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Concrete Angel

Once I was a sweet girl, as precious as a rose. Someone squeezed my soul. Born an innocent angel, My squirrel face became most beautiful.   Mother hurt me for so long, Would punish me harder for spite. Unforgivable acts and cruelty you have placed upon me, I took everything like a good girl.   The punishments got worse as I got older, I had no one to protect me from you since birth....Read On


The Chronicles of Claudia Labelle -- Part XXVI

Gala joins Claudia and Mr. Vukan on a third expedition.

Entry XXXIII – I awoke this morning still shaken by an unnerving anxiety from the main event of yesterday, and it was to my surprise that no horrid nightmares stole my sleep. Indeed, I slept peacefully. Had nature given me a night of rest from the cruel barbarity of my life? After several attempts at breathing deeply, I could not find the strength of will alone to calm the shudders....Read On


The Dinner Party.

A true story

I remember it was the year that I finally won the lawsuit that I had filed four years ago.  It was a very sizable amount and to celebrate I quit my job. I then contacted my stunning model friend and asked if her numerous offers to visit and stay with her in Fort Lauderdale were still good, and they were. To this day there are still people that believe that we were having sex. No one wanted...Read On


Keep Counting...

The things we learn while walking to school...

Today, while walking my kids to school, I overheard my nine-year-old son ponder aloud to his younger sister, "I wonder if there are any swear words for butt." Never one to ignore a teachable moment, I interjected that he indeed knew at least one. I then told him. Why? Because that's my job. We've been through this before. His expression was priceless! He was in genuine shock. For some...Read On


The Chronicles of Claudia Labelle -- Part XXV

Claudia and Gala have a long conversation.

Entry XXXII – I had come to notice Gala—the pretty-voiced minstrel that I had met in the Chapel not long ago—sitting alone at the end of a long table in the Great Hall. She looked quite lonely; taking a bite of bread as she read from a small book that was placed beside her plate of food. There were other students at the farther end of the table but paid no attention to her. Nor did...Read On


Kindred Spirits, Distant hearts. Chapter 5.

“I have done nothing wrong so why do I have to be afraid?”

Munchen-Pasing. April 29th, 1941   Monday morning dawned but no sun was visible. Although not cold, the sky was grey and threatened rain. It didn't matter to Maria, though. She had risen at six, as she always did and had prepared breakfast for her parents and wished her father goodbye as he left for work an hour later. Now, whilst her mother was dressing, she sat alone in the...Read On


Vampire Justice Part 28

The case gets tighter against Molly and Carlo. The estate is under close watch.

All activity in the estate ceased as they waited for Raven. Slade and Leona returned to the main floor outside Molly's office. Eran and Kevin joined them. “What do we do now?” asked Eran.  A search and seizure warrant  never involved her presence before. Bitterly, Slade answered, “We wait until Raven arrives and show her the warrant. She reads the warrant and explains to Molly what we...Read On


Adventures Across the Starways - Chapter 23

Her imagination flared as she saw herself embraced by Murdock, their bodies sliding together.

Sive watched as Fido and his co mutineers were lead off the bridge. She was hoping she could slip away and take a shower. The past few hours had left her feeling dirty and slightly sick to her stomach! She was hot sweaty and could still taste Fido in her mouth. It would feel so good to get all traces of the vile man washed off her. She sighed knowing she had lost her chance when she...Read On


The Info-mercial From Hell?

Was it real or a nightmare?

xxx Oh, the horror, the horror. Did I really watch this on late-late-night TV or is it just the memory of a  soul-shattering, mind-altering nightmare from the lowest level of hell? If you have the nerve, read on to learn what I remember and decide for yourself .   ---   Great news! We’ve just come up with our latest can’t-possibly-miss idea for anyone interested in becoming rich...Read On


The Puppeteer- Part Two

Can our heroine escape a madman?

Andrea was frantic and distracted at work after she received the news of her mother though, and it only added to the stress of trying to keep it from her father. Especially, since he could always tell when something was wrong with her and her actions didn't help. She was all over the place as she tried everything to keep as much distance as possible from her to him. She spent most of the time...Read On



There seems to be something in the air, with most knowing it’s right and the lamp is burning low with the air being silent in the darkness held at bay by the lamp’s feeble light on this winter night. Been told I would feel nothing and I wonder how these cuts will heal and if they will leave more scars of where I have been that the sun’s dark light won’t ever heal? I know there is a light...Read On


Part two

Brushing plants aside, Vera walked into the jungle. Away from the fire, the last lick of the sun made her skin glisten with sweat. She walked hunched in search for food as her mind traveled elsewhere. The first time she saw Kaiya was two earth years ago. Kaiya was strolling up and down aisles in the grocery store, food overflowing in her hands. "She's supposed to help the Absolute War?"...Read On


Part One

Part one of the story

Dead trees over encumbered with snow surrounded the frozen lake. He loomed over her. His black cellular robes covered his face as if he didn't have one. She stared blankly into his gaping hole. "Accompany me" he hissed as he extended a claw. Lifting her hand to his, she walked alongside him. Her first step on the ice, she could swear she could almost feel a chill creep up her spine. ...Read On


Life Blooms in the Desert

Rising up on particles of light

An arts and crafts coatrack got hung on the wall today. It's been waiting for months.  Waterproof covers for exterior electrical outlets were purchased and installed yesterday. One more thing done. The day before some grocery shopping was completed. He felt up to eating again. An endobronchial ultrasound was performed on Wednesday. The results should be good. Little by little, more and...Read On

Recommended Read

My Eagle

He is so free and majestic as his white head and splayed white tail propel...

