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La Chaîne Tour

The ballerina rises off her feet to stand en pointé. Sparkles from her white costume shimmering  From the bright lights focused on her. She elongates her arms into the air, bending her small wrists And the tips of her delicate fingers lightly touch each other.  She glances at the crowd, looking for him  Even though she knows he is not there. The long legs of this ballerina are...Read On


17 years

Maybe gone yet your warmth remains....

As I remember with tears running down my face, how seventeen years ago today, you lost your fight. You lost your battle with cancer, and slipped peacefully away to a better place. Although it was filled with so much sadness for us, we were happy for you to be out of pain. You always lived your life for others  Trying to help them as much as possible. To people you met you...Read On



Take a skulk through my head.

Thoughts, random and ephemeral, stomp through my head. Some are taken note of, some allowed to float off. Ideas happen daily, some acted upon, most tossed aside. Kitten saunters through, always a pleasant thought. Kitty loves her. Is in love. Projects planned, seeds planted. A bass guitar body, you say? How much? Fifty quid? Mine! I'll take those pups, too. Now I just need a...Read On


This is The Last Time

In and out of love.

From the moment I met you , you touched my soul We had this deep connection, a bound We became one, you in me and me in you It never crossed mind that we could ever part You were my heart, my everything This is the last time The last time Together we lied, we cheated , we stole Together we won, and we lost We stood by one another through it all And just like that,...Read On


The Master Guardian

The prologue to a new novel I'm writing. Enjoy!

Prologue For millenia, the human world had no knowledge of the portals and the other worlds that they led to. Dimensions so vast in their differing realities that a balance had to be put into place to ensure that the darker being of each world wouldn’t try to escape and take over the other planes. Elven races would have been lost; their customs and legends overthrown by Dark Angels...Read On



Sunrise portrait painted by my muse.

Striated banding brews patch work stripes; not a devil's work of art kissing heavens hues, but brush strokes and swipes; an appealing palette a la carte. Pinks, reds, greys and blues; another new day strikes, spawning a fresh start painted by my muse, removing darkened spikes. Her canvas always warms my heart....Read On


White and Proud

I can be proud to be white and not be a racist at the same time.

I’m white and I’m proud Does that make me a racist Or some kind of sadist? I’m of European descent And I favor my ancestors Vikings and warriors hell-bent I am one of fair skin And proud to be so Europe is full of my kin I’m adapted to the cold Like Africans to the sun And I follow the Gods of old To say I’m proud to be white Does not augment my race Or fill...Read On

Recommended Read

Life Sentence

What lurks behind the bricked up wall in E-Wing? There's only one way to find out.

“What’s in cell 119?” Albertson looked up at me for the first time since I’d sat down. I’d been building up the courage to ask about 119 for ten minutes, but his expression made me wish I’d kept my mouth shut. He leaned across the desk, examining me closely. I felt suddenly nervous, was I about to be fired before my probation period was even up? “What did you say James?” “It’s just, I...Read On


Learning the Hard Way

I replied, No thanks, been there, done that and got the T-shirt

Looking back over my life of all the accomplishments and the failures, I wonder what I could have done, if anything, to better my life. Most likely not, as I feel life is what it is, so don't worry about things you can't change. Of course, my greatest accomplishments were my two sons and my marriage of almost 54 years to my husband Mike. I must say along the way there have been...Read On


A Thousand Broken Wings

The dust begins to settle, Once again I see clear, History keeps repeating, And a waste of another year, Addiction needs a pacifier, Its grip is unrelenting, I'm sorry for what I have become, A monster that's repenting, So please pass me some give a damn, Mine was sold somewhere behind, I'll soon trade you some "I'm clean and sober", My life will be redefined, I just...Read On


Judge Me Not

If it helps anyone then I am grateful.

soft tears falling on my tablet my heart breaks again I suffer silently as I've been raked over the coals again. please do not judge me or make assumptions for you do not know me or my heart's intentions. so many hits I have taken my body feels bruised and broken my heart sinks and I fall to the floor I crawl on my knees until they are scraped and dirty as I take on more...Read On


Vampire Murders Part 23

They may have a witness. Vampires join the hunt for the murderers.

After Kevin left, Eran took a long hot shower to clean up and to awaken her senses. She got some sleep, but all the events of the past two days ran continuously through her mind. She had not taken time to review the security videos, which Kevin delivered. As she dried, she thought she would start the review on today's shift. She had six days of video to scan and that would take a long time....Read On



We met online one day And quickly became friends Spending time together When the day begins and ends. So easily we banter And joke and tease Yet you know my heart So I feel at ease. We spend time together And it flies so fast It seems like minutes Though hours have passed. And then one day it happened Our connection was broken How could we survive? Things left unspoken. ...Read On


Harness The Wind

The woman I love is like the wind. She calls me smoke because I give her substance.

Mysterious, powerful, relaxing, adjectives describing the wind. It’s everywhere and nowhere. So perplexing! It’s will, no man dare rescind. It refreshes more than sun or seas when it chooses to wear its outer breeze. Just as quickly it dons its wrapping glove, enveloping all with winds of love. It has neither shape nor substance true. But when it chooses to blow on you, ...Read On


The Strange White Man Part 16

 Holly was enjoying her time in the territorial capital. She spend a lot of time shopping, not an easy task since most of the stores had closed by the time she was up and active. She solved the problem by leaving an envelope for the morning concierge with her orders and instructions on where the packages should be shipped, either back home or delivered to her hotel room. She was renowned for...Read On