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Trying to be cool.

Now despite being divorced from my first wife I stayed in contact with her and her daughters.I even offered to assist in keeping them off of each other's throats during the Summer vacation from school. So every week on one of my off days I would pick one of the two girls up and take them for a long motorcycle ride and lunch.  Both girls loved my Harley and loved to ride. I would show...Read On


Adventures with an autistic boy

I got told off at work the other day. Not uncommon, the children always have an answer for everything, and I am constantly getting attitude and sass, but I just sass them straight back. I am teaching the next generation to be sarcastic assholes. You're welcome, society. The particular boy who told me off, has no language skills. He is on the autistic spectrum and he has a specialist who...Read On


Cat Lover: That New Year's Scent?

New Years Eve but there's apparently something different about Mill?

New Years Eve is the well known evening of massive parties happening anywhere in the world. From a group of classmates, Mill had been invited out to a party in celebrating the coming new year. Jynx as her "designated sober buddy" kept watch over her well being the entire time. Mill was not much of a partier due to embarrassing herself by tripping over her own feet in previous occasions,...Read On



Theories about the clouds we breathe. It's a trailer of a novel I am still working on.

Bessie The Lake Monster Chapter 4     The GM workers continued fishing after what they just witnessed in the sky. The skies are now clear, only a few gulls and a few ducks passing by. The sun’s reflection on the calm, vast domain, rippled by the little invisible wind, and Jesse even gave a little present to Junior, that comes in a small package, “Happy Birthday kiddo,” he said. “Now...Read On


Within The Thoughts of Insanity

A devastating short story about a schizophrenic teenager going through high-school.

The rain seems so soft and friendly. Comforting; as if its entire meaning of existence is to engulf you like a child in a blanket. Simply reassuring you that everything will be alright. This road is beaten and brittle. The cracks quietly outline the years of torture that this road has witnessed. The withered leaves yawn as they try to cover up my mistakes, tired of knowing I won't listen....Read On



Theories about the clouds we breathe. It's a trailer of a novel I am still working on.

The Interview Chapter 3     It is Sunday. July 17, 1983. At the Sinbad Restaurant and Marina; Jacob and Junior are waiting for the rest of the guys at the side of Jesse’s boat. It is six in the morning time, and this is their second visit at the same place this week. Yesterday, Junior and his family dined in for his twentieth birthday, and it was just all five of them. The fifth one...Read On


Kindred Spirits, Distant hearts. Chapter 14

She knelt beside him and placed her fingers against his bloodied neck. She found a pulse!

Levan, Albania. June 10 th , 1941   It had been a strange day. Late in the afternoon she had been summoned to the dispatch office and given further orders. To her dismay, she was told that the invasion of Greece had been a success and the Aquilea had been diverted there to recover casualties. The war in North Africa was also going well, and under the guidance of...Read On



Theories about the clouds we breathe. It's a trailer of a novel I am still working on.

Lisa Chapter 2     Work is nothing but the ordinary; as the large lakes around the factories stay still, and while the black rivers flow to the streams, the road also breezes with cars that the plants assembled. The burning coals continue to fume clouds all over Michigan for another day, and Sacha just turned off the conveyer of where he supervises. The fifty-eight-year-old man...Read On


The Runes

During the last days of the Christmas of the year in which the nineteenth century ended, the expedition led by Robert Ustinov managed to reach the North Pole. Robert Ustinov had consumed his last energies to get the goal before the end of the year and had instructed to his friends to install the tents a few hundred meters from the geographic North Pole. Once the members of the group...Read On


Did you guys remember?

Did you guys remember? On October 2, 2009, two years after the engagement, a beautiful girl was hit hard by a car accident, and her brain was severely damaged. Only two years old after her recovery and she can not take care of her life completely. But Chris her boyfriend never stops giving up. Chris later participated in the American Idol, in order to make more money for his girlfriend to...Read On



Theories about the clouds we breathe. It's a trailer of a novel I am still working on.

The Glitch Between Billions of Years Chapter 1     The Holocene epoch is where we are on today, and in no comparison to the size of all the other geological periods. The time when the landscape is Carboniferous. I think it’s always been a carbon planet. And it might return just the way it was. Back to the same era, where an amphibian sleeps in months within a humid, wet, foggy...Read On



The kisses you did not give me wander orphans for your indecisive lips, waiting for the moment to travel from your soul to mine....Read On


A Veterans Memory

yellow smoke swirling ahead

A Veterans Memory  the wop wop of rotors in the clearing up front  yellow smoke swirling ahead the sing sing of lead flying around you  and your mates  welcome to a firefight as you bring out your wounded ....... never leave anyone behind  God Bless all that have worn a   Country's uniform...Read On


The Night Of The Crusaders

Love and hate in the Middleages

The Emir Bishr presides over the act. It is the commemoration of a historical event that took place in the Holy Land. His daughter, Salima follows him up to the rostrum to accompany her father on the spot. She seems aloof, and her face is clouded by something that she tries to hide behind her carefully composed expression. This night is the celebration of the moment when the crusaders...Read On



When he was born, it was so cold outside that he returned to the place where he was and settled down to never leave it again....Read On


The Chronicles of Claudia Labelle -- Part XXXI

Entry XXXIX – Could it be that every inch of our world above the vast seas is stained with the blood of the innocent? Is there but a single patch of soil pure and untouched by the aftermath of heinous cruelty? What horrific crimes purge our existence in the name of a self-indulgent just cause? It is quite ironic, if I may say the very least, of our Bishops to utilize their faith as a...Read On


A Father's Reflection

Each and every moment is a gift that they share with me...

