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It will be a warm day in Hell...

One woman's tale of a warm day in Hell...

It will be a warm day in Hell... It was the largest meeting in Hell (Michigan) that I could remember. The Town Hall had been taken over by TV crews from all over, for their annual conference. They had been snowed-in for the last three days. Yes, they were supposed to leave last Sunday but here we are on Wednesday and they are still here. I say this through gritted teeth...I mean, they...Read On


Amber Part 10

Amber tells Bruce the truth.

Their destination for lunch was a well known local place that was famous for their hamburgers, and Amber couldn't be happier. They were escorted to a booth and had a minute to scan the menu left by the hostess before the waitresses appeared and took their order. The place was surprisingly vacant for a Saturday and since there was no one behind or in front of them Amber felt...Read On


Phantom Wars Chapter 28

The final chapter to the first phantom wars novel.

Chapter Twenty-eight: A Sealed Fate Ethan seemed more angry than sad by Marry’s letter after he read it. He was so upset he stormed out of the mansion on his own. He came out of the mansion at his old neighborhood and walked straight to the park he had once spent an entire spring break at. The park was covered with snow that was all the way up to his shins. Ethan sat down in the snow...Read On


Being Me, Being Free

Freedom to express myself, In the way I feel, Be who I am, Be who I can. Freedom from your need For conflict, From your ties, From your lies. Freedom to explore The wonders of the world, And seek out new treasures, New pleasures. Freedom from your numbers And calculating ways, From your precision, From your division. Freedom to stand On my own, Face the wind, Face my sins. Freedom from...Read On


On a Winter Eve

Darkness. Embedded in the shadow. Shadow. Comes with the light. Its cold outside Even though the sun shines. Its colder inside I'm suffocating with my plight. No one knows How much they can endure, Until you go Through and through the blows. Ups and downs Things keep going around; Moving on That's the real job. Just a ray Gives hope like May, Just a thought Makes me head strong. One smile...Read On

I Love You

Just something I was thinking about

I wonder why some can use the words "I love you" so easily. Do they even truly mean them? Do they even truly understand the power behind those three words? When I tell someone I love them... I mean it. When I say "I love you" I am telling you that I would give my life for you, I would climb the highest mountain, I would swim across shark infested seas just to get to you, and I would...Read On


The Intelligent Pigeon

The story is about how a pigeon escaped from the caution of a crow with its intelligence

Once there were two best buddies named Jack and Ben. Ben was a very dynamic and motivational speaker. Every day in the school, they both exchange their ideas on studies and got good grades in the examination. Only after reaching home, they both had a complication to altercate their ideas as their houses were far away from each other. Jack was a great bibliophile. Every day after arriving...Read On


Some people just should not get together...

How did this happen, you say In that pathetic, gobsmacked way Just like you do everyday As part of that game that you play As if you are so unaware Of what's in front of you there The truth, should you even care Sit's in the opposite armchair. It's your own fault, blame only you Nobody told you what to do We all warned you not to go though With marrying Mr You-Know-Who ...Read On


Finn's Obsession - Chapter 4

I ran the knife rapidly through the potato, cutting it into perfect, thin slices. Alessandra watched, impressed. “I can’t use chopping boards,” she said wistfully. “I only ever cut vegetables against my thumb. You know, holding them.” “Doesn’t that hurt?” I frowned. “Sometimes. But I don’t cook that often.” “Huh.I guess you don’t have time.” She shrugged. “Right.” I...Read On


The Character of the Protector

With all the demonstrations last month that protested police brutality, the topic has come up quite a bit. I’ve found myself remembering a horrible experience I had when I was about fourteen. It was payday, and our regular payday splurge was a six-pack of Coke and a box of greasy fried chicken and jo-joes. Mom and I were leaving Pache, the Native American HUD housing project where we...Read On



You're a song I've never heard but I want to play over and over. You're beauty unseen to me but felt in my heart. I wished to sail uncharted waters with you. Getting lost in one another. With Waves of passion hitting us again and again. Pleasure unending, words not needing to be spoken. I have loved you since I met you. My soul stirred and I gave you pieces of my heart. We cannot be...Read On


Anonymous call

What would you do for money? How far would you go? Some callers are welcome, whilst some, are not.

Everybody has a price. I learned that recently. A price in which anybody will do anything for money. The premise is simple. If I said I would pay you one hundred pounds to walk into a supermarket and steal one item, it being of no concern what it was you stole, would you do it? Of course you would. What if I gave you 200 or 400 pounds? The more money I give you, the more likely you are to do...Read On


Haters Gonna Hate

"Haters gonna hate." "How's that?" "That's a meme or mantra nowadays. I think it came from hip hop." "Okay, so what's up?" "I'm thinking it may be true." "Probably. Sounds like it could be. Why bring it up now?" "Just thinking. It seems apropos of what's going on around here." "Well, you know, that's what haters do, by definition, right?" "Yep. It's related to how well one...Read On

Recommended Read


Break this down  Particle by particle Compare the matter To the grand scheme And blow it away To wherever dust twirls In a snowglobe of memories Like how my mouth brushed Your rough cheek, Or the satin of your lips, My fingers running through That crop of soft hair And over your smooth skin Blink. See the moments  Where the sun Caught the stars Burning in your...Read On

Her Mistake

This was written awhile back and I've always liked it has nothing to do with me personally

