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When Teardrops Fall

How many paths have been tried by us and then failed? For there has been no one there to point a finger and no one to blame, and we are standing here in the dark light of the sun together out here at these distant crossroads as we have done in the past. Looking down those roads and wondering which direction to go, as you know that I will accompany you which direction you might choose...Read On


The Nurses. Chapter 42

“What have they done to you?” he whispered, his voice cracked with emotion.

Gibraltar, April 6h 1941.   Katarina and Maria remained at the hospital in Gibraltar for two weeks. Katarina's wound had healed quickly, at least enough for her to be released from medical care and return home. For Maria, it was the longest fortnight of her life. Never before had she been so idle. The hospital was very different from the sickbay on the Lakhota. It was far...Read On


Prelude To War

Having been down through the wild side of life where innocence dies, and where the coffins stay where the judges have lied and had the innocent condemned. Having looked in the mirror and stared at myself and wondered if that is really me or just the enemy to make peace with staring back at me from the shelf? Sometimes I wish for the confusion to come and wash over me and carry me to those...Read On


Her Freedom

Then Megan remembered the nine millimeter.

Megan sat cross-legged on her bed, the math book for her master's program open in her lap, when she heard the gunshot and Freeman's yelp. He had no time to protect or react. Not even the slightest growl. She sprang up from her position and shook uncontrollably, unable to move, knowing he was in the house. Her room door was closed, but not locked. She needed to lock it, but the shakes had a...Read On


Lowenna and the secrets of light and darkness: chapter 28

Lowenna is weakening, but Rique and the others are getting closer, can they save Lowenna?

Chapter 28 the power of Darcariel  The party had wandered on for a while.  Rique had made a mistake translating one of the symbols, but apart from having to double back once, they seemed to be making real progress. Everyone was still on edge, Grilk had already drawn his newly acquired sword and had nearly attacked a statue with it.  Talia was staying very close to Rique, giving Rique a...Read On


The League of the Young and Supernatural (10)

A group of rogue aliens help fight to protect the Earth from shape shifting killers

Ch. 10 *Elian* It wasn’t long before my head hit the pillow that I had to bring it back up again. Unfortunately, it wasn’t my alarm clock that had woken me up, but rather the building’s alarms shrieking throughout the entire complex. The auto-generated female voice soon came over the PA system alerting everyone to obey Protocol 3 procedures as soon as possible. With grogginess looming...Read On



Twenty eight with you... Still remember...

When we used to date Strolling along Rizal Park, Not enough money for a Date in a fancy restaurant. Walking hand in hand Ending by Manila bay, Looking at the busy pier Where tanker ships docks. Taking our usual bench Only crackers for a snacks, While watching the waves With the beautiful sunset. Suddenly you told me, "When the time comes, I'll buy your favorite bag of Chocolates as my gift."...Read On


It's Gonna Be Great

A backward poem for backward times




No matter what you think, you know or find it will never be enough and no matter where or how you hide the Man in the Long Black Coat will be comin’ round. You might be able to shake him of your trail for a while, and when he’s coming after you and it’s a given he is usually faster on the draw and has been known to take all he’s after down. No matter how the race is run it usually ends in...Read On


Cargo Culting: Happy Return Of The Technologically Advanced Aliens Day!

Big gods have lil gods upon their backs to bite 'em. Lil gods have lesser gods. And so ad infinitum.

So here's the deal: you probably think of 15 February as just That Day After Valentines Day, right? Well, yeah, it is that...but it's also so much more, a fun day in its own right, celebrated by hundreds and snickered at by thousands. It's John Frum Day!   John Who Day? So today we commemorate the occasion, many years ago, when beings from another realm visited the tiny island of Vanuatu...Read On


Love At the Wheel

My story is about a girl named Charlotte whose parents ran a bus company in London.

Dedicated in loving memory to my friend Erin R. Faralan     Chapter 1 Sunday morning Sam, the landlord, knocked at Steve’s door to inspect his apartment. He wanted to see if it was clean, and also to get his past due rent. The tenant Steve opened the door still wearing his pajamas. The landlord’s mouth dropped open at the sight in the living room: countless beer bottles and...Read On


The Damned: Chapter 3

Nsansa was right when he said I would be blamed for Uliya’s death. The young blossoming and fertile second wife of my husband had succumbed to a mysterious fatality, and I was the only witness.   A hundred villagers surrounded us as we sat on the ground. Uliya’s mother wept violently on my far right, and four elders sat in front of us.  As I expected, my husband passionately vouched for me....Read On


Route 66

on the open road wind blowing on Route 66

Road Trip  What a beautiful day, the sun warm and a cool breeze from the north.  You have talked about a weekend trip for months as the snow melted.  Up early coffee in hand as you pack the family wagon.  Pushing the kids to get in the back.  Baxter circling the wagon, barking, tail wagging as he hops in back with the kids. First right at the 4 way stop, past Andersen's feed store. Up...Read On


Saved By The Pink Panther

Our dreams can teach us many things, including empathy...

We hiked through the tall pines, down the steep embankment, in the shadow of the majestic railway hotel, until we reached the icy waters below. Why I was carrying an arm full of books, I do not know. As I reached the river’s edge, to the right, I saw a flash of brown and heard a growly whimper. I immediately knew where there was a baby; the mama was nearby. My friends hurried away from...Read On


A Week in the Nurses' Dorm

Thursday night everyone convened in Gwen'sroom for a final try at coming to grips with Pharmacology

A few week’s earlier, Gwen Kaplan had been struggling with the physical, moral, and emotional problems involved with having two men in her life at the same time. Since then her four-year romance with Johnny DeAngelo had come to an abrupt, dramatic, and non-negotiable end. As for the other man, the only one she now wanted in her life, he had been out of town for weeks. Not knowing when he’d...Read On



I am passing by and through sleeping cities that are fading away slowly by degrees, and I am not believing all I see to be so. I am moving on alone over ground that nobody owns and passing by statues which are marking my passage through, and are some sort of atonement for my sins. Seeing a guard on every door and I also know there is a drink outside each door on every floor that are...Read On


Hiding Under

A song about vampires and vampire killers.