Today is my son's 10th birthday. I never thought I would make it, but now, my kids are my life. They keep me from stopping. My own father was murdered when I was five and those 'why' and 'what if' demons never leave. They also remind me of their presence at the most inopportune times. Each birthday that reaches my son, I hope that I have been, and still can be, the father to him that I...Read On


The Chronicles of Claudia Labelle -- Part XXX

Entry XXXVIII – At midday, all of the remaining students and faculty that had not left the Priory gathered within the Chapel, for an hour or two of song and prayer in celebration of Christmas. Miss Lindberg was among the minstrels, the only female in an ensemble of male vocalists, and, as it always had, her soprano voice reigned supreme above them all. I could not help but feel a sense...Read On


Take Me From Babylon

Standing out here out on a mesa in these high desert plains and hearing what sounds like voices on the wind that’s softly blowing, and I am stretching imagination and nerves to hear what they seem to be saying. Knowing that the path I have followed is right which the Tao has decided and directed those of us chosen to find that single Essential Truth that shines in our minds like a mission. As...Read On


A day in the life of a farmer part 1

This is a glimpse of a days work on a farm

The farm where I am currently working has a milking herd of around 50 milking cows, consisting of British Friesians and Dairy Shorthorns. We also have a few beef animals on the farm, which will eventually get sold at the market when they reach around 20 months old. The beef breeds that we have on the farm are British Blues (or Belgian blues) and Aberdeen Angus. Also the male calves from...Read On


The diver

During the night of Saint John was going to carry out an important experiment in the blue waters of French Guiana. The lights of hundreds of bonfires on the beach reflected themselves on a boat anchored not far from the shore, aboard which a diver was preparing his diving suit. Carlos de Ayanz, a direct descendant of Jerónimo de Ayanz, the Navarran engineer who designed a diving suit in...Read On


Misery Loves Company

As a parent, you warn your kids about the dangers of the world.  Hopefully, they grow up safe and sound, after heeding your good advice. I had managed to do just that, I raised three boys to their mid-twenties and they are good men.  I proudly passed on my sense of humor and sarcastic outlook on life to them. I was not aware that I had passed on one other thing.  The idea that if you are...Read On


Flower of Youth

The Flower of Youth stood as one.

The Flower of Youth  The great ancient oracles spoke of grand battles by mere men, mere mortals as their Gods watched on. This is but one short tale. The people sat in their cottages and spoke in whispers not to offend their King.  Not knowing when the Kings guards would come for their young men. The Flower of Youth to don armor and protect the King and his lands.  For war had lasted...Read On


Trick or Treat

Life is one big treat



The DEATH took away an iron man after 80 hours lying under the three layers of concrete

The story is telling us about a simple man, how much he persevered with his passion for life.

Based on a true story, which took place in Sichuan, China after a massive earthquake on 12 May 2008. In his last few words, he said, ‘I am the first one who is lying under the three layers of concrete in the world. I don’t have any great ambition in my life. All I want to do is just sharing a quiet life with my adored wife. I won’t give my family up. I need to be tough. I have to be tough...Read On



The souls are the vortices that surround the matter and infuse it with life. They rotate in an eternal dance obeying those laws which live in space and time. They become visible in the twilight hours. Dreams are the pillars on which rest the soul's longing to find refuge in other souls. Dreams suggest, illuminate the destiny of the events that souls live in their waking hours. They are...Read On


Dancing to Ray Charles: Ch. 12, Love on The Levee

   The official plan, as carefully explained to all parental units, had called for Amy and Libby to share a motel room. The guys would stay with Mark’s roommate who was supposed to be in summer school. In reality, Mark’s roommate had just flunked out. And no one questioned that Bob and Libby would have the motel room to themselves. Once they were dropped off, Mark and Amy headed for...Read On


The Master

When he was a child, dreamed about the heroes of his videogames. Sometimes imagined starring in an epic battle in which the bad was definitely defeated. But he felt that in a way, his world perception was different from that of others. He grew up in a space and time that were parallel and different from those that manifested around him. The reality in which he lived was a different one. But...Read On



They had arrived at that place by chance and never knew why they were always dragged to one of the walls of the house. It was also curious that this happened not with the same intensity and regardless of whether it was day or night. That morning a light breeze from the north began to blow, but after a while, the force of the wind grew until it became a hurricane. Eolo sent his servant...Read On


More Ponderin's

Why is it… The kitchen trash always needs to be emptied the day before trash pick up… The manufacturer always recommends a maximum 60w bulb in a fixture, but you need 3 of them… That every battery required between AAA and D cell are 1.5 volts… That when I was a kid we never had expiration dates on foods and we survived… That people decide to use a card to pay for everything, yet look at...Read On