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The Big Disappointment

You know what? I reckon, that in a time before hoverboards and lightsabres, there lived something somewhere, because otherwise, how would they have been invented? And way back then, I'd say something if I could because, you know, you would. Or more specifically, I would. Nevertheless, Horses were probably invented by then and so all the ponies were out of a job and were left wandering...Read On


Pass The Test

Just get a life, don't be so soft I say, The friendship that I thought I earned is through, And will not come again, I'll go my way. Forget what they have told me, it's not true. They come and go and never tell me why, Or feed me lies that make no sense, I know,  But let it go and give a last goodbye. To friends who are not friends, just bid adieu. My faith in people should not be...Read On


Insatiable Humans

Just some thoughts on the human condition. Stupid disease, humanity.

So near, yet so far. There's a natty cliché. That thing when something is just about tangible, but something about it is just out of reach. It's frustrating, stupid, totally unnecessary and just a smidge of heartbreaking. You feel you shouldn't think about it, but then it just infiltrates your head. Before you know it, it's swimming around. It gets into your heart. From there, it's like...Read On


The Moment He Saved Me Again- Chapter 5

When I open my eyes, I notice my dad isn't laying with me anymore. I fell asleep on the couch after I got home and spilled everything to my dad. Well, not everything. I left out the kissing part. Just that the guy who shot at us left us, not knowing he missed. I know I shouldn't have lied but I didn't want him to get the wrong idea about Mason. I didn't even know how I felt about Mason. I...Read On


Black and White

waking to black and white

Black and White you still hold court in my dreams always you shall be my bright eyes still coming and touching me holding my heart and painful soul on the evening breeze soft whispers heard "our journey was cut short" sad my dreams are in black and white my soul screams out where has the colour gone I am left to beg for a sliver of red or yellow waking to black and white ...Read On


Steel: Part II

At first, it was a shield. Then, it became a wall. Eventually, it transformed into a complete fortress: difficult to penetrate and tiresome to scale. The ice-encased steel around my heart holds evermore, unyielding. Then, for about a week, I opened up that steel wall for the sake of love. To make a long story short, she was a manipulative bitch and caused more arguments than she resolved....Read On


Vampire's Bane: Part 1

Bob starts his hunt for the vampire.

It was a cold Friday evening in January when Sylvia was walking to her boyfriend Bob's condo. She was thinking about the night they finally hooked-up. Sylvia was a third year English Lit major at Kent State University. She met Bob the first day of the previous fall semester when she arrived for her science class that she needed for her basic education required credit. Bob was teaching the...Read On


Save Me: Book One of The Gatekeepers

Enter the world of The Gatekeepers: their star is on the rise, so hop on board for the ride.

Preface Lucy "Ms. Combs, I realize the school year is coming to an end, but that does not give you an excuse to not pay attention," Mr. Peters said, snapping me out of my daze and bringing me back down to earth. "Sorry," I replied quietly, wishing I could sink into my sweatshirt. I felt my face turn a deep red. He motioned for me to take out my earbud and I reluctantly did so....Read On


Hidden Cart

I dare say, that appears to be a duck.  I am perplexed as to how to proceed in our current, uh, 'situation'. Indeed, it troubles me also. In conclusion, bananas make excellent tissues  when you run out of elephants. I think this makes us more than simply gnu....Read On


Are We Friends?

"I'm confused." "How's that?" "I have a friend. She's young, but mature for her age." "Yes?" "I thought we were friends. I wonder." "You have to be a little clearer here." "Okay, so the thing is, she's a writer..." "Yeah, and so are you." "Let me finish. I always loved her work." "Did you tell her?" "Of course. We were friends. I always praise my friends." "So, what's...Read On


An Old Toy Koala

Childhood confidant....

As I unpack some boxes, I come across an old teddy. Actually it is a koala, well worn and missing an eye. I can remember how it was  when I first got it brand new. It was soft fluffy and grey, carrying a small boomerang. Staring at this toy, I can remember how I loved it and took it with me everywhere  as it was my childhood confidant. As I hold my toy  it reminds me of a...Read On


Kaitei Niou 2-3

Chapter 2 Kasei just went to the study down the hall and picked up a book on oceanography to research. He pulled out the mirror and looked through the book for references about merfolk. He’d been looking for a while and found nothing that seemed plausible. Giving up after a few hours, he looked into the mirror. Like mist clearing, the mirror showed a young man with sleek features,...Read On


The Warrior

It's the worst feeling...

It's the worst feeling in the world, to have to sit idly by while someone you admire, care about, and respect goes through hell. Constant pain, you can't take for yourself. Heartbreak, you can't sew together. Loss, you can't fill. Mental torment, you can't stop. Constant emotional battering, they feel they deserve. Yet to the bottom of your soul you know they are the least...Read On


Reunion Planning Interruptus

This actually happened.

The ten year reunion for Tilden High School's class of 1960 was fast approaching. The class president and his cabinet sent out numerous letters and post cards besides leaving a multitude of voice messages on numerous answering machines. They were advising the recipients of an upcoming meeting of the reunion committee, open to anyone who wished to volunteer and brainstorm. The meeting would...Read On


Living With Me

This poem only available on Stories Space. If you are reading it elsewhere, it has been stolen. Sing silence a song of a void in the night Where the stars sink in oil And vain they scream out As the phantasms suck all their Bright shine away And the glow of the moon Spins away to the deep of the Aching abyss That is this tortured Soul. Cut my wrists, Slit my throat, Spill my blood on the...Read On


The Claiming of Man: A Fable

The beasts meet to determine what man is.

