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Stolen Moments

Love finds a way...

In the eyes of another I would be thief. It matters not to them of my own hearts grief. Or the emptiness that dwells inside, A hidden heart that long since died. Lives half-lived with others twined. Trophies set proud, polished and shined. Yet something missing, an aching hunger. A desire unfulfilled from a heart much younger. Homes and lives left alone each night. But the yearning...Read On


Living in a dream

Spouting Shakespeare and living in a dream, Nothing will ever be what it seems, With scraps of paper fallen at my feet . John Lennon glasses and a beatnik shirt, Everyone’s so different it almost hurts, The words I write all start to taste the same. I listen to a song but I can’t hear the beat, A melody is heard playing further down the street, I catch the mood in my hand as it...Read On



Debbie has a hare-lip Brian has MS Polly has spin-bifida Janie has a new dress. Gordon’s in a kids home Becky endures abuse Andrew has Downs Syndrome Janie has new shoes Adrian’s dad is on the dole Joanne’s mum is on the booze Martin’s dad is hooked on drugs Janie hasn’t got time to lose Lisa is autistic Steven’s hair is full of lice Wendy can’t keep up at school Janie feels pretty...Read On


My Lady

My love for Mer

I see her Her dancing around Her smiling face Her laughter that fills the air She is my past All that I care to remember She is my present All that I hold dear She is my future and forever All the brightness of a new penny She is my love She is my everything She is my soul and heart The air I breathe  She is my lady...Read On



As the morning slowly brightens I sit and contemplate the silence And the darkness that surrounds me As a blanket, snug and tight Knowing I must let the day come Though reluctant, so I hold on For as long as I am able To the remnants of the...Read On


Elementals Prologue

The start of a young aspiring magicians story.

Prologue In this world there are three great lands: Uryaen, Saeyune, and Aeon Toris. These lands are inhabited by humans and the mysterious and dangerous creatures known as Elementals. There is an old legend that before humans tamed these Elementals that the three lands were once one greater land. Though few know of this legend, and even fewer believe in it. There is another legend...Read On


Where Were You

Where were you  When the love died Did you notice Did you care We are passing like ghosts  Unaware An empty hollow feeling  An echoing shout of sorrow Of loss Fills my very being Bounces off the chambers Of my abandoned core. You encompassed Inhabited Were indwelling for so long But have now vacated And the source The reason The purpose for the change Escapes my vision My seeking My...Read On



Love unbounded has no limits

(Note from Author: This is fiction but I knew a woman just like her.) NANCY James couldn't read but he knew it was important, after all the postman gave it to him directly. He sat heavily on the steps. In his 21 years he could not ever remember the postman giving a letter directly to him. He stared at the envelope wondering what to do. He saw the stamp with the airplane on it and he...Read On


Chanoya's nightmare

Chanoya walked through the door into her large, high-ceiling, open living room. When she looked into the middle of the room, she dropped all of her stuff and screamed bloody murder. For that is what was in the middle of the floor. A man hanging from her ceiling with many stab wounds. She looked up at the face and screamed again for the man was smiling. He gurgled out, “You’re next!” When he...Read On


A Life Of Wondering

Lots of different feelings

Sometimes we laugh and everything is great,  Other times it's silence and moods. It's a crap shoot to try to relate, I don't ever want to intrude. I then feel like it's some how my fault, You don't want to talk to me. You put your feelings into a vault, I just want to run and be free. I sit here and wonder are you okay, I smile and give you a kiss. Everything is okay today, We're back to...Read On


Woman on Death Row

I feel like a woman on death row. The end of your love is the electric chair. I don't want to go there, save me from certain death. I feel the chains on my legs and arms, cold steel, Unable to break free from you. I need a pardon, a last save with a hail mary pass. A miracle that won't happen. I have more odds of winning the lottery. I have to accept my fate. If I "die" in the electric...Read On


everywhere yet nowhere

I still go there with you in a beautiful and sweet haze surrounded by our serenity ourselves up there our mind out of our bodies I happily drift all the way to the world we created the place we build where we forged our freedom pure and true where we killed evil and gave good another life where I'm me and you are you I still go everywhere with you even when you...Read On


Doppel Day Dolly

The day I met my friend.

The time had come for me to wear something new for my dreamboat, so he gave me a card that makes numbers and told me to go into town. He called me useless and stupid, but I did find my way to the fashion store. I got there all on my own. The only trouble was, I was already in the fashion store, and I watched myself liking the very same dresses that I liked. I didn't know what to do. The...Read On


Mollys Dreams - Chapter Five

With my face pressed against the window, I watched the miles rushing past as we headed south. The tears running down my cheeks could have flooded the big rivers of the north coast, but they had started to dry up as we left the lush green pastures of sad-eyed dairy cattle behind. The coastal landscape became a dry blur of trees that kept flashing past my eyes. Every now and then there was...Read On


Visitors (Nightmare)

Visitors (Nightmare) Having visitors can be fun Especially when they come to stay However, there are certain visitors Whom you wish had stayed away. If it’s family who are visiting It’s a chance to catch up on all the news (Usually everyone bitching about everyone else And other familial forms of abuse) Then there’s the kids being little horrors: Forever being parentally berated It...Read On


My Poetry

It has to have rythm, it has to have rhyme It must be in sync like a clock ticking time It mostly is short, but at times it is long At times it's called powerful, sometimes... not so strong It is loneliness, fear, it is utter despair There are days, that it shows, I just no longer care It is hate and compassion and the things I dream of It is friendship and faith and the...Read On


Phantom Wars Chapter 18

It's Christmas at the mansion.

