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Now Do You Believe Me

Julie gets lost in the woods one day and is rescued by an elf

"An elf? You saw an elf? You can't be serious!" Sylvia almost screamed at her friend. "Julie, what in the world are you talking about? That is absolutely nuts, saying you have seen an elf. Seriously, where did this come from?" Julie and Sylvia were still in the changing room, wrapped in towels, recovering after their weekly work-out at the gym. Looking at them, the first thing that would...Read On


D.T - Prince Rugal: Chapter 3

The final chapter of the prince's tale.

Prince Rugal: Chapter 3 Ignoring the fact they were running through a small ocean of blood, which was now up to their ankles, Iris asked, "What are we going to do? Thrain is clearly too powerful for us to stop." "We have to do something," Rugal said frantically. "He betrayed us and can't get that wish; if he does, we lose our chance of getting our home and families back." As they reached...Read On


Unaware Alpha, Chapter 13, Nurse's Revenge

Revenge would have to wait until Tame was well enough to move around more easily. So if he had to run for his life, he would be able to do so or at least run far enough to hide. Tank had gone off at first light. I wasn't sure what he was up to, but I hoped it wasn't something stupid like going after the rogues on his own. But my worry had been for nothing as he came trotting back with a...Read On


The Pirate: part four

pirate falls in love with a prince

Later on, Julie and me went to the tavern and met up with Tilly. She was still upset about the whole guy agreeing to go with her thing. "Really Tilly there is nothing wrong with it! I think the thing that is bothering you is that you don't think you look pretty enough!" Said Julie. It was true, though. Tilly had never seen herself as a pretty girl. But she was. And when Julie had her hand...Read On


Brass Doors

Slowly with dread he trod along the riverbank. Down the winding path he went; past the band shelter, past the skate hut. In no time, it will be full of figure skaters seeking comfort out of the cold. He neared and navigated himself around the locked gardens behind the big hotel. Large and imposing, it had been built to resemble an old medieval castle. This morning, as the sun rose out of...Read On


Know Thyself

O, beware, my lord, of jealousy; It is the green-ey'd monster, which doth mock.

How old am I, for god's sake? I mean really. Does she like me? Does she 'like' like me? Do we ever really grow up. I thought we had an understanding. Apparently not. Oh, to hell with it. At least I know myself well enough to look inside, and laugh at myself in the end. I know me. Old dogs seldom learn new tricks, but we do learn how to examine our own feelings. Yes, we do learn that...Read On


Lowenna part 18 (Chapter 21)

Lowenna has survived a Demon-god and the raid, but what does fate have in store for her next.

Chapter 21 MAVENS It was just getting dark when Kia shouted it was time to leave. Marchel had questioned riding after sundown as the trail would be harder to spot and he had been complaining about it since Kai had said that's what they should do. Lowenna wanted to trust Kia but did think Marchel had a point, as the clouds were circling and it was probably going to be a dark cold moon...Read On


Deja vu

Would I really know who you are?

One day, a couple years ago, I went online to read and write poems. As you read over the words letting your mind flow around the meaning , you find some you connect with and some you don't. In a rare moment you find your heart catches, and your pulse races with each word that absorbs you . You FEEL the story. You are absorbed by what this person is saying. It could be the cadence of...Read On


The League of the Young and Supernatural (8)

A supernatural organization founded by rogue aliens fight to protect the human race.