Why does she say I am fine when she's not? Watching her emotions run cold then hot Tell me why she can't simply let go When looking at them there's no love to show He desires her, though he hates it He told her, she's the best kind of different That she is beautiful and fun Yet every time they kiss they both run See she is married and so is he Simply put, their love isn't meant to be...Read On


My Final Valentine

My Final Valentine A lot of people love Valentine’s Day. A lot of people hate it. I’m with the latter of the two. I often believe it is the more cynical people who don’t like this holiday, but those who are most cynical were not born in such a mindset, but pushed into it. This is the story of how Valentine’s Day shoved me into cynicism. I cannot remember the exact year, it must have...Read On


Finn's Obsession - Chapter 3

Day two dawned. Winter sunlight came through the bare, dirty windows. The space beside me was occupied for the first time in ages. I could have sat there and watched Alessandra sleep for hours but whatever woke me must have woken her too, for half a minute later she stirred and her eyes flicked open. She looked lost for a millisecond and then everything apparently came back to her and she...Read On


More of my micro-fiction...

I trod carefully, too carefully. "Is that you?" a theatrical whisper asked from the top of the stairs. "Of course it bloody is," I retorted irritably "Who the hell were you expecting?" "I was expecting you home hours ago. Where have you been? It’s almost three in the morning!" The whiny tone I didn’t need. I’d had too much to drink, I was tired and I still had to negotiate...Read On


The Instinct Fear

Fear brings out the worst in people

My mind is a constant battle Of holding strong and wearing thin My thoughts are a constant prattle Of meaningless words and din. My eyes are forever seeking out The lost, the constant, in this place My head forever turned away From any contact with disgrace. My hands are trembling with unease They grip the slipping steering wheel My ears are likely soon to seize The sound of...Read On


You are in my heart You're also in my mind You're the air I breathe You're the stars I see at night You are in my soul Deep down in the center Of every thing I am I am yours You are mine We belong together There is no question Almighty has been good to me He led me safely home Into your arms, you see I never will ever roam I have no reason to For I am...Read On

A Friend in Need

Yelling at the top of my lungs, I scream, "I want it so bad!" "Has it been that long?" He asked. "Yes! Way too long," I replied. Shaking now uncontrollably, my heart beats faster. Pacing the floor I look at him and explain, "I've been busy at work and I haven't made time for myself these days. Will you please do this with me?" "Well yeah," he smiled. "I love helping a friend in need."...Read On


Amber Part 9

Trouble in paradise

Amber woke at 7:00am and headed to the bathroom for her normal bout with morning sickness, their intensity had lessened over the last few months and that was a relief. She then headed to the kitchen where she poured a large glass of orange juice and took her pre-natal vitamins. She had just finished draining the glass when her cellphone rang so she fished it out of the pocket of her robe...Read On


Cry of Frustration

I need to create something, anything Before my thoughts consume me whole. I need to do something, anything Before I am swept away by the storm. Just something, anything before I go insane, Before I lose to the chaos inside my brain....Read On


Finn's Obsession - Chapter 2

Finn makes his move.

My pulse was normal. I could feel the little bump as it went up and down in my wrist and I counted it unwaveringly. I was alive. I was living my life. And Alessandra didn’t even know I existed. All that was about to change though. The email had come in the morning, straight into the account I’d created for Finn Donoghue, the name I worked under at the LBC. I hadn’t really had a choice but...Read On


Where's my squash?

I have several secrets for growing large pumpkins. The basic essentials are good, like water, cultivated soil, manure or other nutrients in the dirt. Luck has a bit to do with it, no late freezes, no unkind weather. I don't let more than one pumpkin grow on each vine. Most people know this kind of stuff, but my super secret is birth control pills. I plant lots of birth control pills around...Read On

The Cool Guy

Another of my 100-word efforts...

"You’re not wearing that , are you?" Sammi asked, mockingly. "Yes, I am. This was the height of fashion then," I said, smiling as the memories flooded back: the music, the dancing, the soft lighting. "I met your mother while I was wearing this jacket," I told my smirking daughter. Teenagers: they think they’re the only ones who know what it’s like to be young. "She was in love with...Read On


If I asked you to love me Would you give me all your days Or would you slowly slip away Never to see me again If I told you how deep my love was Would you throw it in my face Laugh and mock at me Then give me public disgrace If I asked to share your name Because I never had one of my own Would you give it freely Or make me long to know If I simple disappeared ...Read On


Arriving in New York

“We’re going shopping and by my parents today,” Tara said coming to the table the next morning. I looked up from my food and dropped my fork but grabbed it before anyone could tell how scared I was by the thought of leaving the house. “I don’t feel good,” I lied as I picked at my pancakes with my head down. “Fine, you don’t need to those then,” Miles said taking my plate and headed to...Read On

Go Away

This was written awhile back and I've always liked it has nothing to do with me personally

Go away! Flee from my thoughts Give me space My freedom is nought Why do you haunt me Casting your glow Why most you rip My heart that you stole Stop saying my name Through the night skies Can't you see the tears I've painfully cried Go back to the past Where you belong Leave my presence I need to feel strong Craving your touch Is killing me still You wanted me once Until...Read On


The Strange White Man 39

As dawn approached Carpenter drew the heavy drapes in his car to protect him from the rays of the Sun. He then took a seat in one of the plush chairs and recalled all the memories that the hypnosis had awakened and he wept. He wept at the memory of the deaths of his parents and their friends. He wept for the love and concern that his old mentor Felsar had shown. He even surprised himself...Read On