It never failed. I was never surprised anymore. I walk out here with my fleece throw, my cup of coffee in hand, and sit on the bench overlooking the lake. Then, without question, there he is, always soaring high above the lake fog. I swear I can see the wink of his eye as he turns that white head in our morning meetings. Sometimes, although I'm wrapped in a throw and enjoying my hot...Read On


Beginning / Endings

Through the valley Up the mountain Over the hills Stars shine bright A new moon very low Romance  and joy Full of life Shorter winter days Autumn sunny and hot The falling of leaves Misty early morning Feeling the cold Bitter Frost The sun in gold Brilliant colors The sunset glows Spring begins, and winter  is no more I have seen death And it has seemed to me Hush awakenings...Read On


Taken by a Highlander- chapter 7

He heard her hit the ground with a thud and cry out in pain.

Rówann had been surprised when Ella had introduced herself as Lass, but it had confirmed his suspicions. She had been magicked somehow and who knew how long it would be until it wore off. Still, it seemed some good had come of it as they now understood each other. He had obliged her by getting the small bag from the tree and then placing it in his saddlebag. When they stopped for lunch,...Read On


Just Pondering

Think about it.

Just pondering. Can you name even one truly two-dimensional object? Stuck? I can not think of a single one. A photograph still has a thickness even if it is small. A line on paper? Still, has the molecular level of height making it three dimensional. I would argue that we actually live in a five-dimensional universe. Length, width, height, time, and spirit, make up our world’s dimensions....Read On


Falling Into Darkness

"The trouble is, you think you have time." - Buddha

As Emma stumbled down the empty hallway of her apartment, she tripped and grasped the wall to keep herself from falling. She steadied herself and smoothed her black dress that fell just above her knees. “Shit,” she mumbled. After regaining some balance, Emma stumbled into her bedroom. She sighed as she looked around her room. Her desk was neatly organized, sheets folded neatly on her bed,...Read On


And So It Begins...

Everyone wins and loses with inappropriate behavior...

Good Afternoon, Unfine Sir, This morning, there was an incident where a group of grade one girls were swearing on the hill during recess. Your daughter was involved. She admitted to saying the f*** and sh** words at recess with her friends, but said she did not know what the words meant. After a few more questions, she admitted she knew that they were swearing words. I talked with all...Read On


Kindred Spirits, Distant Hearts. Chapter 4.

“So why do I feel so empty inside?”

Berlin. April 28th, 1941   Katarina was awakened suddenly by the incessant wailing of an Air Raid siren. The first bombing raid on Berlin had been the previous August, during the height of what later became known as the Battle of Britain. Until that day, Herr Hitler had refrained from bombing towns and cities and had concentrated his efforts on the destruction of Britain's airfields....Read On


Know It!

His Ego. Her Self Respect. Their Silence.




Rest in peace, one of the only men who will ever live in my heart. From the first time I opened my eyes, you were there, with a grin so big nothing could erase it. When I turned 3 and mom walked away, you looked at me and said: "It's you and me against the world, baby girl." Every big event in my life, you were right there slightly behind me as if to catch me if I fell. The first time I...Read On


Seven Types of Thunder

Seems I was born in a thunderstorm and been where the demons go, having found solace in that one inch no one can touch deep in my mind where the winds never blow. I am still breathing, and have survived all that has been thrown at me in this Bittersweet Symphony, or Vale of Tears known as life after having made every mistake imaginable. No one should kid themselves for we are all on our own...Read On



Dig, dig, dig until I can't dig no more,  My hands are starting to throb. The fecund earth smell fills my nostrils. I've got blisters bleeding on my hands.   My back hurts, and I'm sweating but there is only one grave I've got to dig. The scent of pine is strong, but my weary arms dig deeper. Sipping water from my old, green canteen, I keep going.   My t-shirt is sweaty, and I wipe...Read On



Everybody's gone out again Everyone has left me here Alone am I to trudge on through Thoughts and lonely fear They know not what they play with A composite soul of dread If only someone welcomed me As if they were one of the dead Oh, but what's this? Yet another being is here Come closer, dear friend Come closer, have no fear Why you appear to be fine Would you like a peek inside my mind?...Read On


A Birthday Tribute For My Angel Face

The birth of an angel; A kiss from Heaven



Growing Up Ranch Chapter 9

Play and Exploring become Work.

Growing up Ranch Chapter 9 Working and Exploring  Work. That four letter word we all grow to know eventually. Growing up "Ranch" meant that work started early in life and was intertwined with an element or curiosity that I will call "exploring". The line between the two was often blurred. Work was also so much a part of ranch life that it was something I looked forward to rather...Read On


Nightmare Diaries: Hotel Linens

Disclaimer: This rambling may be disturbing to some and/or contain triggers.



Vampire Justice Part 27

The criminals are gathering. The VJS closes in.

Carlo sat smiling in the back of the limousine driving back to the city after the VJS stopped him. The knowledge that Molly spirited away the kidnapped men safely to the estate made his heart flutter and relax. Molly called Carlo earlier and told him the property was safe. Carlo's limousine drove through the city toward the estate and Molly. Carlo anticipated that his victim was ready to...Read On