Sweet never eternal friend we`ll burn no more this is not the end   Hiding under we`ll escape the hunt Hiding under doing what we want   Vampire   Never coming out at day the thirst doesn`t last looking for victims prey now we`re cruising past   Hiding under we`ll escape the hunt Hiding under doing what we want   Vampire      ...Read On


It Must Still Be There

That sanctuary is still there. In the valley where the live oaks grow Scattered across the landscape of hope. Turn down the lane to where the wonderful one is waving, Beckoning as you come down the hill. Down the hill to your singular home once more. You've been here before. Been here and welcomed, Always welcome. Embraced in the open arms of acceptance, And never any regrets. Only...Read On


The Chronicles of Claudia Labelle -- Part X

Claudia and the Prior explore the village of Sigtuna.

Entry XIV – We arrived in Sigtuna early this morning, shortly before the sun rose above the horizon. However, I was unable to see the sun at all throughout the day, as the clouds were a thick gray and barely let any of its rays pass through. Nevertheless, Prior Anders was not at all discouraged by the weather. In fact, he seemed to admire the gloom. He would stare into the pine...Read On


Walkin’ The Streets

Oh…, All the ladies around the world got something to show you, and all the boys and girls as they wave their hands in the air like they don’t really care as they do their dance and go glidin’ by all those who stop and stare. They know just what to do when they all heard the call go out from wherever they stood. Not wanting to play any psychological games from those in power who are putting...Read On


The Chronicles of Claudia Labelle -- Part IX

Claudia finds herself in a state of fury.

Entry XII – My father's letter has left me flabbergasted. Not because of the blatant lack of interest in my well-being, nor the obvious rush he has placed upon the political excuses as to why I am here. But it is the logic of sending me to Sweden when there is a goddamned University in England! Why did he not send me there?! Would I not learn faster if I had been sent to England to...Read On


The Nurses. Chapter 41

She took up her friend's wrist and searched for a pulse. Oh my Lord, she couldn't find it!

H.M.S. Lakhota, March 23rd, 1941.   Long into the night, Maria sat beside Katarina, talking to her, checking her pulse and temperature, bathing her forehead with a cool damp cloth and generally praying and encouraging her to pull through. Occasionally she would check on the other patients, some of whom gave her words of support, and to others, she would offer a few words of her own,...Read On


Growing Up Ranch Chapter 8

Acontrast of town and ranch

I was fortunate to have both sets of Grandparents alive while I was growing up. My Dad’s parents were “ranch” and lived just over the hill about a mile away. My Mom’s parents were “town” and lived in Douglas, the full forty mile drive away. Naturally, I was much closer to my “ranch” grandparents than my “town” grandparents. Grandma Ruth and Granddad Art were my ranch grandparents. Grandma...Read On


The Chronicles of Claudia Labelle -- Part VIII

Claudia receives an important letter.

Entry X – It will be difficult to attend my lectures without thinking over what happened yesterday. Even so early in the morning, my mind is flooded with the conversation I held with the Prior, and what I had read in that book from the library. How am I to focus on the lecturers if my thoughts are elsewhere? Should I skip them as I did yesterday? What is truly important; my studies or...Read On


The Mum Goes Moo

Sitting down with a group of children in the shade, on a very hot day, I was reading a story with them about farm animals. After the story was finished we played the "what sound does this animal make?" game. We went through the usual the dog goes woof; the cat goes meow, the sheep goes baa when I asked them what sound does a cow make. All the children make very loud mooing noises, and then...Read On


Lowenna 2: The secrets of light and darkness, Chapter 27

Is Lowenna's first vision about to come true? The Hunter is after her.

Chapter 27 Hunted The mist was flowing through the stone paths keeping low, so it was hard to see the floor, and the air was cool and damp.  Lowenna was experiencing deja-vu.  She rounded another corner, nearly slipping on the slick floor.   Stopping for a second to catch her breath, she could feel her heart pumping.  She knew couldn’t stay here for long.   She was being hunted.   The fear...Read On


Plum Diggity... But No More Plum Wine

Purple fruit can mean so much to so many...

“Hey, that’s my house!” Jerk. ~ ~ ~ I was driving home after taking my children to school for their first day of the new school year. Me, more than my son, was thrilled to see one of the better-behaved boys in his homeroom class. I hugged the other boy and sat him down next to mine. They are good influences for one another. I would like to foster that relationship. My daughter, on...Read On


West Texas Walkabout

Finding myself making my way through the darkness and being guided by the sound of a beating heart. There have been so many who have said that I can’t understand, and I have been caught up in either some sort of a dream or a game. As I feel the warm winds on my shoulders which reminds me that I am from a place and a world that is a lot older, with most of the time it seems as though time...Read On


Special Places

Go to that special place

This is what is always needed. The perfect place for this. Time to feel the sun and smell the earth and soak in the warmth. With a little friend sharing my space. Sharing the perfection in the air. I always need to come here. To the perfect place. When it's time to do what I need to do. Time to be as close as can be while so far away.  Time to be here. Away from everything else. Time...Read On


Lazy Days

We lay together Under the oak tree branches Looking up at the sky So content just being together We have finished our meal From the picnic basket, we fixed The sun it brightly shining The clouds making different shapes We each smile at the other Knowing this day will forever be A memory of our love On a lazy summer day          ...Read On