Chapter Eighteen: Christmas On Christmas day the mansion was transformed in a spectrum of colors that rose from the ground and covered the walls, ceiling and everything inside the mansion. Everything these colors of light washed over transformed its surface into something new entirely. The monotone walls changed into vibrant hues of red and green. Sparkling ornaments on diamond strings...Read On


Pivotal Moments - Epilogue (Teagan's POV)

The end of Pivotal Moments

AUTHOR’S NOTE: Well, here we are… it’s the end of Pivotal Moments . I’m actually a little emotional right now. I hope that you like the ending and I do so hope that you will continue reading Aislinn and Teagan’s story in Decisive Moments . I’ll be starting the posting in about two or three weeks. Please, it would mean the world to me if you COMMENT & VOTE!!! ...Read On


Beautiful Smile

It could have been real?

“Bloody hell!” I got up and switched off the alarm. My roommate brushed his teeth while looking outside the window. He was hoping to see our beautiful neighbor, a woman who walked past at this time every morning. I opened my laptop and checked my email. A message read: You might like it. It was from Love143, and it caught my attention. I opened it and saw a picture of a smiling...Read On


Why You Should Never Visit Your Favourites List

Why You Should Never Visit Your Favourites List Yes, I know I’ve got things to be doing; you know, stuff that has to be done, but I cannot summon up the enthusiasm or the energy to actually get up and do anything. That’s the problem, you see, when you log-on to your computer and start flipping around the various websites you visit on a regular basis. Time becomes less a reality and...Read On




If silence speaks volumes then it doesn't matter how much oxygen is expelled from my lungs for you, if one breath can strip you to the bone and shake each monster you've molded my face to. Whatever you've shaped us into, I'll be in the dark and would rather keep the moments where I looked into the bare essence of someone, someone who could return such a rare gaze, and never flee from what...Read On



Inspired by someone I know

All her classmates say That she must be gay That she's strange and unadapted With her short black hair And the clothes she'll wear That she'll never be accepted That she had denied Every boy that tried That she would not let them near And that sealed her fate She just can't be straight Maybe even one to fear But her lifetime long They all have been wrong Though they fail to comprehend...Read On


The Tree

Under the tree. Under the tree. You had your way with me. You took some of my innocence  so carelessly. You hurt me beyond comprehension, What a cowardly way of living. You never took the best part of me....Read On


Love’s Pleading Salvation

A poem of love and passion.

The labyrinth of the heart  is full of hopes and dreams, entrapments and schemes, and dances to a blues harmony. The heart bleeds and scars, it writes the novel of life of defeats and victories, and sings an ode to the soul. I feel a hot breeze burning, conflict of power and submission, blood sizzling through my veins, conquer and be conquered. Lost under a black moon, ...Read On


The Answer is 42 (addendum to The Professor)

Professor Bachusrand wrote, “=42” on the wall. He stopped and looked at what he had written. Then he rappelled down the inside wall of the tall tower, where he had been working on his equation. When he reached the bottom, the old lizard celebrated by running around in circles, jumping up and down, and singing. “The answer is 42 . . . the answer is 42. Whoo-Hoo the answer is 42,” sang...Read On


Tell Me A Story

Give me your gift.

Reality is heavy  Duty is steep  Tell me a story  To help me sleep It doesn’t need a hero  A middle or an end Just start with the words And let us begin Give me fear And hate and pain Sometimes, crying Releases the strain Make me laugh And dance and sing Get lost in the music Forget every damn thing Give me love Passion that endures If only for one night Whisper, “I’m yours" Lie...Read On


Feline Fatale

A dog will pine away if its owner dies: a cat will do ANYTHING to survive...

Aunt Melody had always loved cats. Not just the real thing, mind, but cats in any sort of representation be it picture, figurine, tacky plastic toy or nasty knitted thing she picked up at some table-top sale or from a charity shop. Over the course of my lifetime – forty-two years and some – Aunt Melody had gone through more than a dozen assorted moggies of all sizes, shapes and colours....Read On



Everything dims around me,  a bulb's filament fading fast,  the light along warm hands cautiously  receding when we reach for one another. Our hearts like two darkened continents afloat,  struggling to collide in our new forms. Consuming me now just as much as the first time  I tried to unravel your mysterious layers,  the clues and fissures entwining our maps,  connecting the...Read On


I cannot tell you

I cannot tell you loud enough how much my heart is filled with love how much your eyes are in my dreams that days go by so fast it seems that time is always gone I cannot tell you quite how much you warm up every day you touch my heart and soul with all your love It´s you I´m always thinking of for me you are the one...Read On



'T would be really nice If I could bathe in your light again, I've only been in darkness since you went away. Soft, silky cocoons of you  Forever woven in my memory....Read On