Ch. 8 *Zeta* Jinx and I were twins, sure, but we definitely did not think or act the same in most situations. She was the logical, organized, serious one who planned out what to do before she did it. I was more of the act now, think later type of guy. If things needed to get done, I wasn’t going to be tedious or cautious about it. I would go at it head first. There was no way I would walk...Read On



Chapter 10 The morning after It was morning, and Kaye had been awake for some time. Her normal drive to start her day early wasn't there. She wanted just to lie in bed a little longer. Sleep had evaded her during the night. The winter storm had passed, and the sun now shone through her bedroom window. Kaye rolled over in bed and pulled the quilts tightly up around her. She found the warm...Read On


D.T - Irene the Sly: chapter 7

The final chapter of our sly theif

Irene the Sly: Chapter 7 "So we just going to ignore what happened at the hot springs?" Samhal whispered to Myre while they climbed the long spiraling stairs. "I don't know, I just got more important things to worry about right now," Myre said keeping her focus ahead of her. "Like what?" "Like that freckled red-haired whore who is trying to move in on my Caleb." "Oh my god not this...Read On


Decisions, Decisions

From the loft's balcony, over the rise from the plateau of the neighbourhood, she looks out across the city beyond. The city is buzzing with life. A throng of commuters pours into the streets. Across the river can be seen a broken urban community struggling to cling to life. In between on an island dividing the river and separating the two different communities sits the local zoo. Animals...Read On


Suffer The Thorns Chapter Three

3 – Behind Closed Doors The Thorn Family was a perfect bunch. Weeks had passed. Few male students also joined the dorms with the rest of the tenants. Introductions made, as well with Erebos. The ‘man in line’ was an aim to become close friends with in hopes of a better future careers. He knew of course. The behavior was indeed of the Thorn Family’s reputation in building the company...Read On


Prepping for College and Life

Note: This fictionalized memoir is based on the author’s personal experience. The names have been changed to protect the innocent and not-so-innocent. This was the longest time Mark had ever been apart from Gwen. There had been interesting women in his life since ’Nam. Some were old friends, others new, a few even intimate, but Gwen was special. Back when he’d been a kid, Mark...Read On


The Nurses (Working Title)

On her Fifteenth Birthday, Katarina celebrates the first day of her adult life.

This is the first chapter of a book I have been working on. If you like it, please let me know in the comments box below. If not, then please say what you don't like in the same place. Thank you. Berlin. April 9th, 1933: A New Day In the heart of the city, Katarina Langsdorf was waking to the start of a new day, a special day, for today was her fifteenth birthday. It was a...Read On


Cricket: Lone Wolf Part 27

Marcia meets an ally to help her with the strange happenings.

All the students returned to the barracks after taking some valued free time. Marcia sat on her bed facing Naomi and Polina, who listened to the chatter of their classmates. The level of excitement and curiosity was high because of the packets they received before dinner. Marcia listened but felt remotely distant from all of it, lost in her world. Her mind puzzled over the two things...Read On


Breaking Free

Thank You JWren for taking the time to edit my story and art work.

After being in a marriage for all of my adult life I have decided to end the partnership. As a marriage, it has been dead for many years and we have stayed together for convenience, nothing more. Without much work experience and being middle-aged, stepping out on my own for the very first time makes me a bit nervous. In fact, I find it a scary situation. Not only am I ending the marriage but...Read On


Rise and Fall Ch 5

And the storm is rising inside of me, don't you see that our worlds collide ~Anna Blue

Fatima snapped her head up. The intense focus on her craft blurred her eyesight. With aching fingers, she flexed and shook out her wrists to prevent cramping and any of her knuckles from locking. She pulled off her headphones and heard nothing. She rose from the chair and double-checked that nothing she did so far would be undone. With a quick glance at the clock, she noted two hours had passed....Read On


Beautiful Dreams - Chapter Three

This is a sample of a story I have self-published.

Chapter Three Opening the door and seeing who is on the other side has me in shock. I see my high school sewing teacher Mrs. Donovan and her husband. Stepping forward, Mr. Donovan takes my hand, bowing and kisses it. “Princess Lascher, what a pleasure to meet you,” He tells me stepping aside for Mrs. Donovan to greet me. “Princess Lascher,” she says with a curtsy. “I ask that you don’t...Read On


Love has no boundaries(Student-Teacher relationship) Chapter one

Jessica Mills has a crush on her sport teacher, she knows that it can never happen. But does he?

