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Random poem 2: Shattered dreams

Chilling cold breeze White painted walls Misty deep freeze Blue poisonous pills Hand with knife Dirt with blood Dark silly life Black flower bud Pink walls come Tender feeling numbs Heart of a beating drum Painful hums Shaking from fright Piercing loud scream Thundering night Shattered dream...Read On

Your Fiddle

This was written awhile back and I've always liked it has nothing to do with me personally

Like a thief in the night You came to take my life Holding on to your grudges You drew forth your knife Her voice inside your head Clouding all your senses Blinded by her jealous hate You let down your defenses She is the venom of romance Killing our loves dance She is the bitter witch Who never got a second glance I am now your instrument Whose music is no longer heard Will...Read On


The mouse and the elephant

A small mouse and an elephant Went out to jog one day They ran along the countrylane And chatted all the way The pair then came upon an bridge That crossed a little brook And as they ran straight over it It rattled and it shook It bent and almost cracked And it made such an awfull noise That in the church six miles away The rev'rent raised his voice When mouse spoke to the elephant He...Read On


Heart to heart Your soul touches mine I see the love for me In your beautiful brown eyes Your voice so gentle When you say my name You make me smile Just watching you To watch your hands So gently Reach out for mine To be in your arms To be holding you To feel your embrace Your wants and your needs Is where I want To spent eternity I love you...Read On



The clouds hurried across the sky, Eager to be someplace else And leave behind the memories Of other days. Tall grass swayed and waved Goodbye to the restless flirting Clouds, as drops of dew fell From the stems. The wind moaned through the trees, Lamenting a lost lover, Its loneliness corrosive To the soul. The branches sighed, as they Longed to once more feel Tender touch upon...Read On



"Did it hurt?" "No, not much," I answered bravely, being careful to not move too much, just in case. "Oh, I heard that it kills," she responded, sounding disappointed. "Honestly, it’s not that bad," I lied. "Not as bad as I thought it would be." I managed a smile, which was something of an achievement. It did hurt, like you would not believe. There was no way I was going to...Read On


Random poem 1: Bird cage

Feathers so white and new I really need something But you already flew Once it was spring I lost my sanity Things turned red The cruel inhumanity Why does it want me on death's bed? I reach out to the birds in the sky I want to get out I just fall and cry Thrashing about  These eyes are tired My arms are about to give out But really I just have one desire And I really can't...Read On

My Fears

She wanted him To see what's inside Tired of the fear Not wanting to hide A heart beat of promises Ready to be fulfilled So much love Ready to be spilled Body forever aching Needing his arms Missing his voice Captivated by his charms He sends her a rose Each and every day To remind her that It's not a game to play Time to let him know That things aren't simple Deafening his...Read On


A New Beginning

A love so divine it hurts too think about it, Two souls forming into one. There was a void deep within her heart, Threatening to overturn her life. When she thought all hope was gone, A mysterious man opened her eyes. Deep beneath her tough exterior, Lies a fragile rose, waiting to blossom. His sweet whispers of promises, Lights a flame of hope within her soul. Observing...Read On



All the years that you saw pass with clear brown eyes of shiny glass Sitting calmly on the bed Always smiling, never sad Never angry, never scared Kept the secrets that she shared Watched her dream and watched her sleep Heard her laughter, saw her weep All her loves and broken hearts Saw her rise and fall to shards Watched her find herself again Saw her lie down with her man You saw all...Read On


I Could Not Keep You Near

I could not keep you near me anymore, I had to let you go. I love you, But it hurts too much in knowing you. It cuts me to the core, knowing you prefer Her to me, When you know I love you  I could not keep you near me. I left a piece of my heart with you. I shall always love and want you. I could not take your nobleness, And I could not keep you as only a friend. This is...Read On


When I was Small

When I was small: My mom looked out the kitchen window at the Mission Mountains. “They are so large today. The Sheep’s Head is so amazing. Pumpkin, come here.” She lifted me to the window. I saw snow. She pointed. “Do you see the Sheep’s Head?” she said. I saw some sticks that looked a little like antlers. “It’s over there, the horns curl, see,” she said. “I can’t see any sheep,”...Read On


Moody Blues

Here we go again

Oh great, here comes the mood,  You never know how you'll be. Sometimes I cry because your rude, You must know this and agree. Please get rid of this stress, And stop talking about it. It's just an absolute mess, It bugs me; I hate to admit. You say you'll take care of this, But another month goes by. This is not happy bliss, All this shit makes me cry. There are things that need to be done,...Read On



Promises never broken

Promise me your love I’ll love you like no other. Promise me your heart I’ll make it skip a beat and flutter. Promise me you’ll hold my hand Through darker times and bright. Promise me you’ll hold me close Every morning, every night. Promise me that in my arms Is the safest place for you. Promise me you’ll never doubt Who to come home to. Promise me that I’m the one ...Read On


Miss You

I miss you today. For no apparent reason. Just because the sky is murky and grey like your favorite fleece sweater. Not because the phone hasn’t rang in months. Just because hearing it gives me a false hope you’ll be on the other end. Not because I’ve run out of milk. Just because I no longer take milk with my cereal and because I miss the mornings of waking up by your side is why I...Read On


Poem Collection 1 : Weather

1 Rain pouring from the sky washes away my sins and my fears. It brings a peace I have not felt for so long, lost in time and yet never forgotten. 2 Dark skies without the sun in sight, how so many feel so depressed and tired. But I stand strong through it all as this is only the dark before the morning. 3 A gift we take for granted shining every day illuminating the...Read On


State of mind

There is no cure for this 'different' hangover.

When he awoke, pain rushed immediately to greet him, and he cried out, putting his hands to his head as the headache tore its way through his brain. He kicked out instinctively, knocking over an empty bottle of whisky. There were also empty bottles of vodka and cans of beer strewn around him. He lay on his back, staring at the ceiling, his vision slightly clarifying, but the pain remained....Read On


I want chocolate chip cookies I wanna dip them in milk With so much chocolate on top It'll make my tummy flip I want sugar sprinkles All over my cookie I want it sometimes More than nookie I want chocolate reeses Filled with peanut butter Just give me so many sweets I feel smothered Oh my sweet tooth Is turned up high It gets so crazy Sometimes I cry I will share my goodies With friends...Read On


Keeping Her Safe- Holy Mother of Crap

“Nicole, where are you?” Tara called out as I heard her come through the front door. I didn’t move as I watched  Supernatural  on the outside TV on the back porch. Cass was kicking some butts when Tara said behind me, “What is that smell?” “Maybe the bowl of cereal from last night,” I said as Cass killed a demon. “What are you here for?” I asked as I reached for some chocolate covered...Read On


Elementals Chapter 7

Noah enters the arena at last and faces the trials of combat.

Chapter Seven First thing in the morning Noah was off to the Arena. It had not seemed to change once since his time there when he was still a teenager. It took him several minutes to find the registration counter though. There were eight slots open for the arena that day, which was the standard amount of battles for the week day in Rozak cities arena. Entry fee was 20 crystals so he could...Read On