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from my darker past

Pauze I wish I had a button, to stop my aching brain, Not shut down altogether, but halt to ease the pain. If I could just stop thinking, for just one single night, I might refind the power, to climb back to the light. I wish I had a button, to silence all around, to make it all just vanish, to shut out every sound. If could just stop thinking, if only for a day, I might refind...Read On


All Hallow's Eve

This was written tonight for a Facebook event sponsored by author Fran Ayers...

It’s All Hallow’s Eve and there’s little sound, Except for a few goblins dancing around, An old witch creates another evil spell, Summoning demons from down in Hell. The old hag stirs her boiling stew, Adds eye of a newt, and another shrew, The cauldron bubbles over the roaring fire, The smoke rising up, higher and higher. A black cat watches and suddenly screams, It’s enough to...Read On


The Plain Girl Chapter 5 Whitewater Rafting

Don't allow yourself to be a ping-pong ball

As Karla made her way out of the kitchen, she saw Chuck standing by the front door talking to Maurice. He was glancing at his wristwatch. Her heart trembled. What was it telling her? There was an undeniable alert coming from somewhere very deep. Maybe she had raced too quickly from the changing room out back? This is the little lie she would tell herself. Slow it down girl. The...Read On


Life Beyond

Outlet of Grief

The hot water streams over my body, engulfing me… My breaths become pants, then suddenly pause. My stare freezes at the water droplets passing by, as I see her face again. time stops… My breath removed, my blood gone cold, my heart drains, … like her. She is gone, I am alone. But here I can cry, here I can moan, here I can wail. My muted scream rises but is stifled in my throat. Later, I...Read On


Silent Nightmare part 3

Ben waited all night to hear back from Amber. When he didn't hear from her that night, he knew he should have texted himself from her phone to make sure he would have her number. He had the day off and tried to keep himself busy so that he wouldn't have to think about her. What a joke. No matter what he did, his mind kept going back to her. What was she doing? Was she working or home,...Read On



dancing away your pain

She is dancing Lost inside Never facing Why she cries Lost in rhythm Blinding beats Forgetting him With healing feet A beautiful mask Adorns her face Her only task Is dancing with grace Her twinkle toes Hide her tears No one knows What she fears Heart forever shattered Never to heal Dancing is what matters It's how she feels Watching her glide Across your world Getting...Read On



The morning sun shone brightly through the stained glass windows. Gentle, calming and warm the rays of light shown beautifully over the wooden casket. It let everyone know everything would be all right. Their loved one was in a better place. At least that was what the pastor would say, if anyone were there. He walked in expecting the dead man's wife softly crying by the casket, the...Read On



Not for the happy-go-lucky types.

I wasn’t sure if I had stopped celebrating the holidays because I grew up or because I had become so cynical over the years. Then I saw the scowl on my face and the weight on my brow. “Who is that looking at me through the mirror?” My upper lip was stiff without the thought of stiffening it, my eyes narrow and glaring at whatever my sight fell upon. The sides of my lips curled down with...Read On



The things I love

Sometimes it only takes a few words to tell it all. You! The song of a bird, a poem I heard, a flower, the ocean, a wood. Just a couple of things, of which my heart sings, and one of those, sweetheart, is you!...Read On

Our Memories Will Live

You know that I love you You mean the world to me My love for you will never die It grows continuously So as I sit and talk to you Takes these words I say  Put them in your heart  Your're everything to me I sit and rock beside you I reach to hold your hand Without a doubt it is true I am devoted to you Thank you for the memories That makes my heart go warm I love you...Read On



Lets have fun this Halloween

Give me candy Keep your tricks See the ladies Riding sticks With green faces And black cats Silly women In pointy hats Next to her Is a strong man With big shoes Helping him stand Bolts in his neck Must feel funny Though he smiles It looks so cunning Behind these two Is something yucky What is that creature It looks so funky Big glowing eyes With a wicked grin Gives me chills I'm...Read On


What is the point?

Daisy and me on facebook.

MT: Hey, girl. What is up? GM: lol. Nothing much. MT: Don't lie. I saw your post. GM:Oh that. lol, nothing just stupid drama. MT:What kind is it this time? GM:You know people spreading lies and some people adding to the fire. MT: Was it between. Well you know.... GM: Not this time. GM: It was two other people. MT: The cause???? GM: I have no clue but I wish not to understand....Read On


Your Kiss

to feel your kiss again...

Take away these fears Heal my broken heart With every tear shed My world falls apart Promises spoken In times of lust Wishing for moments Without so much fuss Be yourself my love Put away your mask Give us a chance Keep us on track Stop listening to fools Full of jealousy and vile Feel my heartbeat Running the endless miles Stars fall each night With every wish Nothing compares To...Read On



Love can really hurt sometimes

note: I wrote this poem when I was really down. Don't worry about me however, I didn't take that final step and I won't. You have my heart, you are my heart All I am now is pain As if where love resided Now only knives remain When you walked out of my life My life walked out as well For my heart has gone with you And left an empty shell I'll find some place to hang it A place...Read On



How come when I talk, no one listens? Why am I invisible? Can you see or hear me? I'm invisible. I don't really matter. I'm not here. I do not exist. No matter how I say it, no one is listening. If I scream as loud as I can, no one can hear me. My voice is raspy, This body is a shell going through the motions. When I walk, it hurts. When I think, it hurts. My soul is taking a beating. ...Read On


I wake up and you're gone Gone without a trace Leaving me all alone To deal with being disgraced I fell in love with you You said you loved me too I long to hold you in my arms My lips cry for your touch My soul cries out for its mate My heart feels too much I see you every now and then When we just happen to meet Tears enter my eyes  I start to shake At what you do to me ...Read On


Missing you

Even though we never met, I still miss you.