“Hey, ready for PE?” Violet asks as we make our way towards the gymnasium. Violet and I have been best friends for a couple years now, although it feels like a lifetime. We`re pretty much sisters. We call each other sisters, people even sometimes ask us if we`re sisters because we are so close. We may not look the same, but we definitely act and think the same. She has medium length dark...Read On


Dip and Pull

Dip and pull, the boat glides over the green paddies; orange blossoms bobble in the black depth. Perched upon the green leaves sit huge blue green dragon flies, their irridescent wings still in the chilly morning. One or two hover over the deck of the boat silently buzzing. Near the shore large mounds of mud and wood break through and high above the water. Beavers lay cozy below while atop...Read On


Our Love Story

Two lonely people meet by chance and fall in love

Prologue From a purely individual point of view, happiness is very difficult to describe or quantify. Wikipedia states that it is a mental or emotional state of well-being, defined by positive or pleasant emotions, ranging from contentment to intense joy. Over the aeons, philosophers and religious thinkers have often defined happiness in terms of living a good life rather than simply as...Read On


A God's War Chapter two

War for eternity

Chapter two (Memories) The rain pours down on the earth making the forest damp and empty. Thunder breaks the silence and lightning reveals what is hidden in the dark. Three souls run for dear lives, shouting, praying that anyone would hear but in a domain created by unearthly creatures only they can hear their cries. Maria ran along with two little girls in each arm. She staggers...Read On


Easy Ice

You look like shit my dear brother, and I missed you too; you dumb stupid mother. As I see the handmade welcome home sign hanging above a cheap bottle of red (that won’t be drunk), and knowing that I’ll have some freedom here with an old pull out sofa bed out here in the living room. And I know that I have pushed both; your patience and my luck, but we both carry our choices, and we try to...Read On


That Four Letter Word

that changed everything

I'm all of a flutter. It's amazing, the effect of that four letter word. It means everything to me. It makes my heart sing. Dating for months, growing steadily closer, I thought we’d gone as far as we could. I’ve never been so happy to be wrong. But do you mean it? Is this real for you? It is for me. You were always different, we were never just friends on a common journey, yet...Read On


D.T - Prince Rugal: Chapter 2

Prince Rugal: Chapter 2 Beholden to their sights, Rugal and Iris found the next floor was a city taken from the pages of time. The buildings and streets were all cleaner than gems. Tall white spires stood out in the distance with large blank holes spinning around them as part of the design. Everything looked like it was made for people nearly twice the size of normal humans, (more around...Read On


A God's War

War for eternity

“ A god’s war ” Chapter One (The man who walks in the Shadows) The morning day appears the same as always in a small town near the ocean; people go about their business while the younger ones prepare for school. Throughout the years, this place remained quiet and simple almost like it is separate from the city. Mayumi held her books while walking on a narrow road towards the school located...Read On



Chapter 9 For Better or Worse  Ed was in the yard snow blowing out the driveway trying to stay ahead of the winter storm. He had been stewing over Kaye's sudden need to take care of yet another stray dog that didn't belong to them. He didn't want to see anything suffer either, but in his upbringing his parents were more practical in dealing with this kind of situation. He went over it in...Read On


Face in the Mirror

She sits staring into her reflection. An unknown figure stares back. Turquoise and white stitched tee, black loose fitting yoga pants. Sockless feet, blue painted nails drum up and down. She sees hair; tousled and short. The eyes are near the colour of her shirt today. She can never decide which colour, they do not stay. And, as she stares she comes up face to face. Is this one she really...Read On


Lowenna part 17 (Chapter 19 & 20)

Lowenna has left Penbirth on a dangerous quest, what will she and the others face on this journy

Chapter 19 IN TRAINING Kia had taken over the lead of the party. There was only one possible track they could have taken with a wagon, and it was the same road Lowenna had walked to Penbirth on. Lowenna was holding onto the reigns of her horse very tightly, as she had found riding was not as easy as she had first thought. On the first corner, she had nearly fallen off, and now was trying to...Read On