 When mankind was young, the beasts of the sky, of the land and of the deep blue sea took no notice of him. He was just another animal, perhaps a bit uglier than most and a bit crazier, but nothing unusual. But then, a most remarkable thing happened. In a few thousand years, a mere blink of an eye so far as most species are concerned, man began to build cities, to farm, to write, to speak,...Read On


Nearly There Nicely 4

Ch4 of the story.

While Will continued setting up, a little boy dressed in a nice khaki colored pair of shorts and a white blouse with a blue big ribbon tied around the collar, came over and grabbed onto Will's shirt-tail. Will looked down and smiled at him. The little boy had sky blue eyes and light blond hair with pink tips, hiding one of his eyes. “Hi, Alexander. Have you finished getting cleaned up for...Read On


A Mother's Tongue

Like a mother's love, a mother's words are power, strength and hope.

"We won't let them call it a break down this time,"  She says,  Wiping imagined stray hairs from my brow.  I want to laugh.  I want to cry.  I want to scream.  Medication is bliss.  I wonder their names.  I cannot control my lips,  Let alone form words.  So, mother you have won. What am I without my words?  My life's time consists of responses,  Under breath and at the top of...Read On


The Moment He Saved Me Again- Chapter 4

Actually, I didn't fall asleep. I passed out. At least, that's what the doctors told me. I remember leaning up against the wall, my head on Mason's shoulder and then nothing until I heard chaos and woke up from someone shaking me awake. Once Mason helped me up and we were rushed outside with the rest of the school, the doctors outside who were checking everyone that exited the building...Read On


That Special Someone...

what i have waited for....

Faraway and yet so close, a phone call or text message away. The one who makes me laugh, and has me feeling great about myself. While others want to cause tears and pain. They try to grow seeds of nothingness, and attack my self worth. He brings me joy and happiness, where before there was pain, and depression. My own ray of sunshine, on cloudy days. My confidant in all things. ...Read On


Get Started

Face your fears.....

Make a vow not to worry Keep trying don't be in a hurry never compare, others to you you are awesome, no one is like you hurdles are many find the way be far from the pessimists as elders say don't be hasty in choosing your path the help will come if you work hard on the path keep the relation, be available and make them smile as they say " success is loneliness", so remember it...Read On


Moving On

My reason to breath are my children.

Moving on is hard to do. However it's a process meant for me and you. I do it for my children three. Knowing full well they need me. They put a smile upon my face. While I move on in this giant rat race. I tell them often that I love them. When they say we love you too dad I feel like a shiny gem. I want so bad to show them real men don't quit. However I've taken a very hard hit. I...Read On


I will never understand

being betrayed by your best friend

When I first met you, you were broken No friends, no life, just drama. Wanting so badly to be loved by men. Only finding that men wanted you for only one thing. We became friends and sisters. In that we both found comfort. Your life began to change for the better. Our friendship had created a bond that could not be broken. When things went bad for me you were there, when it...Read On



I'm getting better every day

I’ve made it just in the nick of time  It’s been two long years of  TORTURE  Fear, hurt and at times despair and  HEARTBREAK Due to fear and bad memories, I haven’t ridden my bike  ALONE  We’ve make this trip to Parker’s Hill over 400 times  TOGETHER Almost every Saturday night for eight years  WE RODE  To Parker’s Hill to watch the sunset with you  RIDING BESIDE ME I...Read On


The Proposal

On bended knee he stayed And asked her to be his wife She was stunned and happy As he promised her a good life How will she answer him When her life has been a lie Her happiness turned to panic And then she began to cry The tears ran down her cheeks And they began to hit the floor Her mind played images Of her life as a whore She wasn't a street walker No...Read On



See-- Here’s what you don’t know. Every word or phrase, essay or poem, story or musing that I write is a stab with a double-edged sword to defeat an indelible recording of the recurring command I received while growing up. The message was a simple ‘shut-up’. They say I’m quiet, and that I don’t have much to say. Well, let me tell you about the Diary of a Potential Chatterbox:...Read On


She's the moon

Shining silver moon, One across the vast dark sky, Showing the stars at night. Like a time, When a girl stuck out, More then anyone else. People looked down on her. She was different from the rest. She was fine with it all. In her own eyes, Her own way, She was perfect. Once she realized it, She became the moon, The rest became the stars, They became our night sky....Read On


Kaitei Niou 1

A young man who gave up swimming has met a merman.

~Ten Years Ago~ A young boy and his family were taking a break at the beach during their summer holiday. Even though it was the morning, the sun made the sand very hot, so its grit would burn your feet. The kind mother, with her long brown hair, was watching the two little girls as they played in the shallows. Farther off at the rocks was the tall father, his black hair wet...Read On


The Moment He Saved Me Again- Chapter 3

It's like every muscle in my body tensed up and I stopped breathing right when the lights came on. I couldn't talk. My throat felt like someone had punched it. I squeeze my eyes shut but Mason's hand on mine made me open them again. His blue eyes had a mixture of fear and something else I couldn't quite describe. Footsteps. I hear footsteps. I look at him and shake my head. I shake...Read On




On my way to you, I think of all the things I should be doing today. Forgive me, you are never a bother. I walk in and see you so still. I climb in beside you and hold your hand. When you finally wake up and smile, we hug so tight. Time stand still. We each make the sounds we so often make. I can not let go to talk with my hands. What do I say or do that I didn't before? No words came, just...Read On