Tiny. Vulnerable. Reliant on us. We've spoken to you every day. You've never replied. We love you. Tiny. Perfect. Needing our love. We've planned our futures together. You've never cried. We love you. Tiny. Unborn. Take from us. We'll miss you every day. You're our child. We love you....Read On



a love so true it reaches beyond all doubts

You touched me Leaving me breathless Breaking walls Now I'm defenseless You've crossed oceans Conquered mountains Gathered stars Anything for us Fighting reality Not believing How can we Love without seeing Blinded by loves light Crossing the galaxy Taken without force Never regretting My shining knight How you healed me Erasing the negative Fixing the ugly Beautiful expression Left...Read On


My Gallant Troubadour

So gallant is mine own true love, He lives to honor me. My tears do fill mine eyes once more As he both plays and sings. He careth not what might befall From what adoring brings. Our kisses might be hidden now But soon we may be free. This formless dread doth prey upon My mind that fills with doubt. I look upon his visage proud, His rugged mien so rare. He tells me that he doth approve...Read On



When I was five, I lived in New York. I didn't know, nor care if I was popular or not. I was just there, and played my own way. I later grew to learn which side belonged to me. As I look back, it seemed to me that I was the most forgotten and least likable girl in my class. Before we moved, I had two best friends, Sarah and Emily. I always preferred visiting Sarah's house because she knew...Read On


Skyrim Carol

A rendition of Deck the Halls for all Skyrim fans

Deck the Jarls with swords and axes Fa la la la la  La Fus Ro Dah! Tis' the season to hunt dragons Fa la la la la  La Fus Ro Dah! Don we now our iron armor Fa la la la la  La Fus Ro Dah! Join the ancient Nordic thunder Fa la la la la La Fus Ro Dah! Fa la la la la La Fus Ro Dah! Fa la la la la La FUUUS... ...RO DAAHH!!!!!!! (Only Skyrim fans will understand this)....Read On


The Sad White Swan

Evelyn stared blankly out the large window, holding the golden curtains open. Her white gown hugged her delicate form gracefully. The sparkling gown was complemented by a skirt of layering feathers which enveloped her. Evelyn was nothing less than a beautiful white swan. Hearing movement from behind her, Evelyn remained still. She was trapped in a beautiful disaster. “Lie to me,” she...Read On


The Plain Girl Chapter 4 - Claire's Song

You are not who you are when you are alone

Around 5:30 pm there was the usual kitchen lull that sets in before the evening surge. This provided Claire the opportunity to get out of her stained uniform. By that time of the day, everybody back there looked like they just marched off a battlefield. As she stared into her locker she realized that she had nothing fresh to change into. “Hmmnph!” She ground this sound out with...Read On


Your kiss

Will I get a kiss on our first date?

I stand in front of the bedroom mirror looking at how I dress. Black Italian soft leather loafers on my feet, black Dockers with a very fine crease for pants, a light blue cotton shirt sans tie with open collar and a black sport coat make up tonight's wardrobe. I nod my head in approval. It is our first date. Three months ago, I met you at Starbucks. Since then, we meet each morning for...Read On


Gentle Destruction

They say her eyes are a sea of blue waves. The waves crash together, The water churning like flames battle. The flames slice at the horizon, And burn the sky. Gentle destruction this is. But wait, Lava pools from the flames, Sliding down the beach over the tan sand. The sand sinks, Falls apart, And is...Read On


The Strange White Man Chapter 31

Stiles was supplied with a horse and a pack mule by his employer and began the long trek back to the town of Springwood. As he rode he started to formulate his plan to expose that dance hall harlot for what she truly was and the only obstacle was the man called Carpenter. "Is he under her power?" he asked himself out loud, "He must be as he seems to be always there to assist her." "No...Read On



Inspired by the movie, Jeepers Creepers, and by those twisted artists who use body parts in art

I wonder then if that is why I chain you up and steal your eyes? I really need all that you are, become for me a rich bazaar. Give me your lungs to help me breathe, I’ll prise them out with gentle ease. Relinquish that: a Roman nose and how about a pair of those: kidneys are they? Nicely done! Your legs as well, now you won’t run. I’ll have your ears to help me hear, I’ll take...Read On


A Bubbling Pit of...

Inspired by a conversation with Kitten

A bubbling pit of shit, you shouldn't go near it, but there was this tit, who went near it. Curiosity was written upon his face, so he took up his mace and peered upon the waste. His nostrils were filled with it, "Poo, it really is a pit of shit!" He said as he gazed upon the pit. A hungry hawk flew above, "Mmm, I'm sick of dove," the hawk licked his lips, and flicked out his tallon tips....Read On


Mollys Dreams - Chapter Two

When I first began to be conscious of the world around me, there was a quiet house during the day when it was just my mother and I, then she would take me with her tucked up in a pram on the way to give my father his lunch. From the pram, the world outside the house was all sky and occasional tree branches stretching their fingers out to try and catch birds. In the afternoon my sisters...Read On


The narrative of Gordon Arthur of Mars - Chapter 4: Silent Running

Finding other Humans alive on the ship...

I came to the conclusion that the room must contain an Air Vent, after much searching I found it behind my bunk. I was able to wriggle my body inside, it was very tight and dark. Now that I had dealt with the Droid, I now just had to find a way out of my prison, and that would be easier said than done. Distant at the top of the air shaft was a faint light. I started to climb...Read On