You know stuff like that. He was a pretty good guy.” Private Fontaine: “I remember one time.. Damn, I couldn’t stop laughing …...Read On


Going Nowhere Slowly

Stanley fell to the ground as the sound of gunfire rang out louder than he had ever heard before. He crawled on arms and knees until he was clear of his bedroom window, just as his mother had taught them to do at times like those – and there were many in their neighbourhood. “Joey! Stanley!” His mother shouted from the other room. “I’m okay, Mamma. I’m safe,” Stanley shouted down the hall as...Read On


They Were Expendable

Oh, that damn war, she kept mumbling. Oh, that damn war.

Not for the first time, he wondered if he was destined to become just another aimless, wounded war “hero” in an era when wars and heroes were no longer in fashion. "What’s dat stuff on your face? What is it?" Mark Cahill tried to pretend he was still asleep but the high-pitched young voice was penetrating and persistent. He had already endured two rough connecting flights and...Read On


Through The Ages

Chapter 5 The Journey As we watched the last house disappear, Kori started to cry. We were both in shock at the swiftness of events that lead us to this position. I shook my head as I bent down and whispered, “Don't worry Kori, I will keep you safe, no matter what happens, I will always be there for you.” This did help her to calm down a little. For the next few hours, we sat on a bench...Read On


Cricket: Lone Wolf Part 24

Marcia gets ready for summer school with her classmates. The forest attracts her again.

Final exams ended with the standings posted and as expected Marcia was the top student by a wide margin. Summer school started next week and the freshman class was abuzz with excitement. Marcia should be happy, but she sat on her bed sadly thinking about her achievement. It was nice, as number one, but at what price? Her best friend and roommate was number two tied with another girl who tried...Read On


If These Walls Could Talk

How do walls view the world?

“Who is that?” “That’s not the girl…” “What happened to the girl?” “How long has it been?” The man and woman stood in the doorway of the second bedroom. Its bare white walls and softly carpeted floor held so much promise. “This will be his room,” the soon-to-be-Mother told her husband, her hand lightly touching the roundness of her belly. “We’ll put the crib in the corner there. The...Read On


Smallpox killed the Americans: Plutonium killed the Americans

A few scattered tribes survived, weak, but growing back to health through the generations.

First one Spaniard, then most indigenouspeople, died. Just in one year, 1525, probably millions perished. The civilisations of the Amazon were buried, first the flesh, then the artefacts, then finally even great temples. A few scattered tribes survived, weak, but growing back to health through the generations. 'The Lost Civilisation' was covered by forest, largely 'undiscovered' even by...Read On



Billy leaves town

Chapter 3 Billy had traveled all day through fields, crossing busy highways down wood roads and was now trying to find a way across a river. He stopped there looking over his surroundings. He sat for a while took a quick drink then wandered back up the riverbank. Picking up a human scent, he followed it down a path that leads him to a crossroad. His coat was beginning to show signs of...Read On


Lowenna part 11 (chapter 13)

A young woman awakes in a strange world of magic, the only clue to her past is one word Lowenna

Chapter 13 THE CULT OF HERATHH Lowenna stood outside of Vlad’s. What she wanted to do was go in, have another bath and recover from a late night and a hard run. Then she could check on Rique and make sure she was alright. “Just one thing to do first!” Lowenna said out loud, and she quickly turned and headed towards the fountain. As she circled it, she saw the lad she had struck in the face,...Read On


D.T - The Frigid Prince: Chapter 4

The Frigid Prince: Chapter 4 "You there stop," Enaguille called out to the knight. No response he kept on going with his whistling. "Borris of Jaer." Borris stopped after that and turned around slowly to face Enaguille and the others. After sizing them up, he grinned and said, "Heh, I have not used that name in some time." "So you're really him?" Borris smirked, "Aye I'm him. I certainly...Read On


Powerful Love - Chapter Sixteen

Some times you just have to be patient.

Chapter Sixteen - Nick I sit in the chair next to Oasis’s bed, I hold her small hand between my hands and rub it trying to warm it up. I can feel tears welling up in my eyes and quickly wipe them away. “Please, Oasis, wake up,” I say to her hoping she can hear me. “The doctor told us that you can hear us and that talking to you should help.” Just then the curtain opens and one of the...Read On


Morning Light

I love the early mornings Before the sun comes up To sit and watch the start of a day As the darkness starts to fade To see the first light Start to slowly come my way To hear the birds singing The welcome of a new day The sun slowly showing Over the mountain top anew To witness such a sight is beautiful It gives me such peace And a little lonesome too I am so...Read On


The Swan

Grace, poise, determination...

“You’re lucky to be alive.” Sara didn’t feel lucky. Twelve years old and bursting with talent, she dreamed of gracing the stage with the spotlight on her. Little chance now. She didn’t see the car. It was raining, she was in a hurry, she didn’t look. The driver couldn't stop. “Will I dance again?” she asked her doctor. The man, frowning, didn’t answer. Ten years had passed when Sara received...Read On



The winding vines tighten around the heart fluttering, bird-like and fit to burst. Heady hours flicker like Kodachrome through the projector in my head. Over and over the film slides, sticking on those little moments, shared smiles, discreet glances, the ponderings of a mad man over the weight of the mug, the value of words, and a warm touch. Intricacies burn holes into my mind the color of...Read On


Through The Ages

“Korinna.... I will keep our little secret but want something more in return.”

Chapter 4 The Plan Both Nikos and Kori stood staring at each other until Aunt Mia who was holding the plate of food gazed back and forth with a puzzled expression on her face, “Is there something wrong? You two are acting rather odd.” At that statement, Kori came alive replying, “Oh no Aunt Mia, not at all I was just pleasantly surprised that's all, really just pleasantly surprised.” ...Read On


Decisive Moments - Chapter 7

Teeg and Ash get some news

DECISIVE MOMENTS – CHAPTER 7 “Hey, man! Can I borrow your shaving cream? I’m out.” I turned to see Connor standing at the bottom of the stairs. He was glancing into the kitchen where Teagan was cooking. I had offered to help but was turned down with an emphatic no! I still hadn’t gotten any better with my dismal culinary skills. I found it rather offensive that the two of them continued...Read On